Such a Pretty Girl

Such a Pretty Girl They promised Meredith nine years of safety but only gave her three Her father was supposed to be locked up until Meredith turned eighteen She thought she had time to grow up get out and start a ne

They promised Meredith nine years of safety, but only gave her three Her father was supposed to be locked up until Meredith turned eighteen She thought she had time to grow up, get out, and start a new life But Meredith is only fifteen, and today her father is coming home from prison Today her time has run out.

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Such a Pretty Girl

  1. Laura Wiess is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Such a Pretty Girl, chosen as one of the ALA s 2008 Best Books for Young Adults and 2008 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers, and Leftovers Originally from Milltown, New Jersey, she traded bumper to bumper traffic, excellent pizza, and summer days down the shore for scenic roads, bears, no pizza delivery, and the irresistible allure of an old stone house surrounded by forests in Pennsylvania s Endless Mountains Region Email Laura Wiess at laura laurawiess or visit laurawiess for information.

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  1. This book was stupid, boring, and too short to short to warrant 9.SPOILER girl is abused by her dad dad goes to jail dad gets out of jail mom is interested in dad than daughter dad starts harassing daughter again daughter hits him with a statue of the holy mother and breaks his head the end.

  2. Although this book deals with a dark and demented issue, its style, readability, and theme of justice made it impossible for me to put down Meredith, a 15 year old girl, was promised nine years of protection from the government when her father was charged with molesting and raping her when she was 12 years old Her father was sent to prison and was supposed to be locked up until Meredith was 18 and legally free from her father s guardianship But to Meredith s horror, he is released after only thr [...]

  3. 12 year old Meredith s father is sent to prison for nine years for raping her repeatedly But he s paroled in only three, when Meredith is 15, and, because Meredith s selfish, narcissistic mother wants her husband back, he sets about working his way back into Meredith s life and continuing where he left off.Let s just get one thing out of the way this book requires an enormous suspension of disbelief, at least if you have even the most tangential contact with the real justice system First of all [...]

  4. 3.5 starsThis book was an average read I kind of wish it was longer and meatier but I can understand why it was on the short side Honestly though, How It Ends by Wiess is so much better than this one so I would recommend that one over this one The best thing about this book was Meredith I thought she was a great character I liked how she was brave and quite rebellious even though she was scared of her father The other characters all seemed pretty real so in my opinion, they were well done I like [...]

  5. Wonderfully written story A little pricey for being so short I wish it was longer but I loved the way things were described and the twist at the very end.

  6. SUCH A PRETTY GIRL has only been out for three and a half years now, but I kind of get the impression that similar to Julia Hoban s Willow it hasn t reached the wider audience it deserves as a result of its somewhat disturbing subject matter I know I held off picking it up for awhile Well, make that several days I would have gone longer, I m sure, but I read two absolutely stellar reviews of it and wanted to try it so bad However, I have a very hard time reading stories about child abuse I haven [...]

  7. Rape is not a mistake He did it on purpose, over and over again because he wanted to, because he get off on it There are just some books that despite not liking the characterization, you love the book because the story it is telling is important.This book is about a motherfucking pedophile who was supposed to be rotting in jail for nine years not enough He was Merideth s father and because the universe is a bitch sometimes, her father was released after three years in prison.Let me be straight b [...]

  8. What s the point of obsessing over cholesterol or bike helmets or even cigarettes when the biggest threats to our children are being released back into society every day Yes, maybe some of them have reformed, but what about the ones who haven t Doesn t anyone realize that one touch , one time will destroy a child s life ten times faster than a pack a day habit Such a Pretty Girl was disturbing and a very painful subject The kind that makes one uncomfortable, as it should be It is sick and sad bu [...]

  9. I ll start by saying that I was struck by the similarities between this novel and my spring 2007 book Chasing Tail Lights The journey, the choices, the use of flashbacks, and the two main characters making similar cold blooded and calculated decisions on avenging their abuse Yet, I was most struck by the middle section of this novel where Mer talks about what is supposed to happen to girls like me who have been abused The book is loaded with creepy moments the father touching Mer s back and aski [...]

