The Best Is Yet to Come

The Best Is Yet to Come Alternate cover edition can be found here This fun novella is a prequel for Her Best Match intended as a supplement only It is not a stand alone story You will get to see inside the head of billionai

Alternate cover edition can be found here This fun novella is a prequel for Her Best Match, intended as a supplement only It is not a stand alone story You will get to see inside the head of billionaire Steven Gherring, who likes to control everything in his life But just when he thinks nothing could ever surprise him, he meets Ann Best His response to her surprises evAlternate cover edition can be found here This fun novella is a prequel for Her Best Match, intended as a supplement only It is not a stand alone story You will get to see inside the head of billionaire Steven Gherring, who likes to control everything in his life But just when he thinks nothing could ever surprise him, he meets Ann Best His response to her surprises even himself This is a quick read with sassy characters and lots of laughs.

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The Best Is Yet to Come

  1. tamiedearen Tamie Dearen writes Sweet Romance, Christian Romance, and Young Adult Fantasy She lives in Texas with her husband of thirty six years and two dogs Join Tamie s VIP subscribers on her website and get three free books

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  1. What a GuyHaving read the entire series before this prequel, I have to say, if I d read this before at least book one, I don t know if I would have liked Steven The author paints him as rather self centered and conceited.

  2. This brief introduction to The Best Girls Series does precisely what it is intended to do for a new reader it makes you want to read Having said that, it would also be a delightful companion piece if you have already read on The Best Is Yet to Come was, for me, an introduction and a perfect one at that.As Jane Austen so wittily opined in the opening line of Pride and Prejudice, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife M [...]

  3. A Great TeaseSteven Gherring, the most eligible bachelor who is a filthy rich businessman, almost fifty, and has never found a woman who is worthy of his lifetime commitment.Gram, Steven s ninety five year old grandmother who wants him to get married.Gary Steven s best friend.Katie Carson, Steven s executive assistant who plans to leave her job when she marries Gary.Alicia Esparza, a beautiful, intelligent, up and coming politician who wants to form a relationship with Steven, maybe a marriage o [...]

  4. This brief intro to the Best Girl series is really intriguing At first, actually, I thought I got the series incorrect, because the short prequel details about Steven Gherring, a multi billionaire who refuses to hire a new personal executive assistant The book explains the nature and personality of Gherring demanding, proud, perfectionist, meticulous and brusque His Grandma is desperate to see him get married, as he is already nearing his 50 years of age Steven tells her not to worry because he [...]

  5. First of all, a confession I m not a reader of Romance I do appreciate the genre, and am familiar with its conventions However, I m of a nerd sci fi and fantasy are the kind of books I usually read.So, the fact that I loved The best is yet to come is a testament to how well it is written The main strength of the book is the beautifully, lovingly rendered characters characters both vivid and engaging, never falling into the trap of sentimentality or banality Indeed, Dearen manages to breathe new [...]

  6. The Best is Yet to Come is a prequel novella to the Best Girls series by Tamie Dearen following Steven Gherring in the days leading up to and just after meeting Anne Best for the first time.We ve seen part of this story from Anne s side, but now we get a glimpse into the billionaire playboy s true heart of gold as he considers what s best for him, and how to pursue the one woman to catch his eye in a very long time.The book is short, but shows author Tamie Dearen s fun and romanic writing style [...]

  7. This was a sweet short story romance I really like the book, I loved the way the author brought in the characters.He is a billionaire nearing 50 years old, hasn t been married yet, hasn t found anyone to match his interest His Executive Assistant is leaving him, and he needs a new Assistant He isn t happy that she is leaving him are a few characters in this story and it goes really quick, I followed the book well and now of course I need to real all the books she wrote If like a fun romance and [...]

  8. This is a very short prequel to Her Best Match It s written from Steven Gherring s point of view and includes the few days before Ann Best interviews from the job through just before she arrives Even though it s a very short prequel you get a taste of the author s writing style and Steven s character There s also a bit from Gram at the beginning, and she s my favorite She s so feisty This prequel is definitely a teaser and makes you want to keep reading into book 1 and you should because it s gr [...]

  9. Although I don t read a lot of romance this book involves a few other things and makes it an interesting read I should sat it is of a teaser because it is a short story that leaves the reader wanting to find out what happens in the lives of Steven Gherring and his new assistant Katie, who seems to be a woman who has a mind of her own Something she will need dealing with Steven The writing style is one readers will love and the author knows how to weave a winning tale.

