Sangue di tenebra

Sangue di tenebra Alisa Perne e il suo compagno Ray sono convinti di essere gli ultimi vampiri della Terra quando una serie di brutali omicidi avvenuti nei quartieri pi degradati di Los Angeles li mette in allarme Sol

Alisa Perne e il suo compagno Ray sono convinti di essere gli ultimi vampiri della Terra, quando una serie di brutali omicidi avvenuti nei quartieri pi degradati di Los Angeles li mette in allarme Soltanto un vampiro pu avere straziato le vittime in maniera cos crudele e disgustosa Ma chi , e come lo si pu fermare Per Alisa inizia una corsa contro il tempo dovr Alisa Perne e il suo compagno Ray sono convinti di essere gli ultimi vampiri della Terra, quando una serie di brutali omicidi avvenuti nei quartieri pi degradati di Los Angeles li mette in allarme Soltanto un vampiro pu avere straziato le vittime in maniera cos crudele e disgustosa Ma chi , e come lo si pu fermare Per Alisa inizia una corsa contro il tempo dovr ricorrere a tutte le astuzie apprese in cinquemila anni, per riuscire a salvare l intera razza umana dall incubo color sangue nel quale una mente perversa vuol farla sprofondare.

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Sangue di tenebra

  1. Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children s fiction who specializes in the thriller genre.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out, he did factory work, painted houses and programmed computers before becoming a recognized author Initially unsuccessful when he set out to write science fiction and adult mystery, it was not until his work caught the attention of an editor who suggested he write a teen thriller that he became a hit The result was Slumber Party 1985 , a book about a group of teenagers who run into bizarre and violent events during a ski weekend After that he wrote Weekend and Chain Letter All three books went on to become bestsellers.

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  1. OMG, I was reading this on a plane and had to keep it as hidden as possible because LOOK AT IT It just LOOKS embarrassing and I don t get embarrassed by much If you open that first flap, wowzas, there s a sunset, a pretty blonde girl, a crazy demon hand, black roses, a graveyard, and an open coffin with ANOTHER crazy demon hand coming out of it Hahaha, amazing Anyway, this is the second book in The Last Vampire series, and it s better in some waysworse in a lot of ways Okay, the bad assness of S [...]

  2. I first read this as a pre teen Not much has changed as far as my mental capabilities is concerned if anything, I ve regressed I decided to read it again today, and it was as I remembered The second volume didn t quite have the same intrigue as the first, but it has of a cliffhanger ending.This series has none of that sissy Twilight BS Lots of skull crushing and no glitter.

  3. Another fantastic book where Pike doesn t pull any punches.Sure, Alisa has Ray, but they aren t alone in the world any and this creep creating vampires at will has world domination on his mind Trust Alisa to point out to him how a world of vampires would ultimately fail One of the reasons why I love her her logic You can t beat that.Pike is absolutely ruthless with his characters and drives it home with Alisa I don t want to spoil but I will say that she gets her heart ripped open in a few diffe [...]

  4. Although the first book in the series mostly held up to my memory this one was not as good on the plus side view spoiler Ray did die, and Yaksha has a cameo hide spoiler.Sita was, in the first book quite moral at least to her own sense of right and wrong, but the events at the end of this book and by this I mean her view spoiler saving Joel by turning him into a vampire hide spoiler seem to go against the events of the first even she herself thinks she has lost Krishnas grace though that is loo [...]

  5. It would have been a good book without all the religious content Didn t like it going through out the whole book

  6. spoilers Hmm not bad.I read Christopher Pike once a few years ago and very much enjoyed it The same goes for this one too Though Black Blood may not have the creepiness of Whisper of Death, it certainly aroused emotions in me such as sadness Yes, Goodness me, I was sad when Ray died It was the worst I was fearing his death all along and yet I knew deep down it would come It always does, doesn t it I really liked the protagonist Alisa Perne aka Sita She was a badass and I liked her self confidenc [...]

  7. Better than the first one but it still felt a little rushed Also, the thing with Seymour and his girlfriend story thread seemed to be left quite unfinished This book seemed to go quite similarly to it s predecessor with the whole meets guy, likes guy, ends up having to change guy into vampire to save his life.One note Right near the end after she decapitated Eddie she described his head as an amputated coconut Now I m not sure if that was meant to funny but that made me laugh out loud not and e [...]

  8. Christopher Pike, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Pike , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 3 6 , , , , , , , , , , , .

  9. After Reading The Last Vampire, I went right into reading Black Blood Now the story of The Last Vampire was amazing and told a great story about a women that was forced into being with this demon that she saw come to earth and still was able to live among him in their little village Years later after the people ran him out he returned to take her with him by making her a Vampire as well She did so to save her beloved husband and little girl The story was very strong and it kept me wanting In th [...]

  10. The second book of the series really ties into the first one Rather than have an introduction where Sita explains the events that took place in the first book, Pike has his own unique way in explaining the past He plants fragments of the past into the adventures that Sita and her new found boyfriend, Ray, go on to rid the world of evil that had been stirring up The past is never forgotten in the story the past is what is deemed as important Due to the fact that Sita is a vampire and has been liv [...]

  11. 3 10 10 3 12 10 I re read this via Thirst No 1 The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice So obviously, Sita survived the explosion that left her with a stake through the heart at the end of The Last Vampire She and Ray have been living together since she survived, but Ray, a new vampire, is all mopey and hiding from the sun, etc Sita, on the other hand, is grieving for Yaksha, the original vampire who made her who she believes died in that explosion that she caused in order to kill him But suddenl [...]