  10. Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadTooIn SUCH A PRETTY GIRL, Laura Wiess grabbed and held my attention from the first page to the last New Jersey teenager Meredith was supposed to have nine years of safety from her father, so she d be eighteen and out of the house when he was released from prison But three years later, when Meredith is fifteen, her father gets out for good behavior No matter what he did to Meredith and to other children before her, Meredith s mother is than ready to take h [...]

  11. This story revolves around Meredith, a 15 year old whose father sexually abused her and has just been released early after serving only 3 years of his 9 year sentence Her mother turns the other way and is in major denial over the whole thing, and Meredith feels like she has to deal with it mainly on her own However, she does have allies in her condo community, like her retired cop neighbor, her wheelchair bound boyfriend and his mother, and her grandmother who happens to be the mayor She feels s [...]

  12. This book is raw and painful, and although it hurt to read it, I couldn t put it down After being sent to prison for raping his 12 year old daughter Meredith and other children, Meredith s father is released She was promised a sentence of nine years but he s home in three and back to the same abuse Meredith, is now fifteen and she s losing it The characters were all incredibly well drawn, especially Meredith, but also the supporting characters I hate, hate, hate Meredith s mother There were some [...]

  13. Wanted to like this, but found it way too unbelievable So a girl has been molested raped by her father Turns out he had molested a bunch of other kids boys and girls She testifies against him, and he s sent to jail for 9 years but gets out in 3.Her mom bases her entire self worth upon the approval of her dad and is super duper psyched that Darling Diddler Daddy is coming home from prison Yay Wonders why the girl can t just forgive and forget Wants daddy to move back in with them, but according t [...]

  14. Truly heartbreaking, but still lined with hope.Meredith, while suffering from major PTSD, was so strong and willful and I admired her Her relationship with Andy, while unconventional, made me happy and I enjoyed the character development on both sides The ending also made me smile and I liked that The anger I felt at a few characters and situations throughout this book was also somewhat mollified by seeing those characters face the consequences they deserved Overall, taking into account the subj [...]

  15. This book was tragically beautiful I can t think of a better book to bring on holiday Meredith thought she had time, time to grow up, time to get away from him Meredith is only 15 when her father gets out early from prison and is coming for her Her time run out and she needs to stop him I am going through this phase in my life where I m not interested in books that don t include suicide, or mental illnesses or rape Weird I know but I love seeing how an author follows a story, I love seeing how t [...]

  16. What a stupid story Yes, the author is trying to deal with a heavy issue like child incest and pedophiles but the world she s created here is just too unbelievable The main character, Meredith, age 15, just can t seem to focus on anything except getting away from her sadistic parents and their bad sex to be with her crippled boyfriend, Andy, so they can have the good sex and drink the good booze Hanging out of a car window while drunk was what led to Andy s paralysis yet he s constantly swigging [...]

  17. I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I just had some major problems with it I thought it was going to be similar to Perks, and in was in some ways, but it definitely didn t handle the topic of molestation as gracefully as Perks did The main thing that put me off about this book straight from the start was the fact that Meredith is dating Andy and Andy is 19 years old while she is 15 In my opinion, the was no reason for Andy to be 19, he could have easily been 17 or something and the aut [...]

  18. I know this book deserves than 3 stars and i would definitely have given it had i not read How It Ends before this one The latter one had me sobbing so bad So when i picked this book I had hoped that i would blow me away But that didn t happen In fact the ending happened quite abruptly Laura Weiss has expertly described the emotions of teenagers who have have been sexually abused and didn t exactly find justice for it Meredith was abused by her father who is a pedophile Three years later he is [...]

  19. I am gonna keep this sort and sweet I am a social worker I work with childhood sexual abuse everyday with the youth I take care of This book does a horrible job at telling the truth The two positives I can give the book is 1 the mom s personality is pretty spot on and 2 Meridiths OCD with numbers is pretty spot on as well I have to many bad things to complain about that I will keep them to myself and not ruin the book for others Just know that this doesn t give the full and accurate picture of i [...]

