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Loving Lachlyn available For many years mountain lion Alek Fallon believed he was fated to be alone forever But after meeting Lachlyn he knows that he s found his mate in the sweet she bear and opens his h

available 8 27 13 For many years, mountain lion Alek Fallon believed he was fated to be alone forever But after meeting Lachlyn, he knows that he s found his mate in the sweet she bear and opens his home to her and her second mate, were bear Jericho Lachlyn is a shifting dud and cannot transform into her bear self When Jericho s father tries to force her into her bear available 8 27 13 For many years, mountain lion Alek Fallon believed he was fated to be alone forever But after meeting Lachlyn, he knows that he s found his mate in the sweet she bear and opens his home to her and her second mate, were bear Jericho Lachlyn is a shifting dud and cannot transform into her bear self When Jericho s father tries to force her into her bear form using a cattle prod, she nearly dies Jericho s father swears to find them, and now Alek, Jericho, and the lion pride are working together to keep everyone safe When the mountain lions enemy interferes, it s not only Lachlyn s life that is on the line, but all of theirs.This book contains plenty of m f m loving, two men who will love their woman to the best of their ability, interfering female lions who don t know when to give up, and a camper used as a honeymoon suite Be prepared for growling, neck biting, ceremonial marking, and a lot of sweethearted male mountain lions who just want to find love.Word Count 53,060

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Loving Lachlyn

  1. A midwesterner by birth, R.E lives on the East Coast now, enjoying the seagulls and the ocean When she s not writing, you ll find her curled up with her Kindle, playing with her kids, or jonesing for chocolate.Author of five series, R.E loves to explore the supernatural and dream about what might be if people really did get furry once a month.

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  1. Jericho knew Lachlyn was his mate, but he had always felt that something was missing before getting up the courage to ask her When she unexpectedly disappeared , Jericho never understood why Now that Lachlyn is back briefly, Jericho plans to not make the same mistake twice, until his father intervenes and puts Lachlyn s life in danger.A bear shifter that can t shift, Lachlyn doesn t believe she will ever be worthy of a mate When Jericho realizes that perhaps they are a triad and need to find the [...]

  2. The second book of the series was as promising as i thought it would be.Alek was broody enough in Callie s book and in Sam s book so now finally he finds his mate in Lachlyn and her other mate Jericho.The twists and turns of the book were intresting enough and the sex scenes hot hot hotough in this book i found it all happening too quickucklesrhaps its me cause i was so caught up in the book.Finished it in one day and have to say that the only thing troubling me is that we already met the next b [...]

  3. I am a devout follower of this author, my knees bear witness What I like about her books and this shows the true talent of R.E Butler, is that her stories are simple, sexy romantic books She doesn t need to embellish her works with over the top baddies or unwarranted graphic sex scenes she delivers true romance Yes, there are sex scenes and yes, there are the baddies it is a book after all , but these never defer from the story, the author manages to blend in all the sub story lines together in [...]

  4. Another great book and loved how we were introduced to the next tri mated group ready for the next book, so can not wait for it, hope its not going to be too long before it comes out.

  5. Loving Lachlyn is R.E Butler s second book in her Ashland Pride series Each book can be read as a standalone book In Loving Lachlyn, Lachlyn is a bear shifter who can t shift Her high school sweetheart is were bear Jericho, son of her den s king After Jericho s father nearly kills her, Jericho and Lachlyn escape and run to her uncle in Ashland In Ashland, Lachlyn meets Alek Fallon, a mountain lion shifter who is also Lachlyn s second mate Together Jericho and Alek do their best to protect Lachly [...]

  6. Loving Lachlyn is a great second book in R.E Butler s Ashland Pride series For those who enjoy her work, you will not be disappointed with this one Full of lions and tigers and bears oh my Well, maybe not the tigers, those are in a different series It s got good bears and bad bears, lions who love with their whole heart and lionesses who are just plain bitchy Thanks R.E for another great read

  7. I finished reading yesterday and loved the story but it keeps me wanting I want the next one now I am not impatient much

  8. this was such a great story, I love how the characters of her books are always able to overcome anything with their family behind them I ve read everything by her and cant wait for the next book

  9. This book may be the 2nd book in the Ashland Pride series but it can easily be read as a stand alone bookough why would you want to deny yourself the chance to read any R.E book I love shifter books and this one didn t disappoint Strong independent heroine, and not one but two amazingly sexy, caring males This is a wonderfully well written story that gives us a chance to escape into a world of romance and excitement but also has some very hot steamy scenes between Lachlyn and her men Alex the se [...]

  10. Another great book The Ashland pride is the family group we all hope to be part of The romance is hot and heavy The characters are outstanding I ve said it before and probably will say again, the worlds that R.E Butler creates are amazing whether they are cities on Earth or on a different plane I am excited for the next book in this seires I have read all of her current books and would recommend each and every one of them.

