The Book of Love

The Book of Love Maureen Paschal thought she might rest and work on her book after discovering the gospel written by Mary Magdalene that revealed Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married The truth of their story rocked t

Maureen Paschal thought she might rest and work on her book after discovering the gospel written by Mary Magdalene that revealed Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married The truth of their story rocked the world and made Maureen a target of those who did not like her discovery and a heroine to those who did Then Maureen receives a strange package containing what looks likeMaureen Paschal thought she might rest and work on her book after discovering the gospel written by Mary Magdalene that revealed Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married The truth of their story rocked the world and made Maureen a target of those who did not like her discovery and a heroine to those who did Then Maureen receives a strange package containing what looks like an ancient letter written in Latin and signed with a symbol She discovers that its author is an extraordinary woman whom history has overlooked or covered up Countess Matilda of Tuscany, and in the letter Matilda demands the return of her most precious books and documents Maureen soon finds herself in a race across Italy and France, where hidden dangers await her and her lover, Berenger, as they begin to realize that they are on the trail of another explosive discovery the Book of Love, the Gospel written in Jesus own hand As Maureen learns about Matilda, an eleventhcentury warrior countess who was secretly married to a pope, she begins to see the eerie connections between herself and Matilda, connections she must trace to their source if she is to stop the wrong people from finding the Book of Love and hiding it forever Weaving together Matilda s little known true story and Maureen s thrilling search, The Book of Love follows two amazing heroines as their stories intertwine through time Maureen is immersed in the mysteries of the labyrint

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The Book of Love

  1. Kathleen McGowan is an internationally published writer whose work has appeared on five continents and in at least fifteen languages She is notable for her claim to be the descendant of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene

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  1. I just read alot of the reviews Seems to me that there are two camps one which is severely disappointed by it being a rip off of DaVinci Code Gosh , aren t people who write historical fiction allowed to use the same historical thread for a platform Others, like myself really enjoyed it because it is fun to simply think about things History is always written by the victors, but as near as we can tell, it is factual that the Church did cherry pick from the myriad of written biblical records to pro [...]

  2. I did not feel as though this book lived up to the hype surrounding it The characters were right out of a corny romance novel, and were not worthy of such a long winded novel I don t know, maybe it was the title as well as the cover which smacked of those silly romance novels This just didn t do it for me Maybe her next one will be better

  3. It is difficult to critique one of an author s books without comparing it to his or her other books The Expected One was literally a revelation to me It opened my eyes, mind, and heart to my Savior in a profound way The Book of Love follows the same characters, now on their search for the legendary Book of Love, a gospel written by Jesus own hand At the end of the book, McGowen explains the immense editing and condensing that was required to make the story readable While she may certainly take p [...]

  4. I thought the first volume was a cheap imitation of Dan Brown s DaVinci Code this one is even worse.I was hoping for something fresh especailly after the author contacted me on to promote her new book after I didn t like the first one.I wanted to like it I really did But just didn t do it for me.

  5. Meh That s probably the best comment I can make I remember reading the first book, The Expected One, and thinking that it wasn t the greatest Magdalene story, but it was pretty darn good And I was excited about the second part Reading this one, tho, I had very mixed feelings view spoiler hide spoiler Summary Taken mostly from because I can t bring myself to summarize all of this Maureen Paschal thought she might rest and work on her book after discovering the gospel written by Mary Magdalene tha [...]

  6. Having just finished TBOL, I have to say I was slightly disappointed I throughly enjoyed The Expected One, mostly due to the way in which the characters were protrayed and developed throughout the story Both their internal conflicts and external interactions were well written and engaging With TBOL however, I felt as if none of the things I enjoyed in The Expected One were present While the sections on Matilda s life were interesting, I much prefer to read about Maureen s story The thought the a [...]

  7. I loved this book It tells the legend of Jesus Gospel written in his own hand Maureen, The Expected One the next in the long line of Magdeline s searches for the Book of Love She uncovers centuries of conspiracy to erase early Christianity and Jesus marriage to Mary Magdeline from the history of the church Last year at this time I read Faulcolt s Pendulum, that tells the same story only from a very male perspective Katherine Neville touches on it in Eight through the metaphor of Chess Ms McGowan [...]

