Maya's Notebook

Maya s Notebook Isabel Allende s latest novel set in the present day a new departure for the author tells the story of a year old American girl who finds refuge on a remote island off the coast of Chile after f

Isabel Allende s latest novel, set in the present day a new departure for the author , tells the story of a 19 year old American girl who finds refuge on a remote island off the coast of Chile after falling into a life of drugs, crime, and prostitution There, in the company of a torture survivor, a lame dog, and other unforgettable characters, Maya Vidal writes her storyIsabel Allende s latest novel, set in the present day a new departure for the author , tells the story of a 19 year old American girl who finds refuge on a remote island off the coast of Chile after falling into a life of drugs, crime, and prostitution There, in the company of a torture survivor, a lame dog, and other unforgettable characters, Maya Vidal writes her story, which includes pursuit by a gang of assassins, the police, the FBI, and Interpol In the process, she unveils a terrible family secret, comes to understand the meaning of love and loyalty, and initiates the greatest adventure of her life the journey into her own soul.

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Maya's Notebook

  1. Isabel Allende Llona is a Chilean American novelist Allende, who writes in the magic realism tradition, is considered one of the first successful women novelists in Latin America She has written novels based in part on her own experiences, often focusing on the experiences of women, weaving myth and realism together She has lectured and done extensive book tours and has taught literature at several US colleges She currently resides in California with her husband Allende adopted U.S citizenship in 2003.

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  1. Another fine book by the talented Ms Allende a writer who never disappoints her readers Allende moves this story effortlessly between Berkeley, Las Vegas and Chiloe This is Maya s story but it is also the story of Nini and Popo her grandparents and Manuel, Nini s Chilean friend The story flows easily between the recent past and the present, between failure and redemption, between distress and peace She writes with her intimate knowledge of the Chilean people, never failing to make them real thei [...]

  2. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom AristotleIsabel Allende Llona, a Chilean American novelist, has penned an intriguing yet edgy novel, Maya s Notebook that unfolds the story of a teenage girl who after the death of her grandfather, the only supporting figure of her life, she surrounds herself with negative influences like drugs, alcohol and selling her body, which makes her lose herself as she escapes from the authorities as well as from hit man and lands into a quiet and secluded [...]

  3. A young woman I am not sure that Isabel Allende can pull off a young and contemporary voice who loses her way after the death of her beloved grandfather lands in her grandmother s native Chile Told in the first person narrative, Maya, writes in her journal and alternates between past and present all the while recounting what has brought her to this point The themes were typical Allende exile, politics, magic, secrets, and feminocentric However, the story was chaotic at times and a bit melodramat [...]

  4. Isabel Allende has ranked among my favorite writers for a very long time I try to read every book that she comes out with The synopsis of Maya s Notebook sounded very interesting to me so I was especially excited to read this book Now the story line of this book is a little bit different than anything I have read so far by Allende but her characteristic way with words is still very much present and makes this book a joy to read This book is made up of the things that the title character, Maya, w [...]

  5. 4 Ordinary Magic Stars The whole world is magical, Maya On the run from the FBI, the Interpol, her own insecurities and past mistakes, a young girl finds herself in a remote island off the coast of Chile where life is slower and emotions are deeper There with time in her hands to contemplate her story she takes notes in a diary, narrating her family s history, weaving an intricate tale that spans 40 years and 3 different countries and everything is coming full circle She has the power to change [...]

  6. Allende crea en Maya Vidal una ventana a una gran variedad de temas El Cuaderno de Maya presenta a una muchacha de diecinueve a os exiliada en la comunidad chilena de Chiloe, escondida de enemigos contraidos en a os anteriores Allende reluce con el ambiente de Chiloe Este cobra vida mediante sus vividas descripciones, tanto del paisaje como de la gente Descripciones de sus habitantes, amigos de Maya, le dan a Chiloe un aire de serenidad, lentitud, sanacion y tradicion Maya, joven de pasado turbu [...]

  7. What I liked best about the book is the way Isabel Allende takes to you to Chiloe, an island off the coast of Chili, a place she knows and you can tell loves so much You feel as if you are there among these wonderful,caring and sometimes superstitious people They quietly go about there daily lives, but yet they know pretty much everything about each other and they take care of one another You almost want to be there for a few days and experience it first hand Maya is there hiding from her past m [...]

  8. Isabel Allende is the author of Maya s Notebook This is my first book by this author but not my last I am reading this book because much of the book occurs in Chile on a small island off of Chile s coast There are many others places mentioned in this novel This is a great story that shows how a dramatic loss in 19 year old Maya s life caused her to spiral into a life of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, crime and violence The reader learns about her life through Maya reading her journals that are ho [...]

  9. Spanish English Disclaimer I was born in Chile, lived through the dictatorship with a very different experience and have been to the Island of Chiloe which is as beautiful and mysterious as Allende describes Naci en Chile, vivi ahi antes y despues de la dictadura con una experiencia muy diferente a la descrita en el libro he viajado a la Isla de Chiloe la cual es tan linda y misteriosa como Allende lo describe Quiero partir por decir que Isabel Allende es una de mis autores favoritas, y este lib [...]

  10. I really love the way Isabel Allende writes Her lyrical descriptions take you to Chile where the ocean takes bites off the land and the continent of South America strings out into islands an eyelash between the mountains of the Andes and the depths of the Pacific Ocean, with hundreds of volcanoes, some with lava still warm,that could wake up at any moment and bury the territory in the sea The beauty of the land and its people contrasts vividly with its troubled history of atrocities perpetrated [...]

