American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms

American Gun A History of the U S in Ten Firearms None


  • [PDF] American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms | by Ü Chris Kyle WilliamDoyle
    337 Chris Kyle WilliamDoyle
American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Japanese Chris Kyle is a former United States Navy SEAL, who with 255 kills, 160 of them officially confirmed by the Pentagon, is the deadliest marksman in United States military history.Kyle served four tours in the second Iraq war, and was awarded the Bronze and Silver Star medals multiple times In addition he was awarded two Purple Hearts He served from 1999 to 2009 Chris and a friend were killed on February 2, 2013, at the Rough Creek Lodge shooting range in Erath County, Texas.

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  1. This book was an entertaining history lesson about different guns that shaped America And I m saying that as a person who is about as far from a gun nut as you can get.William Doyle, who underwrote this, is scads better than whoever underwrote American Sniper, which as I mentioned in my review was very poorly written This book is much smoother and cohesive than American Sniper However, I liked American Sniper better It was a interesting story This is nothing than a series of history lessons a [...]

  2. Okay, full disclosure here While history buffs will enjoy this book, history buffs who are also gun buffs with really enjoy this book.I read American Sniper and found it a good, straight forward account This is the same The writing is business like than anything else it s easy to read, holds the interest and simply relates the narrative.Straight from the hip as it were.The book simply looks at a sort of running account of some of the events in American history based on 10 of Mr Kyle s favorite [...]

  3. A call to arms If one likes history and LOVES guns, this is the book to read Brief histories of each gun discussed along with a lesson on its construction and usage round out the chapter It s really in support of the Constitution We are America here are our greatest guns Hear us roar Lenten Buddy Reading Challenge book 9

  4. This offering was a vast improvement over Mr Kyle s first book Even so, it s hard to tell what niche he was trying to fill here the book is not detailed enough to be a technical manual, and the subject matter far too broad to be covered in such a thin volume One gets the impression he was writing about a subject he knew and understood in order to cash in on the laurels he garnered as a sniper in Iraq There is no question that he loves the spotlight whether he is discussing the kentucky long rifl [...]

  5. This book is amazing It is not a book for gun nuts, however, if you are a gun nut, you will enjoy it This is simply a book of American history, told by an American patriot, about how our right to bear arms has shaped this wonderful country I admire Chris Kyle as a man, as a warrior, and as a storyteller Reading American Gun, I felt like I was on a campout, sitting about a campfire, and listening to Kyle rattle off some fascinating stories of bravery and ingenuity Whether you are a shooter or not [...]

  6. I very much enjoy reading social histories Last year I read an excellent History of Britain in Thirty Six Postage Stamps It stands to reason that a great empire like Britain would tell its story in stamps, while the US s history would be told in guns I m not antigun per se, I have a certain from far away fascination with them, but there are some seriously alarming statistics regarding guns in this country and the amount of gun violence and murders that are undeniable to anyone capable of using l [...]

  7. Solid, well written book about ten famous American firearms Written by a decorated Navy SEAL veteran who was a firearms enthusiast This is not a technical history Chris Kyle set out to show the role that the ten profiled firearms played in the history of the United States as well as personal experience with those firearms, be it his experience, friends or others in the past.There is some technical detail, but just enough to grab the interest of those who are laymen Mr Kyle isn t writing for thos [...]

  8. Let s just file this under Books I Read to Challenge Myself to Get Outside My Comfort Zone Kyle s non fiction American firearm history is less dry than many non fiction titles and it s an interesting perspective on American history itself how firearms have shaped U.S history and how that history has, in turn, shaped modern attitudes towards firearms While I certainly learned a lot about firearms and specific types of firearms, the ideal audience for Kyle s book would be someone familiar with gun [...]

  9. As a person who thinks that we need tighter gun control and who does not own a gun I was a little apprehensive about reading a book about guns I won this book in a good reads give away and thought well I would give it a shot yes, yes, pun intended I love history, and alternative perspectives on history As an American I can not displace the impact that guns have had on our history and our society As much as I think we no longer need guns, I still believe in in the right to bear arms, I just think [...]

