Babycakes The characters that filled the pages of the three earlier Tales of the City books with love and laughter are at it again as an ordinary house husband and his ambitious wife discover there s to making

The characters that filled the pages of the three earlier Tales of the City books with love and laughter are at it again, as an ordinary house husband and his ambitious wife discover there s to making a baby than meets the eye Unexpected help arrives in the form of a British monarch, a grieving gay neighbour, and an international ring of mail order brides ArmisteadThe characters that filled the pages of the three earlier Tales of the City books with love and laughter are at it again, as an ordinary house husband and his ambitious wife discover there s to making a baby than meets the eye Unexpected help arrives in the form of a British monarch, a grieving gay neighbour, and an international ring of mail order brides Armistead Maupin has written a comedy of manners for our times.

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  1. Armistead Maupin was born in Washington, D.C in 1944 but grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he served as a naval officer in the Mediterranean and with the River Patrol Force in Vietnam Maupin worked as a reporter for a newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina, before being assigned to the San Francisco bureau of the Associated Press in 1971 In 1976 he launched his groundbreaking Tales of the City serial in the San Francisco Chronicle Maupin is the author of nine novels, including the six volume Tales of the City series, Maybe the Moon, The Night Listener and, most recently, Michael Tolliver Lives Three miniseries starring Olympia Dukakis and Laura Linney were made from the first three Tales novels The Night Listener became a feature film starring Robin Williams and Toni Collette He is currently writing a musical version of Tales of the City with Jason Sellards aka Jake Shears and John Garden aka JJ of the disco and glam rock inspired pop group Scissor Sisters Tales will be directed by Jason Moore Avenue Q and Shrek.Maupin lives in San Francisco with his husband, Christopher Turner.

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  1. Now we see where the genius of Will and Grace and Sex and the City is derived from This incredible series does not disappoint, it s very much incapable of failing us, and I am happy to report that 4 is better still than 3 SO This one is the best in the series THUS FAR And speak of historic it s the first novel ever to make a mention of AIDS but before that gets to be a complete black cloud it provides a background that can only be improved with color and comedy, all of which Mr Maupin bestows in [...]

  2. Babycakes is a far better book than its three predecessors in the Tales of the City series Between the previous book and Babycakes, Armistead Maupin realised that he couldn t keep writing about gay life in San Francisco as if AIDS hadn t happened Babycakes begins shortly after the death from AIDS of one of its main characters The book aches with the pain of that loss It s a book about the transition from youth and innocence and adventure to adulthood, with the attendant gravity, ambiguity, strai [...]

  3. Vierter und bislang romanhaftester Teil der Saga, bei dem erstmals alle Handlungsstr nge miteinander korrespondieren Kernkonflikt ist der unerf llbare Babywunsch Brians, der als einziger nichts von seiner Sterilit t wei und unter einer fiesen Kombination von Midlife Crisis und Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leidet Denn der einstige B rgerrechtsanwalt ist immer noch Kellner und hat auch noch einen fiesen Kollegen an der Backe, w hrend Mary Anns Karriere immer steiler nach oben geht.Gleich zu Beginn g [...]

  4. Armistead Maupin seems unable to make a plot work without relying on the most outrageous coincidences and chance meetings So why do I enjoy this series so much I think it s because he so successfully communicates his love for his characters to me, so that I am actually looking forward to each unexpected encounter and unforeseeable event that turns everyone s lives upside down Maybe Maupin s style of story construction is a natural outgrowth of developing as a writer in the gay subculture of San [...]

  5. Armistead Maupin is a dependably entertaining storyteller.This is the fourth in his Tales of the City series which began in 1976 as a serial column in the San Francisco Examiner I read the first three Tales of the City, More Tales of the City and Further Tales of the City before I started with when Mary Beth, a sorority sister from Purdue, living in SF sent them home with me after a visit with her At the time I fell in love with Maupin s storytelling style, his characters spanning the LGBTQ and [...]

  6. This series keeps powering on This one, I would say, is the most complete By that I mean, it reads like a full concept in a way that the other ones didn t The previous three books read like a series of events in these really interesting people s lives There were arcs, but they seemed incidental to just hanging with these people Babycakes definitely feels fully conceptualized It starts with Queen Elizabeth landing at SFO on a raining day three months before Easter, and ends with the Queen again [...]

  7. First, Alan Cumming was the narrator of the audio and he did a fantastic job I loved his different voices I also liked the writing The descriptive quality was right up my alley I enjoyed that part And the humor was great, but I have to say I don t think I got it sometimes This was a light and fun read It was hard to take the story lines seriously because they were so exaggerated That was probably part of its charm I think I would have liked a serious thread included somewhere about the LGBT com [...]

  8. I ve only read the second book and this one, so I probably have some lack of understanding, but I have to admit, I liked the 2nd one better What I liked about it was its freshness and humor In this one, the background is darker, Mouse and I can understand why of course is not as spicy as he used to be, everyone seems depressed and the plot was less interesting.

  9. The plot lines can be preposterous, but that s part of the charm of this series and the characters are fascinating In the audiobook, Alan Cumming voiced all the American women a little screechy and hard to differentiate, but he did a marvelous job with the British Isles inhabitants I am eating these up like popcorn.

