Making the Cut

Making the Cut She went searching for a one night stand and ended up falling in love with Luke Carmical President of the Devil s Renegades Motorcycle Club Now she must decide how to handle the aftermath of Frankie

She went searching for a one night stand and ended up falling in love with Luke Carmical, President of the Devil s Renegades Motorcycle Club Now she must decide how to handle the aftermath of Frankie s brutal assault and the knowledge that Luke has been lying to her about everything Secrets are revealed and lies exposed as Dallas Knox, CEO of Knox Companies, becomeShe went searching for a one night stand and ended up falling in love with Luke Carmical, President of the Devil s Renegades Motorcycle Club Now she must decide how to handle the aftermath of Frankie s brutal assault and the knowledge that Luke has been lying to her about everything Secrets are revealed and lies exposed as Dallas Knox, CEO of Knox Companies, becomes involved in the MC She wonders if this life is enough for her, if this family is really what she wants When circumstances present her with an unusual twist of fate, Dallas knows without a doubt, thatthis is the family she has longed for New problems occur, traumatic events take place and lives hang in the balance as Dallas has to decide what is really most important in life The journey is long The outcome is uncertain Can she Make the Cut

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Making the Cut

  1. Kim Jones is a writer with big dreams Inspired by her personal experience inside the MC life, she s chosen to write biker romance stories that are authentic expressing the true meaning of brotherhood and the lifestyle of motorcycle clubs In 2013, Kim began her self publishing journey Saving Dallas, her first MC series, is based on the life of an influential president who juggles the pressures of the Devil s Renegades Motorcycle Club, and the search for true love Taking the club life and her career a step further, Berkley will be releasing Sinner s Creed, her second MC series, in March of 2016 an inside look into the life of a 1%er and his sacrifice for what he believes in Kim plans to continue to self publish off her Saving Dallas series, and has signed a two book deal with Penguin Random House for Sinner s Creed She resides in south Mississippi with her husband, Reggie, two dogs, a cat and a donkey.

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  1. I had the pleasure of editing this book for the talented Mrs.Jones and it is is amazing All of your questions get answered and there is NO cliffhanger The story is full of twists and turns and ridiculously HOT sex Luke Carmical, aka LLC, is a book boyfriend of epic proportions Mrs Jones has taken what was already an amazing talent for storytelling, and matured and grown Her writing is refreshing and real A must read Full review As Kim s editor you may think that I am biased when it comes to revi [...]

  2. I m so glad this book was released I was even so when I saw their story would continue I m so excited I wanted to experience their homecoming and Dallas Maddie s reunion but maybe in the next book I m glad we found out the importance of Maddie I sure didn t see that coming I love Luke He s just so strong I cried when he got his cut back I cried when Dallas got hers I wasn t expecting the Charlie twist My emotions where right on with the characters in the book I felt like I was there with them I [...]

  3. Wasn t sure it was possible to be better than the first which was a 5 star but HOT DAMN I need .And I will cut anyone who tries to take Luke from me He Is Mine

  4. I hardly ever give such a low rating but if any book deserves the single star it is this one The editing was so bad in this sequel to Saving Dallas that at one point the narrators pov for the start of a chapter was wrong and it took me about 10 minutes to realize that the person speaking was supposed to be Red and not Dallas There were so many contradictions in this story that I felt constantly confused For instance in at one point Dallas thinks to herself that no one in the club trusts her when [...]

  5. WOW I mean I don t even know if I have the words to express how much I loved this book I read the most amazing, thrilling, and action packed book today It was Making The Cut by Kim Jones This is the second book in the Saving Dallas series and has NO CLIFFHANGER, but it does leave it open for there to be another book later This is NOT a stand alone book You must read the first in order to understand what is happening and who s who in this book I actually highly recommend even if you have read the [...]

  6. 4.5 starsAnother well written book by Kim Jones the sequel to Saving Dallas As in the 1st book, the story line kept on track A lot of love, heartache, twist and suspense I want from disliking characters in the first book to feeling for them in this book I truly loved this story and give it another 4.5 starsDallas Knox the snotty rich bitch damsel in distress and Luke Carmichael the beautiful arrogant knight in black leather, President of Devils Renegades, come from two different worldOne buys wh [...]

