A Cold Legacy

A Cold Legacy After killing the men who tried to steal her father s research Juliet along with Montgomery Lucy Balthazar and a deathly ill Edward has escaped to a remote estate on the Scottish moors Owned by th

After killing the men who tried to steal her father s research, Juliet along with Montgomery, Lucy, Balthazar, and a deathly ill Edward has escaped to a remote estate on the Scottish moors Owned by the enigmatic Elizabeth von Stein, the mansion is full of mysteries and unexplained oddities dead bodies in the basement, secret passages, and fortune tellers who seem to knowAfter killing the men who tried to steal her father s research, Juliet along with Montgomery, Lucy, Balthazar, and a deathly ill Edward has escaped to a remote estate on the Scottish moors Owned by the enigmatic Elizabeth von Stein, the mansion is full of mysteries and unexplained oddities dead bodies in the basement, secret passages, and fortune tellers who seem to know Juliet s secrets Though it appears to be a safe haven, Juliet fears new dangers may be present within the manor s own walls.Then Juliet uncovers the truth about the manor s long history of scientific experimentation and her own intended role in it forcing her to determine where the line falls between right and wrong, life and death, magic and science, and promises and secrets And she must decide if she ll follow her father s dark footsteps or her mother s tragic ones, or whether she ll make her own.With inspiration from Mary Shelley s Frankenstein, this breathless conclusion to the Madman s Daughter trilogy is about the things we ll sacrifice to save those we love even our own humanity.

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A Cold Legacy

  1. New York Times bestselling author Megan Shepherd grew up in her family s independent bookstore in the Blue Ridge Mountains She is the author of several young adult and middle grade novels She now lives and writes on a 125 year old farm outside Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband, two cats, and an especially scruffy dog.

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  1. I pressed the scalpel to the base of the brain and cut.I knew every fold of skin, every joint and artery I d memorized human anatomy on pages in a book, and I felt it beneath my own fingers My fingers were shaking, but I took a deep breath and thought of my father s steady hands, and mine stilled My God, Lucy said, watching with rapt attention You really were born for this Many authors have tried to replicate the classics Most have failed No young adult series have done it as successfully and as [...]

  2. This is a satisfying conclusion However, it is my least favorite of the trilogy and I am conflicted over the ending I loved the parallels to Frankenstein along with the plot twists.

  3. There s always that particular series that just hits me right in the feels that last installment of a series that lifts this huge weight from my body from all that built up excitement, anxiousness, anger, and sadness I was carrying throughout the novels until the very end and leaves this huge hole of emptiness in its stead making me wonder what happens next That dichotomy between the bittersweet ending that leaves me satisfied and the depressing realization that the series is over and I have not [...]

  4. Ah the end if here It is a bitterwseet moment for while I am saddened that Juliet s adventures for us are over, I an most pleased with the way Megan Shepherd tied everything together While many trilogies can leave loose ends we get very few here And even those we get are of our own making and are not pertinent to Juliet s story All the plot twists are answered nicely And let me tell you, there are plenty of plot twists This book picks up immediately following Her Dark Curiosity Our Favorite char [...]

  5. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss No matter how much Montgomery pushed me to be like my mother, he was wrong Only my father s legacy could guide me now Father had created man out of animal, but he d never conquered death before I could This was a really good end to the series, and I loved all the twists Consider this your first lesson always wear an apron you don t mind getting dirty Very dirty I liked Juliet in [...]

  6. An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for review.Considering I read the first two books a while ago, and still remember the first book s ending, I knew I had to put this book off for a bit I just didn t realize I would pick this book up almost a year later Oops I just didn t want the trilogy to end I found the parallels to the different books so well done It made me want to go and find the original classics and read it myself since I haven t read them yet [...]

  7. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog A Cold Legacy by Megan ShepherdBook Three of The Madman s Daughter seriesPublisher Balzer BrayPublication Date January 27, 2015Rating 3 starsSource ARC sent by the publisher THERE MAY BE SPOILERS, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOTH THE MADMAN S DAUGHTER AND HER DARK CURIOSITY Summary from After killing the men who tried to steal her father s research, Juliet along with Montgomery, Lucy, Balthazar, and a deathly ill Edward has escaped to a remote estate on the Scot [...]

