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  • [PDF] Th Mango Tree | by ☆ Ronald McKie
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  1. Ronald Cecil Hamlyn McKie was a fifth generation Austrlian He was educated at the Brisbane Grammar School and the University of Queensland, and then worked as a journalist on newspapers in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore and China In WW2 he served in the AIF and as a war correspondent with the British in Burma, and with British US armies in Italy, reporting on the Potsdam Conference in Berlin and the trial of Vidkum Quisling in Norway at the end of the war In 1952 he was the first Australian journalist to receive a Smith Mundt Fellowship from the US State Department and spent six months in the US His first novel The Mango Tree won the Miles Franklin award in 1974 His other books include best welling war documentaries Proud Echo and The Heroes, and his political and social books include This was Singapore, Malaysia in Focus, The Company of Animals Bali, and Singapore.

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