The Palaver Tree (Berriwood Book 1)

The Palaver Tree Berriwood Book Africa Beautiful serene and dangerousLives and fortunes change in the blink of an eye After suffering a terrible tragedy in her home town Ellie Hathaway is offered an opportunity she can t resist A

Africa Beautiful, serene and dangerousLives and fortunes change in the blink of an eye.After suffering a terrible tragedy in her home town, Ellie Hathaway is offered an opportunity she can t resist A teaching position in a remote African village, through The Hope Foundation, run by the enigmatic Gabriel Cole.But dark forces and ambitions were in play long before ElliAfrica Beautiful, serene and dangerousLives and fortunes change in the blink of an eye.After suffering a terrible tragedy in her home town, Ellie Hathaway is offered an opportunity she can t resist A teaching position in a remote African village, through The Hope Foundation, run by the enigmatic Gabriel Cole.But dark forces and ambitions were in play long before Ellie set foot on the dusty plains of Africa.Just as Ellie is beginning to believe she might find happiness again, she realises something is very wrong at the school Is Gabriel Cole really the guardian angel everyone believes him to be Realising she needs to tread carefully, or put those around her at risk, Ellie starts searching for answers Then political chaos descends, and Ellie finds herself in terrible danger

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The Palaver Tree (Berriwood Book 1)

  1. Wendy Unsworth was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England Her passions are her family, travel, beautiful gardens and reading and writing stories Wendy lived in Ndola, Zambia and Nairobi, Kenya throughout the 1980 s and early 90 s before returning to the U.K to acclimatise back to the English weather in a draughty Cornish cottage close to Bodmin Moor Never one to stay still for long, Wendy currently divides her time between Edinburgh and the wilds of Portugal, places she loves, and where she can be close to loved ones.The African continent has left a lasting impression Wendy s first novel, The Palaver Tree, is set in a fictional Central African country and the fictional Cornish village of Berriwood, from which the series gets its name Beneathwood, is the second book in the Berriwood Series, re introducing cameo characters from The Palaver Tree and telling their own individual story Her latest book, Dirty Work, proves without a doubt that the quiet, English countryside can be a dangerous place to live Whilst focusing on the inhabitants of the fictional village of Berriwood, each story can be read as a standalone.

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  1. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED The Palaver Tree is an impressive and unique discovery by this new to me author Within the pages of her first book in the Berriwood series, Wendy Unsworth writes in defining details a stunning story of betrayal, danger and love as readers travel from a small village in Cornwall, England to the hot and impoverished lands of Africa where political tensions are running high.Ellie Hathaway, a recently widowed teacher, volunteers for a position with the Hope Foundation promoted [...]

  2. Ellie Hathaway and Diane Henderson are close friends, who live in the village of Berriwood in Cornwall Diane enjoys doing community and charity work She holds charity lunches to promote a charity called The Hope Foundation The charity is run by a man called Gabriel Cole and the charity provides sponsors for children to attend a school in Africa that the charity runs Tiffany is Gabriel s girlfriend and she helps run the charity s office in London.After a family tragedy Ellie decides to go out and [...]

  3. I loved this book It is well written I usually don t like to switch viewpoints of characters while reading, but Wendy Unsworth made it flow seamlessly The story was amazing, the emotions flying I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happened next I have recommended this book to all of my friends I believe any book reader no matter their preferred genre would love this book.

  4. Title The Palaver TreeAuthor Wendy UnsworthGenre Mainstream FictionLength 120,000 words estimated Reviewer Pearson MooreRating 2.5 starsSummaryBritish aid workers get caught up in a web of conspiracy, corruption, and power struggles in a Central African republic Unsavory swindlers take advantage of political corruption to plunder charitable organizations and ruin lives The Palaver Tree tells a story of personal tragedy and loss in the lives of Ellie Hathaway of Cornwall and several Central Afric [...]

  5. A good book with the potential for true greatnessThis book is one that creeps up on you It starts off slowly, drawing you into the lives of the characters, then bam, you suddenly feel as though you are there, experiencing it From the quiet country town of Berriwood, Cornwall, to the great sweeping plains of Africa.The author has an incredible gift with words that becomes obvious the further into the book you get She has a real skill with creating vivid descriptions in remarkably few words, and [...]

