The Price of Love

The Price of Love Wife Husband Superstar entertainers Two people completely in love Harmony and Reaper thought life would be easier once they sealed the deal Stage personas put to the side settling into marriage shoul

Wife.Husband.Superstar entertainers.Two people completely in love Harmony and Reaper thought life would be easier once they sealed the deal Stage personas put to the side, settling into marriage should have allowed them to be Hannah and Garrett to the world at large Boy, were they ever wrong Pressure from record companies, fans, and the people surrounding them put theiWife.Husband.Superstar entertainers.Two people completely in love.Harmony and Reaper thought life would be easier once they sealed the deal Stage personas put to the side, settling into marriage should have allowed them to be Hannah and Garrett to the world at large Boy, were they ever wrong Pressure from record companies, fans, and the people surrounding them put their brand new union under the strain of the entertainment machine Long nights apart, quick meetings in hotel rooms, and new faces on the music scene were not what either of them thought they would have to contend with.When love is strong, emotions go haywire, and frustration is at an all time high, everyone s true colors are revealed Hannah and Garrett have a decision to make is fame worth the price of love

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The Price of Love

  1. Laramie Briscoe is the best selling author of the Heaven Hill Series the Rockin Country Series.Since self publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie Briscoe has published over 10 books She s appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E books Lists on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes Noble She s been called a very young Maya Banks reviewer and her books have been accused of being sexy, family oriented, romances with heart.When she s not writing alpha males who seriously love their women, she loves spending time with friends, reading, and marathoning shows on her DVR Married to her high school sweetheart, Laramie lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband the Travel Coordinator and a sometimes crazy cat named Beau.

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  1. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.How many times have you opened up a newspaper, turned on the television or logged onto a website to read the news and what do you see in the headlines Some celebrity couple are getting a divorce, having an affair, got caught with their pants down, cheated on their significant other goes on and ond it s always on the top of the news Forget that big storm brewing or Wall Street crashingwe all want to know if they ll make itwill t [...]

  2. I was once again blown away by the characters that Laramie has created I love the Heaven Hill series also, but this series is my personality than the gritty world of MCs What I especially love about Reaper Garrett and Harmony Hannah is that the majority of each book plot is central around their emotions and regular life and not a far out crazy thriller plot I love those too don t get me wrong but it s nice to just have a nice emotional read sometimes This book was the next episode in their epic [...]

  3. All the same characters from the first books on the series return here Reading is still easy to follow and characters are still easy to like A look into how musicians live on the road It s definitely not for me Hannah and Garrett show everyone how to work at a marriage to keep it strong Love the family dynamics here too No cliffhanger here just HEA.

  4. HEATHER S REVIEW 5 StarsIn The Price of Love book 2 of the Rockin Country series by Laramie Briscoe, Hannah a k a Harmony and Garrett a k a Reaper struggle to maintain a healthy marriage while working on albums on opposite sides of the country.Hannah and Garrett struggle with tabloids, new artists trying to get a head and other outside sources that put a strain on their relationship and living apart for the time being makes in exceptionally hard.This series is one that I go to when I need a pick [...]

  5. 5 Stars I truly love this rocking hot series It is a nice change to read about a whorl wind romance that actually has problems to deal with and a couple that actually mans up and works through them And hey everyone they are a super star celebrity couple The story picks up after Garrett Reaper Thompson and Hannah Harmony Stewart get married after a quick few months of dating They are deeply in love and do not want to waste a minute of time, something they do not have a lot together of, with any n [...]

  6. Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 STARSReview copy provided for a honest reviewThe story of country music s sweetheart Hannah Harmony Stewart and heavy metal s bad boy Garrett Reaper Thompson continues in author Laramie Briscoe s The Price of Love I ve really enjoyed watching these two meet, have a whirlwind courtship, and a fast wedding but now they are facing a lot of time apart and of course the fans, paparazzi, and fellow artists all love to spin stories about them th [...]

  7. The Price of Love Rockin Love 2 By Laramie Briscoe 4 5 starsWhen Hannah Garrett got married they didn t leave behind Harmony Reaper, their onstage personas They still have separate obligations to their record companies and what their futures will entail They aren t ready for the physical separation that will occur when they have to both get back to work, but that time is near.They are both recording new albums and of course a new album means a new tour But Hannah has never exercised the clause i [...]

  8. This series is so addicting Hannah and Garrett are married and trying to have somewhat of a normal life For them, that means she is touring all over the country and he is in a recording studio They see each other for a day here and there when they can coordinate their schedules Neither one of them are happy about that.The paparazzi are relentless in trying to get any kind of dirt on them The weeks of being without each other brings out the insecurities in both of them They each struggle with sel [...]

