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Rock the Band After Noel Falcon professed his love to the one girl who truly holds his heart in the palm of her hand he decides to try his damndest to keep Lane Vance in his life forever this time There s no way h

After Noel Falcon professed his love to the one girl who truly holds his heart in the palm of her hand, he decides to try his damndest to keep Lane Vance in his life forever this time There s no way he ll let her slip through his fingers again without a fight.The instant they are together Noel begins to plot a way to ask his headstrong lady love to be his wife, but everyAfter Noel Falcon professed his love to the one girl who truly holds his heart in the palm of her hand, he decides to try his damndest to keep Lane Vance in his life forever this time There s no way he ll let her slip through his fingers again without a fight.The instant they are together Noel begins to plot a way to ask his headstrong lady love to be his wife, but every attempt to pop the question is foiled by a string of mishaps that prevents him from the perfect moment to get the job done before he goes back on tour with Black Falcon.Distance is a bigger challenge than Noel expects, and the one eyed beast of jealous raises its ugly head when Lane takes on a job working on an ad campaign for Embrace the Darkness With Striker a man that s made it clear in the past he s very interested in then her business sense lurking around her constantly, Noel wants to claim Lane now, than everCK THE BAND is a 27,000 word novella from the Black Falcon Series

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Rock the Band

  1. Please direct all inquires to my website as I don t check messages on this site michelleavalentine New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Michelle A Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned author of erotic romance and New Adult novels Her love of hard rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspired her BLACK FALCON series.Follow Michelle on Facebook facebook pages MichelWebsite michelleavalentineNewsletter michelleavalentine3st maIf you are interested in reviewing books please write to Michelle at michelleavalentinebooks gmail

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  1. This was a quick novella that takes place right after Rock the Heart I listened to the audiobook and the change in narrator was a downer for me The voice of the narrator just didn t work for me at all I couldn t match the voice I was hearing with a supposedly young, rock star The story itself was really just a little extra Noel and Lane are together and working on their HEA He wants to propose, but things keep getting in the way This novella really read like an extended epilogue for Rock the Hea [...]

  2. 3 1 2 to 4PUT A SMILE ON MY FACEarsThis extended ending novella to Rock the Band was just what I needed after the last few books I ve read I needed to smileI had a huge, cheesy smile on my face while reading this novella.I needed to swoony, did Noel make me swoon during this short story.I needed a feel good endingis short book definitely gave me that Michelle A Valentine has an uncanny ability to make me want to read her drama filled books even though I don t particularly enjoy the New Adult gen [...]

  3. I had the extreme honor and pleasure of beta reading Rock The Band for Michelle and I can t begin to tell you how much this book rocks It picks up right where Rock The Heart leaves off Noel and Lane are back together where they belong and they re getting ready to get off the tour bus and spend a week together just the two of them at Noel s house in Kentucky.d you know that that means, tons o good loving and a chance to really get to see Noel s sweet, sensitive and romantic side in full effect as [...]

  4. ROCK THE BAND IS LIVE Links US Rock the Band e UK Rock the BandBN barnesandnoble w rock Kobo kobobooks ebook Rock tSmashwords smashwords books view

  5. 3 1 2 Stars This is just the start to our forever Rock the Band is a short story told from Noel Falcon s pov It takes place right where we left him and Lanie in Rock the Heart.Noel is excited to show Lane his home in Kentucky and although things don t go according to his plan, they become closer Noel is one hundred percent positive that Lane is his forever Never in my life had I loved another person as much as Lanie Vance I knew that now than ever I had to figure out a way to make her mine fore [...]

  6. Yep, I m giving this novella a huge 5 stars I loved how Lane was willing to admit her shortcomings and the wait for Falcon was worth it Both MCs seemed to have a reason not to trust the other, but I m glad it worked out in the end.

