Always You

Always You Riley Tanner has a best friend the best friend a girl could ask for He s supportive loyal honest trustworthy kind and thoughtful He s also the biggest player in school Their relationship has alw

Riley Tanner has a best friend, the best friend a girl could ask for He s supportive, loyal, honest, trustworthy, kind, and thoughtful He s also the biggest player in school.Their relationship has always been easy and affectionate, but after Riley s month long vacation, things become a little strange She starts to look at him in ways that go way beyond the friend zone Riley Tanner has a best friend, the best friend a girl could ask for He s supportive, loyal, honest, trustworthy, kind, and thoughtful He s also the biggest player in school.Their relationship has always been easy and affectionate, but after Riley s month long vacation, things become a little strange She starts to look at him in ways that go way beyond the friend zone Add in her best friend s rival, and things become a whole lot complicated.

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Always You

  1. I am a traditionally published and Indie author that hails from sunny England I lie, it s not really that sunny here I m a hopeless romantic, so of course my main writing focus is romance I love to create swoon worth males that steal your breath I write mature YA, new adult and contemporary romance novels As well as being a writer I m also an avid reader, mum to one little boy, proud chocoholic and an absolute beast at Lego PlayStation games If I had to sum myself up in one word, it would probably be daydreamer but unlike most of my school teachers, I don t necessarily view that as a bad thing After all, I read somewhere once that books are like waking dreamsVisit my page Kirsty MoseleyVisit me on Facebook facebook authorkirstymoseleyFollow me on Twitter twitter kirstyemoseleyCheck out my website kirstymoseley

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  1. I DON T UNDERSTAND You are a British author You write with British vernacular You live in Norfolk You clearly don t have a whole lot of experience with American slang, laws, etc Why, oh why, did you need to set your book in America, not somewhere that you know First of all, half the stuff you have these kids saying is so wrong No 18 year old American asks for a proper kiss They don t go to amusement arcades and less than 1% of the American population has a room in their house called a lounge Hav [...]

  2. this is my first review, usually I wont bother writing reviews but I just need to rant about this book.Okay, so I finished the book, I have to finish it, I could not not finish it You all might think oh, so you like the book no No is the answer.I love the idea of the story, how bestfriend fell in love and end up together But this particular book annoys me to no end Why 1 That first day when she arrived in school, heard clay called her name and she fropped her bag and ran to him and wrap her leg [...]

  3. Way too unrealistic.I got through 70% of the book, and I hate leaving books unfinished but I just couldn t do it.What did I even read Spoilers ahead and mostly ranting view spoiler Best friends do not act that way Honestly Friends with benefits is what I d call it Who the heck sleeps in the literal sense with their best friends Who kisses their best friends like that No one That s blurring the line And wow, some of these characters have anger management issues Blake It was sort of predictable, b [...]

  4. Okay first off, let me just say that I couldn t finish the book Secondly, I want to explain why this book pissed me the blank off.1 This author had the vocabulary and writing skills of a fourth grader at the authors tea it was poorly written2 The protagonist, Riley, does not have a sophisticated mind Every time I had to read an italicized part into the mind of Riley, I wanted to scoop my eyes out with a plastic spoon If there was ever a basic bitch, it would be Riley She s 16 years old yet she t [...]

  5. I didn t want to have to do this I don t like leaving bad reviews but I have to get this out It was only through sheer will, strength and determination that I managed to get through most of this book Not all of it Never all I couldn t take it any Let me start off by saying how I absolutely loved how every female in the story besides Riley bear was a slut I just love it when authors make every other girl in their story stupid, horrible, promiscuous skanks with little personality just to boost the [...]

  6. I can t believe I did it I read another book by Kirsty Moseley and It was worse than the first one You would think that after my encounter with The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window I wouldn t touch another Moseley book with a ten foot pole and you would be right But this time I don t know what in the world possesed me to read this.I ll let the book speak for itself Oh God, I feel sick I can t believe I have to go to this stupid school I only got back from my months vacation last night, and th [...]

