You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times

You Can t Be Neutral on a Moving Train A Personal History of Our Times Howard Zinn author of A People s History of the United States tells his personal stories about than thirty years of fighting for social change from teaching at Spelman College to recent protests ag

Howard Zinn, author of A People s History of the United States, tells his personal stories about than thirty years of fighting for social change, from teaching at Spelman College to recent protests against war A former bombardier in WWII, Zinn emerged in the civil rights movement as a powerful voice for justice Although he s a fierce critic, he gives us reason to hHoward Zinn, author of A People s History of the United States, tells his personal stories about than thirty years of fighting for social change, from teaching at Spelman College to recent protests against war A former bombardier in WWII, Zinn emerged in the civil rights movement as a powerful voice for justice Although he s a fierce critic, he gives us reason to hope that by learning from history and engaging politically, we can make a difference in the world.

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You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times

  1. Howard Zinn was a historian, playwright, and social activist He was a shipyard worker and a bombardier with the U.S Army Air Force in Europe during the Second World War before he went to college under the GI Bill and received his Ph.D from Columbia University Zinn taught at Spelman College and Boston University, and was a visiting professor at the University of Paris and the University of Bologna He received the Thomas Merton Award, the Eugene V Debs Award, the Upton Sinclair Award, and the Lannan Literary Award He lived in Auburndale, Massachusetts.

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  1. this was the book that politicized my mom when she was in her forties i had been a rebellious, critical kid for many years, and she had been a busy, tired middle school teacher and mom she read this book and got all excited, she made my brother, who was in high school, read it too and discuss it with her she went on to start teaching from a people s history, started going to anti racist activist gatherings and workshops, organizing diversity trainings for her school, housing books to prisoners i [...]

  2. Before I really knew anything about Zinn other than that he wrote A People s History, he and Noam Chomsky always blurred in my ignorant mind anti war, activists, teachers, white men from the Northeast It was easy for me to forget how Zinn worked alongside the likes of Ella Baker, James Baldwin, MLK, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Stokley Carmichael and was a teacher to Alice Walker, Marian Wright Edelman, and countless others A humble man it s amazing to see how much he has done, shared, and contributed [...]

  3. Sivil taatsizlik konusunda uzman olan Zinn, kitab nda kendi hayat ndan baz kesitler vererek ayn zamanda d nemin politik, askeri ve sosyal geli melerine k tutuyor.Bu kitap Zinn in okudu um ilk kitab Kendisini daha nce tan mam oldu um i in hay fland m stelik kitab nda bahsetti i Amerika tarihi zerine yazd kitap olan Amerika Birle ik Halklar Tarihi isimli kitab son derece merak ettim.Bu kitapta ABD de kurucu atalar olarak bilinen ki ilerin ger ek y z n anlatm Askeri kahramanlar m z Andrew Jackson v [...]

  4. It s been years since I had read this book and it is shameful that one forgets any of it This is the book that probably captures the essence of Howard Zinn as my intellectual hero More than an academic, Howard Zinn was the type of person that never forgot the struggle of growing up poor He never forgot the challenges, the strife, and never lost the compassion for others even as his fortunes improved A former bombardier, Zinn arrived at the notion that war was just a way to brutalize all those in [...]

  5. Undoubtedly one of the most powerful books I ve read.My first introduction to Zinn came at the great expense, and weight, of A People s History While I didn t have the tenacity to make my way all the way through, the idea of an alternative history book really peaked my interest in its author.Upon my brother s return from a semester at Morehouse College, where he spent most of his time in classes at Spelman College, he eagerly dropped Zinn s memoir into my lap, insisting I take it with me to scho [...]

  6. I have a new hero I read Howard Zinn s Just War a short time ago and was looking forward to reading this memoir It tells of his time teaching black kids during the civil rights movement in the States and his part in furthering that cause He then moves to teach in Boston and the timescale reaches the Vietnam War and again he describes his participation in the anti war movement But he also explains his humble beginnings and why he fights for justice and human rights His belief in human compassion [...]

  7. What an inspiring read What a courageous man An easy read of the life of the author of the legendary People s History of the United States Zinn, the academic caters to the general population in this work and succeeds in doing so.

  8. Howard Zinn s inspirational memoir is one of a kind It traces a few anecdotes from his life s events, but its principal thrust comes from telling the stories of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, Howard Zinn among them The people are extraordinary in the sense that they are ordinary people challenging the status quo, challenging oppression, putting themselves up for sacrifice for our common good.Howard Zinn has been called many things from being a radical to be a troublemaker, but [...]

  9. An entertaining, easy read Zinn was a great writer and thinker and I personally think that anybody who lives in the US should have to read his People s History Of The United States In this, his memoir, the reader is offered a glimpse of the forces that shaped his thinking It s nothing too earth shaking, certainly lacking much of the insight for which he s better known, and can occasionally seem self congratulatory But it s worth reading either as an introduction to the man himself or as a supple [...]

  10. This is very much a preaching to the choir kind of book so I don t expect my right wing family to read or enjoy this book However, Howard Zinn s amazing life and support of civil disobedience gives me hope for America at large Not everyone agrees with the mainstream and some choose to stand up for what they think is right, even when it puts them in danger God bless you, Dr Zinn The world missed you terribly.

