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Daisy Miller Originally published in The Cornhill Magazine in and in book form in Daisy Miller brought Henry James his first widespread commercial and critical success The young Daisy Miller an America

Originally published in The Cornhill Magazine in 1878 and in book form in 1879, Daisy Miller brought Henry James his first widespread commercial and critical success The young Daisy Miller, an American on holiday with her mother on the shores of Switzerland s Lac Leman, is one of James s most vivid and tragic characters Daisy s friendship with an American gentleman, Mr.Originally published in The Cornhill Magazine in 1878 and in book form in 1879, Daisy Miller brought Henry James his first widespread commercial and critical success The young Daisy Miller, an American on holiday with her mother on the shores of Switzerland s Lac Leman, is one of James s most vivid and tragic characters Daisy s friendship with an American gentleman, Mr Winterbourne, and her subsequent infatuation with a passionate but impoverished Italian bring to life the great Jamesian themes of Americans abroad, innocence versus experience, and the grip of fate As Elizabeth Hardwick writes in her Introduction, Daisy Miller lives on, a figure out of literature who has entered history as a name, a vision.

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Daisy Miller

  1. Henry James, OM, son of theologian Henry James Sr brother of the philosopher and psychologist William James and diarist Alice James, was an American born author, one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction He spent much of his life in England and became a British subject shortly before his death He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the encounter of America with Europe His plots centered on personal relationships, the proper exercise of power in such relationships, and other moral questions His method of writing from the point of view of a character within a tale allowed him to explore the phenomena of consciousness and perception, and his style in later works has been compared to impressionist painting.James insisted that writers in Great Britain and America should be allowed the greatest freedom possible in presenting their view of the world, as French authors were His imaginative use of point of view, interior monologue and unreliable narrators in his own novels and tales brought a new depth and interest to realistic fiction, and foreshadowed the modernist work of the twentieth century An extraordinarily productive writer, in addition to his voluminous works of fiction he published articles and books of travel writing, biography, autobiography, and criticism,and wrote plays, some of which were performed during his lifetime with moderate success His theatrical work is thought to have profoundly influenced his later novels and tales.

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  1. Book Review4 of 5 stars to Daisy Miller by Henry James, a story about a free and unattached American girl who is spending some time in Europe after being removed from American society for some time She unwittingly defies the moral code of European society, never realizing it until the very end when she dies All throughout the story, Daisy does what she likes, responds to what she likes To the world around her she is a young girl, an American girl, she represents a society and a sex She is expect [...]

  2. This little story catalyzed a lot of late 19th century debate about American values and European values and particularly the confident, un blushing American girl who is not inclined to conform to the snobbish tastes and attitudes of the upper class people she meets as her family becomes wealthy Daisy Miller became a debatable type of American girl, Daisy Millerism a controversial kind of topic.Contemporary readers should give some thought to how Daisy s major sin against expatriate society is th [...]

  3. Henry James in a nutshell This novel contains all typical and topical for him issues, to mention only freshness and spontaneity contra preciosity and social niceties, differences between young and puritan country and fossilized and sophisticated Old World, clash between America and Europe, innocence of the first and corruption of the latter, though in that particular example we have rather America versus America.Daisy Miller, a young American, stays with her mother and younger brother at a hotel [...]

  4. Daisy Miller is a short novel that seems to me like a condensed version of The Portrait of a Lady Daisy is a young American girl traveling abroad in Europe with her mother and younger brother Doing what any young American girl would consider normal, she is ridiculed and scorned for not adhering to the rigid and uncomprising moral standards and customs that existed in 19th century Europe, especially relating to young ladies actions in society James writes his stories in a style that is uniquely h [...]

  5. WINTRY DAISIESI rarely discuss plot, and doing so in a book on which so much has been written, seems to me like jumping into a bottomless pit.But I was sad, no I ought to say that it irked me that Henry James had her Annie, Daisy , die at the end.For I was becoming and interested in her Was she a superficial and provincial flirt Or was she extremely modern and free in her defiance of stringent rules For even if the stiff Winterbourne, when faced with a similar riddle eventually took the first [...]

  6. Ovo je prva knjiga koju sam pro itala na engleskom, od korica do korica U prvom razredu gimnazije I to je u to vreme bilo neobi no A sada klinci jo u osnovnoj koli itaju knjige u originalu, to je dobro Henri Miler je bio i ostao jedan od mojih najdra ih pisaca

  7. To condemn values of victorian origin it is necessary to demonstrate that they cannot overcome some of their essential antagonisms If a critique of questionable morals is the intention of this book, the second part is vauge, since it lacks any struggle worth struggeling for We get to meet a young woman without many redeeming qualities that lives only to charm man kind She fights for nothing but her right to annoy, which meets some reservations among others, readers as well All I want is a littl [...]

  8. I m very fond of society, and I have always had a great deal of it In no time at all, Winterbourne becomes infatuated with young Daisy Miller, a pretty American flirt, whom he considers to be uncultivated, and an inscrutable combination of audacity and innocence His aunt disapproves, considering the girl and her family to be common And indeed, Daisy wastes no time in flaunting society s rules, setting tongues wagging As a member of the proletariat, I should not enjoy a book concerning the exploi [...]

  9. Ah Daisy What to do with you You scuttle about this novel innocent, coquettish, a young pretty American in a foreign land Why is it you won t listen Neither to James or to me Even your name sounds fresh, innocent You, in such young years have disarmed Rome s society by seeing through their mountains of hypocrisy by not caring about what they consider scandalous or any careless dreams of joining their ranks.Of course the narrator is too stiff for you, caught in his own web of threaded concealment [...]

