A Woman Named Jackie: An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

A Woman Named Jackie An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis A biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

A biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

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A Woman Named Jackie: An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

  1. C David Heymann is the internationally known author of such New York Times bestselling books as The Georgetown Ladies Social Club RFK A Candid Biography of Robert F Kennedy Poor Little Rich Girl The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton and A Woman Named Jackie An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Three of his works have been made into award winning NBC TV miniseries A three time Pulitzer Prize nominee, he lives and works in Manhattan.

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  1. I have read a number of volumes about Mrs Onassis you see I call her that because I respected her the only think that Mr Heyman yes pronounced as you would suspect and of which he reminds me of got rightin this loathsome tale is her name Mrs Onassis was a smart woman who did a fairly decent job raising her children That wasn t easy considering that she was a cultural icon Yes, she married Onassis for his money and so what if she did She had lost her beloved brother in law to a murderer and was f [...]

  2. Now I understand where the epithet Ice Princess came from when describing Jackie O the woman owned diamonds than Tutankhamen And she was astonishingly blase about them She referred to non rich, non famous people as simple people, and carped about how her dresses should be original because she didn t want to see fat little housewives hopping about in dresses like hers She chafed at a 200,000 per annum salary given her by the Kennedy family which, it must be admitted, was chump change to them yet [...]

  3. A gossip filled account of Jackie O s life I was new to Jackie, but I d been curious to read what exactly she was like Certainly many people had opinions on Jackie, which are quoted in full here, for readers to come to their own conclusion, for the author is irritatingingly circumspect about giving his own take on Jackie, stating in essence who knows only Jackie herself If you can wade throught the snitty backbiting, what emerges is a rather self absorbed shallow park avenue princess, who one fe [...]

  4. A shame that Heymann published his biography in 1989, I m unaware of any updates just four years later he could have completed the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.My Kennedy book collection usually relates to the killings of JFK and RFK, so this book is off my customary reading trail, however, for 1 in a charity shop, I couldn t resist A Woman Named Jackie is just one of the many biogs exposures that are available on this subject, and C David Heymann covers over six hundred pages with the ins [...]

  5. A Woman Named Jackie, by C David Heymann, follows the incredibly scandalous and illustrious life of the one and only Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis It begins from the start of her slightly tragic childhood, exposing the intimate details of her formative years, from her parents divorce to her schooling It follows her life on the campaign trail, issues of John F Kennedy s infidelity, and the years following the death of her husband This book serves as a tell all for the incredibly controve [...]

  6. I read Sarah Bradford s detailed bio on Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis which covered her from birth to her death in 1994 I really enjoyed it, but this one by Heymann was fun to read The author unearthed a large amount of information that Bradford s biography didn t have whether by choice or not I don t know It certainly isn t as flattering to the late Mrs Onassis as America s Queen is However it isn t written to be bitchy and mean Its just that the real woman behind the legend isn t terribl [...]

  7. If you ve ever been the least bit curious about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis as a style icon, a First Lady, a cultural preservationist, a 20th century figure read this book Truman Capote, Little Edie Beale Grey Gardens and others share stories that reveal the cold hearted, mercenary black widow she was a secretive woman who enjoyed bleeding everyone dry, who would turn on you on a whim, who would promise financial aid and not deliver it The JFK years are especially intriguing, with tales o [...]

  8. I didn t actually get very far pg 183 , but I was horribly disappointed The cover is promising, but all hope should end there What annoyed me the most was Heymann s unending description of JFK s affairs That s not why I was reading this Further, the information he gave on her was basic and poorly written If you re interested in learning about Jackie Kennedy Onassis, look elsewhere.

  9. This is all and that I ve ever wanted to know about Jackie Onassis It is hard to know what to believe Although I tend to suspect very little exageration in this book as there were so many interviews etc that make up this book This book named names, dates, and places.

  10. What courage, faith, and elegance this woman had If you appreciate Jacquueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis as a woman read her story Really appreciated the way she fought for herself using manners.

  11. As a bibliophile who has read dozens of books on Jackie and the Kennedys, this title remains at the top of my list and a personal favorite due to the depth and great attention given to the former first lady While many books span only her only years, White House years, or Jackie O years, Heymann pays careful detail and respect to all aspects and corners of her life, leaving no stone unturned while telling memorable stories Further evidence of the books s superiority is found in the TV miniseries [...]

