Six Feet Over It

Six Feet Over It No one is surprised than Leigh when her father buys a graveyard Less shocking is the fact that he s too lazy to look farther than the dinner table for employees Working the literal graveyard shift sh

No one is surprised than Leigh when her father buys a graveyard Less shocking is the fact that he s too lazy to look farther than the dinner table for employees Working the literal graveyard shift, she becomes great at predicting headstone choice mostly granite and taking notes with one hand while offering Kleenex with the other.Sarcastic and smart, Leigh should bNo one is surprised than Leigh when her father buys a graveyard Less shocking is the fact that he s too lazy to look farther than the dinner table for employees Working the literal graveyard shift, she becomes great at predicting headstone choice mostly granite and taking notes with one hand while offering Kleenex with the other.Sarcastic and smart, Leigh should be able to quit this stupid after school job But her world s been turned upside down by the sudden loss of her best friend and the appearance of Dario, the slightly too old for her gravedigger Can Leigh move on, if moving on means it s time to get a life Darkly humorous and heart wrenchingly beautiful, Jennifer Longo s YA debut about a girl surrounded by death will change the way you look at friendship, love, and life.

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Six Feet Over It

  1. Jennifer Longo s debut novel SIX FEET OVER IT SUPERB Kirkus, Starred published 2014 by Penguin Random House, Edited by Chelsea Eberly and represented by Melissa Sarver at Folio Literary Her second novel, UP TO THIS POINTE SAVVYVIVIDLY CONVEYED The Bulletin, Starred published 2016, also courtesy of Penguin Random House A California native, Jennifer holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing For Theatre from Humboldt State University She is a two time Irene Ryan Best Actor award recipient and a Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Best Full Length Script honoree for her play, FROZEN A recent San Francisco transplant, Jennifer lives with her husband and daughter on an island near Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Ugggggggggggggggggg I m so mad I just knew I was going to love this book to death No pun intended But for some reason I just liked it I really loved UP TO THIS POINTE by the author but only liked this one When I read the blurb, I thought this was going to be totally awesome but I just wasn t feeling it This is one of those books I will have to do a re read because it could have been my mood I mean I m not in the greatest of moods and here I am reading a book about a girl who has nuts for parents [...]

  2. I cried all the way through this damn book Excellent should be a Printz contender next year More to comeREVIEWI adored this book, despite the fact I wept all the way through it I cannot believe this is a debut novel Six Feet Over It was so not what I expected I thought it would be a snarky teen surface depth kind of book I did not see this one coming What I loved about this book 1 Leigh Her voice was immediately sympathetic and authentic My heart just ached for her every time she was on the verg [...]

  3. This book is so very hard for me to review.It was a hard book to read even, for many reasons mostly because, this isn t a happy go lucky kind of read It is about a girl that is literally surrounded by death, every single day But that isn t what makes the story special, or even the girl for that matter Instead, this is a story about a girl trying to deal with death, not just live with it There is depth to the pages, to the inner monologue and to the conversations around Leigh and sometimes, even [...]

  4. DNF 25% I m not going to rate this book, because I didn t finish it I managed to read 63 pages into it and just couldn t go on any It s not that it was a horrible story or had horrible writing, it was just horribly depressing Fourteen year old Leigh works for her father, selling gravesites and headstones in a memorial park Her parents are infuriating, neglectful, absent minded, self centered, inconsiderateI could go on Every conversation with Leigh s parents just made my blood boil To top it of [...]

  5. Six Feet Over It out 26 August 2014 is a story to savour.The book rolls out slowly than the typical YA The back story and conflict are allowed to unfold carefully, making room for the reader to become immersed in the story, much like wading into water on a shallow beach, rather than a commercial book that throws you off the boat on page one.The author gives credit and reward to the reader for hanging in there.With the slow unfolding, you might be forgiven for thinking, Wait, is this YA especia [...]

  6. Tips for any desperate soul who decides to read this book and protect their sanity 1 Consume an obscene amount of caffeine 2 Invest in a second brain to prevent overall thinking exhaustion 3 Contemplate whether or not tip 2 made sense4 Be unable to come to a decision due to loss of brain cells5 Chocolate 6 Try and understand Why Longo s sentences Are so Cho Ppy 7 Attempt to sympathize with Kai and overlook her annoyingness because cancer8 Fail 9 Two words Sexy Mexican 10 Three words Sexy OLDER M [...]

