Sheltered, Volume 1: A Pre-Apocalyptic Tale

Sheltered Volume A Pre Apocalyptic Tale The men and women of Safe Haven have been preparing for any and all end of world scenarios for years However their bunkers weapons and training can t save them from the one threat they never could

The men and women of Safe Haven have been preparing for any and all end of world scenarios for years However, their bunkers, weapons, and training can t save them from the one threat they never could have expected their own children.Collects SHELTERED 1 5

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Sheltered, Volume 1: A Pre-Apocalyptic Tale

  1. Comic book writer.Credits include COMEBACK, SHELTERED, THE FIELD Image Comics , SECRET AVENGERS Marvel , ROBOCOP, SONS OF ANARCHY, HELLRAISER BOOM and X FILES TMNT CONSPIRACY IDW Plus, you know, a bunch of stuff I can t talk about yet.

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  1. Far Fetched But EntertainingSomewhere in the middle of nowhere, a group of survivalist nuts have spent the last few years secretly preparing for the end of the world They have trained, built underground bunkers, stashed supplies and weapons The teenage son of one of the hidden community s founders, however, takes the survival of the fittest attitude he has grown up with to the next level with deadly consequences he manipulates the community s other children into killing all its grown ups A neces [...]

  2. Set in the snowy backwoods of rural America, a group of survivalist nuts have been seting up fallout shelters filled with supplies for years in anticipation of the massive volcano in Yellowstone erupting soon and decimating the country Except their children have other plans and decide to massacre all of the adults While the kids and their leader, the quietly insane loner Lucas, prepare for the coming apocalypse, two girls, Vic and Hailey, didn t know about the plan and have hidden away in one of [...]

  3. 3.5 if I could.I hate kidsd this book just make me hate them Little shits All of em.I also love dogsd if you ve read this volume you know where I m going with that.Good book Full of nut jobs I like that its pre apocalyptic and is actuallyyou know the apocalyptic stuff.Still will be interesting to see where the next volume takes us This first book left off on a pretty solid cliff hanger so I m curious as all get out to see what happens next.

  4. This was a pretty fun story So the end of the world is coming, or so some people think, so they begin to build a home away from everyone else As the parents of this community trying to prepare for the end the kids begin to revolt and they murderer every single parent Two kids see this and run away from the rest of the children of the corn type kids and tus begins a tension filled adventure of survival Why did they kill the parents What is coming Will the two kids who don t agree the rest live Al [...]

  5. I m not one that usually goes for post apocalyptic stories They tend to be bloody both meanings intense and that just not my cuppa However, the blur in the cover got my attention and I also tend to attention to what Image publishes so I gave it a try.So, this bunch of people are living in a place called Safe Heaven not really a suitable name after you read the book preparing themselves in case the world ends or something All that trouble for nothing, because suddenly their children turns against [...]

  6. Sheltered Vol 1 courtesy of Image Comics through NetgalleyI simply was not ready for this I don t know exactly what I was expecting, but Ed Brisson and John Christmas just surpassed whatever expectations I might have had Welcome to the pre Apocalypse if it ll come at all Safe Haven is a commune filled with people who spend their lives preparing for the impending end of the world They have stocked bunkers, plans for every eventuality, they train and raise their children to be ready for the End.Bu [...]

  7. Before I wrote my review I did something I don t usually do, I read a couple reviews that sort of summarize some of my exact thoughts, from Sam Quixote and Jan so I ll be brief, read theirs This is a kind of interesting read about survivalist nuts in rural America who are facing what they see as The Apocalypse, the imminent eruption of Yellowstone volcanoes that will create an unprecedented environmental disaster Okay though with the dying of Old Faithful, doesn t seem imminent And in this story [...]

  8. One thing that immediately sets Sheltered apart from other post apocalyptic stories is the fact that it s actually a pre apocalyptic story It begins at a secluded camp of survivalists who have been busily preparing for the inevitable What they didn t expect is how their preparations would affect their children Lead by Lucas, who believes that the only chance the younger generation has for survival, is to take their parents teachings to heart Meanwhile, Hailey and Victoria, who were not part of t [...]

  9. Review copy provided by NetGalleySafe Haven The place where you can go for any end of the world scenario you can imagine The men and women here have been ready for years for anything that might come They ve got bunkers, weapons, food and drink stocks, training, and everything else they ll need to last The one thing they aren t prepared for Their own children.I m not exactly sure what I was thinking that this comic would be about, but I was at least hoping for something that was creative and chil [...]

  10. Do you hate kids No Well, give this one a read and we ll talk again.Apocalypse is near The end is coming A little town called Safe Haven ha is preparing for the apocalypse collecting resources and everything they need in bunkers while earthquakes all of the world keep happening every single day, thousands of them Everyone is already stressed out and everything is going according to plan for the little town to get ready before the big bang that is until the children of the town take matters into [...]

  11. The premise of this series is pretty interesting The children of libertarian survivalist whack jobs turn out to be even bigger whack jobs whoddathunkit Unfortunately, the characters are rather flat The most developed is Lucas, resident tween dictator, who apparently believes everything he reads on the internet but has yet to take that anthropology class where they explain to you that small scale societies thrive best as commune based, non centralized tribal units His nemesis our heroine is spunk [...]

  12. This volume collects Sheltered 1 5 The premise is a pre apocalyptic time with what seems to be a group of preppers who are convinced things are about to get bad They ve been preparing for awhile, have a secluded location and lots of food in reserve But before they can go completely off the grid, all the kids in the community turn on them The teen leader has convinced his compatriots that to survive the pending disaster they had to get rid of their parents And of course, he doesn t tell the truth [...]