  7. 5 Amazing Stars LOVED IT The story picks up where it left off in the first book but this time, secrets are revealed While Dallas is still dealing with the aftermath of Frankie s assault she is also dealing with all the lies and if it was even an option to return to the way she was before Luke and her new family, the Devil s Renegades Motorcycle Club.This book is HOT Luke is definitely the man The things he d do for the people he loves he is amazing Dallas s character has grown big time in this b [...]

  8. 2.5 starsAwe I was really into the first book This one had me mad I lost Luke, didn t care for him any I thought he was an asshole He is such a jerk to Dallas After not trusting her and then she runs off and gets assaulted and hung up to dry, do you think he could say he was sorry Or he puts his hands on her, nope no real apology there either I also started to feel like Dallas needed a good therapy session The author kept alluding to the fact that Dallas had a past that she was not ready to shar [...]

  9. While I liked how Dallas was integrated in the club, I hated that it seemed like there were the same issues with Dallas and Luke as the first book It was all, you need to accept my way or the highway ways from Luke and Dallas stomping her foot shouting out why, I should matter too Things only got a bit better towards the end when everything was on the line and Dallas and Luke had to make some important choices, ones I think were the right ones to make.

  10. Originally reviewed at Literary Treasure Chest literarytreasurechest bookWhile Making the Cut was an enjoyable read I felt that it was of a filler story.New elements were introduced in this installment of the Saving Dallas series that didn t mesh with the spirit from the first book.The author did an amazing job of resolving a lot of the mysteries from book one, but I feel it was done in a way that was fantastical and almost eye rolling unbelievable The MC word that Kim Jones created in Saving D [...]

  11. Luke loved him in book one loved him in this book him and his hotness, he was shirtless and seemed to have just showered He stood up and smiled at me and my eyes drifted from his face down to where his gray sweats hung low on his waist I mean I missed my boy, Luke looked like he had not missed a workout His abs rippled down his stomach all the way to his V His arms looked bigger than I remembered them, and the tattoos that ran down them seemed to have grown also YeaI missed him He s still blunt, [...]

  12. Oh LLC you have just made your way to top of the list for my favorite biker boyfriend Book 1 was sooo good, but left me with lots of unanswered questions, so I was very happy to finanlly get to read book 2 Dallas is still her sassy self, but is starting to get the hang of how things go in the MC world Luke is still sexy, dominant, and hard but has a sweet softer side at times when it comes to Dallas.So much was happening all the time that my head was spinning, but in a good way You were kept on [...]

  13. 4 stars This second book was so much better then the first This was a good, hot, steamy, sexy read with plenty of drama, twists and turns Looks like the series could continue but I was not left with a cliffhanger.

  14. This book was well with the wait and the author did a great job I am in love with this series and u can t wait for the next book Xxxxxx

  15. no me gusto el libro a nivel que lo deje sin terminar No se a que publico va dirigido muy poco probable a las de occidente Convertir una mujer independiente inteligente y exitosa en una tonta del cu no tiene atractivo para las mujeres Esperaba leer un romance de vivieron para siempre, pero eso no tiene nada de la gente normal Entiendo que para mostrar el mundo de los moteros debes poner un poco de hombres alpha y mujeres sumisas pero esto es rid culamente extremo para mi no me convenci que el pe [...]

  16. If you enjoy biker romances, then you should consider reading the Saving Dallas series that centers around the erotic and intense love story of real estate mogul Dallas Knox and President of the Devil s Renegades MC, Luke Carmical These two individuals seem to live in completely different worlds and would most likely never have met until Dallas gets lonely after a recent break up, goes out looking for company, and ends up as a damsel in distress until her knight clad in leather intervenes to res [...]

  17. Luke Carmichael LLC Pres Hotty Whatever you want to call this man, he is just downright, stunning He loves Dallas with every fiber of his being and it shows within every single page of this book Dallas is a stubborn, somewhat spoiled lady It isn t until she realizes that there is an addition to herself that she finally seems to come off of her high horse and becomes less spoiled and starts truly thinking and acting in the best interest of those around her This isn t the typical MC style book whe [...]

  18. Didn t like this second book as much as the first, felt like Dallas lost quite a bit of herself in the process of getting closer to Luke his motorcycle club family Dallas knows the truth, that Luke has been following her for years keeping her safe, that there were some dirty dealings with the Mayor her life was in jeopardy Dallas is also dealing with Frankie tying her up in the barn assaulting her She can t seem to let Luke go, even though she feels hurt betrayed One thing she doesn t question i [...]

