The Murderers Among Us

The Murderers Among Us In a drab Vienna office a very ordinary looking man pours over the letters and documents strewn across his desk His name is Simon Wiesenthal He is balding slightly paunchy and usually dressed in a

In a drab Vienna office, a very ordinary looking man pours over the letters and documents strewn across his desk His name is Simon Wiesenthal He is balding, slightly paunchy, and usually dressed in a plain, gray business suit Yet, this man is the most feared avenger in the world, and his inconspicuous office is the center of an incredible international tracking networIn a drab Vienna office, a very ordinary looking man pours over the letters and documents strewn across his desk His name is Simon Wiesenthal He is balding, slightly paunchy, and usually dressed in a plain, gray business suit Yet, this man is the most feared avenger in the world, and his inconspicuous office is the center of an incredible international tracking network responsible for the capture of nearly 1,000 notorious Nazi s Adolf Eichmann, Franz Stangl, Commandant of the Sobibor and Treblinka death camps, Murer, the Butcher of Wilna, Silberbauer, the Gestapo agent who arrested Anne Frank the list of his clients reads like a Who s Who of HellTHE MURDERERS AMONG US is the terrifying story of this man, and of how and why he earned the label, The world s most relentless Nazi Hunter Reads like a fascinating detective thriller.You just can t lay the book down SATURDAY REVIEW AN ABSORBING NIGHTMARE TALEIT IS ALL TRUE, BUT THE READER MUST PINCH HIMSELF TO BELIEVE IT MIAMI HERALD

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The Murderers Among Us

  1. Simon Wiesenthal, KBE, was an Austrian Jewish architectural engineer and Holocaust survivor who became famous after World War II for his work as a Nazi hunter who pursued Nazi war criminals in an effort to bring them to justice.Following four and a half years in the German concentration camps such as Janowska, Plaszow, and Mauthausen during World War II, Wiesenthal dedicated most of his life to tracking down and gathering information on fugitive Nazis so that they could be brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity In 1947, he co founded the Jewish Historical Documentation Center in Linz, Austria, in order to gather information for future war crime trials Later he opened Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna Wiesenthal wrote The Sunflower, which describes a life changing event he experienced when he was in the camp.A biography by Guy Walters asserts that many of Wiesenthal s claims regarding his education, wartime experiences and Nazi hunting exploits are false or exaggerated Walters calls Wiesenthal s claims an illusion mounted for a good cause It is difficult to establish a reliable narrative of Wiesenthal s life due to the inconsistencies between his three memoirs which are in turn all contradicted by contemporary records It is partly thanks to Wiesenthal that the Holocaust has been remembered and properly documented.Wiesenthal died in his sleep at age 96 in Vienna on September 20, 2005, and was buried in the city of Herzliya in Israel on 23 September He is survived by his daughter, Paulinka Kriesberg, and three grandchildren The Simon Wiesenthal Center, located in Los Angeles in the United States, is named in his honor.

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  1. This is not the 5 star block buster book that absorbs you and makes you forget about your responsibilities, that to do list, and let s you get away Instead, it s the book that sobers you to life s realities and reminds you that humans are animals and it is our choices that make us humane We are not born that way, necessarily, but we learn it by becoming compassionate through seeing suffering and empathizing with it.Mr Simon Wiesenthal was truly a compassionate man because even after losing his e [...]

  2. This book is both a great portrait of Simon Wiesenthal s campaign for justice for the victims of the Holocaust as well as a history of the perpetrators of Nazi crimes the ones that escaped via ODESSA and other means, and the ones who were brought to some kind of justice The book is filled with examples of the ideological and emotional fallout of the Holocaust from the individuals who crossed Simon Wiesenthal s path to the greater German and especially Austrian societies characterized by varying [...]

  3. This very early Wiesenthal book is one of his best Simon is a wonderful story teller, managing to describe his various hunts with humor and in captivating style, and when this book was writte, he was still his initial self, without too much of the world s fuss and friction around him In this book you can also find Simon s story of his experience in the holocaust, the part he was willing to detail this early in his writing career.Highly recommended, I enjoyed this book.

