Mayhem at the Orient Express

Mayhem at the Orient Express At a local Chinese restaurant it s the owner who gets taken outMost folks aren t forced by court order to attend a library book discussion group but that s just what happens to B and B proprietor an

At a local Chinese restaurant, it s the owner who gets taken outMost folks aren t forced by court order to attend a library book discussion group, but that s just what happens to B and B proprietor and ex Manhattanite Bea Cartwright, hippy cat lover Chandra Morrisey, and winery owner Kate Wilder after a small town magistrate has had enough of their squabbling South BasAt a local Chinese restaurant, it s the owner who gets taken outMost folks aren t forced by court order to attend a library book discussion group, but that s just what happens to B and B proprietor and ex Manhattanite Bea Cartwright, hippy cat lover Chandra Morrisey, and winery owner Kate Wilder after a small town magistrate has had enough of their squabbling South Bass, an island on Lake Erie, is home to an idyllic summer resort, but these three ladies keep disturbing the peace.The initial book choice is Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express, and that sets their mouths to watering The Orient Express is the island s newest Chinese restaurant They might not agree about much, but the ladies all love the orange chicken on the menu But their meal is spoiled when the restaurant s owner, Peter Chan, has the bad fortune of getting murdered Now, with Christie as their inspiration, the League of Literary Ladies has a real mystery to solveif they can somehow catch a killer without killing each other first.

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Mayhem at the Orient Express

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  1. Mayhem at the Orient Express was a good start to the League of Literary Ladies mystery series I stumbled upon this through a recommendation based on the other cozy serial mysteries that I often read I certainly wasn t disappointed but I also wasn t amazed by the debut I eventually began liking the main characters, the setting and the overall style From this first in series, it appears there will be 4 leading female characters perhaps 1 lead and 3 supporting female characters may be appropriate [...]

  2. What s left to say after you ve found a body with three of your not best friends As cute as the synopsis promised it would be A funny, great group of eccentric people are forced to join a book club to save the judge s wife s ailing library grant When they re all pushed together during a snowstorm in the main character s newly bought and renovated Inn, they work together to solve the mystery of the local restaurant owner There are plenty of nods to Hercule Poirot since the club decides to read th [...]

  3. I really loved this book The characters were so well developed and likeable even with their many personality quirks Kylie Logan really does a great job of crafting the story, and mystery, as well as giving the reader an interesting back story for the main character, Bea I will say that, by the mid point of the book I had guessed who the killer was, but it wasn t disappointing as there s a huge twist that didn t even occur to me so it was still a surprise I loved this book so much that I went ahe [...]

  4. Three neighbors are not able to get along and find themselves sentenced to attend a reading discussion group for a year The first book is Murder On The Orient Express The group s finds they all agree that orange peanut chicken made by the local diner Orient Express is,the best meal they can have All meet at the dinner to find the owner stabbed to death An unusual spring snow storm strands them all together The characters are different and describe well At times it is funny I like Ms Logan style [...]

  5. I enjoyed this book It was enjoyable and a quick read Bea was new to the island where she was planning to open a bed and breakfast The name she had planned on was Bea and Bees But she did have some problems to work out before the summer season started She needed to get her neighbors to stop complaining about her to the courts They found themselves in front of the judge, too many times Bea complained about the noise from Kate because of her music all the time and she complained about Chandra s ca [...]

  6. At a local Chinese restaurant, it s the owner who gets taken out Ex Manhattanite Bea Cartwright, hippy cat lover Chandra Morrisey, and winery owner Kate Wilder may be neighbors but they are definitely not friends They end up in Community Court to voice their complaints against each other and the unusual ruling leaves them having to spend time together each and every week Since the local library is about to lose its funding because it doesn t have a book discussion group, they are sentenced to st [...]

  7. New Yorker Bea Cartwright leaves the big city life behind when she opens a bed breakfast inn in the small town of South Bass, an island on Lake Erie When she gets into a legal battle with two of her neighbors, the judge orders the three women to attend a book discussion at the local library, which happens to be run by his wife.None of the women are too thrilled with the punishment but they have no choice Their first book discussion is about Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie Ironica [...]