  20. A lot of things really irked me about this book Not the subject matter, though No, it was than that for me My first problem started with one of the main characters Meredith s mother What in the ever loving hell is wrong with this mother How could she be so inconsiderate, selfish, and dense Is this a typical thing I really hope not As a mother, this is something I cannot stand for Neglect That s how I see this whole thing The ending of the book have the mother just what she had coming I wish it [...]

  21. She was promised nine years of safety, but received only three Meridith is fifteen, living with a mother who intentionally blinds herself to the truth, and her sexually abusive father is about to be released from jail She must find a way to protect herself from her father and protect the other children that he may abuse in her stead Meridith s harrowing story is compulsively readable, but it s too short and the secondary characters and plotlines don t receive enough attention Careful flashbacks [...]

  22. Meredith thought she had 9 years of freedom from her abuse father but the system only gave her 3 years In those 3 little years, she never got over the abuse suffered by the hands of her father She never forgot the emotional damage She ll never forget that little gold baseball slapping against her skin throughout the entirety of the sexual abuse However, she found close friends she could trust and confide in She found Andy, a boy who was also abused by Meredith s father She found a women, despera [...]

  23. This is such an empowering book to have a voice Describing how one girl can deal with her biggest fear on her own and save lives, even if it meant to risk her own A breathtaking book that can see a new perspective of how fears can hurt you so much, but conquering it is a such a liberating feeling.

  24. Meredith, age fourteen, learns that her father has been released from jail several years early Her mom is ecstatic and in serious denial , but Meredith is sick to her stomach Her father went to jail three years ago for sexually abusing her and several other children in town She thought she would be safe from him, and then safely away from him she d be eighteen by the time he was supposed to have been released , before this happened Not only is he getting out, but he s also going to be living in [...]

  25. I loved Such a Pretty Girl with the same deeply personal portion of me that felt M Night Shyamalan s Signs was an awesome movie My favorite passage is as follows I know how bad the odds are for girls like me We wait to be rescued, but for whatever reason, no one comes We figure that if no one protects us then we must not be worth protecting so we become prey and are easily picked off Our wounded, kicked puppy gazes attract sly predators and we sell ourselves for clearance sale prices, mistaking [...]

  26. I choose the book Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess, because I heard it had to do with a girl trying to live her life with a father that has molested her and now he came back and she doesnt know what to do She tries so hard to stay away from him, but he hold her hostage from leaving her house to go hang out with Andy Andy is her friend boyfriend, and they are madly inlove with eachother, but Andy is in a wheel chair and Meredith doesn t really know why One of Meredith s neighbors gave her a tedd [...]

  27. I ve had Such a Pretty Girl on my to read list for years Everyone has amazing things to say about it so I don t know why I put it off for so long exactly I picked it up on a whim the other day and devoured it.Such a Pretty Girl is a difficult book The subject matter is something that a lot of people wouldn t want to read about I ve always liked dark books Books that make me step outside of my normal life That s definitely what this one is Meredith has been sexually abused by her father in the pa [...]

  28. Such a Pretty Girl depicts a community where the tension doesn t simmer it s explosive The only way to protect the community is to provoke the offender into re offending, and Meredith offers herself up as the sacrificial lamb She s in no way reluctant, though she must battle her fears to complete the task.The romance is believable victims, survivors banding together, trying to cope with their tortured pastsd now their troubled present Paralysis and religion thread their connection with conflict [...]

  29. Wow Just wow.This book, though short and dark, is one of the best books I think I ve ever read I never wanted to put it down Wiess does an extraordinary job at depicting what it s like to be the victim of sexual abuse Told by 15 year old Meredith, this is a deeply moving story of scars and recovery, both emotional and physical There are religious undertones throughout which you can either bring to prominence or leave in the background depending on how you personally perceive the significance It [...]

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