What’s the Big Deal?: Why God Cares About Sex

What s the Big Deal Why God Cares About Sex Did you know that God created sex If He created it it is a good thing Here is a book that your parents will read with you or discuss with you as you read it on your own They ll answer any questions

Did you know that God created sex If He created it, it is a good thing Here is a book that your parents will read with you, or discuss with you as you read it on your own They ll answer any questions you might have and help you understand what a beautiful and exciting gift from God your sexuality is meant to be.

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What’s the Big Deal?: Why God Cares About Sex

  1. STAN JONES, PHD, provost and professor of psychology at Wheaton College, is a nationally recognized Christian expert on sexuality He has written books on psychology and Christianity and on homosexuality and has contributed numerous articles to such professional journals as American Psychologist.Stan and his wife, Brenna, are active in teaching about parenting and marriage in their church They wrote the original versions of the God s Design for Sex series while their three children were young now, they enjoy their three kids as adults as well as the early stages of grandparenting.

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  1. This book was okay Really, my biggest issue was it s conversational layout not that I have anything against scripted lessons books I also have Luke Gilkerson s 3 book series which is scripted conversation , but this was was laid out for a mother, father, son, and daughter, with questions using then gender specific references, which is just annoying If I m reading it with one of my children, I d have to change any references of my wife to my husband or the question that my daughter or son might b [...]

  2. I must say I was disappointed in this book We had read the earlier two books to our children and had found them very useful and appropriate This book, on the other hand, missed the mark.One example would be where the boy and the father are discussing why it is wrong for a boy to have pictures of naked or half naked women plastered around his room The answer given is right out of the liberal secular playbook objectification This answer is not only illogical, it is not Biblical Ironically the answ [...]

  3. Excellent book for introducing 8 11 year olds to discussions about sex from a Christian perspective, and for helping parents being confident to have the discussions Moves from basic biological info to very helpful discussions about difficult topics such as sex outside of marriage, pornography, sexual abuse, homosexuality and various others Finishes with a discussion of forgiveness when we get it wrong.

  4. This is a pretty good book for Christian parents to use when starting a conversation about sex and puberty with their children The format of the book is a dialog between parents and children, so this can help children to be involved in the book, but some of the dialog seems cheesy and unnatural Plus the parents are a bit too willing to say, Yes, you re father and I have sex We enjoy it What kid really wants to hear something like that Overall, I think this is a pretty good book, but I think the [...]

  5. I read this with my 11 yr old daughter It is cheesy at times, but is good to cover the bases and talking about sex with your children I also appreciated the fact that it kept weaving in the message of sex of for married couples I like how it s laid out It s basically in coversation form if you and your child were to have the perfect conversation about sex There were times my daughter and I laughed at how the conversations were written super cheesy but the content was a good start if you are nerv [...]

  6. We have gone through books one and two in this series and are preparing to go through this book with our ten year old son This is very helpful information, but I m not sure the format conversational would work with all children I do appreciate the many biblical references especially Chapter 4 to back up all of the information Also, the age recommendation for this series is a bit off This book is recommended for ages 8 11 and I would not touch a lot of these issues until age 10 or 11, unless your [...]

  7. This book is for children eight to eleven It s set up as a series of questions between children and parents questions about puberty, sex and morality, porn, AIDS, homosexuality, menstruation, and abuse There is a very strong religious slant.Some of the views align with my beliefs, some do not Even if you choose not to have your child read this book, it is a really good resource to explore exactly what you do believe about these issues, and get an idea of how you might discuss them with your kids [...]

  8. We used the first book in this series for my oldest daughter when she turned 8 It was very helpful for two novice parents trying to get through this uncomfortable first discussion Now that she is 9, we figure it s time to get a little specific I like how Book 3 is divided into chapters by topic, so we can talk to her about the things she is ready for and hold off on the other stuff for a few years I really appreciate the Christian approach to all of the topics I admit I was a little surprised [...]

  9. I think that this is a pretty good book to help explain sex from a Christian perspective It is recommended for 8 11 year olds and I just read it to my 10 yo I would not read it to an 8 or 9 year old I felt the same way about the previous book in the series, Before I Was Born I waited to read it to my daughter until she was 8, even though it s recommended for 5 8 year olds.

  10. My children unfortunately heard too much at public school k 8 and came home asking lots of questions and trying to use words they heard, but obviously not correctly, so I chose to use this book to answer some of the questions and correct things they heard I was not prepared to do this yet as they are 7 8 but this book helped a lot.

  11. Finally, a book I can feel comfortable having my 9 year old read I have been reading so many books that are how to than informative and I just couldn t imagine handing ANY of them over to my sons This whole series is great

  12. I think this book was tastefully written Answers questions with enough detail, but not too much I wouldn t use it with the age group recommended 8 11 , however It seems much appropriate for older kids 12.

  13. I read this for class Religious ideas I don t agree with aside, it was a decent book about sex for little kids I appreciated that they were pretty open and honest.

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