  11. This is a great second book in the series The story was great and the characters are so endearing Can t wait for the next book I recommend any book that R E Butler has written She is a great story teller.

  12. Loving Lachlyn was greatBut then again any R E Butler book is If you love shifter romance books she is one you need to follow

  13. SweetR.E Butler you have another winner with this series I love all your books and will keep reading I will recommend all your books.

  14. This book was okay Just seem like the author is scared to go there with the sex sceens I mean come on if you re going to write about m f m jeez what s wrong with anal sex I mean really Anyway

  15. Loving Lachlyn is The Second in R.E Butler s Ashland Pride series follows the story of Lachlyn a Shifting were Bear Dud who has been in love with Jericho, Son of the Bear King, since they were kids, But things never felt quiet right between them After a vicious attack by the bear king Lachlyn Jericho finally escape so they can be together.While on the run they meet lonely were lion Alek, Lachlyn realizes she s not destined to have one hot mate but two the lucky minx to spend the rest of her Life [...]

  16. Jericho and Lachlyn leave their former den after Lachlyn getting tortured by Jericho s Dad,the king of the den,because she couldn t shift and so they head for her Uncle Don s home.By some divine fate, Alek and family attend a monthly dinner at the were bear King Don s home at the same that Jericho and Lachlyn are staying there When they realize they are meant to be in tri mating, they go home with Alek and get to know each other better Finally after believing he would never find his true mate, h [...]

  17. Let s start out by saying I m a big fan of this series and R.E.Butler However something about Alex and Jericho didn t quite feel right to me so I felt myself skipping past bits in this book and not enjoying the romance and kick ass moments as much.

  18. We ve picked up right where we left off in the last book but now Ms Butler introduces us to some werebears I don t know what it is about werebears, but they really fascinate me They seem so cuddly but so dangerous at the same time.So Lachlyn is a werebear that can t shift and her on and off boyfriend is the son of the king werebear whose jerk of a dad can t seem to accept that the next king is mated to a dud of a shifter So Lachlyn and Jericho move on but then they find the third in their tri ma [...]

  19. This was a great read, love the spongebob scene This had great insight into the three main characters as well as a few others Was great catching up with the Ashland pride again.Jericho is a very caring, generous,accepting,protective thoughtful mate consodering how his horrible father brought him up and made him do It was great for Jericho to find himself something to do that he was proud of even if it was hard work He would also do whatever he could to make his mate happy.Alek was a great balanc [...]

  20. This book is so amazing I just love this series There is lots of suspense, action, Romance and just the right amount of sex scenes lol The characters are marvelous Jericho is one hot Bear and Alek is a super sexy Lion At first I felt bad for Alek as he was the only one in the pride of his age group and all Lions had tri matings But all was not lost when he meets Jericho and Lachlyn Bear shifters as the Bear mates have found out that Bears some times have tri matings to And it turns out they are [...]

  21. Love this seriesRereading, remembering to review I love this series and its tie ins Alek feel s he is destined to be alone He sees what true mates have and won t settle for less Lachlyn is a bear who is unable to shift Jericho is a clan enforcer and son of the bear king and has loved Lachlyn since childhood Jericho and Lachlyn go on the run after his father tries to I ll her, ending up with her family in Indiana When Lachlyn meets Alek, she has found her other mate A fun and steamy love story.

  22. I have been looking forward to this story since I finished the first Ashland Pride story Those lions yummmm I admit I am a fan of all the stories by R.E Butler and I was once again happy to escape into this strange shape shifting world I liked the quick acceptance if the relationship by not only those in it but also the other pride members My only complaint is the story wasn t quite long enough to built up the tension over the threat from the bears.

  23. Had this series sitting on the Kindle for a whileI like this menage shapeshifter series What s really great about it is the fact that neither H is favored in the story over the other they get equal time overall There s a lot of repetition the same thing or angst, over and over, and over , almost to the point where you think it s just a space filler, so I gave it 3.5 stars.I expect some books since the situation with the female moutain lions is still unresolved.

  24. Loving Lachlyn is a well written story It is written so that you feel you are part of the story Loving Lachlyn gives the feeling that even when you are young and feel like your in love may come true because it was meant to be Just people say I married my high school sweetheart We have know each other from nursery school I really just loved all R.E Butler s books

  25. Alex has finally found his mates Well we ve found out how the female mountain lions know what going on in Ashland And because of their interference and evilness they ve put peoples lives in danger but they don t care about that This story has kidnapping, jealousy and violence This is a fun, entertaining, hot quick read Enjoy I did.

  26. I really liked this book The begining and end was a little wordy, but still really good And OMG those female mountian lions have lost their frickin minds They took revenge to a whole new level But I really cant wsit to read about them

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