  7. High praise indeed for this author s debut What a quirky without trying too hard to be quirky story, with a sharp and funny MC, and charming supporting characters At first, I didn t really know what I was getting into I m not much on pithy titles, but the premise sounded interesting enough I m so glad I didn t listen to the inner cynic in my head.However, it did take a while for me to fall into the story I was afraid I was going to get a sort of Six Feet Under copy cat in YA novel form Happily, [...]

  8. 1.5 starsUnder normal circumstances, this book s rating would ve fluctuated between an underwhelming 2 stars or a merciful and mediocre 3 star rating Six Feet Over It is a strange and quirky read not exactly enjoyable, but weirdly compelling It is very slow, the plot is nonexistent and the narrative is frustratingly choppy, but there s still something about the book that s peculiarly charming Not exactly an explosive debut, but a contemplative and mildly engaging one that provided me with a very [...]

  9. this was really good absolutely amazing voice, not too saccharine, a little bit meaningful, full of just the right amount of morbid humor i wanted out of a book about a girl working at a graveyard i can t wait for longo s next book to come out in paperback because, let s face it, when was the last time i bought something in full price hardcover.

  10. Six Feet Over It is a story about a girl surrounded by death who is still trying to learn how to deal with loss Death, in fact, is the recurring theme of this book, but it s life and learning how to live that is the essence of it Thoughtful, poignant and undeniably hypnotizing, Six a Feet Over It is a tale about loss, grief, family, friends, letting go, finding happiness and opening your heart.I ll be honest with you and admit that I did not, initially, like the passive aggressive tone of this b [...]

  11. I wish I could just cut and paste the author s notes from the back of the book I won t do that, but I will start this review with a snippet from the author s notes instead Six Feet Over It is a story about a girl keeping it together Maybe she shouldn t have to, but she s good at it and someone has to do it, so she does it until she just can t I read this book pretty slowly Not because it was boring, but because it was a story that didn t need to be rushed This dark contemporary is about [...]

  12. DNFI m in the minority again So many great reviews for this book, but I didn t enjoy what I read.The writing was choppy, the narrative was rambling and hard to follow at times, and the main characters were unlikeable, with no real depth.I stopped reading at half way.

  13. Thoughts on the Overall Book On occasion I like a contemporary novel and this one actually fit the bill really nicely It was a lovely friendship story and coming of age story with enough sarcastic humor to appease me and surprising feels throughout I enjoyed it a lot.Cover Yea or Nay I like the idea of the cover, but do not like the girl at all She doesn t look a thing like how I pictured Leigh.Characters This is a very character driven book and it has a cast that can actually support that Leigh [...]

  14. Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much Please don t go I ll be back You won t I will His shoulders, his arms again and again holding the weight of my aching head, my sadness, my selfish, lonely heart Two days later he is gone Six Feet Over It was a book that you need to read when you re in a certain mood And after my experience of reading this book in the point of view of a gravedigger s daughter who went through a ton of loss and grief after her bes [...]

  15. One of the perks of working in a library is that sometimes publishers send us ARCs in the hopes we ll rec them to patrons down the road We keep a shelf in the staff room to peruse at our leisure and this one happened to appear just as I was returning to work after the recent death of my father Needless to say, the title immediately caught my eye What I most appreciated about this book was probably its humor Even its darkest moments had a tone of humor that kept the book from being too gloomy I m [...]

  16. I m just such a sucker for a book with a spooky pun title.This book every chapter I was just barely interested enough to keep reading instead of DNFing it I think it just had a little too much going on Here s how much stuff it has going on Leigh s older sister is in remission from cancer In the meantime, her dad impulse bought a graveyard and makes Leigh work in it afterschool because he can t handle selling graves to people Leigh seems to have some sort of eating disorder that s not really addr [...]

  17. Such a sweet, sad, beautiful book I don t usually like narrators this young 14 in YA, but Leigh is obviously someone who s experienced life in a way that realistically makes her feel older and wiser The secondary characters bring so much to the table there will be several points throughout in which you will be super sad Elanor is not a real person, I assure you , and I really loved the uniqueness of the cemetery setting and Leigh s somewhat involuntary career Beautiful writing, beautiful details [...]

  18. i didn t like this book i thought it was just her at a cemetery to scared to have friends because she lost Emily, also who sits around and eats York s all day i wish i knew what happened to Emily family i thought the book would at least mention it the only part i liked about this book was the page mentioned about going to Disneyland and how she accepted Elanor friendship other than that i didn t enjoy it i kind of dreaded finishing it.

