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Return To Cardamom FINALIST FOR KIDS AGED IN THE WISHING SHELF INDEPENDENT BOOK AWARDSLife is sweet for Caramel and things are finally getting back to normal Well as normal as it can be for a telepathic elf w

2013 FINALIST FOR KIDS AGED 9 12 IN THE WISHING SHELF INDEPENDENT BOOK AWARDSLife is sweet for Caramel and things are finally getting back to normal Well, as normal as it can be for a telepathic elf who can train trees and control computers, but she soon finds life on Cardamom is not all cupcakes and apple cider.A saboteur is hiding in the rainforest canopy, and the elves2013 FINALIST FOR KIDS AGED 9 12 IN THE WISHING SHELF INDEPENDENT BOOK AWARDSLife is sweet for Caramel and things are finally getting back to normal Well, as normal as it can be for a telepathic elf who can train trees and control computers, but she soon finds life on Cardamom is not all cupcakes and apple cider.A saboteur is hiding in the rainforest canopy, and the elves precious cardamom export has been wiped out Caramel is certain it s another trick of Alexander222 and her Aunt Isabel, but no one will believe her, and the clock is ticking She must expose the saboteur in time to save the crop or the Elves of Cardamom will lose their livelihood.Caramel won t rest until her theory is proven While she is on the hunt, she makes a shocking discovery, one that will change everything.Follow Caramel s gripping adventures in the exciting sequel to Escape From The Forbidden Planet Suitable for children ages 9 12

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Return To Cardamom

  1. With a background in paediatric nursing, Julie Anne Grasso spent many years literally wrapping children in cotton wool Every day she witnessed great courage and resilience from the tiny people she cared for, which inspired her to write stories about a little girl elf just like them.She has a degree in Nursing from Queensland University of Technology and has been published in her nerdy nursing specialty in medical journals, but her true love is writing about elf worlds that usually involve cupcakes The new love of her life is Frankie Dupont, an illustrated middle grade series.

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  1. Caramel, her family, friends and all elves everywhere in the Galaxy are called to action as a disaster hits the planet all the cardamom trees have dropped their pods, causing them to die and that means economic ruin How could this have happened Caramel is sure it s not a natural phenomenon It smacks of vengeance, and the person most likely to want that is Alexander222, the villain of the first book in the series But how can she prove it Return to Cardamom picks up from the first in the series, b [...]

  2. The summary of the book is perfect for the story and Caramel is one awesome elfin girl I read Escape from the Forbidden Planet, the first book in the Caramel Cardamom trilogy, and I enjoyed this one, Return to Cardamom, even than the first book It is exciting to visit again with characters that I have now become familiar with from book one like saying, Hi, to old friends The beginning of the story hooked me right away, just like the first one Julie Anne Grasso has a wonderful way to describe he [...]

  3. My daughter 10 and I reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews Here are our thoughts DAUGHTER SAYS Caramel is a elf princess who lives on the planet Cardamom She is a healer Even though she has a limp, she is very brave and smart I really liked her I think the cover is really good and I really liked the creepy elf in the green cloak I really liked how the book had two stories in one book So when you think the one story is over, there is another part of the story I liked how it was scie [...]

  4. This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers Favorite Return to Cardamom by Julie Anne Grasso is an appealing story for pre teens through young or not so young adults This is book 2 in The Adventures of Caramel Cardamom series it is the sequel to Escape from the Forbidden Planet Cardamom is a planet populated by elves The elves have a multiplicity of powers and abilities, but not all elves have the same abilities Caramel Cardamom is the granddaughter of the King of Cardamom, and the daughte [...]

  5. Julie Grasso has delivered a sound follow up to her first book.Caramel and her friends return to our bookshelves in another great adventure that s dotted with mouth watering treats The Intergalactic Council is being courted by a dastardly scoundrel, who claims to have the key to their power needs If he were to succeed with his plan, it would remove everyone s reliance on Cardamom for energy Given that our mind reading heroine s home planet grows the Cardamom crop, it would spell disaster to lose [...]

  6. An exciting sequel to Escape, with a fast moving plot once again set on the magical elf planet The eight year old I read it with was gripped from the start, feeling involved with the plot and loving the setting Lots of twists and turns, and of the pre teenage angst and rebellion we saw in the first book, dealt with sympathetically We particularly enjoyed a fight with a computer virus very imaginative

  7. Great sequel to the first book The adventures of Carmel and her elfin friends continue when the Cardamon trees become endangered and they help to save them I highly recommend Return to Cardamon for everyone from age 10 and up Once you begin reading, you can t put the book down

  8. 4.5 stars I read both books and I enjoyed book 1 but thought this book was better For me, the series started out slow but started to pick up at the end of book 1 Book 2 started right where book 1 left off and didn t stop The plot moved along well and some of the characters we met in book 1 came back I was glad to see that her friends from The Forbidden Planet still have a role to play.This is such a fun read for middle graders I enjoyed the foreshadowing that was given and the teasers at the end [...]

  9. Clones, mind reading, an Intergalactic Council, family and a chubby cheeked elf heroine are all a part of the action and excitement of Return to Cardamom The sequel to the Escape from the Forbidden Planet opens with a prologue that hooks the reader very quickly with dialogue and the fast moving action of Isabel and Alexander going back to the island of Cardamom it got me hooked right away Princess Gabriella Caramel Cardamom is the main elf heroine in this action packed mystery novel Caramel and [...]

