Love Hina, Vol. 03

Love Hina Vol At the age of Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart promised to meet again as students at Japan s most prestigious university Now he can t pass his entrance examsor even remember the girl s name

At the age of 5, Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart promised to meet again as students at Japan s most prestigious university Now 20, he can t pass his entrance examsor even remember the girl s name Stumbing into a fluke job at an all girls dormitory may be his last chance In the series that inspired the new hit anime, Love Hina proves that love conquers all Even sAt the age of 5, Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart promised to meet again as students at Japan s most prestigious university Now 20, he can t pass his entrance examsor even remember the girl s name Stumbing into a fluke job at an all girls dormitory may be his last chance In the series that inspired the new hit anime, Love Hina proves that love conquers all Even stupidity.

Love Hina, Vol Ken Akamatsu I ordered vol of LOVE HINA as a gift for my nephew When he received the issue it was a different volume it was number which he had already I was told they will refund my purchase ship the correct issue for free That is very nice I thank you very much I know my nephew will be very happy. Love Hina, Vol Ken Akamatsu Jul , Love Hina volume three, by Ken Amatsu, may be the best of the three volumes released at this date Keitaro and Naru have both failed the exams, and independently decide to take a little vacation to relax after all that hard work studying, racing to the U, etc. Love Hina, Vol by Ken Akamatsu Nov , Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina vol Tokyopop, Okay, I kinda whaled on Akamatsu in my last Love Hina review, but let s face it, I can t stay mad at the guy for too long This one s almost as contrived as vol , but there s a great deal flow to it, we see the return of a couple of amusing minor characters, and yes, the flying turtle s still there, but is marginally less annoying unless Love Hina, Vol by Ken Akamatsu Apr , Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina vol Tokyopop, More adventures in the Hinata girls dorm, featuring Kitaro, the hapless headmaster trying to get into Tokyo U So s Naru, the oldest of the bunch, and despite Naru s hatred of Kitaro, the two of them agree to Love Hina VOL. Complete set Comics Manga eBay May , LOVE HINA Vol COMPLETE Ken Akamatsu ENGLISH Tokyopop Manga . Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping MANGA LOVE HINA Volumes Lot of books Ken Akamatsu TokyoPop . . shipping . shipping . shipping WELCOME TO THE NHK ni Youkoso VOL. Complete set Comics Manga. Love Hina Love Hina Japanese , Hepburn Rabu Hina is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu.It was serialized in Kodansha s Weekly Sh nen Magazine from October to October , with the chapters collected into tank bon volumes by Kodansha.The series tells the story of Keitar Urashima and his attempts to find the girl with whom he made a childhood LOVE HINA Vol COMPLETE Ken Akamatsu ENGLISH LOVE HINA Vol Ken Akamatsu ENGLISH Tokyopop Manga Very Good . . shipping Love Hina VOL. Complete set Comics Manga . Free shipping Picture Information Image not available Mouse over to Zoom Click to enlarge Move over photo to zoom Love Hina, Vol by Ken Akamatsu AbeBooks Love Hina, Vol by Ken Akamatsu and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks. Love Hina Vol Akamatsu, Ken Free Download, Borrow Love Hina Vol Item Preview remove circle Share or Embed This Item EMBED EMBED for wordpress hosted blogs and archive item description tags Want Advanced embedding details, examples, and help No_Favorite Love Hina Vol Akamatsu, Ken Free Download, Borrow Love Hina Vol by Akamatsu, Ken Publication date Topics Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Graphic novels Publisher Los Angeles Tokyopop Love Hina proves that love conquers all Even stupidity Older teen, age This book is printed manga style in the authentic Japanese right to left format Colophon % authentic manga

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Love Hina, Vol. 03

  1. Ken Akamatsu , Akamatsu Ken, July 5, 1968 is a Japanese mangaka from Tokyo.In his teenage years, Akamatsu failed the entrance exam to Tokyo University, and applied for Film Study instead it is speculated that this is where he got the idea for Love Hina Eventually, he became famous as an illustrator featured in Comiket short for Comic Market, a comic convention bi annually held in Japan He used the pen name Awa Mizuno , MIZUNO Awa Akamatsu, still in college, then proceeded to win the Weekly Shonen Magazine award twice His A Kid s Game for One Summer was awarded the coveted 50th Shonen Magazine Newcomer s Award soon after he graduated.After a big hit with A.I Love You, he finally made a grand success with his new manga, Love Hina The series appeared in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has been collected in eleven volumes with fourteen volumes in total , which have sold over 6 million copies in Japan, and received the Kodansha Manga Award for sh nen in 2001.Akamatsu had added elements of his own life experiences to the story, and this was said to have induced a unique feeling to the manga especially for Western readers, whose lack of familiarity with Japanese culture for the most part added to the effect The series, published in America in 2002, was especially well received in many overseas countries Akamatsu was surprised that even foreign readers found Love Hina to be cute and to their liking.He is now married to his wife Kanon Akamatsu, who was previously a singer idol He is currently working on his latest manga series, Negima Magister Negi Magi, which is his longest running manga so far Like Love Hina, has also been made into an anime series A second independent retelling of Negima was made called Negima Both series were produced by XEBEC Negima was produced by SHAFT.