  8. OMG If I hear one silly review which mimics the author s redundant phrase Those with ears to ear,let them hear , I am going to barf All of the 5 star reviews seem to add this trite over used phrase to the end of their reviews It makes me wonder if they have ANY originality what so ever McGowan uses this phrase every 500 words throughout her 500 page novel Just imagine how many times it appears in the book As if we did not hear enough of it whilst reading the novel geez Gimme a break All of the [...]

  9. OKay, I was a huge fan of her first one, The Expected One, and have recommended it up and down the halls , so I was eagerly awaiting this book.McGowan is a talented writer and takes us on the next step of her new theology with The Book Of Love More a wishful theory than suspense novel, Love takes us into the next chapter of Maureen s quest to prove that Catholicism and it s tenets are, at best, a misunderstanding, at worst, a willful abuse by history s church leaders and kings.This is a book tha [...]

  10. What could have been a hopeful sequel to the fun if historically questionable The Expected One, turned out to be a good story within a bad one Over 1 2 of the book was about Matilda of Tuscany, instead of the main character Maureen I sensed almost no character development, and the main plot was so fragmented by the historical flashbacks that I had to flip back to the previous present day sections There were several intriguing reveals about the heretical religion that McGowan has presented in her [...]

  11. Me ha encantado si el primer libro habla de Maria Magdalena y como se la ha vapuleado en la historia, ahora en este segundo libro nos habla de otro personaje femenino con la misma fuerza que Magdalena, Matilde De Cassona Una mujer fuerte, inteligente y que fue una de las mujeres con las poder de su tiempoMientras el libro sigue su curso con Maureen en el presente y como se le van revelando los misterios y secretos de la fe que intento implantar Jesus y Maria Magdalena Hace un recorrido por Franc [...]

  12. While I think that the author has great ideas and great material that she is working with, I found this somewhat hard to get through because I was almost totally completely in awe of her overuse of effusive language I had the same issue with her first book Fortunately, Matilda s story was very interesting saved the day.

  13. I was very disappointed with this book I was expecting great things after loving The expected One The story was longwinded and all over the place I only got 1 3 of the way through it and then gave up.

  14. At first I thought this was an overly religious unimaginative attempt to capitalize on the Dan Brown Craze Then the I read, the I understood that the author actually believed everything she was writing was true or mostly true I m not sure exactly what to think about the plot now, it s a lot to consider and I don t have the evidence to be able to weigh I did find the delivery corny, at times like a romance novel I m pretty sure I read she had to catch her breath because it was so beautiful, and [...]

  15. This sequel to THE EXPECTED ONE this book again follows Maureen Paschal on her quest to uncover the truth behind the Magdalene line following the crucifixion of Christ I usually enjoy books with this type of story line, but in this case I found the writing to be excessively repetitive and unoriginal Ms McGowan seemed to be trying to fill pages and not only repeated herself excessively but gave the reader pages and pages and pages and pages of rehashed myths and stories from history One version w [...]

  16. Again interesting take on what may have been contained in Jesus book of love The middle gets a bit boring but I liked it for the most part First book of hers was better.

  17. The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan is the second book in The Magdalene Line trilogy The first book in the trilogy, The Expected One, focused on Maureen Paschal s adventure to discover the lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene and growing realization she is an Expected One The Book of Love begins as Maureen is on her book tour From the book Jacket Fresh from her successful hunt for the long hidden scrolls written by Mary Magdalene, journalist Maureen Paschal receives a strange package in the mail conta [...]

  18. The second quest for journalist Maureen Pascal Whilst this reads well as a standalone novel I do recommend that the first book in the series, The Expected One, be read first as, apart from it being a much better story, as a reader you ll have a greater understanding of the characters which, though not always too important in sequels, I think vital in this instance.Not entirely what I was expecting of a love story and less of a thriller Despite the synopsis on the back cover suggesting that the [...]

