Potatisbarnen In Haapsalu in Grandma s house it is fun to be There lives the small Ilon with her best friend Sammeli In the day they go out on adventures in the city One day they hear cries for help from an aban

In Haapsalu, in Grandma s house, it is fun to be There lives the small Ilon with her best friend Sammeli In the day they go out on adventures in the city One day, they hear cries for help from an abandoned house and hurries there Potatisbarn is another story inspired by Ilon Wikland childhood in Estonia.

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  1. Ilon Wikland Maire Ilon P bo Her father, Max P bo was a civil engineer and her mother, Vida P bo Juse was a painter and textile artist who had graduated from the Pallas Art School in Tartu Ilon spent her childhood in Haapsalu I have often thought that the best thing that happened to me was going to live with my grandmother and grandfather in Haapsalu I was like their own child They cared for me and loved me a lot, explains Wikland many decades later Ilon started school in Tallinn and then from 1939 1944 she attended the 1st Primary School in Haapsalu In late September 1944, Ilon s grandmother took her to the ship that was to take her, along with a school friend and her family, to Sweden The war was drawing to an end and Russian soldiers, the liberators , started arriving in Haapsalu and across Estonia Fearful of communism many people escaped from Estonia at that time On 25 September 1944, the small ship with 200 refugees arrived in Sweden at Dalar harbour The tiring wartime journey lasted three days In Sweden, Ilon s aunt found her and took her to live with her Ilon went to study at the School for Book and Advertising Art in Stockholm Later she continued her studies also in Stockholm at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design , then at Signe Barth s painting school as well as in London and Paris It was in Sweden that Ilon met Astrid Lindgren, who liked her drawings and so their many years of collaboration began The first book Wikland illustrated for Lindgren was Mio, my Mio But probably the best known are Karlsson on the roof , The Six Bullerby Children , Little Tjorven, the Boatswain and Moses , Ronia the Robber s Daughter and The Brothers Lionheart I could always draw pictures for Astrid Lindgren s books because her texts were always so wonderful that they provided the pictures themselves I always knew what kind of illustration needed to go where, remembers Wikland On 11 May 2006, Ilon Wikland signed an agreement in Stockholm to give nearly 800 original illustrations, essentially her entire collection, to the L nemaa County Museum in other words, to her beloved childhood home of Haapsalu This is a gift to the entire Estonian nation Ilon s Wonderland was opened on 4 July 2006 in Haapsalu with great ceremony and hundreds of guests Ilon Wikland now lives in Stockholm She has four grown up daughters and 10 grandchildren In 2007, an in depth monograph compiled by Enno Tammer and titled Ilon Wikland s World was published in Estonia In 2001, Ilon Wikland was awarded the Order of the White Star, 3rd class.

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