Tirade Book three in the Heven and Hell series Betrayal burns Death hurts and the clock ticks Minutes and hours stretch into days How long can Sam survive being confined in Hell I have a plan a plan with a l

Book three in the Heven and Hell series Betrayal burns Death hurts and the clock ticks Minutes and hours stretch into days How long can Sam survive being confined in Hell I have a plan a plan with a lot of holes I need someone who can make up for my weaknesses, someone who possesses the power that I lack Riley is supposed to be off limits He s dangerous, he sBook three in the Heven and Hell series Betrayal burns Death hurts and the clock ticks Minutes and hours stretch into days How long can Sam survive being confined in Hell I have a plan a plan with a lot of holes I need someone who can make up for my weaknesses, someone who possesses the power that I lack Riley is supposed to be off limits He s dangerous, he s mean and he s not to be trusted But I do Beelzebub is on a tirade, bent on revenge I took what he wants and sent him into the flames I will wear the scars of his punishments forever But scars don t scare me any On my way to free Sam I find my true path, a secret place and new allies But in Hell nothing is easy and everything is cruel The only thing left to do is survive.

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  1. Cambria Hebert is a latte sipping author of the Heven Hell series, the Death Escorts series, and the Take It Off series She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens yes, chickens She went to college for a bachelor s degree, couldn t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology So rest assured her characters will always have good hair She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children both human and furry where she is plotting her next book You can find out about Cambria and her work by visiting cambriahebert Like her on Facebook facebook pages Cambri Follow her on Twitter twitter cambriahebertPinterest pinterest cambriahebert pCambria website cambriahebert

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  1. Quick review Cover Interesting Rating PG 13 Thumbs Up 4.5Overall A great sequel in the seriesCharacters Well donePlot Draw strength within yourself to get the job done and keep fighting along the wayPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend SamSUMMARY 50 words or less This was an awesome series sequel It had everything you want I can t spoil and tell you everything, but I wasn t disappointed at all The book started slightly slow but it picked up and zoomed on along the way I ca [...]

  2. This was a good addition to the story, and I mostly enjoyed it.I liked Heven in this, and she managed to stay strong even when things kept going to hell Literally The storyline was good, and there were lots of things that I didn t see coming The romance between Heven and Sam was sweet, and things seemed to work out well apart from an unexpected death or two There was just a little something missing for me though, can t quite put my finger on what it was though.8 out of 10

  3. Tirade was awesome Just as I expected.I am happy to say that, I have finished Tirade and am absolutely thrilled I can t say how much I loved this book LOVED IT man, there is soo much i want add here DThis will be a short review, as I am scared half to death I m going to give something away, and I hate spoilers So, here it is Tirade seemed to pick up right where Charade left off and the reader was found right where cambria left us hangin on the cliff I dove right in, as the first person we get t [...]

  4. I m not sure if this is the moment to drop my jaws in horror for all that went wrong out there Or shout out with glee I FUCKING KNEW IT Damn, but it feels good to be right, for once Tirade was a tiring book too many emotions, too much of drama and I am not sure I am finished processing all of that yet And that motherfucker of an ending Well that is a wholly different dimension that my brain is even not comprehending right now This book was good but of the same In the sense that in the crappy fi [...]

  5. WOW I have always adored this series and It just keeps getting better and better After the massive ending at the end of Charade I couldn t wait to get my hand on Tirade The plot was just absolutely amazing and also paced fast enough to still leave me begging for I loved every single bit of it and I also love how original Cambria s plots have been especially in Tirade The plot continues on from where Charade ended and it just is on a level of its own The characters in this book have grown so muc [...]

  6. Reviewer s Note I won this book as part of the recent Charade Read Along This lucky event has in no way influenced my opinion of the novel I have always been committed to giving honest reviews This series is characterized by pulse pounding excitement, starting with the first book, Masquerade Practically every page of the latest novel, Tirade, has a surprise for the reader Although I dealt with many interruptions while reading this third installment in the Heven and Hell series, I kept coming bac [...]

  7. Genre YA Urban Fantasy Paranormal RomancePublisher Type Indie, SelfMy Rating My Review The Heven Hell books keep getting better and better Heven really grows into her own and continues to discover new things about herself Heven s character growth is one of my favorite things about this whole series and it s great to see her in full out heroine mode in Tirade.She takes crazy risks to do so, but Heven is determined to rescue Sam She seeks out Riley, who everyone Sam included thinks is pure evil He [...]