  10. If you haven t read Henry James, I would recommend Daisy Miller over the longer works James crafts beautiful sentences with a lot of description and semicolons His nickname is The Master and you can see why Not much happens in a James narrative, but I love 19th century literature formalities and all so he s always been a favorite of mine.The narrative follows a young American man, Winterbourne, as he observes and critiques a young American woman Daisy Miller through their brief acquantanceship Y [...]

  11. a flimsy glance of an unintriguing character i couldn t feel sorry for her she seemed too frivolous to pity and the double standard at the end is rather heavy handed.

  12. I loved this book, in less than 90 pages, a wonderfully understated tragedy unfolds, society is judged and found wanting in a way that resonates today In Daisy Miller, a young woman has her every move dissected by a hovering society unwilling to ascribe anything but the most base of motives to behavior that falls out of their norms The norms defined by the late 19th century may seem ridiculously stifling to our modern eye, but I would argue that these norms have been eased, replaced but not remo [...]

  13. How to make this book better Winterbourne meets Daisy Miller and decides he does not like her He returns home THE END.

  14. I would say that Daisy Miller is a great introduction to Henry James This book is not only shorter, but also less complex than other works of his that I have read However, it bears a close resemblance to his novels and explores similar themes Having previously read The Portrait of a Lady, I found it hard not to compare the two Moreover, while I was reading Daisy Miller I experienced, perhaps predictably, a feeling of d j vu Daisy Miller was, if I recall well, James first commercial literary succ [...]

  15. Il giorno della civettaDaisy una graziosa ragazza americana che durante una vacanza incontra in Svizzera un giovane americano residente da anni in Europa.Inutile dire che sono tutti di buona famiglia, siamo in un racconto nell ottocento, e che della differenza tra la cultura europea e americana si parla a ogni pagina, Henry James.La ragazza molto spigliata e poco attenta alle convenzioni Il ragazzo focoso come un merluzzo surgelato.Chi Daisy Una civetta o una ragazza per bene E poco seria o anti [...]

  16. Daisy Miller, real name Annie is making the Grand Tour of Europe.With her timid mother and rambunctious, nine year old brother ,Randolph.The American teenager,is from a rich Schenectady,New York family, the father remained in America, taking care of business.She s a great flirt, which the Victorian Era Europeans, are shocked Going on walks with men ,unchaperoned They say, she s gone too far.At a Swiss hotel,by Lake Geneva,Frederick Winterbourne,an idle expatiate,of well to do Americans,meets Dai [...]

  17. Okay I picked this up because, with only three discs, it was the shortest audiobook I could find at the library and I wanted something brief for a shortened week of commuting I had never read Daisy Miller, not heard much about it, and I hardly feel much like discussing it now that it s over It bored the crap out of my kid, which goes to show that none of us have any appreciation for classic literature these days Reading this felt a lot like being back in high school english class The language is [...]

  18. I wanted to like this novella than I did The writing is lovely but the character of Daisy Miller is so annoying that I wanted to either lecture her or throttle her preferably the latter She is nothing but a vexing, silly flirt she has no redeemable qualities He set her down as hopelessly childish and shallow, as such mere giddiness and ignorance incarnate as was powerless either to heed or to suffer The portrait of Daisy is so severe that one could wonder if Henry James hated all American women [...]

  19. nc de la nceput, autorul i atribuie personajului eponim o aur de ambiguitate Ea nu se dezambiguizeaz dec t vag, n ultimele pagini Despre Daisy Miller pot afirma c este un fel de exponent al clasei, n corela ie cu epoca n care ac iunea este plasat Mi a pl cut n mod special remarca la adresa percep iei societ ii asupra moravurilor, n contrast cu aparenta frivolitate a protagonistei Dac a fi iremediabil vulgar nseamn sau nu a fi r u, asta e o chestiune pentru metafizicieni

  20. A short story which deals, as many other novels by James, with the changing role of women in Society and the differences that begun to arise between the old stiff Europe and the America at the end of the XIXth century.Daisy Miller is not like any other heroine of the time, she speaks her mind, defies the imposed roles of propriety and goes unchaperoned with as many gentlemen as she chooses to Her transparent ways might have found a true companion in the sophisticated American Mr Winterbourne, bu [...]

  21. This was a weird little book I don t know what else to say about it.This book is about Daisy Miller, a young girl from America who is exploring Europe with her mother who seems painfully shy and her completely out of control brother.Daisy is a sweet girl, with grand idea s and is unconcerned with convention and gossip She does things frequently that are very inappropriate without seeming to care.She meets a young man Winterbourne who she seems to bewitch from first meeting And who follows her to [...]

  22. The Brujo, who s taught this novel, said, d Winterbourne, like the reader, doesn t know what to make of her Whereupon I exploded Winterbourne doesn t know what to make of her JAMES doesn t know what to make of her The TEXT doesn t know what to DO with her Winterbourne s obsessive attempt to understand merely parallels James s attempt to cope with his own refractory creation And exactly when you ve decided, okay, Daisy Miller is just an idiot then she up and does something startling and original [...]

  23. A book ahead of its time in this story of nonconformity, especially regarding women and feminism A Henry Miller It saddens me that in this day and age people berate Daisy for being nothing than a frivoulous flirt Just because nosy and judgmental characters in the book call her these things and won t accept her behavior, does not make it so Sure, she was naive in some ways, but than that she was strong in character and who she wanted to be For as much as she loved society, she would rather not [...]

  24. Men have such expectations of how women should behave and it really grinds my bones So what is Daisy has a lot of gentleman interested in her That doesn t make her a bad person Discussing this at uni is going to be a riot.

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