Only the Beginning

Only the Beginning Princess of Country Music America s sweetheart Survivor of the scrutiny that comes with it all Hannah Harmony Stewart has lived most of her adult life in the spotlight It hasn t always been easy One h

Princess of Country Music.America s sweetheart.Survivor of the scrutiny that comes with it all Hannah Harmony Stewart has lived most of her adult life in the spotlight It hasn t always been easy One heartbreak almost ruined her Some days it s hard to keep a smile on her face and stay positive, but there are a lot of people counting on her to keep it together Just wPrincess of Country Music.America s sweetheart.Survivor of the scrutiny that comes with it all.Hannah Harmony Stewart has lived most of her adult life in the spotlight It hasn t always been easy One heartbreak almost ruined her Some days it s hard to keep a smile on her face and stay positive, but there are a lot of people counting on her to keep it together Just when it seems like she s at the pinnacle of her career, her life takes a turn She meets a man who challenges everything she knows about herself and makes her question if the life she s living is for her or for the Nashville machine.Heavy Metal s bad boy.Hair trigger temper.Struggling to deal with pressure of the industry.Garrett Reaper Thompson is tired Touring and keeping up appearances with his band Black Friday is beginning to wear him out He s ready for a change, ready for something different When he meets Hannah at an awards show, he knows that she s the one, he knows that he can t live without her.The problem Their own insecurities, their fans, her ex boyfriend, and the media themselves Can they look past it all and come through on the other side For their story this is only the beginning.

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Only the Beginning

  1. Laramie Briscoe is the best selling author of the Heaven Hill Series the Rockin Country Series.Since self publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie Briscoe has published over 10 books She s appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E books Lists on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes Noble She s been called a very young Maya Banks reviewer and her books have been accused of being sexy, family oriented, romances with heart.When she s not writing alpha males who seriously love their women, she loves spending time with friends, reading, and marathoning shows on her DVR Married to her high school sweetheart, Laramie lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband the Travel Coordinator and a sometimes crazy cat named Beau.

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  1. 5 starsI received an ARC copy in return for my honest reviewOk Laramie Briscoe fans, this book will definitely be a shocker for your but in a good way This book is very different from the Heaven Hill series I read the book in one setting not being able to put it down sorry family for ignoring my motherly duties Only the Beginning is a story of love, healing, angst, laughter and tears Garrett Reaper Thompson is the lead singer in the rock band Black Friday Harmony Hannah Stewart is country music [...]

  2. 3.5This was an interesting read.A rockstar and a country sensation Totally interesting The story revolves around two artists who seemed to be tired of it all They just want life to go on and for something diffdrent to come Lucky for them, they got each other They met each other in a surprisingly normal way This story is like a slow build up It s like I m watching a real couple get know each other and take things slow and serious It was refreshing The social media played a big role in this story, [...]

  3. DNF at 22% Not sure if I wasn t interested in reading this right now, or if it really is as bad as I thought I had such high hopes for it after looking at the reviews and the high rating I am definitely a fan of country music and having celebrities in the story but this one I just couldn t get through First off the writing was so juvenile these are supposed to be 24 and 29 year old characters and her emotions flipped like a light switch ex I guess I am destined to be alone because 1 relationship [...]

  4. I received an ARC copy in return for my honest review This line from the book had me snorting I was laughing so hard That is one sexy car, Shell breathed Your birth control is up to date, right If you are a fan of Laramie s Heaven Hill series you will love this book I could not put it down and I am rating it with a 5 out of 5 stars Hannah Harmony Stewart is a country music star that is going through a hard time after realizing how much she let her asshole EX change her She is super sweet and I l [...]

  5. I ve read a few of Laramie Briscoe s Heaven Hill series and enjoyed them But this book, this book I LOVED I loved the way that even though the two main characters were celebrities they still had real life every day issues It made them very real and easy to relate to.Garrett is a foul mouth, bad boy with hair trigger temper and a big heart, he s hella sexy Hannah s star is on the rise in the country music industry She s America s Sweetheart and afraid of the backlash she s going to receive from n [...]

  6. For regular readers of Laramie Briscoe, you know she can weave danger, mystery, and steamy scenes together like a champ in the Heaven Hill Series What I love about Only the Beginning is that is completely different from those books I actually read this one right after reading the latest HH book, and it was a great way of coming down from such an emotional ride in that book.This book is about two celebrities who meet by chance and just spark right away I ve always been fascinated by how celebriti [...]

  7. I am fortunate enough to have gotten to read this early and now I have to wait until July to spend time with Garrett This isnt fair I love Laramie s writing but this is by far my favorite and not just because my name is in it The story felt very real, like they were people I could know, aside from being rock stars I paced myself on reading it at first and then I just couldn t make myself stop I love that Laramie always includes a message important to today s society I will be a fan for a long t [...]

  8. Great start to a new series I love the Heaven Hill series so I knew I would no doubt love this one as well I love how honest and real Garrett and Hannah are together I can t wait to read about them I also hope we get to see of Shell and the Black Fridays If you like Laramie Briscoe s other books you must read this one

  9. Love this new series Ms Briscoe has already made me a fan with the Heaven Hill series This new series has made me an even bigger fan I love her writing and she just draws me in to her characters This story is awesome I love Reaper and Harmony Cannot wait for the next book This is a must read

  10. Oh god I couldn t get enough of this book I am totally completely in love with Garrett I need god I can t wait for

  11. This book was okay I purchased the boxset and in order to find out how things will continue to work for Hannah Harmony and Garrett Reaper you have to continue the series Even though I have the boxset and this book was an okay read for me, it didn t leave me wanting to start the next book right away I enjoyed the characters well enough but the story seemed to flow slow at times I may finish this boxset in the future, but for now I will take a break from it Would I recommend it Sure Just because i [...]