  9. I received an ARC Copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.I LOVED The Price of Love Laramie writes a beautiful love story that you can t help but to be sucked into If you have read the other two books in the series you know how much Hannah and Garrett love each other but life has a way of testing you and that is what happens in The Price of Love.Hannah and Garrett are newlyweds but with their busy schedules they are not getting to see each other much and that is weighing heavy on them [...]

  10. How can a Rock God and a Country Gal make a marriage work when everyone is pushing them to fail Luckily for Reaper and Harmony love makes a difference I just love the dynamics of all of the relationships in this series First off Garrett and Hannah doesn t let anyone or anything stand in the way of their marriage They believe in each other and don t let rumors tear them apart The friendship co worker relationship with Harmony and Shell is amazing They tell it straight and no holding back on the t [...]

  11. I was given an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The Price of Love explores the ups and downs of a newly married couple who just show happen to be major stars in the music industry I love the dynamic between Harmony Hannah Reaper Garrett There is a bit of a role reversal with the two as we discover Hannah becoming independent embracing her role as a wife, we see Garrett become sort of insecure of his status with Hannah the direction of his band s album I love h [...]

  12. I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review I think I ve said this before but it needs to be repeated so that everyone knows Laramie is an amazing writer and with each book that only becomes evident These characters are well written and feel as if they are people I know or at least want to know She writes them real and flawed and vulnerable and scared of the same things as normal people Yeah they re rich and incredibly famous but they re also down to earth and very human I fin [...]

  13. I am a big fan of Laramie Briscoe Her writing is fantastic, and she makes her characters real This book and this series are no exception This book takes you further through the life of Harmony and Reaper It also works on the story between Shell and Jared The play between the 4 characters is great This series is well worth investing the time into it to read The novella 1.5 plus the first and second books is a tad drawn out, but well worth it Free copy given in exchange for an honest review This b [...]

  14. The Price of Love is the second full length novel in the Rockin Country series by Laramie Briscoe Again, another fabulous book in this series with a solid storyline that had me hooked from page one The characters were well developed and well thought out I absolutely loved the chemistry between Hannah Garrrett and their love story is blowing me away Moving onto book three in this series

  15. Ahhh What a perfect love story The over protective Reaper and sweet Harmony They both have their problems but in the end they work through them together I will admit I have a really soft spot for Reaper He is so sweet to Harmony and looks after her like a man should However, I love that Harmony will put him in his place real quick There song, sighing, I loved I didn t even have to hear the lyrics and I loved it

  16. Such a cute story Rocker and country singer newlyweds trying to make it work in their business They got through some twists and turns and turned out alright I love Garrett He s so in love with his wife, and even though he looks tough on the outside, when it comes to Hannah, he is soo sweet, and it makes you fall in love with him again Can t wait to read

  17. Loved this book I absolutely adore the characters Reaper and Harmony The first book was so good I was desperate to see what happened next and I wasn t disappointed The drama and struggles that Reaper and Harmony face throughout this instalment are so realistic I m looking forward to see how their story continues in the next book.

  18. Harmony and Reaper are my favorite country couple I love this series I love that you get to see the two of them face real things that normal people face every day Laramie Briscoe does an excellent job bringing to life this story I can not wait for the next book I know I bug Laramie on Facebook all the time for teasers Look her up she is awesome and so sweet.

  19. Totally in LOVE with these wild and crazy kids This is one of my FAV series The story is absolutely perfect After the 1st book you will be hooked and then it only gets better with part 1.5 and part 2 if you have not read this series then you need to come out from under your rock and read it

  20. Reaper and Harmony are newly weds and are learning how to cope with being separated by touring and interfering record company s, you also see how much stronger Harmony is and how much she has grown and standing up for herself.

  21. Love this series Awesome story of Reaper and Harmony Love this couple Cannot wait for the next book Ms Briscoe has rocked it with this series If you haven t read this series check it out

  22. Loved the storyCould not have asked for a better book I love Reaper Harmony I love the story line I can t wait till the next book Great job Laramie I recommend this series if you love rock stars in your love stories.

  23. I absolutely love the first book So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about the sequel I had such high expectations that I think I set myself up for disappointment I liked it but it wasn t as good and original as the first.

  24. I m really liking this series Nice to see Hannah finally growing up and being able to stand up and do things for herself Love Garrett Can t wait for the next chapter in their lives I have to say that little tease at the end of the book is so mean, 2015 is so far away.

  25. Loved the growing process and Hannah and Garrett s relationship with each other and their families Great series

  26. This series just keeps getting better and better I love the characters and this is a great second book to this series.

  27. Love this author I love this author and if you like real life stories People that have every day problems You will love these books.

  28. God this series just keeps getting better better I seriously can t get enough of Garrett I am so unbelievably excited for book 3 that I almost can t contain it

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