The Savant of Chelsea

The Savant of Chelsea In the French Quarter of New Orleans the birth of a baby to a mentally ill woman marks the beginning of The Savant of Chelsea s life An abusive childhood segues to the operating rooms of the largest

In the French Quarter of New Orleans, the birth of a baby to a mentally ill woman marks the beginning of The Savant of Chelsea s life An abusive childhood segues to the operating rooms of the largest medical center in New York The brilliant but mentally ill brain surgeon waits for just the right time to redeem her past In the end, she takes matters into her own hands IIn the French Quarter of New Orleans, the birth of a baby to a mentally ill woman marks the beginning of The Savant of Chelsea s life An abusive childhood segues to the operating rooms of the largest medical center in New York The brilliant but mentally ill brain surgeon waits for just the right time to redeem her past In the end, she takes matters into her own hands It s up to the reader to decide what happens after the climax.

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The Savant of Chelsea

  1. Suzanne Jenkins lives at the west Michigan lakeshore She is the author of Pam of Babylon and the series Don t You Forget About Me,Dream Lover, Prayers for the Dying, Family Dynamics and The Tao of Pam The Greeks of Beaubien Street,and The Princess of Greektown from the Greektown Stories, Alice s Summertime Adventure, The Savant of Chelsea and Someone Like You facebook suzannejenkiTwitter suzannejenkins3

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  1. Interesting story, poorly written The author is clearly proud of the ending because she says it s up to you to decide what happens after the climax I wouldn t really call that a climax, I call it a cop out sentence that was clearly added in for shock value and because she probably couldn t come up with a better ending Trying to pass that off as a climax is a bunch of turd polishing.

  2. Before I start my review, I must state that I m a psychologist and I have a pet peeve against poorly researched novels that inaccurately portray mental illnesses and THE SAVANT OF CHELSEA does a horrible job portraying mental illness realistically Alexandra is a brilliant, yet mentally ill neurosurgeon who grew up neglected, abused, and molested Her mother has just committed suicide, so Alexandra returns to New Orleans to search for the daughter she gave birth to at age ten yes ten.I didn t care [...]

  3. To accurately to synopt this story, I feel I would have to practically rewrite it The best way to at least summarize the novel is as a series of tragic abuse situations leading to difficult childhoods.The focus of the story The Savant herself is a brilliant surgeon who as the title suggests struggles with the social aspects of life The story begins with the discovery of her mother has passing away, prompting a search for a daughter thought long lost.SPOILERS hard to review without revealing som [...]

  4. author Suzanne Jenkins latest work, entitled The Savant of Chelsea, introduces us into the less than ordinary life of Dr Alexandra Donicka a gifted, yet completely neurotic, brain surgeon Depicted with a troublesome childhood that is eternally haunting to her innermost core, she is in constant struggle for survival emotionally and physically running ragged, beyond the OR doors, and the lives she so dilligently has commited to saving daily As we delve further into the intriquing storyline, we lea [...]

  5. om The Savant of Chelsea Kindle Edition Alexandra grew up in horrible conditions A mother who didn t show her any affection and let the most horrific things happen to her A little girl abandoned when she becomes pregnant and has a child Babies having babies very sad Alexandra s baby girl eventually put up for adoption and she is left having to pick up the pieces of her very young life Alexandra is smart, very smart and eventually becomes a top surgeon But she has social problems that stifle her [...]

  6. Great book, but seemed to be a lot of historical mistakes, I guess you d say Doc born in the 50 s but when she gets the kids at age 38 she has cell phone, MRI s are prevalent, etc.

  7. A Riveting Book, Indeed I loved it Often, I ll Look Inside a book on and think, Hmm, this seems interesting, or Nope, that doesn t work for me But this time, the minute I looked inside of Suzanne Jenkins THE SAVANT OF CHELSEA, I bought the book without a moment s hesitation and started reading.First off, the female lead, Alexandra, is truly unique Although she s a brilliant surgeon, she s also a high functioning autistic savant, with all its trappings She has trouble looking at people directly, [...]

  8. This is a odd little book I was initially intrigued by the protagonist and her back story, but pretty quickly I started to feel as though I was being asked to make a few too many leaps to find the story at all fathomable The midway major character transformation and that ending

  9. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  10. Fresh storylineI really enjoyed this book So different from the normal mysteries The end of the book was a real surprise Bravo

  11. A compelling story I would really like to give it 4.5 stars The relationships that are explored ground the story The writing is very good.

  12. The Savant of ChelseaBy Suzanne Jenkins 5 STAR AMAZINGThe Savant of Chelsea by Suzanne Jenkins is an incredible read Despite my initial reservations, I would have done myself quite a disservice had I not given this piece of fiction a shot Although there wasn t that initial grabber at the beginning of the book, my first impressions were that I found myself thoroughly intrigued and curious where things were headed a lot of that, I m sure, based on the description of the book which without spoiling [...]

  13. This review originally appeared on my blog at gimmethatbook.The blurb for this book made it sound like it was going to be all about a surgeon with a severe psychological issue, and how she interacted or didn t with the outside world The first half was great it was dark, and scary, and heart rending when she told her story in graphic and disturbing flashbacks of how she was abused as a child, I shook my head in disbelief It was all downhill from there.The fictitious surgeon in the novel is torn a [...]

