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Nina's Book

  1. Eugene Burdick was an American Political Scientist and co author of The Ugly American 1958 , Fail Safe 1962 and The 480 1965.He was born in Sheldon, Iowa His family moved to Los Angeles, California when he was aged 4 Burdick attended Stanford University and Oxford University where he earned a Ph.D degree in psychology, and he worked at the department of Political Science at the University of California In 1956 his critically acclaimed novel The Ninth Wave, a Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship winner, was published End 1950s he was among the first members of the Society for General Systems Research He died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 46.

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  1. If I could rate this book 10 stars, I d give it 11 I have no idea how or why it could have been allowed to go out of print Published in 1965 by the co author of The Ugly American andi Fail Safe, it s about people affected and unaffected by World War II It s about the diminishment and diminution of the human spirit but not its defeat or death It s about human nature and the vagaries of human character It s a love story It s an anti war story It s a ruthless look at who and what we are when social [...]

  2. I read this book many years ago in the late 1960s and the story comes to my mind quite often The story of what a person may choose to do to survivea psychologically thought provoking book One of those that rips and grips at one s beliefs.

  3. Interesting and provocative to say the least What we do to survive is demonstrated so sadly and truthfully Many instances to stop and really look deeply inside at humanity at its best a d worst.

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