Supergirl, Vol. 4: Out of the Past

Supergirl Vol Out of the Past In the aftermath of H EL ON EARTH Supergirl s world has been shattered in every way possible Kara Zor El searches the stars for a new home but in doing so encounters one of Superman s deadliest ene

In the aftermath of H EL ON EARTH, Supergirl s world has been shattered in every way possible Kara Zor El searches the stars for a new home, but in doing so, encounters one of Superman s deadliest enemies in his New 52 debut Cyborg Superman New writer Michael Alan Nelson takes over the Girl of Steel in SUPERGIRL VOL 4, collecting issues 21 26.

  • [PDF] Supergirl, Vol. 4: Out of the Past | by ☆ Michael Alan Nelson Scott Lobdell Diogenes Neves Justin Jordan Daniel Brown Mike Hawthorne Kenneth Rocafort Paulo Siqueira
    163 Michael Alan Nelson Scott Lobdell Diogenes Neves Justin Jordan Daniel Brown Mike Hawthorne Kenneth Rocafort Paulo Siqueira
Supergirl, Vol. 4: Out of the Past

  1. Michael Alan Nelson Scott Lobdell Diogenes Neves Justin Jordan Daniel Brown Mike Hawthorne Kenneth Rocafort Paulo Siqueira says:
    Michael Alan Nelson grew up in a small Indiana farming community before moving to Los Angeles in 2002 He is the winner of the 2004 New Times 55 Fiction contest for his short short The Conspirators and was awarded the 2011 Glyph Comics Award for Best Female Character for the character Selena from his series 28 Days Later Michael is the author of the critically acclaimed comic series Hexed, Dingo, and Fall of Cthulhu His current ongoing titles include Day Men and the relaunch of the fan favorite series Hexed His first prose novel, Hexed the Sisters of Witchdown arrives May 5th, 2015 He lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. 2.5 starsPink Taco Buddy Read with my fellow Shallow Readers Criteria for this one Anything with a female lead.The problem with this volume isn t the actual Supergirl issues They re ok Not great, just ok.Supergirl has Kryptonite poisoning from her run in with H el, so she takes off into space to die alone or something She runs into a planet that can become any other planet, and it needs her memories to become Kryptone that s the purpose of the planet.But.Not all is as it seems Duh.Cyborg Superma [...]

  2. I was getting kind of tired of Supergirl being sick, so thankfully that arc is now over Some neat ideas storywise but it s tied into the Superman comics too much so that s not as enjoyable for me Hopefully Supergirl gets a new story to tell instead of piggy backing on Supes.Issue 22 has a really cool cover spoiler only because the image is large view spoiler hide spoiler I wrote a separate review for issue 23.1 on the off chance someone skipped it when this series was being released I think it s [...]

  3. As part of the grand New 52 Supergirl arc, this collection was pretty good We got to see Kara evolve quite a bit, she has become mature, grown comfortable in her identity, found a larger purpose in life but as a stand alone collection, it wasn t that great The main plot involving Cyborg Superman or Cy for short, apparently is kinda lack lustre, and not very compelling since so much time is dedicated to explaining away a strange, alien collective entity By the time Braniac got involved in the s [...]

  4. Ohmygosh Whew I had to spell it oute as you see the start date was like the beginning of the year Jada I are on vacation NOW so can catch up on reading Luckily my brain is in vacation mode so I m able to comprehend all the darn timelines that s was created Mind you my daughter loved it yep thats my face buttt she entitled to her own opinion Will I torture myself and try to think positive and pick up another oneahhh NOPE.

  5. A step down in quality Due almost entirely to the involvement of Butthole Scott Lobdell, no doubt After a strong start this one is settling into the top rung of the B list of New 52 titles.

  6. I liked this better than the earlier books in the series I am not a big Supergirl fan, and I hate her over sexualized costume, but this one was an improvement over the others because it wasn t just about rage There was depth here even though I still think Supergirl is a brat.

  7. This book just can t get it together ever since the first volume The art from Mahmad Asrar is long gone and the writing by Michael Nelson has gone really far downhill It switches back and forth between a juvenile pout fest and a pathetic attempt at sounding self important What s worse is how disjointed the story is The whole Cyborg Superman story goes fine I m not entirely sure how I feel about the new origin for the villain, and it seems like the whole situation s logic is terribly, terribly fl [...]

  8. Let s say 3.5 stars because, like some of the earlier New 52 Supergirl collections, there were some truly great moments in which Kara confronts her anger and the sense of loss at the destruction of Krypton and the life she knew The issue that tracked Zor El s conflict with Jor El about how best to save Krypton from destruction was outstanding The absolute beating she hands to an adversary during the final confrontation of the Krypton Returns storyline was perhaps the first time in the New 52 whe [...]

  9. There s a blurb on the front of Out of the Past that says Supergirl feels like we really can t have any expectations, because anything is possible Oh, blurb writer, how correct you are Anything is possible, because I can make up half of the story IN MY HEAD since everything everywhere is effing crossovers.I had a hard time warming up to this volume because I don t get along with Diogenes Neves s artwork I can t draw so Neves shouldn t take this personally I know, artists love to troll reviews lo [...]

  10. I m still not convinced we ll ever get a great Supergirl book This isn t cynicism so much as exhaustion I m invested in the Superman family and hold out hope of Kara s potential as a character being realised, but once again the story seems to focus on one aspect of Kara she misses Krypton and builds stories around it Enough is enough it s time to let Kara be interesting than this.That said, this is certainly a step up from previous collections Michael Alan Nelson writes well for a younger audie [...]