  19. Wasn t for me Nice cover, misleading synopsis Awful protagonists, choppy writing, useless plot Didn t enjoy a single moment of it.DNF at 26%

  20. I ve always been interested in cemeteries and so this cover synopsis drew me in However, I only liked the book, I didn t love it It is definitely dark and sad You really can t blame Leigh for being all depressed and hardly eating I think she eats her weight in York peppermint patties in this book She is getting over her best friend s death while basically being the only adult in her family herself, parents, and older sister Leigh s dad, Wade, has her work after school in the cemetery he just pur [...]

  21. I was really enjoying this at the beginning and then it just started to make no sense And it was definitely not what I thought it was going to be Oh well.

  22. Six Feet Over It was a quirky, if not slightly morbid, book about a young girl growing up and learning important life lessons in a cemetery Surrounded by death all day, everyday, Leigh has to learn to cope with life s many challenges, shocks and surprises both pleasant and unpleasant.Leigh was an odd character and it took me awhile to get inside her head, though I never completely did She s slightly younger than I realized when I first started reading just 14 years old at the start of the book, [...]

  23. Jennifer Longo has quite the flair to making you think and feel things that you don t want to In SIX FEET OVER IT, we encounter loss and death, depression and sadness, new and unusual friendships a coming of age story of a girl who learns that its okay to let go, move on to live life and be happy Leigh, pronounced like Lee, has had quite the tumultuous childhood We get to see reminisce about her childhood on their much beloved beach house with a cool older sister, hippie artist mom and fun dad S [...]

  24. Fourteen year old Leigh has had quite enough of death Her older sister, in cancer remission, is focused on living life to the fullest, but Leigh feels like death is constantly lurking around the corner Reeling from the recent loss of her best friend, the last place she wants to spend her days is a graveyard, but that s exactly where she ends up After her father makes the ridiculous decision to purchase a graveyard, he proceeds to move the whole family from the ocean to their new home, in the gra [...]

  25. Leigh is surrounded by death She was born three months premature, died, but was revived Her older sister nearly died from cancer Her best friend in middle school died while Leigh was cooped up at her grandparents for the Summer Her birthday is on the Day of the Dead And now, her father has purchased a cemetery where Leigh works in the office selling graves Despite all of that death, Six Feet Over It is actually a pretty cute and fun read Leigh takes all of this in stride, and after hiring a new [...]

  26. I am unsure where to start with this debut novel because it was not at all what I expected it to be I flew through the story because of the pacing and the main character s voice, but this story is not a happy go lucky one It s about a girl, Leigh, who is surrounded by death Her father bought the local cemetery and it is her job to try and sell the plots of land to people who have recently lost their loved ones This is of course Leigh s story, but it s not just about death, it s about Leigh learn [...]

  27. Had no plans to read this until I read Up to This Pointe and was hooked colour me a Longo fan In Six Feet Over It, Leigh is a teenager struggling to cope with everything life has thrown at her recently her sister s illness, the loss of her closest friend, and a move to a graveyard Her parents who, while not even close to earning a Worst Parents Ever award, should at least consider entering such a contest for the experience are happy to ask her to sell graves day after day her father, whose decis [...]

  28. This is not your average book about a teenager growing up, though it does include family dysfunction The main character works in the family s cemetery and seems adult than her parents She is surrounded by death and it affects her relationships with others Death is not the only loss this teen faces This book is timely as it also deals with immigration and it humanizes the immigrant in these days of xenophobia The migrant is a wonderful person who befriends the main character and helps her to ope [...]

  29. A faster read with a younger protagonist, and even though it tackles some heavy stuff grief, illness, immigration it d be fine for younger teen readers There s not a romance here, except between two secondary characters, which is refreshing I dug Leigh s voice, and I loved how she was a tough girl, with a shell that was hard to crack, and she acknowledged this about herself Rarely do characters know this about themselves, but Leigh did, and her realizations about what that meant about her and he [...]

  30. First, let s just deal with that cover, and then we ll get to the good stuff The cover is terrible and Leigh not only doesn t look like that, she would never wear that outfit It s also too cheerful and sunny for the content of the book It probably sells books, but it s selling a different book than the one it s advertising.That being said, I really, really liked this book The prose is beautiful and Leigh s narrative voice is pitch perfect This is a lovingly told narrative of grief and healing an [...]

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