The Fourth Wish

The Fourth Wish Here s what Margo McKenna knows about genies She s seen Aladdin times than she can count she s made three wishes on a magic ring she s even fallen head over heels in love with Oliver the cute genie w

Here s what Margo McKenna knows about genies She s seen Aladdin times than she can count she s made three wishes on a magic ring she s even fallen head over heels in love with Oliver, the cute genie whose life she saved by fighting off his archenemy But none of this prepared her for the shock of becoming a genie herself.At a time when she s trying to figure out whHere s what Margo McKenna knows about genies She s seen Aladdin times than she can count she s made three wishes on a magic ring she s even fallen head over heels in love with Oliver, the cute genie whose life she saved by fighting off his archenemy But none of this prepared her for the shock of becoming a genie herself.At a time when she s trying to figure out who she wants to be, Margo is forced to become whomever her master wants Everything she s taken for granted graduating from high school, going to college, performing in the school musical, even being a girl is called into question But she s also coming into a power she never imagined she d have.How will Margo reconcile who she is with what she s becoming And where will she and Oliver stand when she s done

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The Fourth Wish

  1. Lindsay Ribar lives in New York City, where she works in book publishing by day and writes YA novels by night She attends far too many concerts, watches far too much nerdy TV, and consumes fanfiction like it s made out of chocolate She is fond of wine, cheese, and countries where they speak English but with really cool accents Oh, and she has a Harry Potter tattoo.

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  2. 1 2 star This is the worst follow up book that I ve ever read Nothing that I enjoyed in the first book holds on in this book Nothing I think the author was too busy making a point about sexuality to see that she was way off course with both the characters and the plot She literally beats the reader over the head with it and I don t think that was necessary or added anything to the story Additionally, I felt like I was being preached to by Oliver or the author about it and I don t like that, no m [...]

  3. Can I wish for this to magically appear in front of me.Heh get it wish.I really need to stop with my bad jokes.

  4. How nice it is to read a YA highschool book that tackles such intense themes as the balance between slavery and personal freedom, the gray areas of sexual assault and consent, moral integrity in a magical world, identity as it relates to responsibility to others, and non binary gender issues and does it all WELL This book explores many of the sticky results of exactly what it could mean for a human to become or make use of a genie without preaching or moralizing The characters make choices, good [...]

  5. See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I received from the publisher.After the cuteness yet seriousness it makes sense, I swear that was The Art of Wishing, I was definitely in need of The Fourth Wish and of Margo s story Thankfully, Lindsay Ribar and Penguin are awesome and I ended up with an ARC I may or may not have snuggled after taking 1000 pictures of it with my cat as I do with all my books ANYWAY This book was totally worth my excitement and anticipation Margo s story co [...]

  6. Wow This book was amazing It explored gender issues, identity questioning, and young love It put all these themes into a creative, unique storyline that left me entirely satisfied with every page Overall 5 5 stars I was so sad when the story ended I want

  7. Eh The first one was cheesy, quick, and had some serious issues in the Teens Fall Head Over Heels And Make Ill Advised Decisions category, but at least it had a really morally ambiguous villain and a cool premise This one had all of the bad stuff of the first, exhausted the premise and had no bad guy or major issue It was 350 pages of her trying to figure out the genie thing, with no real big issues aside from some teenage angst It s not really necessary to the series it was cute coupley ness, [...]

  8. Actual rating 4.5 starsFor reviews, Cover Snark and , visit A Reader of Fictions.Before I get started, let me state for the record that I think Lindsay Ribar is an awesome person I consider her a friend and got to hang out with her a bit at BEA both inside and outside the conference center What s awesome is that I actually got to know her after I was the first person to review The Art of Wishing, which I totally reread and loved even knowing a book s in a series is super helpful than the first [...]

  9. The Fourth Wish dives right into the story we re thrown pretty much right into where The Art of Wishing left off For that reason, The Fourth Wish doesn t feel so much as a sequel as just part two While this sometimes bothers me in books I feel strongly about books having their own story arcs , for some reason The Fourth Wish didn t feel that way at all Instead, I found The Fourth Wish to be a great wrap up on Margo s story.As Margo is now a new genie, she struggles to figure out how to balance h [...]

