Significant Others

Significant Others Significant Others the fifth self contained chronicle in the Tales of the City saga is a cunningly observed class comedy that s sure to be relished by the cognoscenti and by new readers alike A holi

Significant Others, the fifth self contained chronicle in the Tales of the City saga, is a cunningly observed class comedy that s sure to be relished by the cognoscenti and by new readers alike.A holiday in the redwoods goes uproariously awry when the opposing sexes camp out rather too close to each other for comfort Among those entangled in the mayhem are DeDe Halcyon, rSignificant Others, the fifth self contained chronicle in the Tales of the City saga, is a cunningly observed class comedy that s sure to be relished by the cognoscenti and by new readers alike.A holiday in the redwoods goes uproariously awry when the opposing sexes camp out rather too close to each other for comfort Among those entangled in the mayhem are DeDe Halcyon, reformed debutante, troubled house husband Brian Hawkins, and the irrepressible Michael Mouse Tolliver arguably Maupin s most beloved creation.

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Significant Others

  1. Armistead Maupin was born in Washington, D.C in 1944 but grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he served as a naval officer in the Mediterranean and with the River Patrol Force in Vietnam Maupin worked as a reporter for a newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina, before being assigned to the San Francisco bureau of the Associated Press in 1971 In 1976 he launched his groundbreaking Tales of the City serial in the San Francisco Chronicle Maupin is the author of nine novels, including the six volume Tales of the City series, Maybe the Moon, The Night Listener and, most recently, Michael Tolliver Lives Three miniseries starring Olympia Dukakis and Laura Linney were made from the first three Tales novels The Night Listener became a feature film starring Robin Williams and Toni Collette He is currently writing a musical version of Tales of the City with Jason Sellards aka Jake Shears and John Garden aka JJ of the disco and glam rock inspired pop group Scissor Sisters Tales will be directed by Jason Moore Avenue Q and Shrek.Maupin lives in San Francisco with his husband, Christopher Turner.

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  1. It s this fifth one that finally faltersI read the first four Tales of the City books last year, and just to inject this year with that same sense of plot character preposterousness, I get to this one, the one that actually has two characters seriously contend with the AIDS epidemic As the series gains heft in terms of drama and historical importance, it suffers from making the situations the different vignettes that portend the picaresque appeal all too familiar to previous installments in thei [...]

  2. This is another enjoyable installment in the Tales series Being based around a Wimmin s camp and a businessmen s summer retreat, it seems slightly odd and out of step with the other books, but marks Maupin s growing interest in the inner lives of the characters, rather than the fantastic exploits that they get up to Even though the experience is unmistakeably American, it still resonates with the Gay and gender politics of the 1980s in the UK.I particularly remember one year when we were going t [...]

  3. I loved this one and thought Maupin did a great job with the new character of the world s most beautiful fat woman because introducing a character into the mix of well established characters is a tricky proposition, but she was a welcome addition Also, even though it s a bit disconcerting, I like how the characters reveal new and unexpected facets in each book and I think that Maupin does a great job in switching things up while remaining true to his characters.At any rate, one of my peeves with [...]

  4. From BBC Radio 4 More from the Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin Here Lin Coghlan dramatises stories from the novels Significant Others and Sure of You Back in Barbary Lane, Mrs Madrigal is still attending her sensamilla plants Michael has found love again with his new boyfriend Thack Brian and Mary Anne have gone to higher ground living in a house which looms over Barbary Lane on The Summit.Produced by Charlotte RichesDirected in Salford by Susan Roberts.

  5. I thought I d review these in preparation for the Anna Madrigal book coming out in January 2014 I honestly didn t expect to be catapulted head over heels back to Barbary Lane, back to the late 80s Some of my intense reaction to this story timeline must be attributed to my recent reading of the unutterably brilliant Two Boys Kissing, but much of it is down to Maupin s lovely writing The narration is great, too.

  6. I was reminded of Armistead Maupin s Tales of the City characters during a conversation with a friend so when I walked into my favorite only remaining bookstore that features second hand books and is shutting its doors soon I looked for some of his titles This one falls somewhere in the middle of the novels that continue the Tales of the City columns about life on Barbary Lane in San Francisco of the late 70 s If you ve never met Mary Ann, Brian, Michael, Mrs Magrigal et al it matters not as thi [...]

  7. Significant Others Armistead Maupin.Like usual Maupin left me laughing and reading this book incredibly quickly It was great to have DeDe as a prominent character as she has always been in the background apart from Further Tales, but that was a very specific story It was also great to see Mouse taking a chance on love I also thought that AIDS was handled really well At the time the book was written i was a child and i remember all the TV programmes that tried to raise awareness about AIDS and h [...]

  8. First off, I was hesitant to read this installment due to the blurb on the back, which made it sound just dreadful about a women only, men only clash in the Redwoods But it was NOTHING like the blurb, it was Barbary goes up river, with the characters we know and love going to the wilderness I actually think that the 4th and 5th volumes in the series are just as good if not better cough, Babycakes, cough then the touted first 3 My one major grip, Wren, the worlds most beautiful fat women Now thi [...]