  10. Brilliant I really loved the characters, Caramel is a real hoot The story and setting is extremely creative and fun, young readers will love it The twists, turns, and unending action kept me turning page after page The twists and turns will keep young readers attention and even make them work hard to try to figure things out before they happen One quick note I found really appealing is the way Ms Grasso sprinkled in things to remind us of the characters human elven youth Things like when Caramel [...]

  11. The female protagonist in this story is not perfect but manages to achieve great things through determination and clever thinking It is a feel good story for teens who may wish for wonderful things to happen, if only vicariously through reading The parents are in on everything in the story, but the daughter saves the day several times With only a tiny amount of romance, parents can allow tweens to read this book confidant of it being appropriate for the age Grades 3 or 4 and up would enjoy this [...]

  12. The second book of the Cardamom Trilogy is even intricate than the first one Escape From the Forbidden Planet A mixture of fantasy, science fiction, intergalactic travel, technology, politics and environmental issues woven together in a complex plot with many twists and turns combined with well developed characters make this an appealing book for children and adults ages ten and up.Gabriella Caramel Cardamom, is the elfin granddaughter of the King and Queen of Cardamom and the main protagonist [...]

  13. And the adventure continues Instead of life returning to sleepy normal on Cardamom, the planet is now experiencing loads of activity Cardamom Crystal is in huge demand as a power source for intergalactic technology Caramel develops her skills in tree tending and healer classes and is keen to get better at computer control The dangers of Alexander222 are over or are they Disaster strikes when the entire cardamom crop drops before due time, the plants are traumatized, and Caramel has to accompany [...]

  14. I have to say, these books are growing on me The interesting about the Caramel Cardamom series to me, is the juxtaposition of technology and and old fashioned agrarian society On one hand, you have a planet whose elfish society is based mostly on farming their cardamom crop, but this society can flip around in an instant and grapple with Intergalactic Councils, high tech computer programming and interstellar espionage.I personally like the agrarian scenes best I love how the elves care for their [...]

  15. When Carmel Cardamom, a young elf living on the planet Cardamom, learns about how all of the precious cardamom crop has fallen and became bad, she is devastated Caramel lives in the city and the crop is in the forests Now the elves won t be able to make their harvesting quota and cardamom crystals wouldn t be the galactic energy source any All this was done because Alexander222, an evil clone , Lex, another evil clone , and Caramel s evil Aunt Isabel Phew that s a lot of evil want to replace it [...]

  16. Return to Cardamom by Julie Anne Grasso is an excellent sequel to her first book Escape From The Forbidden Planet A TOTALLY ELVO story for 10 and up to ROCK your kid s imagination The story is based on a kingdom of peaceful elves with loving, caring, elf family morals, who are dedicated to raising tree tenders , healers , or computer techys Return to Cardamom begins with our favourite, main character, Caramel Caramel is continuing her education to achieve her dream of becoming a healer Author Ju [...]

  17. Return to Cardamom is an exciting story that takes readers on an intergalactic quest to find the evildoers behind the destruction of the precious cardamom crop The story is fast paced and action packed right from the start I found it difficult to put the book down and was eager to find out what would happen next.The story is brilliantly written and teaches children to be courageous in difficult situations Readers also learn that being kind and caring towards nature s gifts benefits us all The ma [...]

  18. Think Star Wars Gone Cute Unfailingly chipper Read the full review on my blog, Guiltless Reading guiltlessreading 2013 07 return to cardamom by julie anne grassoml

  19. This book, along with the first book, Escape from the Forbidden Planet, was recently entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our young readers thought FEEDBACKAuthor Julie Anne GrassoTitle Escape from the Forbidden Planet Return to CardamomCOVER 9 10The children loved both of the covers, particularly on Return To Cardamom They thought they were colourful, fun and made you want to instantly open the book They also liked the catchy blurbs although a few of the readers thought, compar [...]

  20. Return to Cardamom is exciting than Escape from the Forbidden Planet, which was a very good debit novel The adults in Caramel s life ignore her when she suggests the culprit to the lost pods of cardamom Adults can become myopic about adult events and ignore a younger voice Caramel does not let that stifle her, and with the help of friends, she decides to check her hutch Alexander222 and Isabel are the culprits The loss of an entire cardamom crop, and the resultant loss of the contract to supply [...]

  21. This book reminds me of standing in the middle of a yummy spice or candy store By setting this action packed story in the world of Cardamom with Caramel and Basil, pleasant thoughts are unavoidable, and these thoughts don t stop there.The entire story is fun It s no problem to notice that Julie enjoyed writing it There s tons of gizmos every kid would love to have themselves, funny moments, adventure lots of that , mystery basically, everything needed to gain and hold a reader s attention.I ll a [...]

  22. Telepathic elves, adventure, a digital virus and plenty of humour Join Caramel on her quest to save her world Return to Cardamom is full of adventure and children will enjoy reading about these engaging characters Julie Grasso has created a world that children will want to visit over and over again.

  23. Lyn is a judge for the Aurealis Awards Any reviews or ratings offered by Lyn do not reflect the opinions of Aurealis Awards Panel or Committee.I shall be rating this work once the awards are announced.

  24. It s a asome adventure I usually don t like to read but this book made me want to read for ever It s a asome book

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