  6. This novel is an intricately woven tale that pulls you in and really makes you think, without ever leaving you confused Although there are a few I didn t see that coming moments in this novel, there s never a point in time where you find yourself thinking where did that come from There is a clarity to Unsworth s writing that underlies the tension and suspense of her brilliant storyline Rather than relying on explosions, chases, and high impact situations the author approaches suspense in a much [...]

  7. The Palaver Tree is an interesting tale set in a Small Cornish village and a dusty, hot country in Africa The central story focuses on four women, all of whom are the victims of an unscrupulous mountebank who uses an African Children s charity as a front for his schemes He is a stinker from the start and we watch in amazement as he continues, successfully, to scam them out of wealth, love and trust.The central character, Ellie, has lost her husband in an auto accident and accepts a teaching post [...]

  8. Ellie Hathaway and Diane Henderson are best friends that share a love for charity work The Hope Foundation run by Gaberiel Cole seems like a perfect for Ellie after mother s passing John was in a fatal hit and run accident where there are no leads on who did it Devastated by both her mother and John s passing, Ellie needs to do something and Gaberiel Cole has just the thing a teaching position in Dunca, Africa Ellie is excited about her teaching post that will last a year Meanwhile in the London [...]

  9. I received The Palaver Tree by Wendy Unsworth in exchange for an honest review It is probably one of the books submitted to me for a review that I was looking forward to the most The subject matter of charity work and life in Africa is right up my alley and I have also had several short and long trips to Africa to take even of an interest The book follows several women, some in the UK and some in Africa, and their connections with each other Each of them has their own personal background which [...]

  10. Wendy Unsworth s Palaver Tree Digital Services 2012 is a beautiful, sad but happy story about Ellie Ellies leads a fairly boring well, uneventful life in Cornwall England that is upended when first her husband and family dog are killed by a hit and run driver and then her elderly mother dies She no longer has any reason to remain in a town that, though it includes friends, has never really felt like home, and now holds nothing but lonely memories Even after two years of marriage, she often woke [...]

  11. 4.5 Stars Wow, this was a VERY powerful powerful book This book was almost two different books for me because the last half of the book was so different In the beginning I was thinking of giving the book a 3 rating at best, it was a little slow and it took me a while to really get a feel for the characters and there were a lot of characters Then finally around page 60 the characters started to take on personalities and I really started to get to know them By the time I was half way through the b [...]

  12. The Palaver Tree provides readers a glimpse into Africa For those who haven t been, Wendy s detailed and rich descriptions should transport you right there For those who have spent time there like me it will dredge up memories of the amazing country in full colour and splendor.I liked the complexity of the deception and the twisted logic of the antagonist It was all rather cold hearted and calculating The kicker in the end, I must admit, did cross my mind at the beginning of the book, but I prom [...]

  13. I found myself struggling through The Palaver Tree, a novel with many good ideas that is let down by its unnecessary girth and a few other fatal flaws.The story of a woman who takes an opportunity after a tragedy to offer something positive by teaching in Africa, the book is earnest, and contains occasional moments of promising style But the prose is sometimes tortured and there are syntactic issues throughout The characters are mostly likeable but narrowly drawn, and I was not caught by surpris [...]

  14. Subtle, direct, gentle, and jarring, The Palaver Tree takes the reader on an incredible journey from the safety of small town England to the dangers of Africa But, for Ellie, Diane, and Tiffany, England isn t safe either as the wily and unscrupulous Gabriel cons them all And the Africa Ellie comes to know and love the friends she makes and the children she teaches cannot protect her from the dangers of either Gabriel or the rioting as rebels attempt a coup to overturn the government I ve lived a [...]

  15. This is a wonderful book Ellie, the main character, seems at first to be a bit of a pushover, but like many unassuming women, she has great inner strength that her friends and family rely upon Finding herself alone after a terrible tragedy, she decides to teach in Africa for a year, and finds that there is much going on than she originally believed Ellie s wonderful character is challenged in every way possible A beautiful story Why no voting buttons We don t let customers vote on their own rev [...]

  16. So glad I picked up the book, other than the setting of this book I m not sure the cover and title quite do this book justice This is one of those intrigue and suspense novels that makes it tough to put down, even when you have too I loved the sense of realism to this book.Unfortunately I ve had the misfortune of knowing someone very similar to the bad guy of this book which served to show this as being even realistic I loved the ending too

  17. Beautifully writting in the LitFic style than contemporary, this book examines the motivations and actions of the characters but, than that, it is a tense, dramatic story of love, betrayal and danger.Original and interesting, with a wonderful immediacy in the African sections of the story, this one kept me reading into the night It s a story of loss, temptation, deception and redemption and I loved the ending.

