An Ocean Apart

An Ocean Apart Lord Incheillich has already retired but must hold the company together while his son David mourns the death of his young wife Beginning to fall apart David moves to Long Island where he meets a si

Lord Incheillich has already retired but must hold the company together while his son, David, mourns the death of his young wife Beginning to fall apart, David moves to Long Island where he meets a single mother her son who help him recover.

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An Ocean Apart

  1. Robin Pilcher was born on 10 August 1950, the eldest son of author Rosamunde Pilcher, n e Scott aka Jane Fraser and Graham Hope Pilcher, also he had a brother and two sisters He has been a cameraman, a songwriter, and a farmer, co managed a mail order business, and has had numerous other jobs He lives with his wife and children near Dundee, Scotland, and in the Sierra de Aracena mountain area of Andalusia, Spain, where he plans to establish a writing institute supported by the Pilcher Foundation of Creative Writing.

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  1. I had such a tough time getting into this book It just doesn t start with a bang but just as a story Nothing spectacular to get you pulled into the story Just a story.As I kept reading I wanted to know what was going to happen to this family Especially David Poor man had so much going for him to have the anchor in his life ripped away I loved the fact that it had no sex, no violence, no swearing well a little but nothing eye popping , just a story I can actually tell people without an apology th [...]

  2. I am a big fan of Rosamunde Pilcher, so when I saw this book by her son in the used book store, I bought it He seems to be as talented an author as his mother, but has a masculine and modern style This book is as much about overcoming grief as anything else Also, being a gardener in another country incognito is also an interesting slant The interactions between the characters give the book depth There is also another theme of an attempted takeover of a small community company by a larger corpor [...]

  3. I really enjoy read Robin Pilcher s work It is refreshing to read the point of view of a man about his everyday problems, their love, losses, and finding a new path David Corstorphine cannot seem to come to terms of the death of his treasured wife He finds it difficult to function in his family business in Scottland and with his three small children The only comfort David seems to be able to find is working in the family garden.Sent on business to New york, David suffers a complete brake down he [...]

  4. I read this while traveling and found it to be well written and enjoyable It is a good story and reminiscent of Rosamunde Pilcher s September One thing that I really liked about this book was the relative timelessness I kept wondering why they didn t just send an email or call on their mobile phones When one of the characters pulled out a floppy disk, I had to look at the copyright date I didn t realize it was written in 1999 until I actually looked at the copyright date.This is well written and [...]

  5. I ve read books by his Mum, Rosamunde Pilcher, and thought that, if nothing else, if he wrote anything like her, this d be a pleasant read.Expectations that were than met Robin is very much a writer in his own right, and this story one that could ve descended into typical cheesy romantic cliches doesn t.Sure, there are misunderstandings, and secrets that could ve been dealt with earlier, but in Pilcher s hand they seem less like plot contrivances than they do the natural and simple unfolding of [...]

  6. I like Pilcher This was his first novel and while it didn t wow me as others of his, it was a passable read The storyline was a bit shallow and the characters were close to being multi dimensional, but fell short The story is set between the UK and the U.S Pilcher s dialog delivery of U.S characters is painful to read It s a crazy mix of U.K speak and U.S speak and not realistic However, we do feel the pain of loss and the promise of surviving without a loved one and making progress in life Read [...]

  7. I think Robin Pilcher is a good solid writer in his own right, regardless of who his famous mother is She has passed her talent down to her son in buckets I have waited for a long time for his next book, only to learn that, for various reasons, there may not be another one, so everyone please email this author and encourage him to keep writing I want His words are always comfortable and cosy, like an old favourite sweater on a winter evening.

  8. I really enjoyed thit book Robin Pilcher writes in the same style as his Mother and I really enjoyed all of her books that I could get at the library The characters become friends and very much like your own family This book was very hard for me to put down, I wanted to just keep on reading Loved the contrast of atmosphere between Long Island, NY and Scotland Can t wait to get started on the next book.

  9. A nice light read Liked that it was a story about love without all the sexual scenes, business ethics without being boring Amazed at how all around talented David was to the point that it became unbelievable Enjoyed the housekeeper with her humor as well as compassion Glad to see his comments to Jennifer to not give up on her marriage immediately.

  10. I just finished this book and once again I didn t want it to end I have decided that Robin Pilcher and his mother Rosamunde are at the top of my list of favorite authors I find myself wishing for sequels whenever I finish one of their books because the characters have all become so special to me I know that Rosamune is no longer writing, but Robin is and I hope he continues for a long time.

  11. I am enjoying Robin Pilcher s books AS an author, his style is not unlike his mother s, and I have enjoyed Rosamunde Pilcher s books for years So happy to find well written novels that are not gruesome or over infused with sex Just a good story line with well developed characters and enough local detail to help you to imagine where you are Highly recommended.