  13. As usual I received this book for free This time it was via NetGalley Despite that kindness my candid thoughts follow below.On the positive side, the comic has a unique premise that basically boils down to a combination of Doomsday Preppers, The Walking Dead and Lord of the Flies Despite being a hybrid, this is one I would have never anticipated so it earns great points for originality Graphically speaking, the artwork is gritty and realistic and than any comic I ve ever seen, it has a great se [...]

  14. Extremely good new comic series set in a survivalist camp in rural Somewhere, USA Lucas, the main antagonist, is thoroughly freaky Some reviewers are wondering why everyone goes along with his ideas This comic isn t just about guns and survival it s about psychology Psychopathy manifests in individuals who are also very persuasive and manipulative part of psychopathy sociopathy Plus, these kids have already been conditioned by their parents to follow orders, to fear The End, and to hate The Man [...]

  15. Safe Haven residents are preparing for doomsday They are convinced it is fast approaching Lucas, a charismatic teen, convinces most of the other teens there won t be enough supplies for all residents to survive three years so steps must be taken Violent steps.While highly reminiscent of Lord of the Flies , this graphic novel comic adds its own flair through Lucas specific obsession, the addition of a handful of females, but particularly through the way the madness seems to creep and be specific [...]

  16. Kids, huh Echoes of Lord of the Flies, but in a good way Left me wanting , though wondering maybe how much there is actually left in the story An extra point for taking post apocalyptic tales a step backwards pre apocalyptic Worth examining too, and highlights that before or after the collapse of society, people are still often, depressingly people Some really well illustrated characters that ring true, one or two that came off a little hollow every story needs archetypes, but it doesn t hurt t [...]

  17. Lord of the Flies all over again but way jacked up Very enjoyable, wondering where the author will go next.

  18. Wow I stumbled across this after finishing a volume of Chew It was advertised at the back as something to look out for And am I glad I searched it out.This graphic novel is set in a pre apocalyptic, pre this supervolcano under yellowstone park is legit gonna go off big time society People are gathering together all the necessary supplies to create an ultimate bunker to house a society of end of the world hillbilly but jobs.Then an even occurs, which leaves us with this brilliant Lord of the Flie [...]

  19. It s possible that the sociopathic evil mastermind antagonist of Sheltered becomes recognizably human in successive volumes, that his ability to persuade his presumably nonsociopathic minions into not just passive acceptance of but active engagement with his horrifying plans later becomes explicable, but nothing about this gruesome, if well executed, introduction inspires much excitement about finding out.

  20. What happens when children are raised in an environment where all their parents are preppers Are they so paranoid they look for the end of the world around every corner Can they be trusted ever A pretty disturbing look at a big what if situation, and a really entertaining one too.

  21. A group of survivalists in the north woods get a nasty surprise one of their kids is a psycho who murders them and takes over A couple of the other kids realize he s a very bad dude, but everyone else thinks he s awesome And he doesn t tolerate dissenters this is a competent thriller.

  22. Sheltered is one of those rare comics where going into the book, there was no prior knowledge of it, the creators or the concept Comprising five issues, it was a blind buy for 9.99 and in the end worth every penny Dubbed A Pre apocalyptic Tale, it takes a look at events in a small community leading up to a possible catastrophe The key word of course is possible The book also does not hold back any punches as it examines the extremes that could happen and sometimes do happen within compounds like [...]

  23. Sheltered Trade Paperback collects comics 1 5 of this pre dystopian series Although extremely brutal and harsh, it is thematically placed in the Lord of the Flies or Animal Farm genre of group dynamics.In an unnamed location in the US, in a remote forest in the north, a group of families have created a commune to prepare for the end of the world They are stocked, have underground bunkers, and are considering options when a coup takes place from an unexpected source their teen children Some will [...]

  24. Thank you to Netgalley for providing the book in exchange for a review Sheltered is a pre apocalyptic comic that starts right where you might expect We see a small community called Safe Haven compiling an abundance of cans, dry goods and other things you would need to survive an apocalypse On approximation they can survive a year and a half without searching for We then see two teen boys reviewing the earthquakes that have been happening in the area, the leaders of Safe Haven talking about perm [...]

  25. VIOLENT BLOODY GRAPHIC Oh wait, it is a graphic novel, so I suppose every detail must be shown And it is.The premise was interesting and believable that families would create communities in a remote place, building bunkers and storing supplies for the big WHATEVER government, it seems that s going to take away all things good in life.The secondary line, that all of the children of these families go Children of the Corn ish and follow one psycho, but persuasive teen is also interesting, though no [...]

  26. Sheltered takes place in the snowy backwoods of America and is reminiscent of The Lord Of The Flies Paranoia, violence and torture run rampant, as well as the need to survive.A group of survivalists is living in the woods getting ready for some apocalyptic event that is getting closer to happening They have most of their supplies ready and underground bunkers to shelter in When something happens to the grownups, the children find themselves following one of the older boys, Lucas Lucas is convinc [...]

  27. The denizens of Safe Haven prepared for all sorts of world ending catastrophes except the one from their own children Subtitled A Pre Apocalyptic Tale, Sheltered delivers a tense quasi thriller of a what happens when the youth of a doomsday society bring their parents ideas to their logical and scary conclusion Fearing a seemingly impending volcanic eruption that will engulf the Earth into three years of constant darkness, Lucas devices and implements a plan to wipe out two thirds of the colony [...]

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