  12. Good premise Kind of seems left open ended Could have read about the developing relationship Not a bad book.

  13. Eh It was okay Pretty low key read with lots of cliched romanticism I didn t care for the extended periods where it just seemed to ramble on That was a big turn off for me I don t understand why we needed an entire conversation about them following each other on all the social media sites.

  14. MehDidn t finish this one because it just got boring and I didn t want to anyWriting style Too many mistakes Way too many, to be re or your to or too going to do sth.I don t know It was a bit disappointing that those basic things were confused.Other than that, I wasn t really satisfied with the MCs eitherHannah My goodness, this woman I found her annoying.She s super insecure That s true for the situation in the book and the situation before when she was in a relationship with her ex. [...]

  15. Best Contemporary Romance that I have read in a while Hannah and Garrett are such opposites that they are a perfect pair The development of the characters with their flaws and insecurities really made them believable especially Hannah s back story I can totally relate to her feelings, thoughts, and inner demons Totally recommending to everyone.

  16. I received an ARC from the author for an honest review She s a little bit country and he s a little bit rock and rollah I went there and oh boy was it a lot of fun On the one hand you have adorable Harmony Hannah a successful country singeren enter pierced and tatted bad boy Reaper Garrett and his band of heavy metal rockersmix them all together and add in adoring fans, a crazy ex boyfriend, some serious motherly concern and you have this sweet and spicy story of romance on the road.This was a b [...]

  17. Only the Beginning Rockin Country 1 By Laramie Briscoe4 5 starsHannah Harmony Stewart is at the top of her game in the country music world She puts out new albums tours every year She s one of the most popular country music stars with all the fame that comes with it She lives in the public eye through her tours, all the promotions and her social media But by and large, she doesn t get attacked by the paparazzi in Nashville She has always been a fan of the rock band, Black Friday She sees them pe [...]

  18. As with many of Laramie s books, once you start them you can t put them down I love her writing and can always count on getting sucked into the words that she has written Her hero s are always strong and sexy and the heroins fight for what they want.Reaper is the sexy rock singer while Harmony is a country girl at heart The two meet at an award show and Harmony nabs her chance to get to know him Fear from a past relationship has them both leery of trusting what they are feeling Harmony has a har [...]

  19. Hannah Harmony Stewart is country music s sweetheart at only twenty four years old Hannah has gone through a lot for such a young age in both her personal and professional life, so when she meets Black Fridays lead singer and sparks fly she is unsure at first if they will work Garrett Reaper Thompson is Black Fridays lead singer and they rule the rock world so dating Hannah could be bad for her reputation Garrett however is ready for a change in his life so meeting Hannah is just what he was loo [...]

  20. Hannah and Garrett have admired each other from afar When they meet for the first time, things take off like a shot Hannah is the sweet tempered little country singer and Garrett is the hard core rock god They shouldn t mesh but they do They learn alot about each other and themselves in this first installment of the Rockin Country series Well written and easy to read Characters are well developed This is one of those rare books I ve read where the characters are believable as well as likeable Ca [...]

  21. Laramie Briscoe is one of my favorite authors Her Heaven Hill series is a series that I cannot get enough of I was so excited to see that she was writing another series and that it was so different from Heaven Hill I loved the concept of this story in how two totally different musical entertainers met at an award show and were instantly attracted to each other It had everything that I look for in a book and so much I absolutely fell in love with not only Hannah and Garrett but the other members [...]

  22. I saw this book recommended on a blog and couldn t resist reading it I loved the characters and was strangely bewitched by Reaper The story itself is a gentle slow romance and I loved the way the relationship between the 2 characters developed.Harmony is a country star, still smarting from a stifling relationship she is wary of men Reaper is the lead singer of a metal band, sick of meaningless sex with groupies decides he is ready for A chance photo op on a red carpet leaves them both with a la [...]

  23. This author is new to me Bought this book at an author event I absolutely loved this book Reading Garret and Hannah s story was just amazing These characters had so many layers to them I think a lot of readers will be able to relate to them They are famous because of what they do for a living but when it comes down to they are just normal people I just loved reading their story how they met, how their relationship blossomed etc They had real ups and downs that anyone would go through Everything [...]

  24. Loved the premise of this book.Good Ol Country Girl meets Badass Rock Roll Guy they fall in love Two totally different people different worlds Sigh Who doesn t want a tattooed pierced bad boy LOLAt times, Harmony Hannah got a little annoying I guess because I am no where near goody good so not saying the F word made me laugh because that s like my favorite word pI loved how Reaper Garrett was a badass on stage but a complete sweetheart in private.I also liked how modern this story was ie talks o [...]

  25. This was a sweet story that dealt with some heavy issues I found it hard to put down A very enjoyable read.Hannah has been hurt in the past and as the story unfolds the reasons behind the damage is revealed I loved the way that Garrett wasn t all that he was perceived to be hardcore rocker but a real sweetheart underneath Just the same as Hannah is all sweetness and light but really hides dark secrets It was a lovely journey for these two music stars and I look forward to in this series Definit [...]

  26. I genuinely enjoyed this book Sometimes rockstar romances can be either far fetched or predictable This was neither I was thoroughly engrossed and couldn t turn the pages fast enough I loved Garrett and Hannah s characters And I really loved them together With both of them being out on tour, things aren t always easy And Hannah is dealing with loads of insecurities and doubts about herself which doesn t make the distance any easier But they re both willing to fight for it This one ended with a s [...]

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