  8. Omg it was so perfect and sad and amazing and now I m depressed because this series is over it s my favorite Gothic YA series EVER.

  9. After the 2nd book in this series being on my list of least favorite books of last year, I KNEW I wasn t going to like this I should have just stayed away but I was hoping it would surprise me with an awesome Frankenstein retelling Frankentein is one of the few classics I actually enjoyed studying so I was totally down for a YA retelling I really felt like that s not what I got though It was like a very loose sequel to Frankenstein set years after that story, with Juliet discovering his methods [...]

  10. 3.5 starsI have no idea how it happened, but somewhere along the way, The Madman s Daughter became one of my favorite series, which is particularly weird because my feelings for this novel are erratic, inconsistent and undeniably bipolar And yet, in spite of all the flaws, the groans of frustration, the irritated eyerolls and the many times I yelled at the book Juliet What the hell is wrong with you You seriously can t be that stupid , I still love this series dearly and I am a lot sadder than I [...]

  11. Wh what is this A third book Let me guess There will be a love triangleJulielkt will wrestle with a her pastb her naturec her feelingsSomeone thought to be dead will reappearTo this I say That s so been there read that of the first two books And So, in summation and

  12. For this review and , go to my blog Lizzie the Sarcastic BlondeMe Starting this Book I decided that for me to be able to successfully get out all my thoughts and feelings for this book, I should add all of my status updates 10 24 marked as to read 04 26 marked as currently reading 04 26 page 67 17.0% Shut up, Lucy He doesn t love you 04 27 page 108 27.0% Don t let a stupid boy tell you what to do, Juliet Just do you 04 28 page 19951.0% NO NO NO That can t happen That breaks my heart That s not w [...]

  13. Perfect.I ve come to think of this series as one of those hidden gems Which may be kind of odd because the first book did get a decent amount of ratings, but let s face it This was nowhere near the level of those other very well known books.And it s not everyone s cup of tea either There are faults within these books, flaws that sometimes you can t overlook But you really do have to respect this series How often do you read a trilogy that twists and ties the classics, The Island of Dr Moreau, Th [...]

  14. 3.5 starsSo this wasn t the worst book, but I guess I just wasn t in the best reading mood So A Cold Legacy has some great chilling moments, which I really enjoyed This one has a lot of with the coming back but not the same thing I personally didn t like that storyline too much Especially with view spoiler Edward he s supposed to come back NOT normal, but he sees pretty normal And he didn t have any reaction at all to Lucy s death at all, even though they were very close hide spoiler But I did l [...]

  15. Plot 17 20 Characters 15 20 Creativity 19 20Writing 18 20 Pace 9 10Ending 8 1087 100 B 4.5 5 starsI love this series so much I m so happy I decided to pick it up The story and charaters are all unquie The writing is creepy keeping the suspense real as well as your pulse racing, but not to bad The reason it got knocked off a 1 5 a star was there were a lot of times I wanted to yell at Juliette She made a lot of stupid choices that I could obviously see were wrong and stupid Beside that frustratio [...]

  16. I thought this was an amazing conclusion to the trilogy However maybe because I was having a reading slump I did not enjoy reading this book as much as I want, in a certain point I just started hating everyone Lucy in particular I find her devastatingly annoying As for the plot, there were parts that I did not expect coming but I definitely was not extremely surprised by it.

  17. What darkness began, only madness can end.Filled with chilling suspense, dark science, and a highly atmospheric setting, A Cold Legacy is the finale book in author Megan Shepherd s trilogy The Madman s Daughter a conclusion that I have been breathlessly waiting on with high anticipation.Dark Science, Frankenstein and Perpetual Anatomy Inspired by the classic Frankenstein, author Megan Shepherd once again gives her readers a story that incorporates unique elements from a Gothic classic This time [...]