  12. I really loved The Last Vampire, first book in the 5 book, Thirst Series Sita is a 5,000 year old vampire with a kick butt attitude that delivered action, wit, romance as well as so much So reading the next book Black Blood was a no brain er I started the book right away as the last book The Last Vampire ended on a hanger so I was itching to know what happens.Black Blood started off so well, a promising story line of Sita and her lover Ray not being the last vampires As these rouge vampires roa [...]

  13. The Last Vampire 2 Black Blood, by Christopher Pike Black Blood picks up six weeks after the events of The Last Vampire Weakened by a stake wound to her chest, Sita has spent the time recuperating She and Ray, whom she changed into a vampire to save his life, are together Sita believes Ray is her husband reincarnated, her true love brought back to her after five thousand years But their bliss is about to be interrupted, when she suspects that there is another vampire embarking on a murderous ram [...]

  14. Back Blood is the sequel to The Last Vampire Alisa Perne is a 5,000 year old vampire who looks to be around 18 She was actually reborn as a vampire in the year 3,000 BC by Yaksha She and her partner, Ray who she turned into a vampire in TLV, thought they were the last of their breed, but suddenly they are confronted by a series of brutal murders that could only have been caused by others like them Sita survived the explosion that left her with a stake through the heart and weak This story picks [...]

  15. Then you should never have been born Sita had thought that she and her companion, Ray, were the last vampires on Earth However, a murderer who favors dismembering and draining the blood of his victims is stalking Los Angeles, and Sita realizes that her assumption is incorrect Only she has the power to stop this creature from his evil path but he s much stronger than she expected, and she finds herself in a life and death struggle Occasionally the narrative digresses to discuss Sita s dreams and [...]

  16. Warning Language, Adult Themes, ViolenceThis was a little gore than the first book More blood detail than I needed to enjoy the story Sita has another chance at love, but I do not feel her lover was so devoted to her It made me feel she was going to come across another lover So I was not so sad when he was gone.There is a surprise that you realize early on in the book and it seems to take Sita so long to realize it When she finally does, it is so sad Your heart will ache, mine did.Even reading [...]

  17. Despite giving this two stars, I will be reading the next book in the series I have a love hate relationships with these books because because they re so easy to get through and do have intriguing plots and a well developed backstory for the vampire characters , BUT the writing can be a little hokey and Sita bizarrely sexualizes herself constantly I feel like Pike wanted this to be a standalone, which is why he ended the first book implying that Sita died Obviously should would have to be alive [...]

  18. After seeing Yaksha perish and heading to L.A, seeing a murderous spree going on She takes over from yaksha in his quest to rid the world of other vampires How will this go down With thrills, drama violence end on end She stopped an otrocity happening after Eddie was brought to an end Now Shes on the radar of the US FBI Army.Sita her new companion Joel will he hate her for making him into the monster that she is Will Sita have the grace of Krishna for making another vampire one she doesn t love [...]

  19. Michael Bay would have a field day making a movie out of this series First we blow up a house in the first book, now we blow two gas tankers up Geez.I ll give it credit, we jumped right back into action and didn t stopat is til we got to the part I just couldn t understand Don t read if you haven t read this yet Regardless this was one hell of a story

  20. The Last Vampire 2 Black Blood stated from where the first book left off, from Alisa s death wish, which wasn t granted for she survived that night and lived forward with Ray Ray however, was adjusting and refuses to feed properly and was living off from Alisa s blood After losing Yaksha, Alisa was determined that she and Ray was the last living vampires in the world, that is if you call being a vampire as alive.Incidentally, strange killings started to happen at Los Angeles and Alisa thinks tha [...]

  21. The second in The Last Vampire series and a much bloodthirsty and action packed novel than the first This time there is an evil deadly foe who won t stop for anything in the quest to have what he wants, what s even worse is that he doesn t care about the consequences In this novel Sita or Alisa actually feels her mortality and for the first time feels her age What I do like about her character is that she s not invincible she is fallible like a human She questions herself in this one and I thi [...]

  22. After reading The Last Vampire it took me no time to start the next installment in the series, Black Blood As much as eager I was to read it, I must say this part was not as exciting as the first one.Sita takes a vow to save the world this time, with the help of her neophyte vampire lover Ray and mentor Yaksha There are some really good moments between Yaksha and Sita in this part those reveal the true nature of their relationship spiritualism as well to stir the readers Ray even shows his part [...]

  23. The best thing about this book, and the series, is the strong female protagonist Sita is a seductive, intelligent, kick ass vampire who struggles with her emotions and beliefs and who ultimately hangs onto her humanity as she faces difficult situations.In Black Blood, Sita s story continues She is not dead Ray and Sita are the last vampires on earth She can now spend eternity with her lover, or so she thought Following a string of murders, the fate of mankind is suddenly in the hands of Sita as [...]

  24. Well the second book wasn t much different than the first I continue to see why teens might enjoy this book, yet I m still waiting for the characters to develop Sita s story continues to travel from past to present, from dreams and memories to present day Her character has steadily developed, but not by much I m a bit disappointed by how the secondary characters are killed off so easily Just when I began to like a new character I m dismayed to find out they re expendable and won t be around for [...]

  25. Wow This is so suspense At one point I got almost terrified to even continue reading it I was too scared to know the outcome because it s so unpredictable Man I love this book.I felt every emotion Sita felt The worst was the fear Fear for Sita Fear for Joel I hate that Ray died but I would hate it if Sita dies I just hope what she did in the end was worth it.I am so thrilled and terrified at the same time, to start reading Red Dice There is a limit to fear that I can take in one night I fear fo [...]

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