  10. This was the perfect introduction to the Best Girls series I m glad I read it before I read book 1 It is short, sweet and to the point and gives some good background information on the hero in Her Best Match.

  11. Tamie Dearen is a skilled writer, with a great sense of story She is also witty, understands the psychology of character and her writing is free from any of the annoying typos, mis spells and other irritants one often finds in ebooks The interaction between the characters eg Steven and Ms Carson Steven and Anne makes for intriguing reading and I finished the book in a flash, and enjoyed the experienceWhy only four stars then Unfortunately I am one of those people who do not understand why an aut [...]

  12. The Best Is Yet to Come is a fun teaser for Tamie Dearen s first book Her Best Match It was exciting to get to know the infamous and handsome Steven Gherring and find out just what he is thinking when he first meets the lively and spirited Anne Best You should also check out Dearen s first book, which continues the story of this unexpected and confusing romance from Anne s prospective, with all the complications caused by the amorous Frenchman Henri.

  13. Well, that was fun fittingly named and a good foretaste, though I can well imagine how it d also be enjoyable to read this after its related novel I wasn t sure if I d have any particular reason to like Steven at first, but he became intriguing after a bit And while Ms Esparza puts on a good production, Anne Best is far interesting What a cookie I ll definitely be going on to read Her Best Match, hopefully sooner than later Two thumbs up

  14. The Best is Yet To Come is the prequel to the Best Girls series I m pleasantly surprised at how entertaining this book is It introduces us to Steven Gherring, a billionnaire who wants to control everything, and the charming and disarming Anne Best It s an unlikely pairing but it s something that has many possibilities.It s a great teaser novella to get you reading the entire series.

  15. This is a well written teaser and parallel novella with Ms Dearen s first book in The Best Girls series, Her Best Match After reading this prequel, and the included first chapter of HBM, I can t wait to read the rest to find out what happens I don t normally read romance, but Ms Dearen has me hooked

  16. The Best Is Yet To Come is a quick read prequel that delivers exactly what it promises an introduction to characters and their motives that we can follow in the series The characters of billionaire Gherring, and his unlikely new hire Executive Assistant Anne Best should be interesting to follow in what looks like a serialized story spanning several novels.

  17. I enjoyed reading The Best Is Yet To Come The writing flowed smoothly and the characters were relatable I found myself drawn into the story at once I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

  18. I read Her Best Match and then read this prequel It s a really quick read, but I thought it was a fun addition to the main story I laughed out loud several times This is definitely best paired with Book 1 though

  19. This book gave just enough to cause me to immediately buy two of Tamie Dearen s books Why only 4 stars Simple, I wanted , and this isn t even my favorite flavor

  20. This is a cute 5 chapter novella prequel to Her Best Match A Romantic Comedy The Best Girls Book 1 from the point of view of our leading man, Steven Gherring This novella gives us a glimpse into Steven Gherring s thoughts and the days leading up to the billionaire mogul s first meeting with Texan widow Anne Best who puts his world at a tilt within minutes of their initial meeting The book is short, sweet, and charming with a dash of humor It s a nice appetizer read before starting the real roman [...]

  21. Loved it It was an excellent prequel to the first Best Girls book I just love this author s style of writing I can picture the scenes, and just strongly feel it would be perfect as a movie What s nice about this prequel is that you see through Steven s eyes instead of Anne s I highly recommend

  22. Absolutely a great set of booksI have read all the books in the series so far, can t wait for December, I pre ordered book 5 I don t usually write a review, I normally just do the star rating, but I had to write this one, I couldn t put these books down, I laughed and cried, each time one book ended I started the next right away, loved every one of the books

  23. This actually comes before Her Best Match, but it is completely unnecessary to understanding Stephen or the story.

  24. A wonderful setup for books to follow While focused from the heroews view you ll get the heroine s view in the first of the series

  25. This short book was described as a teaser for a larger series of books, but I m going to review this story It had politics, humor, romance and chemistry between the lead characters I enjoyed the story and the characters.

  26. Had I read this pre Her Best Match, I most likely would not have read the series Fortunately I read it after, making this a cute detail to the story of Anne and Steven.

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