The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden On June the king and the prime minister of Sweden went missing from a gala banquet at the royal castle Later it was said that both had fallen ill but the truth is different The real story s

On June 14, 2007, the king and the prime minister of Sweden went missing from a gala banquet at the royal castle Later it was said that both had fallen ill, but the truth is different The real story starts much earlier, in 1961, with the birth of Nombeko Mayeki in a shack in Soweto Nombeko was fated to grow up fast and die early in her poverty stricken township, be it fOn June 14, 2007, the king and the prime minister of Sweden went missing from a gala banquet at the royal castle Later it was said that both had fallen ill, but the truth is different The real story starts much earlier, in 1961, with the birth of Nombeko Mayeki in a shack in Soweto Nombeko was fated to grow up fast and die early in her poverty stricken township, be it from drugs, alcohol, or just plain despair But Nombeko takes a different path She finds work as a house cleaner and eventually makes her way up to the position of chief adviser, at the helm of one of the world s most secret projects.Here is where the tale merges with then diverges from reality South Africa developed six nuclear missiles in the 1980s, then voluntarily dismantled them in 1994 This is the story of the seventh missile, the one that was never supposed to have existed Nombeko Mayeki knows too much about it, and now she s on the run from both the South African justice system and the most terrifying secret service in the world The fate of the planet now lies in Nombeko s hands.Jonasson introduces us to a cast of eccentrics a nerve damaged American Vietnam deserter, twin brothers who are officially only one person, three careless Chinese girls, an angry young woman, a potato growing baroness, the Swedish king and the prime minister Quirky and utterly unique, The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden is a charming and humorous account of

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The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

  1. After a long career as a journalist, media consultant and television producer, Jonas Jonasson decided to start a new life He wrote a manuscript, he sold all his possessions in Sweden and moved to a small town by Lake Lugano in Switzerland, only a few meters from the Italian border.The manuscript became a novel The novel became a phenomenon in Sweden, and now it is about to reach the rest of the world.

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  1. This book was so bad it was a real chore trying to finish reading it that turned almost into agony What a waste of precious time much better spent picking your nose, getting drunk all alone or sorting dust into similarly colored piles.Loved his first book Laughed so many times and still remember it vividly as if I had seen it as a movie This here on the other hand is not funny Not once Not even remotely I loved Allen and liked most of the other characters in the 100 year old Here I didn t even h [...]

  2. What a festival of adventure, rogue behavior, a non existent twin who exists, and a fugitive atomic bomb that also doesn t exist but weighs several megatons and is very difficult to hide The plucky and delightful protagonist is Nombeko, who at the start of the novel is fourteen and cleaning latrines in Soweto, her hometown It is the seventies, and apartheid is the social political economic cloud Nombeko lives under, and yet she makes the best of her situation, and eventually saves the world The [...]

  3. At almost exactly halfway through the book, it became taxing to read The wit and quirky characters were replaced with improbable scenarios It was as if a lazier, time crunched writer completed a very well begun piece of literature.

  4. What do you get when you combine a South African woman named Nombeko who is born into the slums of Soweto only to be smart enough to make fools of her oppressors with her intelligence and finds her way to Sweden When there she meets a man who theoretically does not exist and who has a twin brother with the same name who is inspired to complete what his late father could not do and kill the king of Sweden Throw in the crazy brothers equally crazy girlfriend, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Chinese [...]

  5. Second novel is rarely as good as the first one Khaled Hosseini is the exception as publishers expect too much and there is a special pressure on the author if the debut novel is great success Sheila O Flanagan wrote the good, honnest review I support 100%.

  6. This book suffers a bit from comparing it with The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared which was delightful in all respects This follow up is also entertaining and quirky but never quite as charming It is also quite a lot too long and the middle section is very, very slow I especially enjoyed Nombeka and sometimes felt there was not enough of her and too much of others Nevertheless I did enjoy much of the book and can imagine it being made in to a movie like its pr [...]

  7. Let s say 4.25 stars.This book is the most farcical, absurd story I have read since A Confederacy of Dunces It s best read with a complete suspension of belief, in as few sessions as possible I found it hard to re enter this state of disbelief, but once I found the groove again, I was laughing aloud once again.The farcical plot comments on social roles s in two countries, one as north as one can go, the other as south as one can go, throws in some jabs at the West, the Orient, the Middle East, t [...]

  8. This is a concatenation of outrageous improbabilities peopled by cartoonish characters capering across Potemkinesque landscapes The story opens in Soweto with Nombeko, a fourteen year old latrine emptier yes, that s this child s lifelong occupation, and she s one of the lucky ones who actually has a job When her alcoholic boss gives some attitude to the wrong person, their pompous superior Piet du Toit appoints Nombeko as the new manager Her first act is to hire her disgraced boss as her own rep [...]