  10. I finished this on the plane to New York so it was perfect to get into the American spirit Despite a huge chunk of it being set in London Good fun as usual, just when I thought I had cleverly predicted a plot ending, Maupin pulled the rug from underneath me.

  11. There are fewer characters in this book than the previous ones, and the storyline has expanded to across the pond Some interesting developments here but also what seems to be some big dangling issues which hopefully are dealt with in the next book.

  12. Much improved from the previous one, even with Mary Ann turning severely irritating Mouse breaks my heart his storyline was especially well done.

  13. I originally read the 4th instalment in the Tales of the City series in the eighties and I although I ve re read the first three volumes many times, I ve always skipped this one I found the death of one of the main characters from AIDS too upsetting and one of the pleasures of the early books was the innocence made sweeter by knowing what was on the horizon Re reading Babycakes thirty plus years later, I am struck by how well Maupin covers Michael s bereavement Including contemporary issues has [...]

  14. A friend and I decided to trade some books, and he chose to loan me two of Armisted Maupin s later novels, Babycakes and Significant Others Since I had read Maupin s first two novels about the Barbary Lane gang, it was like reuniting with old friends Only problem, these turned out to be old friends whom I no longer care about Especially Mary Ann I made it through Babycakes, but returned Significant Others when the first chapter was about none other Goodbye old friends.

  15. My least favorite of the series, but still love the characters and the writing style way too much to rate the book lower than 4 stars That said, hoping the next book of the series dwells a little on the area of San Francisco versus London , as the historical aspect is yet another huge piece of what made me fall in love with this series to begin with.

  16. TFW you start a book and realize you ve already read it but keep going anyway because you don t remember what happens.

  17. This author just spins an easy beautiful story that just makes me want to continue reading and is satisfying even when it s over This series is one of the best series for commuting that I can think of So enjoyable.

  18. 4.5 of 5 stars Best One Yet in the Series.This series at the time being just the first 6 books was recommended to me when I first came out By then it had rightfully become for Armistead Maupin a classic in gay literature I m glad to say that it became a favorite series of mine as well and this fourth book was the best so far and continued to build the story.This fourth one in particular interested me because it was the earliest to include a storyline involving AIDS It was moving and well done, g [...]

  19. I am so sorry to have to say everything that I am about to confess in this review I ve loved Maupin until this installment, and I m not going to stop reading the Tales of the City series But, this one did bring me close to the point of no return.What s wrong with it I m being forgiving, because I think it s inevitable in any series that an author just loses some steam especially once that series has been turned into a very short lived TV version and oh, right, something as horrific as the AIDS c [...]

  20. This book broke my heart in the opening chapters The fourth book in the Tales of the City series, I ve followed the ups and downs of Mary Ann s mysteries, Mrs Madrigal s relationship with her daughter, Jon and Michael s on again off again romance I especially liked that one of the central issues in Michael and Jon s relationship, apart from the obvious out and proud thing, was class, Jon being this buttoned down professional and Michael being this let it all hang out, rollerskating gardener And [...]

  21. 4 stelle non proprio piene.Leggere degli inquilini di Barbary Lane sempre un piacere, ma a questo libro manca il brio degli altri.Peccato sia l ultimo libro della serie tradotto in Italia.

  22. Continuing on with my 2013 re read of the Tales of the City series and I recalled at some point there was a drop off in the series, and I think this may be the start Now this is not to say, that I am still not thoroughly enjoying the Maupin s stories and characters, just that things are shifting a bit.I think part of it is that we have moved on to the 80s and with the AIDS crisis fully in swing, it is hard to have the same carefree and breezy feel of the earlier books, particularly with the off [...]

  23. Babycakes takes place two years after Further Tales of the City and of the four books I ve read in the series this is my least favorite I understand characters have to grow and evolve, but sometimes you just don t want them to.In comparison to the other novels in this series, the novel seems angst ridden and is darker than the previous novels I m not sure if this is a direct response to Maupin s mindset at the time or the general feeling of gloom and doom of San Francisco and the LGBT community [...]

  24. Funnily enough, I d made it through the Tales series just as far as midway through this one when my sister s first baby made his long awaited debut appearance in the world I was reading it on my way to visit the new arrival, and I was reading it on the long journey back Given that the past six months has seen 5 babies born among my nearest and dearest, with another four due to show up in the next couple of months, and subsequently a lot of thoughts about parenthood and fertility and The Future a [...]

  25. Anniversaire 26 ans par LaurentD but des ann es quatre vingt, Reagan dirige l Am rique, h sitant entre conservatisme pur et dur et saut en avant technologique Les Yuppies dop s sont des acharn s du travail, les gays californiens sont la pointe du combat pour l volution des m urs et des mentalit s et le sida commence frapper les corps et les esprits C est ce moment que choisit la reine Elisabeth II pour effectuer sa premi re visite San Francisco Un symbole elle seule, la reine d Angleterre Repr s [...]

  26. I don t get why people like Mary Ann so much While I understand her doubts and reluctance over having a child, she shouldn t be lying to her husband Brian Hawkins either Yes, she falls into that transition point of the late 70s and early 80s when women were choosing careers over children, not an easy choice to make for some, but her choices lead to some very uncomfortable moments and fall under bad decision making Mary Ann quite obviously does not want children, while Brian does, which leads to [...]

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