  10. This book was a bit difficult for me to review as I picked it up blind without knowing anything about the author If I d been aware he was someone with 255 kills 160 officially confirmed , I suspect American Gun wouldn t be on my Kindle I wandered into this one, and when I glanced up from the page, I realized I was in the middle of a battlefield not wearing a bulletproof vest I am reasonably neutral on the gun question Growing up on a farm, I have family members who shoot and eat animals and occa [...]

  11. Earlier this year, the U.S lost a genuine American hero when former Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle was killed in a tragic accident At the time of his death, Kyle was near to finishing his second book on a subject that was near and dear to him the history of influential guns that affected U.S history American Gun A History of the U.S In Ten Firearms is that book.Kyle was recognized as the top sniper in U.S military, but he was also a student of the history of firearms through the ages He drew upon t [...]

  12. The entire special operations community, and those affiliated with or following it, remembers a tragic day in February of this year The news that Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL sniper who holds the record for most confirmed kills in American history, was gunned down was heart wrenching, particularly to those who knew him personally In the time leading to his death, Kyle had been working on a unique and interesting project called American Gun A History of the US in Ten Firearms After his death, Jim De [...]

  13. American Gun is a book that s right up my alley It s about History, guns and America What s not to like To top it off, it s authored by an American legend Chris Kyle was our nation s deadliest sniper prior to his unfortunate murder in early 2013 by a disturbed fellow veteran whom Kyle was attempting to help This book was his second, American Sniper an autobiography being his first American Gun was in it s final stages and was finished by Kyle s friends and wife in order that this project might s [...]

  14. The genie is out of the bottle trying to understand the west s relationship to guns I thought this book might be interesting and it is at least from the perspective of the angle of the stories behind the making of the 10 guns highlighted in this narrative The authors bias is clear from the start that guns were designed to solve problems between individuals and nations and they continue to fill that role today As a former Navy SEAL his fascination with the mechanics and utility of the gun is unde [...]

  15. If you like to share the views of a fellow gun enthusiast about his favorite toys aqnd have nothing against nationalistic patriotic worldviews, then this probably is your book From afficionado to afficionado.If you were looking for an in depth picture of history, strategic importance and objective description of combat capabilities and negative properties this probably will disappoint you as much as it did disappoint me.Not bad per se, but for my taste extremely superficial and subjectively tint [...]

  16. Chris Kyle was an American hero, and he was also an expert on guns This book is amazing, and not just for gun experts If you have any interest in historical fiction, or romance, or military adventure, it s an amazingly valuable tool It really explains the difference between muskets and rifles, between bolt action and semi automatic fire, and between semi automatic and fully automatic machine guns in a way that s really easy to follow Plus there are some great stories that highlight each of these [...]

  17. Guns Are the Stars of These Fascinating Stories from American HistoryMany books in this vein are written by historians with little to no experience using the actual firearms that they are writing about They write using technical information that they have heard 2nd or 3rd hand from so called experts and much of it is just plain incorrect As a firearm enthusiast and writer in the industry, these incorrect details drive me nuts and often cause me to quit reading an otherwise excellent book.When I [...]

  18. NAVY SEAL Chris Kyle s passion for guns only surpassed by a love of history Besides a decorated and lethal Navy SEAL sniper credited with the longest kill shot ever recorded 1.2 miles Chris Kyle was also a loving husband and father Chris s love for guns began as a young boy fighting imaginary bad guys with sticks for guns When his parents taught him the proper use of real guns, and how to shoot and use weapons safely, weapons were the tools Chris used in the outdoors His passion for guns was onl [...]

  19. Chris Kyle had such a great way of writing It was very much like he was sitting there talking with you, teaching you about how guns have shaped the country that we live in This book details ten different firearms that have influenced the growth of our country It s written in such a way that it s not some boring history that just drones on, recounting facts and dates that make you want to stop reading Quite the contrary, the stories perfectly accompany the history of the weapons and make for a fa [...]