  8. I love the cover of this book A cover will sell me on a book before I even know what it is about This one is a huge winner I loved it The author did a great job and I am now a fan I loved the characters, all likable and relate able I laughed out loud several times throughout the story.Loved the humor, the descriptions of the town, the Bed and Breakfast that the main character owns and runs I loved re visiting the old Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express , in this book Take a few women, [...]

  9. Just a few days ago I claimed to have found my favorite cozy read of the year, but I think this one equaled it I absolutely adored all the characters, all the Agatha Christie references, the setting, absolutely everything The humour absolutely made this, and the set up for the rest of the series is just fantastic I only ordered book one, but now I need all of them Highly recommend this cozy series for mystery lovers, five stars

  10. After something happened to her in New York, Bea Cartwright has moved to South Bass, an island on Lake Erie, where she has opened a Bed and Breakfast in an old mansion Bea really does not get along with her new neighbours at all, and when the local judge has had enough of their endless fights, he sentences them to a weekly bookclub, to learn to get along And to safe his wife s precious library from losing their funding Bea is from New York, and is working hard to get her BB ready for opening Kat [...]

  11. Kylie Logan is a pseudonym of Casey Daniels, author of the Pepper Martin mysteries This is the first book I ve read by this particular pseudonym though Mayhem at the Orient Express is the first book in the League of Literary Ladies series A group of women is ordered to participate in a book club for a year, by the local mayor judge who is tired of their bickering The first book they decide to read is Murder on the Orient Express It just so happens that a murder occurs on their small island, when [...]

  12. This is probably a 3.5 star read, but am going with 4 instead of 3 since I love this author s Pepper Martin books that she writes as Casey Daniels and I also enjoy her button series written as Kylie Logan 3 neighbors who can t get along with each other are sentenced to be a book group Sounds like a silly premise, but it really works The first book they are to read is MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS And a new Chinese restaurant has opened in town called The Orient Express All 3 ladies, plus the othe [...]

  13. Entertaining and a light cozy read, a bit too contrived but all right for a cozy I really enjoyed the setting and the snowstorm trapping so many characters in the old house,now a bed and breakfast, though

  14. I Loved this book I never say that about firsts in series most of them are a bit clunky and awkward, as the author is getting to know their characters on paper for the first time This book was just excellent and I felt like it took off from the first page I love the setting an island 12 miles into Lake Michigan That just invites quirky characters and eccentricities And the location allows for weather of all kinds a spring blizzard in this book, allowing the setup to work perfectly.The POV is fir [...]

  15. This is the first book in the A League of Literary Ladies Mystery series.Bea Cartwright, Chandra Morrisey and Kate Wilder all live in the same neighborhood on South Bass Island, OH and they are always being drawn into Magistrate Court because of it The judge finally orders them to form a book club at the local library This is easier said than done, but finally agree on Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie What helped make this decision, is that Peter Chan has recently opened a new res [...]

  16. I had to take a break from what I was reading, but still wanted to read so I picked up this cozy mystery that the Cozy Mystery Corner Group here on that I belong to, has picked out to read in November Cozy Mysteries are normally easy reads for me and I can normally read one in a day so don t let the rate that I read this book take away from the fact that I loved every minute of it Normally I am into the type of books that do not make it on the cozy mystery lists that revolve around the internet, [...]

  17. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book It begins with Bea who is new to the island on Lake Erie and has opened a BB who is not getting along with her neighbors So they 3 ladies are ordered by a judge to start a book club at the library Their bickering was pretty funny to me so I started liking this book almost instantly.The first book they decide to read is Murder On The Orient Express And the best restaurant in town is called the Orient Express Run by Peter Chan who makes the greatest peanu [...]

  18. Ok, I really liked the book and Bea for the most part mini rant on annoying parts begins But the petty sniping the neighbors do to get sentenced to the book club is ridiculous and who lives on an island near Ohio must be in a Great Lake in winter without a generator I mean Bea is new to the area and is having to put up half the residents because she has a generator And do generators really keep a huge Victorian comfy for multiple days on end while running constantly And you don t go driving befo [...]