  7. Since I m declaring my love for Liam in The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window since I became KM avid fan I m expecting a lot from this book And I even thought Clay will rival Liam for my love hahahaha but sadly that didn t happened.Uploaded with ImageShackThe book started fine I just was thinking it will be another Liam Amber, since they have the same set up They ve been best friend since childhood and the girl was quite oblivious with the boy feelings towards her No sneaking on bedroom window [...]

  8. I really really wanted to like this, having just read The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window which I loved , thought I d read another book from this author.Well, I can t speak for anyone else this book has like 98% of great reviews , but I just found it unrealistic and childish I m sorry, ok I couldn t even finish it , I m about 25% in and already I want to strangle nearly every single character for being so darn stupid First of all they are all blind, it s so obvious that Clay likes, urm, I fo [...]

  9. This has the potential to be another incredible read X Yet again, truly addictive characters in Riley and Clay fact i d quite like my very own Clay xxIt s the Best Friends fall in love story, that I am a true sucker fore incredible sexual tension e First Time D then.POW An incredible twist and Oh how I sobbed The middle section needs some cutting down I read it on Wattpad so wasn t edited I LOVE a bit of romance, but there were slightly too many I love you Riley Bears at one point LOL xThe begi [...]

  10. I was Moseley d.n 3.5 starsI first discovered Kirsty Moseley back in May of 2012 when I stumbled across her self published novel, The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window review show Now, after reading Always You, my thoughts are pretty much the same a little all over the place Perhaps my KM love stems from my best friends fall in love g spot, but there s just something about Kirsty Moseley It s like she gives me literary beer goggles every single time I read one of her books I see the flaws, I k [...]

  11. I have found yet another favorite author WOW I enjoyed The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window soooo much and couldn t wait to read this Boy was I so far from disappointed I loved this book Riley Clay are just 2 amazing characters, and what I loved even is how strong Riley is as a female character Clay is such a man, mature for his age yet still care free and free spirited, but It was a breathe of fresh air to feel like it was Riley who was the strong one, especially after Clays accident Normal [...]

  12. L inizio alquanto assurdo, i due protagonisti stessi sono assurdi oltre che smielosissimi e appicicosissimi e in molti aspetti mi ha ricordato il ragazzo che si infil dalla finestra Dalla met in poi diciamo che migliora, prende una direzione un po pi seria, ma in ogni case 3 stelline sono il massimo a cui pu aspirare questo libro.

  13. update i forced myself lotsa skimming and finished the book If you are 16 years old and have no idea about what is realistic in life, you will enjoy this.everyone else you should skip at 70% but i had to stop im not sure i can finish this and after looking at the reviews its a similar scenario.1 Was this written by a 16 year old 2 this was so immature.3 pro cute bff s that turn into love BUT4 who lets their kids sleep over when theyre teenagers 5 who lets them go to vegas for a weekend 6 if your [...]

  14. The only reason I finished this book was so I could write this review It started okay,right of the bat I realized that the author repeats sentences in every paragrafwhich annoyed me, but I continued reading it hoping it would get better Oh boy was I wrong Not only was the main character crying every single page, but the moments that were supposed to be sweet where overly clich Riley Bear I m not actually sure what was worse the writing style or the lack of depth of any sort in the characters It [...]

  15. I was so surprised at this book, so it started off for me as a great YA book, everything you need for a great friends to lovers story Sweet handsome sporty guy, fun confident pretty girl, I thought I was in for a predictable story line taking me straight to a happily ever after Well I got all the benefits of a great romance but with added drama and depth I could not have been surprised this was a well written book which has me rushing to see what else this author has to offer Great story, drama [...]

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  17. i wanted to giv this book just 4 stars, i really did, coz it was SOO LOOONG it pissd me off to no end but i cn not help but give it full 5 stars n since the books was LOOONG, this is goin to be a LOOOOOOONG reviewokso this books has flawsn a lot o themit was a realllllyyy loooooong book jst like the other book The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window , wich i did give up on i kinda gave up by chap 9, coz evrything that happens in a typically YA book had awrdy happend by then i really cudn imagine [...]