  20. another amazing book by an amazing man who was taken too soon I m not a gun enthusiast but I still highly enjoyed this book I enjoyed Chris Kyle showing us how guns have impacted the course of American History, every aspect from the Revolutionary War to the Wild Wild West to the WWII The things I learned in this book are things I never learned in school but where very interesting I enjoyed how Chris Kyle brought in his experience with each gun and even explained to the reader about calibers, som [...]

  21. Great overview and look at the evolution of 10 game changing guns Marked down in my rating for the usual and typical Hitler bashing, Hitlers suicide , use of the term Native Americans for Amerindians.Although Chris Kyle was a bad ass, among many other American military men and women Keep in mind that he recieved the Grateful Nation Award from the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, so that says a lot on who they are really fighting for Movie Winchester 73 You can t win a war in your [...]

  22. I read this book because I love history and appreciate firearms, weaponry and guns and how they shaped our county While I really enjoyed reading about the history behind the guns of our past, I guess I needed to be of an enthusiast to get everything this book had to offer I am excited to pass it on to many of the people in my life that I know will fully immerse themselves in this book and take away what the author has poured into it The passion of is evident throughout the pages, it was written [...]

  23. American Gun is about the guns from the 1700s through todays guns If you know a lot about guns this is the book to read If you are a person who wants to know about which war these guns were in In my opinion i really like this book, not only because its military it s because it has the story s of each gun.

  24. I liked it, but it wasn t my favorite This isn t going to be everyones cup of tea You have to like guns if you want to read this The reason i liked it is because it actually told a story of which war it was in, which was interesting I would suggest this to anybody that likes guns.

  25. I m off to the mall Car keys, check, wallet, check, credit card, check, cell phone, check, Colt.45, check, extra mags, check You often hear people here say, Only in America could this happen, or Only in America could that happen Only in America could a book about that country s history be written in relation to ten guns Or was it the other way around I guess that would happen to any country that has gun ownership guaranteed in its constitution In Australia, where gun control is very, very strict [...]

  26. I have read his earlier book and saw this one in the San Pedro Public Library I usually use the South Pasadena Library and I don t think this book would be a featured book there In the past I owned and shot a M1911 and several Winchester lever action rifles and got my first lever action.22 at the age of 8 This morning s TV started with another day of gun violence this time in Las Vegas In a country shaped by firearms everyday violence seems the norm My mother was born in rural Texas in a small t [...]

  27. 4.5 stars, rounding up because this was a unique book and no one could have done it better than Kyle who REALLY loved guns They were the tools of his trade as a soldier and sniper, and out of love for firearms and for his brother warriors, he personally placed a gun in the hands of his murderer I hated guns before I read this book, but listening to this book driving home from Janet Leigh Memorial Hospital on my day 7 of 7 in a row, bushed from my work week, hearing John Pruden s voice narrating [...]

  28. American Gun tells the history of the United States through the stories of ten classic firearms from individually crafted Kentucky Long Rifles to modern automatic M16s In between it talks about the Spencer Repeaters, the Colt.45 Peacemaker, the Winchester 1873 Rifle, the Sharps.50 Buffalo Rifle, the 1893 Mauser and 1903 Springfield, the M1911 Government model.45 automatic, The Thompson Submachine gun, the M1 Garand Rifle, the M14 and the.38 Special Author Chris Kyle did an excellent job of tying [...]

  29. I would ve chosen 3.5 if I could, but 4 stars isn t a huge stretch Mr Kyle definitely has his own voice and style permeating this book I ve heard other people complain about this referencing Too many Texas references or being Too casual about the violence of war often His style worked for me in this book though If you want a metered or cautious view point on the subject matter there are other texts written by academic historians that might fill that role Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal sniper, an ac [...]

  30. Kyle didn t really teach me anything about guns that I didn t know That said, I thought at first that it would be a good book to recommend to people who hadn t much experience with firearms I d almost say that it is but Kyle at times slips into military jargon that would confuse a novice who hadn t served in the Navy or Marines I did, so I understood what he was talking about when he d write terms like head shed.Had he or his wife, for this was published after his death with her oversight cleane [...]

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