Things Can Only Get Feta: Two Journalists and Their Crazy Dog Living Through the Greek Crisis

Things Can Only Get Feta Two Journalists and Their Crazy Dog Living Through the Greek Crisis After an Arctic winter a British recession and a downturn in the newspaper industry two journalists and their dog embark on an adventure in the wild and beautiful southern Peloponnese A perfect pla

After an Arctic winter, a British recession, and a downturn in the newspaper industry, two journalists and their dog embark on an adventure in the wild and beautiful southern Peloponnese A perfect plan, except for one thing Greece is deep in economic crisis And if fiscal failure can t overturn the couple s escapade in rural Greece, perhaps macabre local customs, a scorAfter an Arctic winter, a British recession, and a downturn in the newspaper industry, two journalists and their dog embark on an adventure in the wild and beautiful southern Peloponnese A perfect plan, except for one thing Greece is deep in economic crisis And if fiscal failure can t overturn the couple s escapade in rural Greece, perhaps macabre local customs, a scorpion invasion, zero dog tolerance, health scares, and touchy expats will This is a humorous and insightful journey through one of the last unspoilt regions of Greece It is full of encounters with warm hearted, often eccentric, Greeks who show that this troubled country still has heroes, if not euros In a hillside village in the Mani, the locals share their lives, their laughter and their stories and help chart the couple s own passage back to happiness They even find a place in their hearts for their Greek nemesis the local pungent goat cheese Things really can only get feta

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Things Can Only Get Feta: Two Journalists and Their Crazy Dog Living Through the Greek Crisis

  1. Marjory McGinn is a Scottish born journalist who has worked on newspapers in the UK, and Australia where she was brought up On her return to Scotland in 2000, she worked as a freelance feature writer for various publications, including The Scotsman, The Herald, The Daily Mail, The Times In 2010, she set off for an adventure in the rural Mani, Greece, with her partner and their famously mad Jack Russell dog, Wallace The adventures are charted in her non fiction books Things Can Only Get Feta and the sequel Homer s Where the Heart Is published spring 2015 She is currently writing a third book about Greece Marjory writes a blog with a Greek theme on her website bigfatgreekodyssey blog She likes swimming in the sea, learning Greek, Feta cheese, and teaching Wallace how to be almost normal.

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  1. One of the better stories of expat life especially recommended for readers looking for tales of life in Greece, or those with a strong interest in dogs.

  2. This book is very enjoyable, especially if you ve spent time in Greece and if you understand the quirky nature of Jack Russell Terriers The author, Marjory McGinn, writes about time spent living in a village in Peloponnese on the southern mainland There are so many comical moments as she interacts with the locals That Greek spirit which is so endearing when one is on vacation just hanging around and enjoying the anesthetic atmosphere of Greece, quickly becomes laughingly exasperating when the au [...]

  3. Things Can Only Get Feta is a delight Marjory McGinn succinctly captures the essence of life among the Greeks rarely a dull moment, especially with Wallace the dog in tow Jack Russells always adding a certain frisson of surprise and dread at the prospect of the next unexpected turn of events which, of course, is why we love them so much most of the time.Marjory, with her warm, engaging style, laconic wit and eye for detail brings the herb infused landscape of the Mani to life with a joyous ease, [...]

  4. I loved this book Having been to Greece the last two summers and planning another trip this summer the title just caught my eye I was not disappointed Its full of quirky real Greek moments and covers a year in the lives of two British journalists who move to rural Greece with a very crazy Jack Russell dog You get a real feel for the rural Greek way of life which with the economic crisis is becoming tougher There are funny, moving and sad moments and the book opens up traditional Greece which I v [...]

  5. There are many accounts of expat life in places like Spain and France much fewer set in rural Greece, and fewer still as well written, interesting and funny as Things Can Only Get Feta As a Greek, I often struggle with such memoirs, as I find they tend to be either over familiar with or too dismissive of the people and the lifestyle of the places they describe Marjory and Jim, however, are happily somewhere in the middle, fully aware that they can only just scratch the surface of life in their c [...]

  6. A tale full of adventure, warmth, and wit.Two journalists and their dog spending a year in the rural and wild southern Peloponnese at the beginning of the Greek economic crisis A tale full of adventure, warmth, and wit, delving into the heart of the communities in this area.Helped along by some knowledge of the language, Marjory McGinn makes her home in the village of Megali Mantineia, in Mani e it promised soaring temperatures and deserted coves most of all it was described as untamed and remot [...]

  7. This book was such fun to read, and really gives one a clear view of life in a small, rural Greek village I spend a lot of time in Greece, so though I ve never met them, the characters that Marjory McGinn brought so elegantly to three dimensional life, so archetypal, are near and dear to me I appreciated the way that as she and her husband made the brave and wild decision to live abroad in Greece for a year, unlike so many ex pats they found their way into the soul of a village and found themsel [...]

  8. A delightful, quaint portrayal of rural life in Greece I absolutely loved this book It s a delightful, humorous account of life in rural Greece, as it s perceived through the eyes of two Scots who decide to spend a year in a Peloponesian village I got to love all the quaint characters described in this book My personal favourite was Foteini who s been portrayed with such tremendous sensitivity that it was impossible not to love her like a family member by the end of the book.What can I say about [...]

  9. This book by Marjorie, the first in an enchanting three book series, is funny, informative and interesting A really enjoyable memoir about a couple s stay in a remote village in the Marni Pelapponese region of Greece.Marjory and her husband Jim, both journalists whose jobs in Scotland were affected by the newspaper industry upheaval in the UK, arrive in Greece planning to spend maybe an adventurous year or so in the country documenting their adventures They bring with them their lovable but mad [...]