  18. I was asked to do a review for this book The story started off kind of slow but it soon picked up I really enjoyed Ellie, Diane and Tiffany they were great characters I also loved the mystery of the story If you are looking for a good Mystery and Suspense story to read I recommend you give The Palaver Tree a try.

  19. Wow This is just one of those books where you start reading, don t know where the story is going exactly, and then Bam It takes you off guard, and you are looking at the clock thinking, where did the time go The Palaver Tree by Wendy Unsworth, is a must read I was kindly provided my copy by the author, and I must tell you, this one captivated my interest Kudos.

  20. The Palaver tree serves as the heart of a community It s the place for discussion, decision making, festive occasions, and the place for storytelling In the hands of Wendy Unsworth, the Palaver tree becomes than a literal tree In her novel, The Palaver Tree, it becomes a figurative place, as well, for the characters in this suspenseful novel set in a fictional country in Africa Literally, the tree is the gathering place for storytelling and decision making It also provides shade from the harsh [...]

  21. Ellie Hathaway lives a quiet life in Berriwood, Cornwall She had married late to her husband, John, but life with him was sweet She lived a life of preplanned routine, gardening, going to various village functions, spending time with her best friend, Dianne That all changed the night John went out to walk the dog and didn t return, the victim of a hit and run driver John leaves Ellie very well off Needing a change in her life, she is an easy prey for Gabriel Cole, the founder of The Hope Foundat [...]

  22. This book is the beginning of a series of stories by Wendy Unsworth I enjoyed reading about Central Africa and the government unrest, it was something I had heard about, but was not clear or involved with it as you get with the people of the story.Ellie Hathaway is a widowed school teacher who actually has just lost her husband to an accident When Gabriel Cole comes to her small village in Berriwood for a fund raising luncheon, he asks her to come to Africa to help with the school he is rising m [...]

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It s easily much than I expected, an epic story that sweeps you along in its wake Starting in a cozy English village and ending up in the middle of an uprising in Africa, this book is peopled with enough intriguing characters that it will whet your appetite for Which is great, since, it turns out, this is only the first in a series on Berriwood village.I grew to love this book There is a lot background information on the characters at first, which does slow it do [...]

  24. This beautifully written story looks at the dynamics of relationships both personal and private and explores what happens when the world around us becomes tainted with corruption, greed and betrayal By opening the story in a cosy Cornish village we are lulled into comfortable domesticity but tragedy is about to strike at the very heart of the community and for Ellie Hathaway life will never be the same again Ellie s search for a new start will take her thousands of miles from her home village to [...]

  25. If the system allowed 1 2 ratings this book would get three and a half starsThe Palavar Tree is a unique work of fiction surrounding British aid workers in Central Africa The story is quite dense, offering a multitude of characters and an intricate plot structure The books strengths, very well developed characters and a plot that keeps you turning the page, can also be viewed as the books weaknesses as there are SO many characters it can become quite confusing The first ten ish percent of the bo [...]

  26. Wendy Unsworth has constructed a well woven novel with believable characters and vivid description Once half way through, I could not put the book down The prose and dialogue constantly throw light onto character nuance and motivation, and Unsworth has a knack for well illustrated and sometimes comical uses of metaphor When Ellie takes a volunteership at a school in Africa, she knows it will be a new and exciting challenge But she can never predict the events culminating in the erupting violence [...]

  27. This was an excellent read for so many different reasons,the author has a great eye for colour and detail and gets this across to the reader most effectively The contrast between a sleepy affluent Cornish village and the stifling heat of a poverty stricken African village was really well done All the characters were all well drawn but the strength of the story was the way in which the many different characters,sub plots and locations were weaved together A slow burner to begin with the story hin [...]

  28. The Palaver Tree takes you from a small Cornish village to Africa through the eyes of the different characters unfolds a story of betrayal that puts Ellie, recently widowed, in danger I enjoy the depiction of her time in Africa where she helps as a teacher and faces a world so different from hers There are some very vivid descriptions of Africa, its country and its people and the characterisation is realistic I particularly liked Gabriel, whose character evolves through the story A gripping plot [...]

  29. I was very excited to read this book for the fact that I won it from a blogging promo I joined Sadly, the book failed to charm me Its not really that complex, still I could hardly understood, maybe because I hate someone as stupid and weakling as Ellie Honestly, i would not recommend this.

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