  11. I love Allende much of the time Though not the best of her numerous novels, this one is still worth a read The Chilean history lessons are welcome, as are as the life lessons, but not their preachy moments Audiobook reader Maria Cabezas does a terrific job but it sure would have been nicer if she d known how to pronounce South American yerba mate, which is mispronounced several times Another peeve in Spanish, popo is the equivalent of caca The protagonist s endearment for her beloved Oft Mention [...]

  12. Write it Out Maya s Notebook is about a troubled, exploited teenager I almost added mindlessly rebellious to this list but I think that s almost inherent in the definition of teenager You would think that this type of story would be horribly depressing and it is but there s also joy in the form of her family who never gives up on Maya Her childhood hasn t been perfect however No matter how much love and protection her grandparents give her it doesn t make up for her parents abandonment She decid [...]

  13. Like many Latin American Studies majors, I loved reading Isabel Allende novels in college both for class, and on my own , but after graduation I kind of forgot how amazing Allende is When I saw this novel offered by the Vine program, I requested it immediately and am thankful that I did This is the tale of a teenager who plummets to the depths of human misery, and the peaceful community that slowly draws her back to life Allende writes with enormous compassion, even when her protagonist is doing [...]

  14. Maya Vidal may only be 20 years old, but she has been through a lot in that short time Sent to live in a remote village in Chile after battling great challenges in her life, Maya uses her notebook to write about and learn from those challenges The mistakes from her past will help her to hopefully lead a productive and promising future Told from Maya s point of view, we are transported all over the world Most of the book takes place in Chiloe, Chile, but you will also spend time in Berkeley, Cal [...]

  15. If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be LONG If I could use words, it would be LONG OH MY GOD SO LONG THIS BOOK FELT LIKE IT WAS NEVER GOING TO END Seriously There was just SO MUCH going on in this book There s the plot dealing with Maya s family There s the plot dealing with Maya s time in Chile There s the plot dealing with Maya spiraling out of control And there s the plot where Maya s life goes totally off the rails in Vegas This book is frighteningly dark it features rape, [...]

  16. Wow, so this was my first experience with Isabel Allende and it was not what I was expecting at all I m not sure what I was expecting exactly, just that it wasn t this Also, just fyi, let s just put a big ol trigger warning all over this book for pretty much every trigger ever Why Did I Read This Book I d run out of audiobooks for review and selecting them on my own takes forever, and this showed up in a newsletter I ve been curious about Allende for a while, thus why I own several of her books [...]

  17. Isabel Allende is a fearless writer She can take on magical realism, contemporary political thrillers, historical fiction, or epic sagas and craft unforgettable characters, evocative settings, and surprising plots She is a natural storyteller with a keen sense of pacing and a flair for high drama Unlike other authors I ve followed over the years who captivated me with early works but faded to middle road pablum as they struggle to stay relevant, Allende keeps taking chances damn the torpedoes Sh [...]

  18. I adore Isabelle Allende I ve met her twice she is actually shorter than me I love my small girlfriends we can exchange clothes I ve had a secret wish shhhhhhhhh , to be part of Isabelle s tribe for years take long walks with talk share soak in the warm pools of Calistoga Heck, I d be happy to cook she and her husband dinner at our house I ve enjoyed EVERY book by Isabelle Allende ALL have been different ALL I ve enjoyed This book is no exception Maya s Notebook is a raw intimate personal story [...]

  19. The heart of this book is a coming of age story for a girl, Maya, writing her notebook at the age of only nineteen Surprisingly she has so many things to say and so many events that have changed her life Maya is what I would consider an old soul probably due to being raised by her grandparents and partly due to the environment in Berkeley, CA in the mid 70 s that greatly influenced her Grandmother Nini when she arrived there during that time, very young with a young son Maya gets dropped on thei [...]

  20. El cuaderno de Maya is a book that takes place in Chile, Chiloe, to be specific Maya is 19 and running away from the police We don t know why, all we know at first is that her grandma, Nini, is sending her away to this wonderful little town in Chile to keep her from those who are looking for her, and that Maya has a notebook where she writes everything she wants That s it That s the premise for this story That s all I had to settle with when I started reading it, so I didn t know what to expect [...]

  21. Isabel Allende s latest novel is a triumph.Pick up a copy of Isabel Allende s new novel, Maya s Notebook, and get ready for a wild and wonderful ride through the years and up and down the length of the Western Hemisphere Though structured as a coming of age novel of young Maya Vidal, recounting the four seasons of her twentieth year, Maya s Notebook ranges from the glorious madness of Berkeley, where she was born and raised, to the back alleys and casinos of drug addled Las Vegas and an Oregon r [...]

  22. Come in tutti i libri di Isabel Allende che ho letto, anche qui ci sono donne forti, amanti della libert e della giustizia.La storia della giovane Maya, diciannovenne americana dai trascorsi burrascosi e tragici, una storia che si svolge in esilio, in fuga dagli spettri di un passato terribile ed ancora troppo vicino per sentirsi sicuri.L esilio in una piccola ed affascinante isola cilena collocata alla fine del mondo, nell arcipelago di Chilo realmente esistente , le far incontrare dei personag [...]

  23. As anyone can see from my bookshelves, I m a big fan of Allende and Latino novelists in general This book of hers, however, just didn t quite work for me Allende created two stories, really The present tense one takes place on a remote island off Chile where Maya, a 19 year old, is hiding from gangsters and the law and learning to appreciate her grandmother s Chilean culture The past tense story drags us through a ghastly, drug infested period of her life that caused her to be sent to live on th [...]

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