  12. It took me almost a year to read this tome I finished it because I owe it to the book, not the author to finish it Overall disappointing Many books have been written about Jacqueline Kennedy this is one your don t need to read I found this book at an antique store for 6 I couldn t pass it up, but it will have a place on my book shelves to fill up space.

  13. Ova je knjiga pisana tra erski Ima jako malo injeni nih podataka izvu enih iz slu benih dokumenata Kod ve eg broja citata nije naveden izvor i na mahove je bilo te ko pratiti tok misli autora, jer je nabacivao podatke kojima je jedina poveznica bila Jackie naprimjer napi e re enicu o nekom Jakienom prijatelju onda o njezinoj k eri, potom o nekom doga aju doslovno po re enicu o svakome u istom pasusu , a da te tri stvari nemaju ni jednu drugu zajedni ku crtu osim Jacki dakle prijatelj je Jackien, [...]

  14. This book is a most readable discussion about a woman caught in the spotlight for most of her life It begins with Jackie s childhood, background about her family and the divorce of her parents The animosity between her parents affected her profoundly Jackie became a very private person drawing deep within herself I couldn t help wondering if she ever trusted anyone I do feel that she must have been insecure She did have a coming out party and was named debutante of the year but she did not menti [...]

  15. Pertama kali saya baca buku ini saat saya masih SMA dan terus saya baca berulang ulang biografi ttg Jackie Kennedy, first lady dari almarhum Presiden John F Kennedy Kenapa Karena saya gak mudeng waktu pertama kali baca biografi ini Saya juga merasa buku ini beda drpd yg biasanya saya baca Baru setelah saya makin dewasa, saya baru mengerti dimana letak bagusnya buku ini.Biografi ini memang rada menyimpang cara penulisannya dibandingkan penulis biografi pada umumnya, tetapi disanalah sisi uniknya [...]

  16. Started disliking Jackie first when I read how mean spirited and how shallow she was But then most of the upper class people in the book were also similar the major difference was her strength and resilience That was remarkable With many celebrities dying from alcohol and drug abuse, she maintained sanity For that, a hat off from me She did not have an easy life from the very beginning.

  17. I found this on the bathroom floor in the guestroom I think my godmother left it for me Either way, I started reading it in the bathroom and found that it reads quite well like a bathroom book Informative and interesting but not one to carry out to the living room I did, however, opt for this rather than Oscar Wilde s little brown book when utilizing my bathroom time I really liked learning about her family s past quite a lot I hadn t known before.

  18. As an avid reader of Kennedy biographies and history it seems to me that this book, than any other, presents Jackie as pretentious, greedy, cold, elitist, materialistic and manipulative While the author seemed to have conducted extensive research, one gets the sense that there was an axe to grind or a driving bias behind this portrayal Balanced it is not.That said, like other Kennedy biographies, it is interesting and full of facts noted elsewhere, but not my favorite by any means.

  19. Long but worth it The most detailed biography I ve ever read, of not only the former First Lady, but of anyone, really Delicious particulars dropped into this deeply personal life history make it intensely interesting This was my second reading and I found even quotables and wisdom from Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis than the first go round.

  20. Any review of mine on this book is certainly biased as I adore Jackie herself and remain fascinated by her fantastic life Having said that, it s a well written biography of one of the most inspirational women of the last century that I personally look up in so many ways it s beyond anything to just go through her colourful life full of brilliant moments and yet so many down points

  21. I bought this book for 1 at a library sale and it was almost like a textbook than a biography Tt was heavily researched, as shown by lengthy interviews by stablehands who once assisted the young Jackie with her pony, all the way through to miscellaneous White House aides Almost too many fascinating facts, and a lot of speculation.

  22. Interesting in the fact that this book puts many sides of her apparent public personalities together The poor me stong victim and the money grabbing attention seeker Who knows which is the truth, or maybe all are, as we are all multifacted people

  23. Definitely not the story of the century Take this book with a boulder of salt Jackie Onassis would never let slip this many facts about her life, so much of this book is inferred or gathered from journalist sources

  24. Couldn t read in its entirety Almost too much detail Became re invigorated with Jackie O after reading the book by her secret service man.

  25. I read this book when I was 14 and I am in love with the Kennedy s I think that this was a wonderful book

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