Strange Stories, Amazing Facts

Strange Stories Amazing Facts The Reader s Digest Book of Strange Stories Amazing Facts Stories that are Bizarre Unusual Odd Astonishing Incredible But TrueSome Sample chapters from the book are Was Atlantis a legend or fact

The Reader s Digest Book of Strange Stories, Amazing Facts Stories that are Bizarre, Unusual, Odd, Astonishing, Incredible But TrueSome Sample chapters from the book are Was Atlantis a legend or fact The building of the Great Pyramid of CheopsHistory of the can opener

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Strange Stories, Amazing Facts

  1. The Reader s Digest Association, Inc is a global media and direct marketing company based in Chappaqua, New York, best known for its flagship publication founded in 1922, Reader s Digest The company s headquarters are in New York City, where it moved from Pleasantville, New York.The company was founded by DeWitt and Lila Wallace in 1922 with the first publication of Reader s Digest magazine, but has grown to include a diverse range of magazines, books, music, DVDs and online content.

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  1. This book was on the shelf of my grandmother s house when I was a child It may have influenced me than any other text in or out of print, and has acquainted me with all manner of things bizarre, paranormal, and futurist The woman who channeled Franz Liszt s symphonies from beyond the grave, the guy who sold the Brooklyn Bridge, Spring Heeled Jack, the Chinese Chess Playing Automaton Hoax or hundreds of other fantastic, bite size tales all of these and I have read and re read and then read agai [...]

  2. My grandma had a copy of this book, and I would always pick it up when we visited Finally, she insisted that I take it and keep it There are so many interesting stories in here of science, history, social studies, disasters, and mysteries It kept me fascinated for a long time And for a 15 year old girl, I could always whip out some interesting factoid on people in discussions, and hear things like Wow Where did you learn THAT Right here in this nifty encyclopedia of the weird and intriguing I m [...]

  3. I was just randomly browsing through my books on GR when I came across this Of course, now I know that the facts reported by Reader s Digest are mostly fantasy, but this book gave me an introduction to many fascinating things which I had no knowledge of it also kindled an interest for the bizarre in me.A nice read if you take it with a pinch of salt.

  4. whoa nellie, is this still in print YAHOOO This isn t the well loved, straightforward red and gold cover of the copy I had which i think was originally my grandmother s book but i was TOTALLY addicted to this book as a kid I read and re read many of the stories, sometimes scaring myself half to death, sometimes convinced I was actually a descendant of the Romanov family, sometimes sure I should begin my careeer as a paranormal investigator It could not get awesome as an 8 or 9 year old than thi [...]

  5. Like many others, I acquired this book from my grandparents who had passed it on to my parents Also like many others, this book influenced me in ways no other book has It took my 10 year old mind on a ride and I never got off of it and thank you for that This book, written before the days of our ever fact checking internet era had my mind spun with crazy tales that stretched across many subjects and kept me ever entertained There are few books from my childhood that I remember so well At 34 year [...]

  6. In the 70s, ghosts still existed and many of the stories of the supernatural presented here seemed, at the least, plausible We had a copy of this on the bookshelf when I was a kid and I read it cover to cover and back again a few times Of course, most of the stories have dated in a somewhat delightful manner especially the section dealing with predictions of the future, which has repeatedly failed to deliver me the comfortable life in an underwater city it promised but I m not giving it five sta [...]

  7. This was my grandparent s book and I would sneak away and read it whenever we visited their home Although I was only 8 years old I quickly became hooked on the macabre stories, the creepy legends, and most of all, the scary pictures That was all the way back in 1982.The book now rests here on my very own bookshelf My grandparents were nice enough to let me have it the very same copy I would hide away with to enter the realm of Strange Stories and Amazing Facts.In terms of who might enjoy this bo [...]

  8. My favorite of the Reader Digest Books my parents amassed when I was young When my mom downsized several months ago she sent it to me because I was always reading it and it has spent the last few months on my bedside table The book is a compilation of just what the title says Strange Stories and Amazing Facts Subjects run the gamut from space and nature to science and engineering to my favorite sections of legends and unsolved mysteries, hoaxes and interesting bits of creepy history Less frighte [...]

  9. SSR REVIEW by Max NicklausI read strange stories amazing facts the title pretty much describes the book Is tells of things like how lightning hit a gunpowder storage and killed hundreds It is actually very fascinating, I learned things I never would have learned otherwise The book really did not have a typical plot line, but rather has a collection of smaller ones There were a lot of stats and things we never really think of So I definitely liked the book for how informative it is Though in like [...]

  10. My grandfather who found it really irritating if I called him Grandfather , so I did it often because even as a kid I was hilarious was into all this paranormal stuff but not openly Like he kept all these books around but never really talked about it He was also a Masonic Grand Master two times.I read this repeatedly as a kid when I d stay with my grandparents The stories about the Devil s footprints in the snow somewhere in England stuck with me the most and kept me up late into the night When [...]

  11. My boss Jo gave me this book about a week ago and the first thing that drew me in was the cover because I love it when books just have simple cover with the writing on and knew it would let look great on my shelf The book itself is quite big, with over 500 pages it looks quite intimidating I must say though it really was an interesting book, I especially loved the supernatural section I don t really know if everything in it is fact but I can deal with that The only thing that got me was how long [...]

  12. This is an all time favorite, a book I ve been reading and rereading since I was a kid I especially loved the astronomy and supernatural sections of the book, though the sections about con artists throughout the years was good as well This book has something for everyone, and while some of the sections might be a bit dated by this point in time notably the sections about technology , I m sure it s a selection I d be happy to pick up and read again and again and again and

  13. Found this on a bookshelf collecting dust Man there are some very cool weird things in here, especially the unsolved mysteries.

  14. Amazing book I read this when I was in elementary and high school and it was originally my great grandfather s A must read

  15. These are certainly some strange stories I skip over all the ghost stories, etc but otherwise, some good historical accounts.

  16. I remember the first time I took this book off the shelf at home and read an article about a suitcase that double as a life preserver, and another about a device so you could tip your hat without using your hands.That would have been almost 30 years ago, and I m still just picking this book up from time to time and reading random articles These days it s interesting to see that some of the engineering projects written off by the book like the Chunnel , have now, finally been completed, and some [...]

  17. This book was a major influence on me as a child I have surely read it cover to cover than once, and it s chock full of historical tidbits, both mysterious and bizarre I can say that I literally love it.

  18. This was my book OBSESSION when I was a kid I carried this thing everywhere I went I read my favorite stories in here dozens of times I loved the paranormal ones, historical oddities, and mysteries the best I even bought another copy as an adult after the original was destroyed in a house fire This book did to boost my imagination than anything else I ever read did.

  19. I love this book, even though 85 percent of it is outdated, and most of it is sensationally written Anyone know of a modern version of a book like this A compendium of ghost stories, eccentrics, hoaxes, black magic, the supernatural, cryptozoology

  20. My dad let me read this when I was very young As an adult I have it on my own bookshelf This will always been one of my favorite reads Although outdated now, I still enjoy flipping through it The horror stories still give me chills

  21. Have had this book since I was a kid Still like to think of some of the stories as being good campfire tales.

  22. I devoured this during my first Alaskan winter I still remenber and anticipated the next subject covered It is crammed with EVERYTHING.

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