  4. Persistence pays off I think this story is a great reminder of why we cannot give up I was appalled that nation s thought it was important to forgive forget the horrible things the Nazis did in the Holocaust Having a statue of limitations on mass torture murder when the Nazis had no limits really on their sadism wealth connections to escape Odessa.Wiesenthal reminds us that we CANNOT EVER FORGET

  5. No est mal para aquellos a quienes interesen estos temas Revela muchos aspectos desconocidos sobre la segunda querra muncial y, en especial, detalles de los cr menes nazis Est escrito en los a os 60, de modo que habla en presente o en pasado reciente de muchos acontecimientos que para nosotros, hoy d a, ya quedan lejos.

  6. Utterly fascinating Tale of a concentration camp survivor who then spent decades tracking down Naxi war criminals Stories of what they did, where they hid, how they were found along with witness accounts from those in the camps Renewed my desire to read about the Holocaust.

  7. Excellent book on the pursuit of the Nazis by Simon Wiesenthal He lived the disgrace by the German government to rise to hunt them down.

  8. This is a story you will never forget Amidst the horrors of the Holocaust, Wiesenthal s humanity and integrity shines through The title is made very clear when Wiesenthal took his daughter to a trial of a Nazi accused of a multitude of murderers His daughter stared at the Nazi and said that he looked like everyone else How did her father find them to bring them to justice Her father nodded thoughtfully and told her that that was the problem They look like everyone else and they live among us.

  9. This book has an interesting niche when it comes to writings about the aftermath of World War II For a variety of reasons, I tend to reflect often about the problem of anti Semitism 1 , and this book provides the immensely worthwhile perspective of someone who barely survived World War II and then devoted his postwar life to helping bring the murderers of the SS to justice from his base in Austria One can understand his passion for justice to the extent that one has survived injustice, and it ma [...]

  10. Inhoud Gedocumenteerd relaas van de Oostenrijker die onmiddelijk na zijn bevrijding uit het concentratiekamp Mauthausen een intensieve jacht begon op intussen naar Arabische of Zuid Amerikaanse landen ontsnapte oorlogsmisdadigers In dit boek vertelt Wiesenthal hoe hij erin slaagde de geheimen van ODESSA de organisatie die oorlogsmisdadigers hielp ontsnappen te ontsluieren en Eichmann en vele andere oorlogsmisdadigers op te sporen.Waardering Het vertelt het verhaal over Wiesenthal, die gelijk na [...]

  11. This book gives some of stories of Wiesenthal s clients the Nazis he located and help bring to justice And some of those who managed to escape justice It s amazing to me the perspective that he was able to maintain he was not consumed with hate or bitterness, just a need to see justice done by all sides He is someone I would love to meet maybe that will be possible in the next phase of life.

  12. Um documento hist rico verdadeiramente impressionante, de um homem que dedicou toda a sua vida a procurar e tentar levar justi a os criminosos de guerra nazis Uma miss o de uma vida com mais derrotas que vit rias, contra um sistema judicial do p s guerra fortemente comprometido com esse passado terr vel Admira pela tenacidade e for a de vontade a luta de Wiesenthal contra o esquecimento Recomendo sem duvida.

  13. The emotions felt while reading this book was difficult to explain Someone actually had to hunt down the monsters that left one of the darkest marks on human history Seriously Not so proud about my species.

  14. This book is well organized and well written truly interesting to read about the past of the author, his experiences during the Holocaust and most of all his journey fighting for justice during the decades following the war.

  15. I first watched the Netflix documentary called I Have Never Forgotten You about Simon Weisenthal, the famous Nazi hunter, which let me to this memoir It is a remarkable story told by a remarkable man.

  16. I read this book shortly after it was published It has never been forgotten It stands as a testimony to man s ability to subjugate those who are weaker or considered inferior.

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