  11. Howard Zinn is one of my heroes and this book just confirms that he led a life that is truly worth emulating I d read the last paragraph of this book years ago and quote the last line in every talk I give about why I run a socially conscious design firm Read this short memoir and have your belief that our world can improve reaffirmed.

  12. If my mind were malleable and uncritical, I would have come away with a dangerous set of situational ethics and relative morals But it s not, so I learned the author is a fool.

  13. I read this book for a college class and was hooked by the second paragraph As a college student with a passion for politics and social justice, his message and his life inspired me beyond words The facts of his life are enough to make anyone interested in what he has to say, but when they are presented with a historical backdrop and prose to make a literature lover s heart swoon, it s a truly incredible thing This has quickly become one of my favorite books and one I often suggest to other revo [...]

  14. Zinn always provides a provocative rendering of his fight, and collectively our fight, for justice in this country I recommned reading this bo0k and discovering what it means to stand up to the system in an effort to uncover a path toward a liberated and egalitarian society.

  15. I keep meaning to read A People s History of the United States, but this came up on Overdrive so I went for it Nicely narrated by David Strathairn Zinn was a thoroughly admirable man, who lived his principles and was always on the right side of every struggle I wish he were still alive.

  16. A very important read especially in these times Zinn is a real patriot and activist He is one of many and fortunately, he has been one of the vocal.

  17. Wow.I had never heard of Howard Zinn before reading this book, but now that I ve read this I feel like I was missing out I have also added his A People s History of the United States to my TBR and hope to get to it in early 2016 2015 is pretty full for me with challenge books and new mom reading I had no idea what to expect when I got this I chose this book because I needed a memoir written by a Z author, and it turns out those are few and far between My library didn t have it, so I purchased a [...]

  18. An important and powerful book And now is perhaps the most relevant time in human development since the 70s to reread it.

  19. Howard Zinn died on January 27, 2010 His voice will never be stilled, though, as long as his books and other writings exist to remind us of his never ending zeal for civil rights, his passion for peace, and his championing of the underdog He wrote an alternative history of the United States A People s History of the United States , marched for civil rights in the South, protested the Vietnam War, and lived his life in the pursuit of a decent society To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolis [...]

  20. A very insightful, humorous, and moving memoir from someone intimately involved in American history from World War II until now Zinn s voice comes through clearly in his writing, and he pulls no punches in discussing the various movements especially the Civil Rights movements of the 50 s and 60 s he participated in and the constant antagonism those movements faced from those who viewed them as a threat to stability and the status quo.His discussion of the strife he and his fellow professors face [...]

  21. This is an autobiography of Howard Zinn of his time during the civil rights movement He tells interesting stories of teaching in the south and pushing students to reject the jim crow laws of the time He tells about his internal struggles of dealing with his war service in the second world war He was a bombadier and ran many runs over Germany towards the end of the war He tells of one trip where they used new napalm bombs on a town in France where there were thousands of German troops trying to w [...]

  22. ABD li muhalif, aktivist, tarih i, Boston niversitesi profes r Howard Zinn in ya ad m z ya an lan zamanlar zerine ki isel bir tarih kitab Hareket Halindeki Bir Trende Tarafs z Olamazs n z Zinn bildi imiz, bilmedi imiz, duydu umuz t m d nyan n kafas nda yer eden birtak m olaylarla ilgili ki isel deneyimlerini anlatarak olduk a bilgi verici ve s r kleyici bir kitap ortaya koymu Ayn zamanda 2 D nya sava nda bombac olarak g rev yapan Zinn in pi manl k duygusunun, ya ad klar n n ve g zlemlediklerinin [...]

  23. Howard Zinn has been a hero of mine since I read People s History when I was an undergrad Lest we forget, it was not long ago that people were being beaten, shot and hauled off to prision for wanting to vote for wanting equal rights Zinn tells his personal account of the Civil Rights era, what he saw, how small acts built momentum, and why we should not give up in the face of apparent impossibility He documents personal and larger social history, drawing a picture of inspiring people, who made s [...]

  24. This is an engrossing autobiography by Howard Zinn Through his life of activism he has shown episodes and incidents which give him hope when faced with the oppressive tyranny of government The reasons for this hope have two main aspects, that there are people who will preserve despite the odds and that a movement for change is made up of such individuals Change is rarely about one event, one rally, one person, it is about many small changes, it involves many failures, and at first may appear to [...]

  25. This is my favorite Zinn book Personal life mixed with the teaching of history while making history Most of the book centers on Zinn s life teaching in the South during the Civil Rights Movement check this link out its the whole book online You Can t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

  26. To call Zinn a hero wouldn t be an understatement at all though calling him a badass wouldn t be so far off either This book is inspiring The entire duration of my very short read through it, I wanted to do with my life and to stand up for all the things I have very strong opinions about.The death of Zinn was a very sad time for our nation, but we have his words and his actions to inspire us to make changes for ourselves and other generations I have no doubt that his impact will live on.

  27. Zinn truly did have a front row seat to history that he embraced Zinn continues to focus on the individual and small acts that build to a crescendo of action His involvement in civil rights and the anti war movement was eye opening I had heard of the use of napalm on Royan but never knew Zinn was one of the American s that dropped the ordinance That truly had a profound impact on Zinn This was a great book and cab truly broaden ones perspective on the events that made us what we are today and a [...]

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