  10. The Art of Wishing was one of my favourite books of 2013 and so when I got my hands on a copy of The Fourth Wish, I couldn t wait to spend the entire day devouring it.The Fourth Wish picks up right where the last book left off, so we are thrown straight into Margo s new reality, experiencing the overwhelming wonders and fears of being a genie alongside her.Seeing Margo s struggle between trying to control her new powers, while maintaining a normal life was fascinating She fought not to lose who [...]

  11. Hey It s a duology You don t get a whole lot of those, do you It s pretty great to read a sequel that isn t just biding its time in a trilogy Very smart choice.I was very eager for this one, because our previous teenager genie encounter in The Art of Wishing leaves us with about a thousand wishes questions Because I guess we re not spoiler spacing Book One any in the end, after a few weeks of whirlwind magic is real also having a genie is complex and rather ethically dubious also fun, our hero [...]

  12. Cutesy Not as good as the first, I think, but I did enjoy it It was fun learning about their magic and watching them grow together though Margo acting like the jealous girlfriend the majority of the time didn t leave me with anything but a slightly annoyed expression Before I start, may I just say the amount of Aladdin references I could make are absolutely infinite, so be grateful I ve suppressed ever pun making bone in my body to write an actual review.If I could use one word to describe this [...]

  13. This book was won in the first reads giveaway.First reaction 4.5 stars WOW OK THAT WAS CUTE AND UP TO MY HIGH BROW FEMINIST STANDARDS I enjoyed it far better than the first one, because this was about people and how people behave It was of an inner conflict, Margo was fighting herself than fighting off bad guys In fact, for a book about genies there wasn t any mystical evil forces view spoiler The bad guy was a potential rapist hide spoiler I was able to connect to the characters because the [...]

  14. To see full duo logy review click here.Don t get me wrong The Fourth Wish had a lot going for it I liked the look that Ribar took on serious issues like sexuality, slavery, and free choice But compared to the first book Well, I didn t get the chemistry between teh two characters.Yeah, the fluffy kitties were gone.It s still a good book And even though I wasn t having a purr worthy moment reading about Margo and Oliver, there were some cute moments.One thing I did like about this book and the pre [...]

  15. THE ART OF WISHING was my most pleasant surprise of 2013, given that I m not typically a paranormal YA reader, and I was dying to see if I could possibly love THE FOURTH WISH as much The answer is hellllll yes Not only do I remain utterly in love with Margo and Oliver, both separate and apart, but this book is full of themes and discussions that kept making me think Really You just did that in a cute genie book Really Consent Bisexuality Gender fluidity All these things are somehow covered with [...]

  16. Maybe like 3.5So I really liked most of this book, but it was kinda unsatisfying in the end First off, there wasn t that big of a plot The first book had this crazy intense Big Bad and it was dramatic and full of action, and this one was so much weaker in comparison We didn t have a Big Bad, and then, the ending was insulting I always loved Margo because I felt like I could super relate to her, but she got pathetic in this book Especially in the end No lies, she was such a bitch to Naomi and Oli [...]

  17. Please Note This review will contain spoilers for the first novel in this series, The Art of Wishing There was only pain, at first the pain of my magic breaking me into a collection of atoms, getting ready to make me into something new It was painful, but I knew it was necessary.I just wished I could make it happen faster One choice can change everything No one knows this than eighteen year old Margo McKenna After choosing to cast a fourth wish in order to save Oliver from his dangerous, megalo [...]

  18. Powell s Jan s PaperbacksAfter that non ending from the last book, I was excited to dive into this one After all, we had a new genie on the loose and I had no clue where this book was going to take her, even after watching a slightly spoilery interview with the author So, I guess if you re looking for a new big bad to show up and the genies having to work their magic to save the world, you re going to be kinda disappointed But if you re interested in seeing how a teen deals with a life changing, [...]