  8. I did like Tirade better than Charade, but it still left me underwhelmed It s been five days since Sam was left in Hell To say it s been an unpleasant experience would be an understatement But Heven is doing everything she can to prepare to go back for him She s been training to fight demons, and has managed to kill a few who have come after her to get the scroll Then when Beezlebub returns to her dreams, she knows time is running out Heven needs to get Sam out of there whether she s ready or no [...]

  9. I was given a copy of this book for review.Tirade is the third book in the Heven and Hell series and it is even amazing than the other two books Cambria Hebert has a special way of making you feel connected with her characters and the world they live in In this book we get to travel to Hell and back again, in order for Heven to save Sam I loved the way Heven got to grew on her own, while Sam was kept captive Without letting her scars decide who she is supposed to be any she was one of my favor [...]

  10. W O W This book is amazing one surprising twist and emotional ride from start to finish what an amazing come back from the last book I read all day without stopping and it was definitely worth it I love meeting Riley the new character in this series he has a mysterious side but a soft side I laughedreamedd even cried and at the end of the book i was wanting i will never get enough of the heven and hell series or the awesome characters I ve became so close to I can t wait for the next book i kno [...]

  11. Actual rating 4.25This was another good read in the series I really liked Heven and Sam in this one again, they were both strong characters, and they make a cute couple There was loads going on, and there was a few things that happened that i didn t see coming, so Tirade kept my interest all through the book Overall, Great sequel.

  12. Cambria, you did it again I love this series, as well as Heven Sam I am just drawn to Riley with his secrecy darkness I want to know what he is really up to I don t want there to be only one book left though My heart goes out to Logan, he was such a good kid I can t wait to read the next adventure you put Sam Heven through I will be waiting counting down for 4 Amazing job

  13. Man this series just keeps getting better and better I cryed and laughed out loud and even screamed a couple times I love everyone in this book its so hard to pick a favorite I can t wait to read .

  14. Four and a half stars This series continues to excel and this book is action packed from the get go The clock is ticking and Heven is anxious to return to the depths of Hell and rescue Sam Nothing is going to keep her from the boy she loves, if that means she must move Heaven and Hell and kill a few demons to do it, then so be it She is training harder than ever preparing for the fight of her life The days drag on, and Heven, Gemma and Cole still have not found a way to get in and out of Hell wi [...]

  15. Let me first say how crazy good this book was I read it as a beta reader, but I promise you I will be purchasing that one in print as well, as I NEED to have it This series has become such a valuable part of my life I love the characters, I LOVE the plot, I really love the author, and what can I say, I m a sucker for bad boys, so I have a new book boyfriend in Riley I bet anyone who loves an adventure ride, would pick up this series and LOVE it As the third full novel of the series, things are g [...]

  16. I really wanted to make this last but I couldn t help it, it was so good that I completely devoured it Now I am going to be sad until the next one is out Full review to come soon Review I adore Cambria, she is so amazing, as a person and as a writer and although I do adore her, my review of this series isn t biased at all, because that just wouldn t be cool.So I feel no guilt whatsoever in saying that I LOVE this series I really, really do It is just kick butt and made of awesomesauce.And speaki [...]

  17. I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed the first two books and the short stories of this series and I was really excited about getting an ARC of Tirade Too bad I got a bit disappointed or maybe my expectations were a bit too high I didn t like the direction the story took and I got annoyed at too many small things that happened.The story takes a darker turn in this book, much darker than the previous books I don t particularly like dark books, but if a series s [...]

  18. I received an ARC from the author for this one I have to say I was so happy to return back to this world I felt like I have been gone too long but the author made it well worth the wait I loved this book even than the pervious books and I didn t think that would be possible The author s writing has just gotten better and better and she really knows how to keep you hooked and wanting I loved everything about this book and can t wait for the next one.I of course was happy to get back into this b [...]