  19. I chose to read this book because of recommendations of other cozy readers What I liked about the book was that it was a fast read and liked the snowed in theme of the mystery I liked the idea of the amateur investigators belonging to a book club The main character was establishing a bed and breakfast and that was interesting I wish I could have the peanut orange chicken that was everyones favorite.However, the bickering at the beginning of the book was irritating to me and I didn t find it amus [...]

  20. Wow, third great book in a row, I know this isn t going to last forever This book was amazing,and kept me glued to the pages.Probably the biggest reason why I liked this book was the characters Bea, Luella, Kate, and Chandra are some of the most likeable and believable characters I ve read in awhile Each had their faults, but each was lovable in their own way.The biggest area I found this area lacking in was the setting Sure some parts were described quite well, but I couldn t quite picture othe [...]

  21. I adore cozy mysteries and I especially love ones that involve book groups, bookstore, anything to do with books gee, I wonder why So I was delighted to learn of this debut series featuring a group of lively and feisty ladies who are part of a small town book group Author Kylie Logan does a great job of creating a cast of characters who are quirky, unique and rather loveable, and telling a mystery story that is intriguing, fun, and fast paced And any story that has a cat or two in it is ok in my [...]

  22. The first chapter or so started out slow for me But once I got into it I didn t want to stop What a great story I loved that they all stayed in the bb during a big snow storm and discussed the murder And I loved how there were so many references to Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express I have never read that one, but I appreciated the connection regardless and I now want to read it soon Great writing and great cast of characters Looking forward to the next book

  23. I love this cozy mystery that takes place on Lake Bass the island about 12 miles from Lake Erie The characters all interact with each other so well that it draws you into the story.I also enjoyed all the referrals to Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express, one of my favorite mystery writers and one of my favorite stories.Looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

  24. Okay, I m way behind in some reading Even behind in posting ratings and what passes for a review from me Loved, loved, loved this book The next ones are on my radar to buy soon

  25. Oh my goodness I LOVED THIS BOOK It has everything you could want in a cozy, plus .First off, I liked that the situation the characters find themselves in is actually believable The set up and the location make how everyone ends up together completely plausible I can live with an author stretching things to make the plot work, but it s even better when the writing and the conception are so well created that you don t have to stretch to believe it.The Literary Ladies are hilarious The personaliti [...]

  26. My reading now ventures to an island off the north of Ohio floating in Lake Erie Kylie Logan writes a series with three feuding neighbors forced into forming a book club as punishment for their quarrelsome attitudes The group meets and quickly jumps into a murder investigation like the book for the first meeting, Murder on the Orient Express Mayhem at the Orient Express lumbers into a cozy mystery, but I wish that recipes followed the story The story entertains with a cast that parallels Agatha [...]

  27. I know I say this a lot with cozies but I think I found a new favorite series Being the first book, it was surprising and a pretty good start.I ve been wanting to read this one for a while now I mean its a cozy mystery and book themed How could I not want to read that The mystery was interesting, the characters at first I wasn t sure about but the the story went along, the I was liking them Especially when they teamed up to solve the mystery and actually started to get along And the setting ju [...]

  28. Neighbors Bea, Chandra and Kate can t get along so when the matter gets to court the judge sentences them to form a library book discussion Their first book is Murder on the Orient Express and when their favorite Chinese restaurant s owner is murdered, they channel their Agatha Christie to get the mystery solved These books take place on an island on Lake Erie near me but I have yet to go there I really like these characters along with the salty Luella and I ll definitely read in the series

  29. This is an absolutely hilarious start to the series I actually read And Then There Were Nuns before this, but I am so glad that I decided to read this one All of the comparing the murder to Murder on the Orient Express is hilarious, especially the imitating Poirot bits I absolutely loved seeing Bea, Kate, and Chandra try to get along Or at least try not to bicker constantly.

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