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  1. This is the first ever manga that I read At that time I was completely unaware of graphic series so instead of volume 1, this is the volume which I read first And then I accidentally read it from the back I didn t know it then that this was originally Japanese, and that the format was kept even though it was translated to Norwegian, well it did not make sense to me why a book would be flip and because I wasn t that good in Norwegian at that time I did not mind the info about the backward reading [...]

  2. This volume takes on a slightly serious tone as Naru and Keitaro both fail their exam t get into Tokyo university They have a nasty fight and both decide to independently visit Kyoto to get away from it all.Of course they end up being on the same train, getting off at the same stop and booking the same hotel Which ends up having a shortage of rooms so they have to share a single room Slightly creepy moment in this when I think Keitaro is going to start touching up Naru when she s asleep, thankf [...]

  3. I m seeing some character development in this volume And I m kind of rooting for Naru x Keitarou I hope this isn t another tease like Negima

  4. I reall enjoyed Love Hina Volume 1 but felt that Love Hina Volume 2 was lacking I feel that volume 3 had gotten back on track I liked the three seperate adventures that Su and Shinobu, Motoko and Kitsune and Keitaro and Naru The book also seemed to go back to its bouncy style of the first book However the new female character Mutsumi felt a little forced and was the low point of a great book.

  5. The constant whoops my clothes came off is really really getting on my nerves but apart from that it s fine Not great, but fine I know the whole clothes coming off thing is part of this series but on under 18 year olds even manga characters it just makes me really uncomfortable It does remind me of being a teenager though, I used to read and watch Love Hina all the time with my friends So there s the nostalgia element If I discovered this series ONLY as an adult though I am sure I wouldn t have [...]

  6. Oh poor Keitaro He just can t get cut a break Crazy stuff happens to him all the time and it s not his fault, but he always gets blamed for it And despite working so hard he just can t seem to do better on his exams.The characters are outrageous and funny Each one different than each other and each one seems to have their own huge personality that doesn t quite get enough time Keitaro is silly and endearing You root for him even though you know he s probably not going to make it, but maybejust m [...]

  7. I think, after the surprisingly strong second volume, I was expecting from this one than I probably should have Also, I guess I just wasn t down with the girls and Keitaro leaving Hinata House and going on separate adventures for a book so much of what works about this series is these people bouncing off each other, and pulling them into smaller cliques works against the comedy Almost a two star, but the last couple of chapters got it back on track.

  8. Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina vol 3 Tokyopop, 2002 And here we are it s time for the big test to get into Tokyo U And is Naru the girl Kitaro made his promise to fifteen years earlier He can t quite recall, but when she lets slip she s trying because of a promise she made as well, Kitaro s feelings get to falling all over each other as much as his feet do Series remains strong and witty.

  9. I m not a real fan of Mutsumi to begin with Her character is annoying and unbelievable and she really slows this volume down with her nonsense, especially since Akamatsu gives new characters gimmicks and then does them to death Even so, the detailed backgrounds as Keitaro and Naru go travelling to ease their disappointment at failing the entrance exam are great and the other Hinata House residents are still there for comic relief.

  10. Si quer is leer una obra realmente magistral de Ken Akamatsu, leed la serie Negima Magister Negi Magi Una historia bien pensada que te atrapa, con personajes que evolucionan psicol gicamente, un dibujo preciosista cargado de detalles y profundidad de planos en cada p gina, momentos trepidantes y realmente emocionantes, y una aventura interesante que leer Probadla, de verdad.

  11. During this part of the series, Naru and Keitaro do some soul searching after failing their exams The two end up on a tropical island with a strange, clumsy girl who is very much like Keitaro Naru and Keitaru get a lot closer This book was definitely really funny, just because parts of it were so ridiculous.

  12. i watch the anime version it is about a boy name Urashima Keitaro who became girls s dorm caretaker, since he fails his ent exams into Tokyo University for the 2nd time and officially an unemployed plus his parents kicked him out of the house _ And the story begin

  13. Don t discount anime as awful without giving it the chance It was never one of my great interests, but I watched enough to get it.

  14. I decided to read this book because it was made by my favorite author, Ken Akamatsu I figured if Negima is TOTALLY AWESOME, than Love Hina would be, too

  15. This manga is funny I know this manga from my ex boyfriend I have 1 14 series except number 2, in Indonesian Haha Keitaro is immortal

  16. I totally ship Keitaro Mutsumi Actually I think Mutsumi is just someone who can ship with everyone So I ship Mutsumi everyone Ha

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