  18. What darkness began, only madness can end This is one of my most favorite series ever When I began the first book in the series, The Madman s Daughter, I was immediately drawn into the dark, creepy world of Juliet Moreau Her story fascinated and scared me at the same time I am a huge fan of Young Adult and Horror and this series is a perfect mix of those two genres The cover of A Cold Legacy is by far my most favorite in the series The dark color scheme is the perfect blend of colors and matches [...]

  19. I don t know if you remember the move 10 Things I Hate About You but it asked a seriously tough question I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever be just whelmed Whelmed is exactly how I felt about A Cold Legacy.I had ridiculously high expectations for this book It follows one of my favorite stories, Frankenstein, and after Megan Shepherd thoroughly creeped me out in the previous two novels I expected the same with this installment Instead, the story was slow [...]

  20. I was so bored by the first 3 4 of this book I loved the first book The sequel was only kind of meh, but this one was very bleh until closer to the end I almost put it back on the shelf several times, but I honestly just wanted to see the series done so it didn t niggle at me the way the rest of them do Plus, it s been awhile since I read the other books in the series, so I didn t remember key details, especially from the sequel Maybe if I d read them all back to back, things would have been dif [...]

  21. I was given a digital ARC of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review1 Here we go I really hope you ve read the first two, and if you haven t, go read them now and come back to this review when you ve finished, okay I absolutely love this series, for many many reasons The first book if you haven t read it is based on The Island of Dr Moreau while weaved into this fantastic tale of Juliet Moreau The second book is based on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and both of these books are amazing [...]

  22. This book made me want to roll around on the floor Not because it gave me and good feelings but because this book was so bad And I hate that it was bad This was my first review of 2015, my first read, and the end to a wonderfully morbid trilogy I fell in love with I wanted to love this But this sucked.This is an emotional review, you re warned now.I will say that the travesties that happened to Edward there were so many were one of my major reasons for disliking this novel He deserved better cha [...]

  23. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review When you can never die, do you ever really live loc 4184WOW cues applause This book was amazing Everything I needed wanted begged for in the final book of the magnificent trilogy Shepherd enchanted me and a lot of you reading this with the first novel The Madman s Daughter I have to admit, the sequel didn t thrill me I had some problems with it mostly just meh feelings during some of the scenes and a slow start Th [...]

  24. Let s begin with stating that I am not a fan of anything Frankenstein, but my love for The Madman s Daughter pushed me into reading this book My already established bias for the Frankenstein story is absolutely a factor in my enjoyment because I don t like the ending.I feel that this book goes into less depth than the others In The Madman s Daughter, the island characters are vivid and many In Her Dark Curiosity, there are fewer characters but the detail in scientific research and the Christmas [...]

  25. 4.5 stars Originally posted at iliveforreading 2Immediately after finishing Her Dark Curiosity, the second book in the series, I was DESPERATE for this one Out of the three gothic novels that this series is based on The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Frankenstein I ve only read Mary Shelley s I, in fact, actually had to write a paper on Frankenstein and Dracula, focusing on the elements of gothic literature This series all in all really was a total home r [...]

  26. thedailyprophecy 2To say that I disliked the second book Her dark curiosity would be an understatement I absolutely LOATHED the sequel to The madman s daughter There was nothing about the book I liked, but based on the first book and the promise of A cold legacy I decided to give this series another shot It s not only a good feeling to cross another series of my list, I m also happy to announce this was much enjoyable.Warning don t read the blurb from this book if you don t want to spoiler your [...]

  27. This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic NerdMY THOUGHTSI loved The Madman s Daughter Her Dark Curiosity was a bit of a letdown, but this book most certainly wasn t On the run, Juliet, Montgomery, Lucy, Edward who is deathly ill , and Balthazar, make it to a very remote Scottish home thanks to Elizabeth von Stein But both the home and Elizabeth s family have secrets Shown by the secret passages, the servants with non matching appendages, and a creepy little boy When Juliet finds out [...]

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