Last Leap of the First-Foot (2013 Advent Calendar - Heartwarming)

Last Leap of the First Foot Advent Calendar Heartwarming A story from the Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar collection Heartwarming Iain Donaldson and Bran MacRae have been best friends since childhood despite Iain being part of the gentry and Bran a

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar collection Heartwarming.Iain Donaldson and Bran MacRae have been best friends since childhood, despite Iain being part of the gentry and Bran a mere crofter s son Iain s feelings of friendship have deepened over time, and he suspects Bran might share his inclinations and Hogmanay may be the time to confess feelings.A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar collection Heartwarming.Iain Donaldson and Bran MacRae have been best friends since childhood, despite Iain being part of the gentry and Bran a mere crofter s son Iain s feelings of friendship have deepened over time, and he suspects Bran might share his inclinations and Hogmanay may be the time to confess feelings As the old year becomes the new, Iain keeps his promise to first foot at the MacRae cottage, and Bran takes the opportunity to bare his heart will it be enough to overcome the challenges to their budding relationship

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Last Leap of the First-Foot (2013 Advent Calendar - Heartwarming)

  1. Ari McKay is the professional pseudonym for Arionrhod and McKay, who collaborate on original m m fiction They began writing together in 2004 and finished their first original full length novel in 2011 Recently, they ve begun collaborating on designing and creating costumes to wear and compete in at Sci Fi conventions, and they share a love of yarn and cake.Arionrhod is an avid costumer, knitter, and all around craft fiend, as well as a professional systems engineer Mother of two human children and two dachshunds who think they are human, she is a voracious reader with wildly eclectic tastes, devouring romance novels, military science fiction, horror stories and Shakespeare with equal glee She is currently preparing for the zombie apocalypse.McKay is an English teacher who has been writing for one reason or another most of her life She also enjoys knitting, reading, cooking, and playing video games She has been known to knit in public Given she has the survival skills of a gnat, she s relying on Arionrhod to help her survive the zombie apocalypse.

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  1. 3.25 I ll admit I m not much of a historical m m reader, but I ordered this whole set and by golly I m gonna read it So Iain and Bran have been best friends for ever, despite coming from different social economic backgrounds.They live in a time when you are not gay You just aren t, not if you want to keep your family and your livelihood Yes, there it is, Bran love Iain, but he knows it can t go anywhere, his responsibility to his parents is too great and of course he loves Iain so he doesn t wan [...]

  2. Sweet Scottish, historical romance between two best friends I was really loving it in the beginning, but then it just got too fluffy for me I also think that the solution was waaaaaaaay too easy, although it still made me smile 3.5 stars

  3. With a great setting Scotland in 1899 and some wonderful characters, this truly heartwarming tale had me fascinated from the start To find such deep love as Iain and Bran did in a time when it was forbidden, and they risked being shunned or worse if anyone found out, is a true miracle Adding the fact that Iain is an aristocrat and Bran a simple crofter s son makes the whole situation only impossible Iain and Bran share a deep friendship They grew up together and are still close as adults, but b [...]

  4. I enjoyed the unusual setting of this story in the Scottish highlands in 1899 The MCs were hunky Scotsmen and who can argue with that Bran and Iain have been friends forever, but Iain finally gets the courage to admit he wants Bran in his bed and his life for good It s a sweet holiday tale The historical realities were not brushed over at all, and if the ending was a little optimistic, I was than happy to roll with that for a sweet holiday story Very enjoyable read from Ari McKay Thank you, Ari [...]

  5. 3.5 starsA sweet friends to lovers romance in the time where two gay men would need to keep their romantic relationship behind closed doors I loved the gifts that Iain and Bran gave to each other I loved Bran s parents for understanding their youngest son s sexual preference All in all, it was a lovely read.

  6. Last Leap of the First Foot is another short story included in Dreamspinner Press s Advent anthology I have to admit that I had no clue what the title meant when I saw it but was feeling adventurous, so I went for it I also didn t realize this was a historical story, which I m not usually a fan of This one was great, though.The tradition of First Foot is a Scottish New Year s Eve practice where a man steps over the threshold into someone s home shortly after midnight It is also referred to as Ho [...]

