Manless in Montclair: Love, Loss, Excessive Dating

Manless in Montclair Love Loss Excessive Dating Being short with big boobs means living life off balance Isabel knows this all too well at ve feet nothing with a tendency to tip over in heels she s struggled for twenty ve years to make clothes ca

Being short with big boobs means living life off balance Isabel knows this all too well at ve feet nothing with a tendency to tip over in heels, she s struggled for twenty ve years to make clothes, careers, and boyfriends t Enter Michael Divorced father, recovering alcoholic, and fteen years her senior he was the last guy she thought would make the cut But when heBeing short with big boobs means living life off balance Isabel knows this all too well at ve feet nothing with a tendency to tip over in heels, she s struggled for twenty ve years to make clothes, careers, and boyfriends t Enter Michael Divorced father, recovering alcoholic, and fteen years her senior he was the last guy she thought would make the cut But when he proposed over a pastrami sandwich in a New York City deli on the anniversary of their rst date, Isabel knew, improbably, that he was the one.Fifteen mostly happy years and two kids later, Isabel walks into her living room to discover her husband dead on the floor, leaving her a widow at forty one At Michael s funeral, a guest solemnly informs her that the of cial mourning period for a Jewish widow is thirty days At that moment, Isabel can t imagine a time when she will stop grieving Not helping the process is this as a single mom living in the very married suburbs, for the rst time in fteen years Isabel once again just doesn t t in It takes her younger daughter s request for a new daddy to set Isabel on a journey through online dating, shifty matchmakers, and painfully orchestrated singles dinners But after endless dates and a story on page three of the Daily News, Isabel begins to realize that another man may not be the answer and, surprisingly, that s when things begin to change for the better

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Manless in Montclair: Love, Loss, Excessive Dating

  1. Amy Holman Edelman moved to New York after college to become a clothing designer After failing miserably, she fell into a career as a publicist and started her own company six months before her first child was born She is the author of The Little Black Dress, which explores how the little black dress influenced contemporary fashion, art, literature, and film In 2001 her husband of 12 years died unexpectedly The following holiday, her youngest daughter asked for a daddy The following year she began looking for another man and discovered dating in the 21st century as a 43 year old widow with two kids Her happy ending was reported in the New York Times Vows section on October 7, 2007.

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  1. What married woman hasn t contemplated the what if question of losing your spouse in an unexpected death So far my plan includes the people I would call first to drown with me in my tears and then I vacillate between whether I d take a very strong tranquilizer or take my first dip into a very strong drink After that I don t want to think about after that .In this story, Isabell faces just such a scenario as her husband Michael suddenly dies Written with a sweetness, wittiness and sarcasm peppere [...]

  2. Moments of humor, distracting narrative style, somewhat lacking in coherence or continuity Cutesy, light read in the chick lit genre My laugh out loud moment was one I don t dare quote, but it concerned a reason for divorce involving pink poodle costumes Priceless.

  3. Not my usual book genre, but I had to read it because it takes place in my hometown Turns out, it was kinda cute Fluffy, but likeable.

  4. When I read a Chick lit I expect only enough realism to keep the plot from flying away and fewer innuendos then it takes to make me gag It s a fluffy read that I expect to enjoy for the moment alone so that I can then move on Manless in Montclair fulfilled all of these requirements except for the gag one, but I m pretty sure that was because my mom had Big Bang Theory playing in the background during one of the heavy laden parts On average I give a Chick Lit about four stars, which is what seri [...]

  5. I ll be frank here, as always The first thing that came to my mind was what s up with the cover but then I moved on to the reading part thankfully and after that the cover didn t matter Yes, really.I didn t pay heed to the title or the blurb which I always make a point not to read So going in there blindly, I read some and then some and formed an opinion oh, so this is how the book will proceed , only to read a few pages and see it turning out in the opposite direction This war between my mind [...]

