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P S Be Eleven In this exquisite sequel to the New York Times bestseller One Crazy Summer the Gaither sisters return to Brooklyn and find that changes large and small have come to their home After spending the summ

In this exquisite sequel to the New York Times bestseller One Crazy Summer, the Gaither sisters return to Brooklyn and find that changes large and small have come to their home.After spending the summer in Oakland with their mother and the Black Panthers, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern arrive home with a newfound streak of independence, and the sisters aren t the only ones whIn this exquisite sequel to the New York Times bestseller One Crazy Summer, the Gaither sisters return to Brooklyn and find that changes large and small have come to their home.After spending the summer in Oakland with their mother and the Black Panthers, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern arrive home with a newfound streak of independence, and the sisters aren t the only ones who have changed Now Pa has a girlfriend Uncle Darnell returns from Vietnam a different man But Big Ma still expects Delphine to keep her sisters in line That s much harder now that Vonetta and Fern refuse to be bossed around Besides her sisters, Delphine s got plenty of other things to worry about like starting sixth grade, being the tallest girl in her class, and dreading the upcoming school dance her first The one person she confides in is her mother, Cecile Through letters, Delphine pours her heart out and receives some constant advice to be eleven while she can.The sequel to the Newbery Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Award winner One Crazy Summer, P.S Be Eleven stands on its own as a funny, moving story of three sisters coming of age in the turbulent 1960s.

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P.S. Be Eleven

  1. I was born in Queens, N.Y, on April 13, 1957 My mother, Miss Essie, named me NoMo immediately after my birth Although I was her last child, I took my time making my appearance I like to believe I was dreaming up a good story and wouldn t budge until I was finished Even now, my daughters call me Pokey Mom , because I slow poke around when they want to go go go I learned to read early, and was aware of events going on as I grew up in the 60s In the midst of real events, I daydreamed and wrote stories Writing stories for young people is my passion and my mission Teens will read They hunger for stories that engage them and reflect their images and experiences Author of four award winning novels, Rita Williams Garcia continues to break new ground in young people s literature Known for their realistic portrayal of teens of color, Williams Garcia s works have been recognized by the Coretta Scott King Award Committee, PEN Norma Klein, American Library Association, and Parents Choice, among others She recently served on the National Book Award Committee for Young People s Literature and is on faculty at Vermont College MFA Writing for Children and Young People.

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  1. It s entirely possible that I love this continuation of the Gaither sisters small saga even than the first award winning smash of a novel, but that could just be proximity talking Since I just finished this lovely sequel and am still hearing the Jackson Five in my head, smelling Big Ma s cooking, and seeing Mr Miwila s sixth grade classroom, my deep love of Rita Williams Garcia s lyrical, heartfelt writing is still fresh But I can already tell that this is a book that will stick with me, not ju [...]

  2. Truth be told, I didn t understand the Rita Williams Garcia hype before reading P.S Be Eleven I d read a couple of her books, notably 2011 Newbery Honoree One Crazy Summer, but wasn t convinced she belonged in the discussion with the top children s authors of her day Her writing was never dull, chapter after chapter of engaging prose that hit the ear with the faint ring of poetry, but I wasn t sure it meshed as a cohesive piece of art with a worthwhile central message After P.S Be Eleven, I won [...]

  3. Reviewed on blog and below A huge fan of Rita Willliams Garcia s One Crazy Summer, I was incredibly happy when it got a great deal of award love and recognition I mean, who could not be taken with those three sisters going off to spend the summer in California with the Black Panther mother they never knew And who could not want to know what happened to them when they went home to Brooklyn Happily, we find out in the sequel, P.S Be Eleven Taking off immediately after the girls return from Califor [...]

  4. I see a number of four star reviews for this one, and I only just finished it, so haven t sat with it yet but this was a five star book for me I think it was stronger thanone crazy summer in voice, depth of the characters, and sense of place I loved the pacing, the quiet tone, and the utter believability of the kids actions and voices super impressed this is by far my favorite of her books so far.

  5. As a kid, my brother would drop the needle on our Monkees album and we would shout sing, Hey, Hey we re the monkees We keep on monkeying around not sure of the lyrics any since it was decades ago I do remember my brother pretend throwing a football and me doing cartwheels our version of dancing before mom eventually hollered, Uff da Turn that down The house is shaking We were the Heckle an Jeckle in our family of seven just like Vonetta and Fern are in this story I found myself smiling at the fa [...]

  6. Bedtime read aloud I can t say enough about these Gaither girls books Such great characters, and such a clear sense of time and place They remind me in many ways of the Ramona books, which were the emotional touchstones of my childhood Delphine and her sisters feel real They talk like real kids, and they feel real feelings, and real things happen to them, and Rita Williams Garcia like Beverly Cleary trusts kid readers to get it Likewith the Jackson 5 concert ticket storyline shady stuff goes dow [...]