  7. Whoa What a wonderfull novel I liked that we saw how Noel and Lanie ended up after the incidents at the end of the first bookAnd i liked the fact that here we had Noel s POV It was very interesting to be inside his head I enjoyed the way he was showing his feelings to LanieIt was the best conclusion for their relationship After the end of Rock the heart where we saw Lanie quit from her job and to go willingly to find Noel and declare her love to him, the two of them are in their best fase It s l [...]

  8. I don t usually read novellas because I find them too short, and I have so many books I want to read that I feel that shorter stories are a waste of investment But I was asked to read Rock the Band by the author, to which I agreed I started with Rock the Heart yesterday, which I really enjoyed and then devoured Rock the Band today.It is super super cute It s written from Noel s POV, unlike the first book, which is Lanie s POV And I think this made me warm to Lanie When you get the POV of the ma [...]

  9. I m just asking for the chance to be your everything I need to be your forever You are my forever, Noel I promise, no running Rock the Band picks up right where Rock the Heart left off Noel and Lane are together and happy After being on the road, the band gets a break Noel takes Lane to his home in KY for the week Noel and Lanie get to spend some quality time together while on the trip Even though I couldn t get enough of her body, this crazy chemistry I felt between us stemmed from than just [...]

  10. Rock the Band.I seriously jonesing for another rock star read and definitely wanted some Noel and I can t lie I wanted to see that sexy Riff So when Michelle offerred me an arc of Rock The Band I jumped on it the minute I got it I was totalyThis is told from Noel s POV and oh boy was I happy to be in that man s head The love he has for Lanie is freaking AMAZING Of course, this was totally amazing tooRock the Band picks up right where, almost, Rock the Heart left off so Lanie Noel have reunited [...]

  11. 3 stars I m just asking for the chance to be your everything I need to be your forever Short, Sexy and Sweet Rock the Band is told from Noel s POV, it picks up right where Rock the Heart left off Noel and Lane are finally back together and Noel want s to make sure it stays that way permanently When Noel and Lane manage to keep their hands and other body parts off or out of each other, Noel spends most of his time going bat shit crazy trying to find the perfect way to ask Lane to marry him I m st [...]

  12. 3.5 Stars Oh, this was sweet.It picked up right after the end of Rock the Heart and Noel and Lanie are trying to figure out how they will make things work in their relationship.It was all in Noel s POV, which is good considering males pov s are always better and it felt like a giant epilogue There was one really good thing view spoiler Noel and Riff friends again Yay hide spoiler An one bad thing view spoiler A baby Really Why do they always have to impregnate the girls It feels so forced hide s [...]

  13. Rock the Band is the story of Lane and Noel coming full circle, as it should be This book picks right up where Rock the Heart left off and is written in Noel s point of view We see glimpses of the twins, Riff, and Striker s bad self is back with a vengeance, but this story is solely focused on Lane and Noeld their forever.Noel never wants to be without Lane again He has loved her since they were teenagers, and that love has only grown In Rock the Band, we get Noel at his best He is still the har [...]

  14. ARC provided by author for honest review 4.5 Star ReviewCheck out reviews at realitybites letsgetlostsI truly love Noel Falcon There is a whole new dimension to him in this book I felt as if I was learning about him each second I read We know from book one that he has a womanizing past He was clouded and put through the ringer with Sophie and came so very close to losing Lane forever In Rock the Band, Noel comes to terms with wanting Lane for the rest of his life, but how to get that is the qu [...]

  15. So my night was dragging onk Facebook and find that Rock the Band is live on Then the downloading beganWe find Noel and Lane just where the left off She isn t running any and Noel better not ever let her leave again Just when you think Noel can t get better His POV has you swooning Be prepared to fall in love with him all over again.This book was sexy and sweet I didn t expect it to bring me to the point of melting my heart, but it did Lane doesn t stand a chance Noel is full force in love.This [...]

  16. This was short, sweet and swoony She was truly my soul mate It was practically like we were the same person.It was the perfect extended epilogue to Noel and Lane s story and will be a seemless transition to the next book I think it s time we live drama free for a while, don t you It begins shortly after the Forever scene from the first book that left us all giddy It was refreshing to get Noel s POV and to be able to feel how much he truly loved Lane You can see his total devotion to making sure [...]