  7. This could have easily gone on for twice as long and I would have loved the hell out of that This was a great historical with memorable MC s, beautifully described settings and the best kind of friends to lovers story Iain and Bran were so good together and I could really see their connection even in just over 40 pages Highly recommended.

  8. Somehow I had in my head that this was a fantasy, which I m actually grateful for, because if I d known it was historical fiction I probably wouldn t have read it And I m so glad I read it I ve all but given up on historical fiction m m because it seems so close to impossible for the men to find a way to get their HEA I loved so much about this story, though Iain and Bran have been best friends since childhood, and both have developed stronger feelings than friendship, but neither is willing to [...]

  9. 3 3.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsHistorical romance coming right down from the Highlands Iain and Bran dance a little dance around each other.oblivious to the fact they both feel the same way The year is 1899 and New Year is fast approaching with Iain making up his mind to woo Bran and make a family Bran s whole life has been mooning around Iain, his first love, heck his only love, but when he finds out his feelings are returned his entire life collapses.Weird isn t it Read the [...]

  10. I love friends to lovers stories, and this delivers The warmth the two men share as friends was a delight to read about The cultural and historical background of Hogmanay was fascinating and the language of the dialogue colorful and authentic Both men have grown to love the other, but a commoner and a nobleman shouldn t be together, let alone two men Taking the risk to reveal one s feelings to another is a challenge anyone can relate with.This was an easy tale to read, with wonderful erotic tens [...]

  11. A wonderful blend of history and holiday to make you smile Childhood friends Bran and Iain, couldn t be different as far as social status but their hearts are perfect for each other Last Leap of the First Foot is from the Dreamspinner 2013 Advent Calendar but it just crossed my Kindle this year, what a lovely little treat it is too It might feel a little rushed at times but I still found it to be entertaining, believable, and just plain fun to read Now, having said fun don t think there isn t d [...]

  12. Ari Mackay managed to squeeze a bunch of history into this little short It was interesting to learn The dialogue seemed to me to be authentic, but how would I really know It was fun to read anyway The relationship between Bran and Iain was appropriately chaste for the time The friends to lovers trope is a favorite of mine, and this one was really well done.See the entire review at The Novel Approach thenovelapproachreviews 20

  13. I m a sucker for historical MM romance and that s what I got here Iain is a wealthy landowner in 1899 Scotland who is finally ready to offer than friendship to Bran, his best friend Bran has long had lusty thoughts about Iain but can t imagine a way they could have a relationship Bran and Ian are likable leads and they have a great chemistry I also enjoyed Bran s homespun mother and father and the Scottish setting of this novella review copy provided by publisher

  14. i like the story i like the characters i don t know one thing about Scotland or historical holiday traditions and it was interesting for me but i can t give this book than 4 stars english isn t my native language and i would say i understand english written words fairly well but with this i really struggled it s a good thing i learned something new but it is also a bad thing because i was distracted and couldn t enjoy the story as much as i wanted to.

  15. I ve loved naught but you since we were lads But twas nae meant to be, Iain Nae in this world, at least I did enjoy this one greatly Just a sweet end of the year romance with really likeable characters Personally I found the setting good but honestly a tad boring, the cast tho made up for it, as well as their friendship and love Very enjoyable read

  16. It does live up to the Heartwarming theme two men, Iain and Bran, getting a chance at happiness at a time when this would be very difficult to achieve.Set at the turn of the 20th century, they are in remote Scotland, over Christmas and Hogmanay pipes and kilts too

  17. I enjoyed the time period and setting though we don t get a lot of description, the language helped set the stage I also liked the characters and would love to read about them.

  18. A wonderful historic tale with loving men and kilts how can you loose Love the elder MacRae s they add so much to the story with their love.

  19. I m not a big historical romance reader, but you gotta love a man in a kilt I thought this was a sweet story, although things worked out just a bit too, too easily haha I still enjoyed it.

  20. In general this is a fine, sweet romance between Iain and Bran I admit it was a fine read, but just to sugary at the end Something just didn t feel right in this story.

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