  12. This book takes us from the business world in Scotland to Long Island in New York, as David attempts to recover from the loss of his beloved wife and mother of his three children Perhaps I was just ready for a feel good book, but I thoroughly enjoyed Robin Pilcher s An Ocean Apart He is following in the foot steps of his mother, Rosamunde, who was one of my favourite authors.

  13. A real lovely story about a man coming to terms with his grief for the death of his wife and eventually finding love again I love Rosamond Pilcher and this is written by her son definitely a chip off the block.

  14. I liked this book a story about dealing with grief and how one man overcomes it The story was in some ways very predictable, but I still really enjoyed reading it there was romance, business dishonesty, multiple family dynamics all in all a nice read.

  15. That s a very shaky three star rating, would only be 2.5 if half stars were possible This is an overly long book with a rather clever inverse Cinderella story aspect to it, but that devise alone is not enough to carry it through some 470 pages Also, a large portion of the book takes place in America, where the author clearly hasn t spent enough time to familiarize himself with American idioms and customs to bring that off Some of the most glaring cases in point Mohican haircut for Mohawk, people [...]

  16. Much like his Mother s books, Mr Pilcher s book excellently paints the picture of a small Scottish town and family owned business The Duke of Inchelvie s son, David and heir to the company has suffered the recent loss of his wife, and sunk into a deep depression from grief When David has to go to NYC to represent Glendurnich Distilleries, his life completely turns around following a disastrous business meeting, when he asks for time to sort himself out.David ends up working for a wealthy shore [...]

  17. This book has sat on my bookshelf for 14 years unread I made the decision to share it with a group of friends but ended up bringing it home again Starting reading it and couldn t put it down What a brilliant story Thanks Robin Pilcher for writing this story I will now try again to share this with my friends with a you really have to read this recommendation.

  18. Liked it but not much thought went into some of it Really you would leave a dog in a car in the summer while you spent time inside

  19. It took too long to start There was nothing wrong about this book, but it was too basic and it could have been made a little shorter.

  20. This is the son of an author I ve read before I picked up on accident but it was okay It started off a little slow and was a little of a downer, but otherwise I enjoyed it It was about a man who just lost his wife and how he and his family mourned her death.

  21. This was the debut novel for Robin Pilcher, son of the better known writer Rosamunde Pilcher David, a businessman who has been grieving and depressed, flies to America for an important meeting Then he realises he has to start moving on for the sake of his children in ScotlandClever plotting as a business thread alternates with David s personal story While some of the scenes relating to the business went a little over my head, it didn t matter David, who is an extremely likeable person, discovers [...]

  22. This novel reminded me somewhat of an Archer epic saga Now, I only say somewhat because it lacked a lot of the great things that Archer s novels have one of which was length Archer s novels can be heavy tomes and this one rang in at only 500 pages It also lacked the love able characters and cliffhanging chapter endings However, An Ocean Apart was an okay novel It had conspiracy, love affairs and tragicness yes, I just made up that word I can t compare Robin Pilcher to his mother s novels because [...]

  23. An Ocean Apart by Robin PilchnerLoved this book after I found out the author has a relative that is also an author.This one is about a man who has lost his wife and he helps run a whiskey business with his father He still has 3 kids and his mother looks after them as he wraps his head around his loss.The kids think it is also a good idea for him to go to the states to get his mind back on track Business things he finds are not going as planned and he uncovers many inconsistencies He has no mind [...]

  24. Rosamunde s son Robin writes a pretty good novel, too David Corstorphine is grieving the loss of his wife to cancer He has lost all interest in his job as an executive with Glendurnich Distilleries and spends most of his time tending the gardens on his parents estate in Scotland, forcing his retired father, Lord Inchelvie to come out of retirement and run the business However, David is asked to travel to New York to attend a business meeting because his father is too elderly to go David figures [...]

  25. Lidiar con una p rdida de un ser amado siempre ser una batalla dolora y sobre todo nos pondr a prueba de que tan conectados con nosotros mismos estamos, que tanto conocemos nuestros l mites y cuanto fue lo que dimos en la relaci n con esa persona.A pesar de ser el primer libro de Robin Pilcher y creo que como muchos, yo tambi n opino que no tiene nada que ver su obra con la de su madre, pues el da un recorrido por la mente masculina adem s el tiene un estilo muy pausado Tampoco podemos esperar q [...]

  26. David Corstorphine is the heir to the Glendurnich Scotch family where he acts as Distribution Director But his beloved wife Rachel has just died to cancer and David can no longer cope, and spends his days in the family gardens planting roses After a botched meeting with the US distributors in New York, David is wandering the streets of Leesport on Long Island he s staying with an old friend from Oxford when he sees a notice for a temporary gardener and impulsively takes the job He makes friends [...]

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