  11. This is likely my favorite DC cosmic offering to date I like what happened here with Cyborg Superman and the space background to the story.The buts areVillains month, why was Cyborg Superman a Action Comics offering not Supergirl like it should have been and it is good that it is included here I think that DC really poorly labeled the Villains monthBlack Manta and Oceanmaster still not published I have a grudge We get dropped into part 3 of 4 of the story arc Krypton Returns it is a little off p [...]

  12. I would call this book a prequel There are some answers here but mostly it is here to illustrate the reason Supergirl belongs to view spoiler Red Lanterns hide spoiler The frustration of Kara reaches critical point from which there is no turning back view spoiler except for Saint Walker on Mogoyou think that we forgot about him hide spoiler I especially enjoyed the origin story of Cyborg Superman which has a really nice possible consequences But overall this book is just waiting for the great th [...]

  13. This book series cannot decide if it wants to be awesome or awful Teenage angst is cranked up to eleven tragedy is served up with a thick layer of melodrama followed by a brat lashing out at the world around her and then there s a shocking ending only compounded by its heart wrenching nature I just hope this roller coaster ride doesn t make me throw up.

  14. Very inconsistent title When its good its really good When its not, it is a confusing mess The fact they they add parts of other stories here does not help at all.

  15. This volume contains Supergirl 21 25, Action Comics 23.1, and Superman 25 Issues 21 24 of Supergirl pick up not long after the events of the H el on Earth crossover event between the Supergirl, Superman, and Superboy comics Kara is dying of Kryptonite poisoning and has fled Earth While in space, she comes across this planet that has the purpose of keeping dead planets alive through memory Any knowledge gained about the deceased planet can be made to make this new planet look exactly like the dea [...]

  16. I still like that Kara saves those in trouble despite not knowing their language or the danger that it might put her in and that she leaves Earth There is no reason for her to stay in such a hostile environment just because she landed there I didn t like that her one and only friends told her to suck it up and stay despite Kara s life literally being in danger every moment on Earth without the Kryptonite poisoning When someone comes to a friend with troubles they aren t suppose to hear that they [...]

  17. W New52 Supergirl wystartowa a z hukiem, a teraz leci na oparach ywi c si tylko dwoma emocjami dziewczyny Nostalgi za utraconym domem i w ciek o ci za jego zniszczenie Ta przygoda z cyborg Supermanem kt ry dopiero teraz pojawia si w linii czasu i nie ma adnej konkretnej roli, po prostu chce zamiesza w g owie Supergirl jest tylko wym wk aby Kara nie by a ska ona kryptonitem Dalej jest jeszcze wycinek drugiej walki z H el em I powr t do statusu quo.

  18. Again with the why did they think only putting PART of a crossover was a good idea Otherwise, good It explains a lot from when I read the first volume of the Rebirth Supergirl.

  19. Supergirl is unexpectedly one of my favourites out of the 52 line up Batgirl and Supergirl are early standouts While I haven t been keeping up with Batgirl though I intend to catch up , Supergirl keeps giving me reasons to read I love the take on the Silver Banshee I love how Supergirl, powerful than Superman, is just a complete mess This is a girl who can t catch a break and that s saying a lot in the world of comics.

  20. Ok, now we re getting somewhere.With the madness of H El on Earth behind us, Supergirl gets to strike out on her own once again, and whilst suffering from kryptonite poisoning might cramp other character s style, she s still able to have her best adventure yet Discovering a very convenient, but on that later planet that can literally bend to her will and recreate Krypton, she runs afoul of the New 52 Cyborg Superman, and must decide whether losing her body is worth regaining her home.This lasts [...]

  21. Every crotch shot and unnecessary sexualization of Supergirl could gag a maggot The illustrator degraded a strong heroine in drawing her in almost frame with her legs open and the vantage point like looking up a skirt The author portrayed Supergirl as a dumb blonde at every turn being taken advantage of and duped by some superior male counterpart Kara may be a teenager but that shouldn t make her super slutty or super stupid Maybe the author of the first two novels in this series accurately had [...]

  22. So is there anything Kara won t whine about She comes across as a petulant useless character throughout this volume, as she has a weird interaction with some classic Superman characters At least in space there are a lot fewer innocent victims And the reveal if, it it s accurate, is kind of idiotic This book then ends with part of the Krypton Returns event that I already suffered through elsewhere, so I only skimmed this repeat issue I m glad that the Supergirl TV series is so well received maybe [...]

  23. Disappointing after Volumes 1 and 2 There s a weirdly imaginative alien world that forms the setting of the main arc, and that s this TPB s biggest asset The story itself well at this point, I think Supergirl s interesting staying on Earth, developing some relationships But it would still get an extra star from me except the last two issues throw us into the middle of a Superman Superboy Supergirl crossover event with no backstory Yes, I get the big issue Krypton lives again Timestream in chaos [...]

  24. One of the best Supergirl stories I ve ever read and I ve been following Kara for a very long time Well, at least the main chunk of the collection is Can t talk about the last couple of chapters as they are parts 3 and 4 of another story, Return to Krypton Don t have all the parts to that so I didn t read it Apparently, H el s story continues after the end of H EL ON EARTH I d have though his story would have been collected in full in that title It s not Seems I ve also missed apart of that foll [...]

  25. This book abandons the character building of the first two volumes and jumps right into straight up fan service, by referencing Cyborg Superman, Brainiac and Kandor There is so much Kryptonian backstory in this book, and so little development of the Supergirl character There have been about four different versions of the Supergirl character, since I have been reading comics, and I would say I like the Supergirl from the new 52 the best, but she doesn t even need to be in this book, you just need [...]

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