  18. First of all, it was very poorly written A book targeted to a 13 year old audience minus the erotica.This is the first book that I have read from this author, and sadly, I don t understand why this is receiving 4 stars and above The plot, I must say is quite unrealistic I mean, come on, what kind parents with a decent mind allow an 18 year old, testosterone pumping male to sleep with their 17 year old daughter Even if they are really close, childhood friends even, it s just a major no The protag [...]

  19. Title Always youSeries Author Kirsty MoseleyRelease Date 31 October, 2013Rating 4 starsCliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I ve read this book a couple of years back and the reason i decided to review it now is because i still remember the story vividly after all this time So i figured that it deserves a review from me RILEY CLAY best friends who eventually become than friends I love friends to lovers stories I think it s my favorite kind of romance.Riley s and Clay s story is not a [...]

  20. The longest 15hrs of my life I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.I m afraid this book was a huge fail for me, I love the synopsis and the fact the that it was a long friendship that turned into love.The storyline however was just too much, there was way too many stories going on in one book.Look, we all have our pet names for people, hell I even call my other half chick but throughout the whole book really Riley Bear eye roll is our MC, her and Clay have been best friends sin [...]

  21. LOVED IT tried putting it down but couldn tah I had homework to do, but the book was so freaking amazingly good so homework eh whateverFirst of all, I think they are just adorable.I was super annoyed at Riley though I mean, how dense can she be Her best friend is the ultimate package and EVERYBODY knows he is in love with her, except well, her.Dense much Yeah, I mean she is just so stupid that I was very very tempted To rip out the pages of the book Sigh, well at least she realizedm after some h [...]

  22. What a great story angst, love, romance I cried and laughed thoughout this book Story of Clay and Riley who started as childhood friends I don t want to spoil the story for other readers a decision made by Clays parents made me angry and frustrated but then as I a parent would I have made the same decision I think maybe I would have a less fulfilling life is better than no life at all or is it Recommend this book great read for a great author.

  23. I have so many emotions right now.So i saw the rating for this book and its pretty high so obviously i was expecting for the book to be good.It wasn t even remotely good I m not even half way into the story and i already feel like my brain is being butchered by this crap.No, seriously, like wtf And it wasn t even a main part that made me feel like ASHKHASJAHKAWSDFJKHED ENOUGH it was some shitty scene in a diner on her birthday when she goes with that Blake guy to eat and the waitress sneers at h [...]

  24. Tiap abis kasi 1 2 2 star review ke sebuah buku, saya jadi penasaran pengen baca buku lain karya pengarang tersebut Pengen tahu aja buku berbintang rendah itu apa karena saya beneran gak satu selera dengan pengarangnya ato cuma kebetulan buku itu aja yang saya gak suka.Begitu juga dengan Kirsty Moseley ini Buku pertamanya yang saya baca kurang memuaskan, tapi saya bisa melihat ada potensi di sana Maka dengan semangatnya saya mulailah membaca buku ini, dan ternyataOkehbelum saya mulai ngoceh gak [...]

  25. I really enjoyed the overall storyline of this book, it was quite involved and a lot happened over the course of the book However, there was lot that I intensely disliked about this book as well Primarily these were 1 The reader has to suspend their belief quite significantly as the story unfolds, primarily due to the behaviour of the parents For instance, Riley s parents don t seem to express any concern over their 16 year old daughter going on a date with a 21 year old, even though her date qu [...]

  26. Oh My God This book was the best thing ever Everything was good about it especially the epilouge that was surprising and now i wanna read the sequel I have no words for this book but all I can say is READ THIS BOOK Kristy Moseley will definetly please you I just hope she puts of her books on so I can read them whenever

  27. Could this book get any cuter Omgoshhhhhh My heart is floating with happiness I adored this book It was absolutely ahmazingly cute 3Clay Preston I wish I marry a guy like you 3 and I can be the Riley Bear of my man s life

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