  17. Read reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookRock The Band is a short conclusion to the Noel and Lane story in the Black Falcon Series Rock The Band picks up exactly where Rock The Heart 1 leaves off Noel and Lane are back together finding out Noel s pregnant girlfriend lied about him being the father of her baby Lane is back in Noel s life for good since breaking his heart their senior year of high school Now the tour has ended and Noel is taking Lane to his cabin in Kentucky for a little R R an [...]

  18. I had the honor of reading this book before its realease I didn t realize my Noel withdrawals were as bad as they were, what can I say Michelle never disappoints I love Noel and Lane s story, I can t wait for Rock My Bed to see what happens The characters in this series truly capture your heart from the first chapter This series is a must read

  19. 4.5 StarsThis novella follows Noel and Lanie as their relationship becomes deeper Noel wants to keep Lanie in his life permanently Can he make it work A few obstacles, but Noel isn t one to give up Loved this story.

  20. Noooo It ended too soon I want Noel and Lanie back I want to know of their story Bring them back after Aubrey and Riffs story Please please please Noel Noel Noel

  21. rating 4.5 I Noel starsthebookenthusiastfacebook thebookenthusiast image error Rock the bandRock The Band the novella to Rock the Heart has a bit of it all hot, steamy, sweet, jealousy, and surprises I love the story of Lane and Noel and was so excited to find out how their story would continue Their story begins on Big Bertha and right away I was hooked Noel is so completely in love and enad by Lane She is it for him and now he has to convince her This task won t be so simple though Lane out of [...]

  22. I m sure because I never want to mess up with you again I can t be without you The only thing that concerns me now is your happiness I m just asking for the chance to be your everything I need to be your forever I was provided an advanced copy of Rock the Band Noel and Lane s story continues in this novella Having resolved most of their conflicts from Rock The Heart, the pair are attempting to adjust to a life together A temporary break from touring leaves plenty of time for these two to heat up [...]

  23. I give you a four star, three S s review lol Short, Sweet and Sexy 0 Noel and Lane are together and there is nothing he won t do to take care of her and keep her with him at all times He is very protective of her which is sweet and their attraction, whether it be sexual or otherwise, to each other is very strong making them a great couple to fall in love with.This is a short novella but very enjoyable nonetheless Noel and Lane have had there ups and downs but in Rock the Band they are together a [...]

  24. I loved how this book was from Noel s POV In his POV you can see how much Noel really loves Lane Not just see it but really feel it I think I fell a little in love with him myself I loved that it brought us right where Rock The Heart left off It was the perfect ending, or rather, prefect beginning to Lane Noel s future I m glad we got to see the relationship with Noel and his father take a step toward repairment, and I was really happy that Noel and Lane s past and plan for their future, came f [...]

  25. You will fall in love with Noel all over again Where do I even begin My mind is blown Michelle Valentine has rendered me speechless with this novella I loved Rock the Heart but having access to nothing but Noel has made me see him in a completely new light My favorite character from RTH was Striker but after reading this i may in fact be one of Noel s groupies He made me laugh He made me cry And he made me swoon This is a MUST READ If you have read RTH then pick this up this very second You don [...]

  26. Stars 5 Overall It was so refreshing to read in a man s POV for a change, especially Noel s POV 3 I was a little disappointed because I thought that something was going to happen between Striker and Lane, at least an awkward situation I have to say i think he gave her the sweetest and most romantic proposal EVER Page Turner YES Series Cont It s not coming out fast enough lolRecommend YES

  27. I loved it It was pretty drama free and didn t mess with my head this time.I don t know how to write this reviewGo read it D

  28. It s a short story Extended epilogue for the fans or so I called it.Even if I wasn t really a fan of their actions This is not bad but a little boring Although it has a good ending and opening for the next books.

  29. What a sweet conclusion to Noel and Lanie s story.I did feel a bit cheated, the book ends at 89% on my Kindle Oh well, I am looking forward to the second book

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