The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle

The Hero s Guide to Storming the Castle Prince Liam Prince Frederic Prince Duncan Prince Gustav You remember them don t you They re the Princes Charming who finally got some credit after they stepped out of the shadows of their princesses

Prince Liam Prince Frederic Prince Duncan Prince Gustav You remember them, don t you They re the Princes Charming, who finally got some credit after they stepped out of the shadows of their princesses Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Briar Rose to defeat an evil witch bent on destroying all their kingdoms But alas, such fame and recognition only last so long.Prince Liam Prince Frederic Prince Duncan Prince Gustav You remember them, don t you They re the Princes Charming, who finally got some credit after they stepped out of the shadows of their princesses Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Briar Rose to defeat an evil witch bent on destroying all their kingdoms But alas, such fame and recognition only last so long And when the princes discover that an object of great power might fall into any number of wrong hands, they are going to have to once again band together to stop it from happening even if no one will ever know it was they who did it Christopher Healy, author of the acclaimed The Hero s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, takes us back to the hilariously fractured fairy tale world he created for another tale of medieval mischief Magical gemstones, bladejaw eels, a mysterious Gray Phantom, and two maniacal warlords bent on world domination it s all in a day s work for the League of Princes.

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The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle

  1. Christopher Healy is the author of the Hero s Guide trilogy The Hero s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, The Hero s Guide to Storming the Castle, and The Hero s Guide to Being an Outlaw The series is a comedic adventure that follows the exploits of four different Prince Charmings in the aftermath of their not quite accurate fairy tale fame Published by Walden Pond Press, an imprint of HarperCollins A film version is currently in development at Fox Animation Blue Sky Studios.Chris lives in New Jersey with his wife, two children, and a dog named Duncan Visit him at ChristopherHealy And learn about the Hero s Guide universe at OfficialHerosGuide.

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  1. 5 stars not because Storming the Castle is the same as Hero s Guide 1, but because it sequels it so well The first book in a series is a surprise, full of fun and games as the characters make a show of themselves for new readers But a sequel is an opportunity to really get to know the characters, rubbing shoulders with them long enough to see if their traits and actions ring true with the initial impression, down to the last detail.Storming the Castle is an excellent sequel which allows each of [...]

  2. The Hero s Guide to Storming the Castle is packed with the same hilarity, adventure, and charm as its predecessor Duty calls in the form of a rumor An object of great power is poised to fall into the hands of evil The League of Princes band together and set forth once to brand their names in the history books or, in the tales sung by those befuddling bards who never seem to get their facts straight The stakes are high It all begins in Harmonia, where one prince s moment of distraction starts a [...]

  3. When facing unbeatable odds, just think of yourself as unbeatably odd DunkinVolume two of Healy s tween story, where, guess what, the League of Princes storm the castle to free Liam who was imprisoned there by Briar Rose The idea in this time of postmodern meta reflection about narrative, is that every story we ever read while growing up about all the Prince Charmings and Princesses was romanticized lies So who is writing the realistic version of all these romances The most bumbling one, Dunkin [...]

  4. Strap on your Seven League Boots and clown costumes friends, because Christopher Healy is back with the second installment to The Leage of Princes with The Hero s Guide to Storming the Castle, and it s every bit as informative as book one Though I suppose it could alternatively be called How Not to Fail at Banditry because not only our are heroes and heroines returned, so is Deeb Rauber, the pint sized squirt of a comical villain In fact, as I ve pointed out before, Storming the Castle is practi [...]

  5. Christopher Healy is the Groucho Marx of fractured fairy tales His first book, A Hero s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, was hysterical sometimes at the expense of the plot but this one strikes the right balance with depth, solid plot, and a fun cliff hanger ending Healy takes the delicate business of writing children s comedy and makes it a hoot for children and adults alike You need to set aside your doohickeys and dingle dangles and snort laugh as the League of Princes reunite in order to rescu [...]