  19. 4 stars I really thought I was going to give a little stars, butHere goes my review, I know it took me long, but it is time I guess since I am have a bad day today, I just do not want to reflect it with my review In the last book, Luke was saving Dallas Okay Dallas found out about the secrets, the betrayal, the money, the ugliness of her father business strategy But still Dallas is still bougie, stuck up, conceited, Bitchy as a MOFO Regardless of him saving her not once but twice and she is sti [...]

  20. Saving Dallas Making the cut, is the second book of the Saving Dallas series by Kim Jones, you need to read the first book Saving Dallas before reading this one Dallas and Luke are couple happy in their relationship, but the that Dallas learns about being the girlfriend on a Pres of a motorcycle club the less she is sure she can handle Sure she is used to wheeling and deal in the business world, but that s for property not for livesre they both have secrets, there is LOT that Dallas doesn t kno [...]

  21. Holy hell If I didn t love Luke any I think I just handed my heart over to him on a platter Just take it, Luke You ve had it from your first spoken word I honestly think Kim Jones is trying to kill me with Luke s mood swings and sexy as sin romantic tendencies For the first time in a very long time, I have been jealous of a fictional character Making the Cut picks up right as we left off with Dallas and her backstory secrets spilling out like rain from a spring storm There were so many times I a [...]

  22. Making the Cut starts where Saving Dallas left off It brings some of the same drama, but there are new characters and threats to this book There are so many new developments in this book it s unreal Dallas s life is changed dramatically in this book She s dealing with the aftermath of the assault and the people who were hurt trying to help her In this book the pettiness ensues, but we finally find out what the problems is causing it All of the secrets become revealed and let me tell you there ar [...]

  23. Holy Crap I LOVED this book I devoured this book within a few hours I just could not put my kindle down This book picks up right where Saving Dallas left off I love Dallas and Luke I just cannot get enough I m glad that a lot of questions was answered in this book I just couldn t figure out Maddie but wowdidn t see that one coming Glad to see they are starting to work on their relationship, hopefully we will get of them in the next book.Was not expecting the whole Charlie thing but wow, what a [...]

  24. I loved this book There was a lot adventure and less getting to know you in this book Luke didn t tick me off as much and Dallas seemed to better understand her role in his life We get a lot of the history between Dallas and Luke There was to the story than I thought I had no idea what had been going on I m sure there were hints in the first book, but I missed them.I had a lot anxiety reading this book Between the kidnapping, assault, and trying to figure out what Luke was keeping from Dalla [...]

  25. This is the continuation of the previous book Saving Dallas In the first bok I thought that Dallas was a snobby rich prissy bitch and got everything that was coming to her However in this book I changed my opinion when she stated that she should not judge a book by its cover I think that was the smartest thing that came out of her mouth I loved Luke but his domineering shit just grated on my nerves I liked the tough take no shit attitude that Dallas came out with in this book after the shit that [...]

  26. 5 Stars for the Cover We have all been waiting for this one Will Dallas embrace the MC and the family Will she forgive Luke for his lies All is answered, lies are revealed, and a lifetime of secrets are uncovered The MC has drama than it can handle trying to find Frankie and War , and keep everyone safe in the process Dallas has to let go of the life she thought she wanted and except the MC family in front of her, or walk away alone But walking away from Luke and the MC will not make her life [...]

  27. Man I love Luke Total devotion to the woman of his dreams and his soul mate He and Dallas are so perfect They both have the correct amount of attitude, however both know when to apologize after going to far When you find out his secrets and the level of love he holds for Dallas I mean damn The man is sex on legs You ll get to learn what Maddie s deal is, and you ll love Logan Brooklyn is great, along with Red And all the guys are wonderful What a great family Can t wait for the next book to see [...]

  28. I love Kim Jones writing but for some reason in this book I started to hate Dallas and hoped she got taken again She was whiny and annoying I still liked Luke but how, in real world could she deal with all the secrets I get that she was accentuating herself into the biker MC lifestyle but really That said Ms Jones writes well written characters both primary and secondary Vivid scene imagery I just couldnt connect to Dallas in this book after loving her strength in book 1 Yes I know she was throu [...]

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