  14. Absolutely fantastic book I had the breath sucked out of me when I read the last sentence of this wonderful book I had to go back and read the sentence again to make sure I had read it right Suzanne Jenkins has mastered the art of the surprise, gotcha ending like no one else.If you love books that delve so deeply into a person s mind that you can feel her emotions and energy as if they were your own, this is the book for you You will see an amazingly wise and independent young girl grow into a p [...]

  15. Wow What a read From beginning to the end, one surprise or atrocity after another.This story is not for the faint of heart, there is so much abuse Little innocent children, oh so sad, and you want to go there and help From the little ten year old yearning to be loved to later the Grandchildren.Children falling under the cracks of the sidewalk for sure Yet there are a few individuals who open their hearts What would Dr Alexandra Donicka have done without her support system She is beyond brilliant [...]

  16. I couldn t put this one down An abused and neglected child gives birth at age 11 and comes home from school to discover her mother has taken the child away and threatens to kill the infant if Alexandra looks for her Suffering with grief, Alexandra goes through personality changes, but despite it all is determined to make something of herself She becomes a world renown brain surgeon After her mother s death, she returns to her home to search for her daughter only to find what she could never poss [...]

  17. Anything having to do with mental illness interests me I guess I have been in the field too long of working with people with mental health issues and disabilities This was a pretty interesting and quick read I will admit some of the story is depressing and makes you feel so bad for the main character However, you have to give her credit that based on her history how well she takes care of what she needs to and rises above her illness As the author states the ending is open ended But without give [...]

  18. This story is fascinating, yet, at the same time disturbing The main character, Alexandra, evokes sympathy and offers some insight into the world of a mentally ill person I had a hard time putting it down and couldn t wait to see what the next page held.I know it is the author s book and she can write whatever she wants, but I have to say that I found the ending shocking So much so that I had to go back and read the last few pages to make sure I had read it right I won t spoil it for you, but I [...]

  19. This book is interesting in that the main character is mentally ill as a result of trauma in childhood but amazingly works diligently to excel in school, acquires a support system of teachers mentors aids who pave the way for her to become a neurosurgeon who must be tended to on the most basic of levels, and eventually rescues her seven grandchildren for a life of horror Ok it is unrealistic, but what felt like an abrupt ending with little wrap up was the most frustrating part of the book.

  20. IntriguingI have to say that the main character provoked a myriad of emotions from me At times I was jealous, others appalled by her I pitied her often than not This book has a slightly new twist on the proverbial woman with a dark past This was a very interesting story about a woman who overcame her terrible childhood in one sense, but became nearly helpless in another Maybe some of us need to be needed to function correctly I really enjoyed this book and would love to read about what happens [...]

  21. Loved Loved Loved this book just couldn t put it down even took my kindle tablet to the toilet with me Such an original story that, according to the Acknowledgements at the beginning, has been stewing away in the author s imagination for years Couldn t believe that end a that is was the end came upon me unexpectedly and b the actual ending of the book was great huge cheers This is the sort ob book that you rush through enjoying immensely and then you are very sad when it is finished

  22. This book is hard for me to review as it falls outside the type of book I usually read.A brilliant but emotionally detached, damaged neurosurgeon in New York learns of her mothers death in New Orleans, and goes there to search for her daughter who was taken from her when she was eleven years old We learn the doctors history and gain an understanding of what caused her to be the way she is The novel skirts the darkest areas of childhood and shows a means of redemption.The book probably rates tha [...]

  23. A very readable book which is why I kept reading, but the story is totally unbelievable I just couldn t accept the problems and overnight changes in character that are the essence of the plot Must say I was totally surprised by the ending First, I didn t think I was at the end of the book yet reading on a Kindle and secondly, I just didn t see it coming So, while I was caught up initially in the story, I won t read any of Jenkins books.

  24. This is a great work of fiction with fascinating characters When readimg this book you really have to still yourself as you learn of Alex s childhood Alex is a brilliant young girl and a deeply troubled and broken adult As 7 angels come to heal the brokenness, Alex is born again As hopeful as the events become the author masterfully keeps you on the edge of your seat Events unfold and the ending well let s just say it is as fast as the scene itself

  25. Fascinating story of a brilliant neurosurgeon who is also mentally ill She can t relate to others or take care of herself She needs to be told to bathe The story of her childhood explains it all in shocking detail Her only treatment for her symptoms is to run Then there is a death in the family and she must face some issues that shaped her young self I read this in 2 sittings because I couldn t stop myself I had to find out what was happening next.

  26. Uneven execution of a promising idea Interesting premise but it reads as if the writer began writing without a plan for the conclusion Many details of upsetting crimes are described graphically, which I wouldn t mind if the rest of the story matched the level of detail Without that, it seems gratuitous.

  27. It was a pretty good read I would not quite say it was just as the description portrayed, but it was an easier read that will keep you turning pages to both see what happens and if it gets better And don t believe the hype about the ending if anything, the quick, abrupt style did not fit with the rest of the book.

  28. I really, really enjoyed this book I wasn t sure what to expect and when I read reviews saying that the open ending infuriated them, I was nervous But there was an ending, you know what happened and it is really quite good.I would definitely recommend this book There are quite a few spelling and grammatical errors though.

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