  6. Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers NOTE We are running a US only giveaway of the final hardcover and framed art from the book Contest ends on Sunday, April 21 at 12 01am EST Go forth HERE to enter A NOTE Though this is the second book in the series, you can easily read this book without having read The Hero s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom In other words, no spoilers ahead Review Ever since the League of Heroes saved their respective kingdoms from clutches of a truly evil witch, you d think [...]

  7. It s hilarious It s utterly hilarious I laughed so hard that I couldn t see the page because of the tears streaming down my face Even better than the first one.

  8. The Princes Charming, yes, you read right Not the Prince Charmings, but the Princes Charming are back in this equally hilarious and fantastic sequel to The Hero s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom.This time they band together to find an item of great power, one that can control minds and take over the world, before it gets into the wrong hands Firstly, I loved it I think it s so funny even though it s targeted toward a younger audience The princes all have vastly different personalities, and that s w [...]

  9. My Thoughts Another fantastic and funny book in this great middle grade series I loved The Hero s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, so I was super excited to get my hands on the sequel, and it did not disappoint The story was super fun with everyone s favorite princes out to save the day in their own particular ways I was so excited to read of The League of Princes Each and every prince has a special place in my heart and they always cause a good laugh I loved how the story played out and being abl [...]

  10. I ll admit right off the bat that I loved this book I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed the first one The characters are great Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses and all made me roll my eyes at one time or another, but I couldn t help liking them most of them despite their flaws The four princes and princesses I found especially entertaining Most of them have good intentions but those good intentions inevitably go awry, which is where the humor comes in I found myself laughing ou [...]

  11. The League of Princes gets even charming in this sequel, in which the awful Briar Rose enlists their aid in stealing something from Deeb Rauber, King of Thieves These books are so delightful, and I was laughing helplessly over some of it, and also wondering if a lot of the humor isn t lost on the target audience For instance Deeb Rauber Dieb is German for thief, and Rauber is German for robber Duncan names a rat King Moonracer, which is the name of the king of the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudo [...]

  12. Another great installment in the League of Princes series This time around we see a whole new side to some of our beloved princes and princesses I was so intrigued by the other side of Briar Rose and Liam I can t tell you much, but I can say there are some definite surprises in store for you, dear reader What I really enjoyed in The Hero s Guide to Storming the Castle were the new characters The villains were extra vile and the sidekicks were extra punchy I love Mr Troll The ending had a nice su [...]

  13. I d probably like it if I hadn t just finished the first book a few days ago 900 plus pages of this kind of silliness is just too much Even so, it just wasn t as good as the first More mayhem, less world building Some of the jokes are getting pretty stale The characters are developing by tiny increments and I do want to see how they all get sorted out in the end, but not enough to read the third book, I don t think Is the third the last I will check 2.5 stars.

  14. The comedic talent of this author is amazing This is one of the few books that makes me laugh on multiple occasions An absolutely hilarious and delightful read.

  15. Originally posted at Small ReviewIs it as good as the first Look, the first book left some pretty big shoes to fill I had every confidence that Christopher Healy wouldn t let me down, but I ll be honest, I was a little worried It s not that I had any real reason to worry It s just that, well, when a book is SO good, it s kinda hard for a sequel to live up to that.But don t worry, because The Hero s Guide to Storming the Castle totally lives up to all my internal hype I keep almost wanting to say [...]

  16. DNF I was having a lot of trouble getting into this the characters seemed somehow annoying, the dialogue forced The feminist message in the first one was getting really absurd in the sequel and turned me of I got about a 100 pages in and then my twin looked at this ahead of me and told me there was some creepy gross stuff with the villains in it That made up my mind and I decided not to finish.

  17. Originally reviewed on Books Take You PlacesOne would assume that after saving the bards of the land, the Princes Charming would get some glorious fame Unfortunately, as we learned in book one of The League of Princes, the bards don t always get it right Instead, Frederick and Ella are back to their boring day to day activities, Gustav is still living in the shadow of his older brothers, and Liam is still hiding from his bridezilla Unfortunately for Liam, Briar Rose is no dummy and it doesn t ta [...]