  19. What to say about this book First, I have ambivalent feelings toward it For the first 75 100 pages, I felt the writing was stilted and forced and that I was being patronized by the author I understood in the author s The Expected One, the first in the trilogy, that it was necessary to have the characters explain historical facts in order for the reader to be aware of the all the references and innuendos, etc Critics panned Brown s Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons for doing this, but that didn [...]

  20. I enjoyed this book, but I preferred her first book The Expected One much I think all of the information was a fresh, and she had interesting twists on Dan Brown s theories in Da Vinci Code I also enjoyed getting to know all the characters in that book, and I missed Maureen interacting as much with her group of friends However, I think that is one of the aspects the author was trying to convey that with that great knowledge and responsibility a person can be very lonely I did like some of the l [...]

  21. I thought this book was great I pre ordered and received a copy early Hit up they seem to be sending them out ahead of schedule if you want an early copy.The book picks up shortly after the 1st book left off Maureen is on tour promoting the book she had written based on her controversial discoveries that Mary Magdalene was the wife of and a beloved disciple of Jesus Maureen begins to have dreams of a book, written by Jesus on his teachings, referred to as the Book of Love Maureen is guided throu [...]

  22. If any book can be worse than the DiVinci Code, this is it It is a polemic, not a novel, and the characters have conversations which would never be really stated It is OK for an author to have something to say it is quite another for the author to beat us over the head with it, over and over and over It does not have enough action to have the non polemic part be interesting Finally though it is not necessary for absolute accuracy after all, this is a novel it employs a particular conceit the arg [...]

  23. A book in the style of The DaVinci Code but lacking successful building of tension and plot The first 1 3 of the book constantly mentions the previous book in repetitive and boring ways The author could have left out those trite ovations to her previous work and the plot might have progressed faster.I stuck with it to see if there was anything original in the revelations about the idea that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married and had children, but if you ve read the Da Vinci Code, you ve alrea [...]

  24. For over 2,000 years we ve been led to believe that Jesus wrote nothing and that all of the New Testament was written by others Not only written by others but in many cases hundreds of years later or also by people who didn t ever meet the man.As much as I would like to think that all of Christianity would welcome the writings of Jesus I am pretty sure that they d be hidden So many things have been changed along the way for political or financial gain The Book of Love , is another wonderful nove [...]

  25. This is the second book in the Magdalene line series I enjoyed it as much as the first on, The Expected One Kathleen McGowan blends history and religious heresy into a captivating story As one who steers clear of organized religion I am always intrigued by the variety of theories regarding the origins and basic agreements of the major religions once you strip away the dogma that has been added over the years While I consider this book and similar works such as the DaVinci Code to be fiction, the [...]

  26. This book has one of my favorite elements a complete and total blurring of fiction and reality It continues the story of Maureen Paschal, noted theologian and visionary, and a descendant of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene, as begun in The Expected One In The Book of Love, she learns about the charismatic Countess Matilda of Tuscany, spiritual wife of Pope Gregory VII, also a descendant of Jesus and Mary, and The Book of Love, a lost gospel, which teaches that love conquers all.Having seen m [...]

  27. Setting in Lucca, TuscanyI was so enraptured with the first of the Magdalene Line trilogy, The Expected One, that I couldn t wait till The Book of Love comes out Unfortunately, this is such a big disappointment Ms McGowan seems uncertain whether she wanted to write about historical fiction or history The book is loaded with explanation to the point of a school textbook If the last of the trilogy ever comes out supposedly about the Poet Prince, I ll probably buy it just because I want to finish t [...]

  28. I probably should have read the slipcover of this book carefully when I picked it up for a 1 at Half Price Books, because I want my money back HA Before starting the novel, I read the slipcover and wasn t thrilled with the details there, but I like to read all types of books and decided to try it anyway But I quickly found that I really didn t like it at all The book was poorly written in my opinion, and I opted NOT to finish it, which is a really big deal to me Even if I dislike where a book i [...]

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