  9. After all those reviews about how Babycakes was the weakest book of the series, I m kind of wishing I had stopped at Further Tales of the City The whole charm of the series was backdrop San Francisco in the swinging 70s, and the characters used to embody this time wholeheartedly Now, everyone is kind of dreary in the 80s, the relationships are strained, there aren t the clever twists and mysteries that were in the first 4 counting Babycakes , and to be truthful, it s no longer fun I m giving it [...]

  10. A nice, quick read There isn t much to say, really this is book five in the Tales of the City series, so you ve got to be pretty invested in these characters to make it this far I enjoyed that this one was set in 1987, a year in which I was both alive and slightly cognizant of culture and the world, so I was able to understand some of the political and pop culture references.

  11. I really loved this entire series I have read all 8 books and want to go back and read them again The only fault I can complain about is too much life detail is skipped in between books I think he could have brought even depth into the main characters Now I can t wait to actually go to San Francisco

  12. Still love Mouse to pieces, and I liked the redwoods setting for the three parallel stories I hate what Maupin has done with Mary Ann, and there was almost no Mrs Madrigal in this one.Also now that Frannie Halcyon has been dubbed Gangie by her grandchildren, I can only picture her as Jessica Walter, which is really perfect.

  13. I have now read all of the Tales of the City series It has taken me 13 years, and I ve read them completely out of order Some day, I will read them all in order, and make much sense of them Of course, they stand alone well enough to be engaging In capturing the essence of the time and place, they come close to stereotyping, yet manage to stay on the light, humorous side.

  14. A good installment in the series Most of the story takes place in the Russian River Valley with two large events being described, one a feminist lesbian music festival and the other the annual get together of the Bohemian Club of SF As the series progresses the story line revolves around a smaller group of people.

  15. I m on a roll with this series right now Focus is and on Michael Tolliver as AIDS is becoming a serious issue and causes pain and anxiety among the characters There are hints than that, actually of unresolved conflicts between some of the main characters, and I m looking forward to see how they play out in the next volume.

  16. I read this one out of order, kinda wish I hadn t, but no big deal Same as before, love the characters, love the way Maupin paints the City Totally books I keep on my bookshelf Now I need to watch the miniseries again

  17. I re read this series about every 2 years or so Never ceases to make me laugh or cry I love all these characters.

  18. The series gets increasingly serious as HIV AIDS casts a growing pall over San Francisco and the author s own life There are still hijinks in this story, however I found the whole Womyn Wood storyline especially amusing, having attended the Michigan Womyn s Music Festival myself there absolutely are caricatures and exaggerations, but it s also fairly accurate and respectful as well In fact, one of the things I liked best in this book is the overarching theme of camaraderie between people of the [...]

  19. Comical intertwined stories I lost my focus several times during this read but found that the author laced the story with some interesting moments that kept me reading until the end I was dissatisfied with the ending but I expect that I will probably read the next book which is the sixth book in this series The first two are the best.

  20. Entertaining because it takes place near us on the Russian River Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio and Cazadero The reader pronounced cazadero with a different first a sound which caused a large discussion on pronunciation I have had a cazadero mailing address for 14 years and never knew this was an issue Always good to find out what the characters are up to.

  21. This latest edition in the Tales series transports us to San Francisco in the 1980s Our regular characters return and are confronted with the AIDS crisis plaguing the world Poignant, funny, sad and inspiring Maupin continues to make our journey to Barbary Lane a joy.

  22. Another enjoyable book from the Tales series New characters were introduced and I missed some of the regulars But it was an interesting storyline that I enjoyed A good read.

  23. I read the first three books in this series in 2010, then finally read the fourth book, BABYCAKES, a few months ago I ve enjoyed all of them, and this one was no exception I finished it awhile back and I don t even know why I ve taken so long to write my review, but I may be a little fuzzy on the details now as my memory is not the best Of the main characters from previous books, the focus here is on Brian, Michael, DeDe and D or Brian and Mary Ann have moved to a fancy high rise up the hill, an [...]

  24. 3.5 of 5 stars Another Entertaining Tale about Our Barbary Lane Family.This series at the time being just the first 6 books was recommended to me when I first came out By then it had rightfully become for Armistead Maupin a classic in gay literature I m glad to say that it became a favorite series of mine as well and even though this fifth one didn t quite seem quite of the same high quality, it was still good and continued to build the story.This fifth one in particular was not as interesting t [...]

  25. I would have hated Wimminwood I would totally on DeDe s side Just another great novel from Amistead Maupin, about the hilarious and heartfelt search for identity in the 80s The lesbian socialists expelled from Cuba who now live off inherited wealth struggle to find integrity and meaning in a world in which wealth is becoming such a grotesque focus of society Mary Ann is embracing being a yuppie and is pretty much blind to the concerns of everyone around her, but not in a totally unsympathetic wa [...]

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