  18. I didn t love this quite as much as the first book, but this is still incredibly fun and Healy is still having fun letting characters evolve and flipping some tropes

  19. There are characters upon characters in this novel So many that it s really too hard to break it up and tell you about each one I ll tell you my favorites Gustav, the Prince Charming from the story of Rapunzel All he wants to do is clobber somebody There is no finesse to him He s got a battle axe and he ain t afraid to use it Or without it, he ll just jump into the fray Whichever he feels like He d be the large guy on the cover with the blond hair Oh and he s got a great way with words Frederic, [...]

  20. After a rigorous adventure of thwarting a villain, the Princes Charming and Cinderella have settled down to their own victories and embarrassments Liam is exiled from his land, Duncan is big headed, Gustav is infuriated at his constant ridicule and Frederic s relationship with Ella is a huge question mark.When one of the princes gets kidnapped how humiliating they all must band together again to rescue him What results is a task to recover a precious item which, in the hands of someone with devi [...]

  21. theprettygoodgatsby.wordpress.Mere words cannot defeat a true hero Unless they happen to be the words to some sort of Instant Death spell Magic is scary.Last year, The Hero s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom took the Middle Grade world by storm read my 5 star review here The sequel, The Hero s Guide to Storming the Castle was one of my most highly anticipated 2013 releases and spoiler Christopher Healy didn t let me down With one adventure under their belt, the four Princes Charming Liam, Gustav, Du [...]

  22. These books are quite funny yet it took me quite a while to get through mostly because it just wasn t suspenseful and I had other books waiting for me Anyways I will be reading the third one and the future one to come I suggest these books to everyone who loves a laugh

  23. Last year, Christopher Healy charmed and delighted readers especially this reader with his spectacular and hilarious middle grade debut The Hero s Guide To Saving Your Kingdomwell, Healy has done it again with the equally hilarious sequel The Hero s Guide To Storming The Castle In Storming The Castle, the League of Princes Princes Liam, Fredric, Duncan, and Gustav the Princes Charming who saved the day in the first book and finally got some decent credit for it, are back A year after their first [...]

  24. The League of Heroes is back and hilarious and lovable than ever It s been a year since the events that transpired in the first book, and things are settling down for all of the princes that is, until view spoiler Briar Rose hires Ruffian the Blue to kidnap Liam so that they can finally get married As Liam is snatched by Ruffian right in front of Frederick and Ella s eyes, Frederick sends a messenger called Smimf to notify Gustav and Duncan of what s happened Smimf is no ordinary messenger he h [...]

  25. 5 5 Stars if ratings let me I would have given it 6 stars even 10 stars infinity.This book was just as amazing if not so than the first one It was like chatting with friends you haven t seen in a while catching up on stuff they have been doing since we last talked Last we left the 4 Prince Charmings they were planning on writing a book about Saving a kingdom because trying to be famous came and went faster then they could blink their eyes.Having pulled one over on the Princes The Bandit King De [...]

  26. These are quite entertaining.The first thing that catches my eye are the illustrations woven into the text Yes, I love page length drawings, and the drawings at the chapter headings, but these were awesome First I loved them for the fact that they were in the middle of the page, the text flowing around them Plus the drawing themselves were very interesting They had a blunt and funny approach Plus the author didn t use the illustrations to get rid of descriptions They were an excellent add on.The [...]

  27. Since their last adventure, the League of Princes Charming has returned to normal life But too much normal life is making some of them antsy Not to worry, though, because Liam s fiance Briar aka the not so nice while awake Sleeping Beauty has had him kidnapped so that she can marry him and take over merge their wealth and kingdoms In no time, the rest of the League plus Ella and Lila is gathered up to save the day and crash Liam s wedding And if you ve met the League of Princes you just might ha [...]

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