  19. Well, Riley as much as you don t want to like him, you just do Hoping the good will shine through Loved catching up with Sam and Hever, although this was a very dark book, It took me a little longer to read this book, and I had to keep putting it down, even though I didn t want to, I wanted to be able to read this in one sitting Absolutely loved how Hever just kept getting stronger even though she kept having all that bad stuff thrown at her I so wanted Beezlebub to get what he deserved Sam was [...]

  20. I m a big fan of this series so I was excited for the latest title and it didn t disappoint Though I d still say Charade is my favourite so far because of its shock factor, I still loved every bit of Tirade, it doesn t stop giving right the way through, the gang and Heven get into some hairy situations, it was a great ride watching them go through them and seeing how they handled the situations and came out the other side.If you ve read the previous books then you already know the writing is gre [...]

  21. Review does not contain spoilers if you have not read previous books in the series Once again, I was not disappointed by this book The perfect amount of twists and turns, and non stop something happening Again, I couldn t put it down I really like how Heven slowly changes throughout the books, affected by everything that goes on around her, but the author never losing site of the fact that she is 17, and still has normal 17 year old life events, rules and thoughts.Again, there are characters in [...]

  22. The best yet Cambria just keeps putting out great reads Her story telling just gets better with every book I read Charade left us off at a big cliffhanger It is so hard not to spoil the story with a review of a book you 3 I want to tell all about everything I loved.A new, or should I say reintroduced character Riley makes a great addition to this series You know you should hate him, but you just can t help but love him He is tall dark and handsome Other than dark past whats not too love The ques [...]

  23. When you come home, what s the first thing you want to do Touch you.What s the first thing you want to eat Your lips.Where s the first place you want to go Anywhere with you Heven and Sam Sam rushed forward, his wide hands splayed against my ribs and lifting me off the ground His touch seared me, set every cell in me on fire and turned my brain to mush I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist and hugged him hard, never intending to let go I wasn t ever letting go Heven Gone wa [...]

  24. Oh my goodness,I am so hooked on this series I couldn t put Tirade down,almost read it in one sitting.It was so action packed.Kept me glued to the book.The ending was what I ve been waiting for I knew someone knew what they were saying Heven and her friends will face impossibilities,betrayal,unity,love,and heartache So Sam is stuck in hell,leaving Heven with no protection from the thwarts of Beelzebub and his demons.Now she must find a way for her had her friends to rescue Sam.Though that may s [...]

  25. So far this one was my favorite of the series I simply couldn t put it down and the action was pretty much nonstop through the entire thing.It starts out with Sam being trapped in Hell and Heven living through hell knowing she left him there and all the danger she s in now, without him there to protect her The things that Sam is put through during his residency in Hell are absolutely horrific And the only thing pulling him through is his Mindbond with Heven Heven s life isn t much easier as she [...]

  26. Tirade is definitely a page turner This series thus far has been absolutely amazing and I am excited to read the final book in the series Author Cambria Hebert knows how to captivate her reads from beginning to end The Heven and Hell Series is a must read series, especially for reader who love an amazing paranormal read that will pull you in so much it will be as if you were there watching everything play out I love all of the character in the book but of course Sam is my favorite along with Gra [...]

  27. This book was probably the most heart wrenching one for me Maybe a little because I knew the end was coming and also because of how Heven grows up in this book In the previous she was immature, a little whiny, and a little frustrating at times In this book she is becoming a strong young woman trying to find her way and dealing with life without Sam, her mom, and the continuous attacks Then comes Riley I have to admit that for a time I was team Riley, but I just couldn t stop loving Sam, and neit [...]

  28. Even the strongest adversaries had weaknesses I just had to figure out what it was and exploit it.Betrayed by her close friend, Heven is forced to leave Sam behind Minutes stretch to days, and Heven s rescue plan is full of holes And full of danger.This installment of the Heven and Hell series picks up with Sam in Hell and Heven desperate for his release She seeks out Riley, Sam s dangerous ex roommate, in the hopes that he can aid her Full of the lifelike characters readers have come to expect [...]

  29. Every book in this series has just gotten better and better I love that the cast of characters is small and doesn t grow a whole lot, it makes it easier to remember LOVED Riley in this book, LOVED Ana in this book and LOVED the Devourer Heven goes through a lot in this book a lot of it very sad and my heart just goes out to her I love how the characters have grown together in personality and as a family I love how Heven can see the good in people enough to give them a chance and to forgive them [...]

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