  7. In the Newbery honor award winning One Crazy Summer, we learned of the Gaither girls and their struggle to understand the mother who abandoned them and headed to California for life dedicated to the black panther and civil rights movement That was a five star read for me.P.S Be Eleven is the second book, and while not as strong as One Crazy Summer, it tugged at my heart Told from the perspective of the oldest of the sisters, eleven year old Delphine is a stubborn, loving, spit fire of a girl Whe [...]

  8. Wow, so different from One Crazy Summer The first book included historical details that supported the story I felt like this book did just the opposite, as if the story and characters were there as a backdrop, allowing her to place references of the period center stage I admire the ability to create a sense of time and place, but in this case the story really was a p.s for me and not one that could stand on its own One Crazy Summer was as near perfect as I could imagine, and I think it was bette [...]

  9. I m in love with the Gaither Siter really I m in love with their relationship, their personalities Delphine, Vonetta and Fern, they stand out as a trio as well as individual They felt so real that for a moment I thought I was one of them I would have love to be.They made me cry even though I m the easy cryer when it comes to adult fiction I do not cry when I read children middle grade books I can get teary yes but I do not cry This one made.I laughted, oh boy So much laughter in such a short boo [...]

  10. This book is the sequel to One Crazy Summer It starts EXACTLY where the previous book ended If you fell in love with the first book, I guarantee you will love this one Delphine narrates this story and has many struggles dealing with the start of 6th grade, the return of her uncle Darnell from Vietnam, her grandmother leaving, a new stepmother and overall letting her sisters become independent Though letters between Delphine and her mother, Delphine learns about herself and remembers that she i [...]

  11. It took me a while to get into this, and I am pretty sure it was out of fear I loved One Crazy Summer so much that I was afraid its sequel wouldn t live up to the original And it doesn t, at least not quite OCS had Delphine, Vonetta and Fern vs Cecile even though it wasn t really good vs evil per se, the conflict between mother and daughters really moved the book and I feel like PSBE suffered somewhat from the lack of Cecile But PSBE is still an incredibly strong book, beautifully written These [...]

  12. Sequel to ONE CRAZY SUMMER, but not nearly as good Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern are back home in Brooklyn and must face some big changes in their family Parts of the story were delightful, like the girls obsession with the Jackson Five There were some abrupt incidents SPOILER ALERT like Big Ma moving back to Alabama There were also some incidents that did not make sense and made me a little angry When a wonderful book like ONE CRAZY SUMMER comes along, I understand why the publisher wants to get [...]

  13. What a satisfying companion to One Crazy Summer The Gaither girls return from Oakland very much changed only to find things changing on Herkermer Street in Brooklyn Pa s got a lady friend, Big Mama still disapproves of the girls visit to California, Delphine s friendships are changing and she s starting sixth grade The audio was performed by one of my favorite narrators, Sisi Aisha Johnson, and she was spectacular as usual While I was totally lost in the Brooklyn, 1968, I found myself wishing I [...]

  14. I liked this even better than One Crazy Summer The writing is so joyful and natural and real I don t think it s a GREAT standalone I think there s a lot about Cecile that would be confusing and some of it was confusing because I don t remember everything about her very well but it is doable I love this cover, too, even though it doesn t match the text I think of it kind of as, this is how Delphine and Vonetta and Fern felt on the INside.

  15. So friggin cute Interesting perspective from some of the characters on the Nixon era I just love how Garcia is able to capture the issues of the era and still keep it kid friendly and real all at the same time

  16. This was such a joy I loved being back in this world with Delphine and her little sisters, getting to watch them all grow up a little bit I m definitely wanting to pick up the next book in this series soon.

  17. This is the second book in Rita Williams Garcia s three book series about the Gaither sisters The three sisters spent their summer visiting their mom in California where the girls got to experience a very different culture and it is a huge shock to them when they come home and find that everything has changed The girls stay in touch with their mother through letters where she continously reminds Delphine, who is the oldest sister, to remember to act her age and shouldn t worry about being in cha [...]

  18. For all of you who became fans of the Gaither sisters Delphine, Vonetta and Fern in One Crazy Summer, the girls are back And for anyone who doesn t know the Gaither sisters they are a delight to meet.The girls have just returned to Herkimer Street in Brooklyn after spending the summer with the mother Cecile in Oakland, CA see One Crazy Summer Gone for one short summer, when they get back home things are definitely different For one thing, their father is a changed man now that he has a girlfrien [...]