  19. 3.5, because I liked it slightly less than The Art of Wishing This book had the same addicting I have stuff I should be doing but I d rather just read about these high school genies hooking up quality as the first book on that note, this book was surprisingly sexual both in a repressed way, with the orgasmic language used to describe granting wishes, and in an explicit way, with Oliver and Margo making out regardless of which shape gender their bodies were in I was interested the ethics of being [...]

  20. This was an interesting story I can t remember the last time I read a book with a genie in it so it was a nice change of pace This book was ok Margo really wasn t my favorite kind of heroine I prefer a stronger heroine that can kick your butt and hand it back to you Instead, she is one of those high school girls who don t really know what they want and keep changing their minds Plus she seemed a bit self absorbed Jamie was all about using the gift to help people and she just wanted to live a nor [...]

  21. A very satisfying and neatly tied up conclusion to this duo series Being a genie has consequences Margo didn t anticipate, but her strength of will and stubbornness are just two of her assets Oliver is another I enjoyed Margo s character nice to have a smart, strong young woman who figures things out on her own Andre, there is room for another book, but I don t think there will be We will have to imagine the adventures that Oliver and Margo will have.

  22. Best book ever The Fourth Wish is my second favorite book I try to read it again, but whenever I finish reading a book I can t read it again But I don t get why, Lindsay, would not make another book It would be nice to make have another one

  23. This was okay It s pretty much just of the same The main difference between this one and the first book was seeing things from a genie s perspective, which was cool.

  24. Spoilers if you haven t read the Art of Wishing, although I don t know why you re reading this review if you haven t.I was having a hard time getting psyched to read this book, only because the last book did the one thing that I didn t want it to That is, make Margo become a genie I literally remember getting halfway through the Art of Wishing and being like, Wow I really really really hope that Margo doesn t become a genie I don t want to see that And then she didyay.But for a book with a plot [...]

  25. Margo finds juggling the life of a genie and that of a human girl bent on finishing high school and going on to college rather dicey Her motivations about her decision to become a genie and remain with Oliver come under question since Margo is still a teenager and she herself is unsure about what exactly she wants to do with her life.The dialogue remains spot on target, with Margo trying to maintain her grades, keep her friendships and deal with her new master, an obnoxious, would be playboy who [...]

  26. In the acknowledgements, Lindsay wrote, This book was not easy to write I think what she meant to say was, I worked my ass off to get this right This novel is crafted and precise The loose ends are tied, and the ending is exactly what I wanted but not actually what I predicted Nothing about it is rushed or forced Well done view spoiler Genie Margo is not as sure of herself as Margo in The Art of Wishing In a way, that s good, because I would be put off by someone immediately comfortable in such [...]

  27. When I picked up The Fourth Wish, I wasn t aware that it was part of an existing series But the book actually works pretty well as a standalone, since Lindsay Ribar does include some backstory as to how Margo became a genie and the development of her relationship with Oliver While the romance between Oliver and Margo was indeed quite cute and the story does carry a really good message in it, I think the reason why the book ultimately failed for me was because of the immaturity and impulsiveness [...]

  28. I totally screwed up reading this book.It was waiting for me when I got back from a trip that included the site of the author s release party five days too soon, alas , and I sat down with the book a day or so later Somehow, I used both a bookmark and the dust jacket while marking my place, and when I resumed reading that first night, I was amazed how quickly it was going Lindsay was referencing some things I didn t quite remember, but that s okay I knew these characters and the basic rules of t [...]

  29. Hmm I honestly not sure how to rate this book I loved the first book, mainly due to the unique plot, strong female lead and the sweet chemistry between Oliver and Margo But this book confuses me a lot On one thing, I really love the fact that we finally get to see firsthand on what it feels like to be a genie It s obviously not all rainbow and sunshine, in fact this book did touch on a lot of uncomfortable issue.But I really didn t like the way Oliver being judgmental towards Margo view spoiler [...]

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