  9. Eine komplexe Geschichte in einer Einfachheit erz hlt, die einfach berw ltigt Nach dem 100j hrigen schafft es Jonasson nat rlich wieder nicht nur einen kurzen Abschnitt aus einem Lebensteil zu erz hlen sondern er ben tigt vielmehr wieder ein halbes Jahrhundert Er schafft es, dieses komplett mit Leben zu f llen.Die absurden aber f r g ltige erkl rten Realit ten, die in dem Buch vermittelt werden, sind wie Puzzleteile, die fr her oder sp ter und zumeist nur irgendwie passgenau ineinander greifen D [...]

  10. This is not my usual 4 novel Really, it deserves less, but I smiled most of the way through it The story is convoluted and completely mad but was easy to read The characters were so off the wall, they made the story possible A totally nonsensical book that holds within it some interesting pictures of human nature and humanity.

  11. Net als het vorige boek van Jonas Jonasson de 100 jarige man die uit het raam klom en verdween , heb ik ook de zonderlinge avonturen met een grote glimlach gelezen Er gebeurt weer veel en het is soms te absurd voor woorden Juist door het absurde kan ik hier wel van genieten Het verhaal begint in Zuid Afrika met Nombeko Dit jonge meisje werkt bij de latrines, maar krijgt door haar slimheid de kans om aan dit smerige baantje te ontsnappen Vanaf dat moment start een aaneenschakeling van gebeurtenis [...]

  12. The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden is the second book by Swedish journalist, media consultant and television producer, Jonas Jonasson Determined not to be a latrine emptier all her life, Soweto youngster, Nombeko Mayeki uses her numerical skills and lots of hard work to advance her position How she learns to read, ends up in possession of quite a few diamonds and later, something a whole lot dangerous, is the story Jonasson tells in the first half of his book It takes that long before Nombek [...]

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  14. Kao neko ko je itao Stogodi njak koji je isko io kroz prozor i nestao , o ekivao sam da e ovo biti jo jedna sasvim zanimljiva knjiga prepuna razli itim likovima, obojena specifi nim humorom i radnjom koja se odvija velikom brzinom Tako je i bilo Junason u svom karakteristi nom stilu spaja nekoliko dr ava, istorijske doga aje, dr avnike, pri e i sasvim neobi ne likove Uspeo je da mi dr i pa nju i, u momentima me ba nasmeje Duhovit roman sa jednim sasvim posebnim stilom.

  15. Nah Jangan baca buku ini kalau kamu tidak suka humor yang garing.Atau kalau sebenarnya kamu tidak peduli pada hubungan internasional, yang sebenarnya tidak ada yang baru sejak berabad2 silam.Iya, buku ini masih seperti buku pertama Jonasson yang ttg seorang manula 100 tahun yang ternyata punya hubungan dekat yang serba kebetulan dgn tokoh2 penting dunia Di buku ini tokohnya adalah perempuan kulit hitam Afrika Selatan yang lahir tahun 1961 kalo ga salah Perempuan ini akhirnya tiba di Swedia, loka [...]

  16. Once again a great book by Jonas Jonasson I loved how every page made me laugh out loud I loved the names of the chapters And I love how his main characters are the epitome of the phrase born with a caul For someone who hates politics, I really enjoy the politics incorporated in his books, even though they re tweaked here and there and everywhere really, but they re still actual politics at the core thanks to Police Inspector Loeffel for giving me facts that I later misrepresented in my own way [...]

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  18. This was on my To Be Read List for ages because I loved the 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window so much I didn t love this one It is still funny and clever, but the story gets a little long winded towards the end and while there is still plenty of action going on, so many improbably and hilariously weird circumstances, I just got a bit tired of it I put this book on hold while I took some other books on holidays and coming back to it was difficult and I had to make myself finish it Write [...]

  19. E book is on sale today 6 21 15 for 1.99 so if it sounds good to you, go get it RIGHT NOW.The main character is a young black girl from Soweto, whose occupation at the outset is a latrine emptier Through a series of strange, random and often involuntary events, she forces someone to teach her to read and then becomes an indentured servant to the incompetent man running the South Africa nuclear weapons program If that sounds like a stretch, it s just the beginning as Nombeko Mayeki is clever, har [...]

  20. Now for something completely different this clever story, we meet a delightful, super brainy character from apartheid South Africa named Nombeko Mayeki Hold on, this story is a long ride, where fantastic farce meets grim reality.The statistical probability that an illiterate in 1970s Soweto will grow up and one day find herself confined in a potato truck with the Swedish king and prime minister is 1 in 45,766, 212,810 This, according to the calculations of the aforementioned illiterate herself A [...]

  21. Right from Nombeko Mayeki s humble beginnings as an illiterate latrine cleaner in apartheid South Africa, we are as impressed by her resilience and smarts as those with whom she interacts throughout her adventures Starting as two very separate narratives, the historical and political events in the novel weave everything together seamlessly in Jonasson s quirky, humorous writing style Nombeko finds herself leading a band of fugitives whose oddball members are all fleshed out in excellent detail n [...]

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