  19. Categories Genres for this class fulfilled by this book Middle Grade Reader Historical FictionEstimate of age level of interest Grades 5 8 Estimate of reading levelGrade 5Brief descriptionIn the late 1960s, three sisters, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern, have just returned to Brooklyn from a summer in Oakland, California, with their mother, who is a poet and a member of the Black Panthers Back home in New York, their grandmother and father espouse different ideals about race relations than what thei [...]

  20. Summary Critique P.S Be Eleven by Rita Williams Garcia is a sequel to the book, One Crazy Summer This books follows the development of Delphine, an 11 year old girl that just got back from visiting her mom who left to live in Oakland, CA This story is set in the late 1960s in Brooklyn, NY during the civil rights movement Delphine has two younger sisters, Fern and Vonetta, who are too hard for Delphine to take care of any since everyone is growing up and getting bigger This story goes through the [...]

  21. It s 1968 and African American sisters Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern have returned home to NYC after a summer in Oakland with the mother who abandoned them and the Black Panthers They re back to living with their father and his mother, Big Ma, and their Uncle Darnell who recently returned from Vietnam Delphine, the oldest of the sisters, is starting 6th grade There s a lot going on in their lives Their father is engaged to a woman Big Ma doesn t approve of, and Delphine is still wondering why he d [...]

  22. This is one of the best middle grade books I ve read all year It truly sings and dances I think that Williams Garcia outdoes herself with her standalone sequel to One Crazy Summer I thoroughly enjoyed that novel, but feel that she really hits her stride with this touching, funny, vulnerable, and strong novel about the three sisters and their return to their New York neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant in the early 1970s after a conscience raising summer spent with their mother in Oakland, Califor [...]

  23. Grade A Delphine and her two younger sisters return home after summer in Oakland with their mother and at Black Panthers Camp Back to Big Ma and her old fashion ways, back to Pa and his new girlfriend, back to Uncle Darnell home from Vietnam and on drugs Everything seems to be changing except Big Ma and her strict ways The sisters are saving for a Jackson 5 concert, sixth grade is harder than Delphine imagined and she keeps receiving letters from her mother ending with PS BE ELEVEN, reminding th [...]

  24. Picking up right where Newbery Honor Book One Crazy Summer left off, its successor is every bit as delightful as its predecessor was Eleven year old Delphine Gaither and her sisters, Vonetta and Fern, have just returned to Brooklyn from Oakland after a summer getting to know her mother Delphine finds that she and her sisters aren t the only ones who have changed Things at home are different since her father is dating someone and her sisters are coming into their own The girls continue to communi [...]

  25. Four stars or five stars However many are there, know that I really, really liked this charming novel.Eleven year old Delphine is supposed to take care of her younger sisters, but her mother also wants her to have a childhood, so she often signs her letters to her some version of P.S Be Eleven Delphine s mom is a poet who lives in Oakland and Delphine, Vonetta and Fern live with their dad, grandmother and Uncle Darnell in Bed Stuy It s the late sixties or the early 70 s Their mom is a Black Pant [...]

  26. Garcia, R W 2013 P.s be eleven New York, NY Harper Collins P.S Be Eleven, is a historical fiction novel and sequel to the book One Crazy Summer The focuses on three sisters Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern After spending their summer in Oakland they decide to return home and soon come to realize things have in fact changed Their Pa now has a girlfriend, and their uncle returns from Vietnam a different man Besides everything going on the author focuses on Delphine s life as she deals with the struggle [...]

  27. It was really good, but not as phenomenal as the first novel The writing was great, but I often found myself wondering as I did with One Crazy Summer would an 11 year old girl really talk this way Some of her observations were so poetic and poignant I don t mean to underestimate what children would enjoy or understand, but I am a bit skeptical I will say this I shed a tear or two near the end of the book when Delphine goes to the 6th grade dance I did enjoy the book, but in comparing it to the 1 [...]

  28. P.S Be Eleven is the sequel to Rita Williams Garcia s One Crazy Summer The story takes place in the rough times, the late 1960 s The story begins with the journey home after the three girls spend the summer in California with their Mother Delphine and her two younger sister think they are going to fly back into the life they lead prior to their visit with their Mother, but it s not the case Many changes take place, which include their father getting married secretly, and their Uncle returning fr [...]

  29. Read Full ReviewThis is a great sequel to One Crazy Summer The character growth with these 3 sisters is amazing Though, it hasn t been that long since their return from CA, that visit changed their lives.Delphine is changing the most She still has the weight of the world on her shoulders She s the big sister to 2 younger ones, who are impressionable Being there for them, but at the same time trying to find some independence, is hard to achieve She finds some guidance from her mother, whom she wr [...]

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