  10. Things Can Only Get Feta was a very enjoyable read McGinn has a quick sense of humor that made me laugh out loud at some of the scrapes she got into, particularly with her attempts at speaking Greek I can relate, having lived in Sweden for over a year long ago I regularly mangled that beautiful language The author is respectful of the many interesting people who lived in her village She describes them so well, the reader comes away feeling as though you have met them, too They live a rural life [...]

  11. I received this book as a First Read, and I loved it McGinn combines vivid descriptions of Greek village life, relevant background about historical events and the current economic crisis, cultural tidbits, a colorful cast of characters, and often hilarious anecdotes of the daily adventures of the author and her partner.McGinn is a very talented storyteller, and many descriptions of events and turns of phrase she used in this book actually made me laugh out loud while reading silently to myself, [...]

  12. For a visit to a small Greek village not far from Kalamata and for plenty of laughs along the way, I recommend Things Can Only Get Feta A husband and wife move from Scotland to Greece for a year and a star of the tale is their wild and wacky Jack Russell terrier, Wallace He does his dreaded screamy barking at the drop of a hat Yet when the author was sad he hid a heart shaped dog biscuit in her boot for her to find, which cheered her up The author laughs at herself when she shares her misadventu [...]

  13. One of the best travel memoirs about Greece that I ve read in a long time Marjory McGinn s time spent in a village in the Mani in the Peloponnese, is a heartwarming account of village life and all it entails Unlike many foreigners who spend time in Greece and merely write a superficial account of Greek life, Marjory and her partner make a concerted effort to get to know the locals and in turn, the villagers opened their hearts to welcome them into the fold Added to the mix is their wonderfully, [...]

  14. While in Athens I bought this book on a whim because I just loved its title If you ever went to Greece you will understand this hilarious pun The book is a light travel book the author shares with me many opnions about Greece so it was fairly easy to relate to her the greek way of driving, their attitude towards animals, etc Also, not inadvertently, she is critical of some british behaviour traits as expecting everyone speaking english in xenoi countries or dreading to meet other people from the [...]

  15. A very pleasant book of three in the series about two Scottish journalists and their Jack Russell, Wallace, who leave Scotland to spend a year in the South Peloponnese Centred in and around the tiny village of Megali Mantineia, the writing come across as authentic in describing their adventures and experiences with the Greek villagers and other ex pats who have relocated to this slice of paradise Imparting a good amount of history of the region this is an engaging story that that entertains with [...]

  16. Brilliant and hilarious, a vivid travelling adventure into contemporary Greece with its addictions and contradictions Marjory McGinn scratched as her Leonidas says in the book not only the surface, but accomplished to set lights on Greek pathos My congratulations

  17. I really enjoyed this memoir of a couple of journalists from Scotland who chose to move to a village in Greece right as the economic crisis hit there and elsewhere I m always a sucker for expat stories for obvious reasons , and I liked the fact that this couple chose a small village rather than a big city, and did their best to incorporate themselves into the community along with their crazy Jack Russell terrier They describe the members of the community sympathetically, but not sentimentally, a [...]

  18. Easy read I found this book both amusing and a bit boring Best amusing bits involved the animals The tales of Wallace the mad dog were the best bit

  19. Inspired by a miserable Scottish winter to Go Somewhere Else, the author and her husband packed up and decamped to Greece The Greek debt crisis loomed but had not yet fully taken hold, or at least not in ways that directly affected them too much no children, income from outside Greece, etc.The resulting book reflects their commitment to experiencing rural Greece if they made forays into Athens or Thessaloniki, we don t hear about it McGinn is interested in describing her neighbour s olive harve [...]

  20. I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads program.This book details some of the adventures that Marjory, her partner Jim, and their dog Wallace experience in Greece over a one year period Marjory already seems to be a world traveler with Scotland and Australia under her belt Her poignant remembrances of her mother and her descriptions of the people and places in Greece are very moving She goes into a light history of each of the geographic areas they explore during their time i [...]

  21. I loved the reality of the place, the characters and their history, and enjoyed picking up a few Greek words as the author provides translations throughout the text I found myself laughing aloud at some of the comedic situations described, and being close to tears at the sad ones If I was a dog lover, I probably would have enjoyed it Thanks to the author for being courageous enough to undertake living in Greece and sharing her experiences.

  22. Really enjoyed this account of a year in the Mani It brought back many memories of my own time in Greece Fortunately Greek people seem to be just as hospitable and eccentric as I remember Wallace the dog is a character in his own right too Loved the visit to the archeological site and the writer s attempts to smuggle him in against Greek bureaucracy lovely

  23. Brilliant first book of the trilogy, and I am so grateful for finding, quite by accident, Marjory McGinn s work Both this and Homer s Where the Heart is are wonderful reads, as is her third, A Scorpion in the Lemon Tree She is an unabashed Philhellene who writes of her experiences in Greece and her meetings with people and animals with passion, and a good dose of humor too A joy to read

  24. Good but not great book about two journalists from Australia Scotland living in Greece Some funny anecdotes, nice insights into Greek culture, and what the current economic crisis looks like at the village level but it was not a cant put it down book.

  25. The book was a giveaway from An endearing story recounting two Scottish expats living in Greece with their crazy Jack Russell terrier Encounters with the local folks vary from strange to hilarious By the time I was done reading, it felt as if I knew the villagers.

  26. First Year in GreeceInteresting account of two Scottish journalists living in Greece with their crazy terrier I enjoyed the descriptions of the mountains, the seashore, the villages and the villagers

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