  6. The Kindle version was cheap on , and it had decent reviews, so I ordered it If I could, I d give it 2 1 2 stars I m really glad I had this on my Kindle because 1 I hate the title of the book and 2 would you look at that cover Terrible I d be so embarrassed to be carrying that around in public.Anyway, the story is about Isabel who is in her early forties when her husband Michael suddenly passes away After Michael dies, Isabel tries to get back on her feet, and after a request from her daughter f [...]

  7. Isabel s friend thinks she should ask the cute guy in the deli out for coffee A man who works in a deli was not exactly what she was aspiring to but she invited him anyway On their coffee date she discovers that he is 15 years older than her, is divorced with two kids, and is a recovering alcoholic She is certainly all that she doesn t need and yet they fall for each other They lead a relatively happy life and have two children but then Michael suddenly dies leaving Isabel to find her way alone [...]

  8. This was a pretty run of the mill story of a young woman who tries to figure out her life, finds love, has two children, becomes a widow at age 42, needs time to recover from her loss, tries various dating techniques, and of course finds love again.The author clearly strives for sex in the city type hipness, but can t quite pull it off The writing is bland, and even the most emotionally charged moments fall flat Much of the story is stereotypical young woman trying to make it in the city, the be [...]

  9. This book was okay I liked the beginning where it flipped back and forth between present day and flash backs to how she and her husband met, fell in love, had kids, ect What I didn t like was how she reacted to her husbands deathIt seemed she hardly grieved, aside from one scene where she breaks down I guess everyone grieves in their own way, but he had barely been dead and she was already thinking about how she needed a new husband.

  10. This book was okay There were several good laughs However, there were a few inconsistencies in the story which threw off my reading I had to re read parts to make sure that it was the story, not me I found that distracting I also think that the ending, which could have wrapped things up well, was rushed.

  11. Pure fluff It s true what other reviewers have said the synopsis is different to the actual story It felt very rushed one second she was married, the next she s not, then she s dating and then her daughter is sick It s like everything was squished in, would have been better if less this happened and the author focused on a few of the topics.

  12. Very well written especially the first few chapters where two storylines were concurrently told I had some trouble connecting to a character who was desperate to get married but it was a fast, enjoyable read with an entire cast of fleshed out characters.

  13. I really enjoyed this book Being single I could relate to Isabel s feelings of being lonely and wanting someone in her life on the one hand and then seeing that being single is not necessarily being alone.

  14. I got this book based on the Montclair, our neighboring town in New Jersey I assumed it was a true story a middle aged woman, suddenly widowed, tries to find a new man and maybe it is, but for whatever reason she decided to fictioalize it Lame.

  15. She should have written this as a memoir, if this is her story The most important part of the book took up a whole 20 pages, and there were 100 pages devoted to crap absolutely meaningless to the story I didn t hate it, but I would not read it again.

  16. Just finished this really nice little book, good narrative, interesting, and it takes place in montclair, kind of so i couldn t resist, but all in all a book that ends using the word naches, can t be too bad, right

  17. Chick lit lite But it kept my interest, moved right along The fact that the story was set in Montclair, a couple of towns away from my hometown in northern NJ helped The author lives there and so there is the right Jersey vibe.

  18. Should have been called Manless in Suburbia I read it strictly b c the title had it set in my hometown There were approximately 3 references to area venues That would have been the whole fun of the read Will pass on to my former classmates just bc.

  19. Written as a novel, reads like a memoir since it s based on true experiences Supposedly set in my hometown by a hometown author, with Montclair in the title, I was hoping the book was setting driven.

  20. Was pleasantly surprised by this book Has it for awhile and kinda bummed I waited so long to start it Sweet and fun approach to finding love after loss.

  21. A book of losing a loved one, thinking you can t go on and when you aren t looking finding love again And discovering how important family and friends are.

  22. Seems like a lot of people dis this book as chick lit or somehow unfocused or not meaningful, but honestly it really spoke to me.

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