Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep

Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep An enchanting tale with a fabulous monster engaging characters plenty of mermaid magic and a page turning story Liz Kessler s new middle grade fantasy has all the charm and warmth of its predecess

An enchanting tale with a fabulous monster, engaging characters, plenty of mermaid magic, and a page turning story, Liz Kessler s new middle grade fantasy has all the charm and warmth of its predecessor, THE TAIL OF EMILY WINDSNAP.Picture an island set in a glittering blue sea, sparkling with white sand and palm trees, a secret place where humans and merfolk live togetherAn enchanting tale with a fabulous monster, engaging characters, plenty of mermaid magic, and a page turning story, Liz Kessler s new middle grade fantasy has all the charm and warmth of its predecessor, THE TAIL OF EMILY WINDSNAP.Picture an island set in a glittering blue sea, sparkling with white sand and palm trees, a secret place where humans and merfolk live together and where a girl who grows a mermaid s tail when she enters the water is not considered a problem To Emily Windsnap half mermaid, half human her new home is perfect That is, until Emily ruins everything by waking a legendary sea monster known as the Kraken from its hundred year sleep As the Kraken rises from the deep, putting the future of the islanders in jeopardy, Emily makes a desperate attempt to save them But how could she have dreamed that her best friend, Shona, would stop talking to her, or that Mandy Rushton, her old enemy from junior high, would turn up when least expected

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Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep

  1. Liz Kessler is the author of three novels about Philippa Fisher as well as the NEW YORK TIMES best selling Emily Windsnap series She lives in Manchester, England.

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  1. 5 5 stars Between the thunders of the upper deepFar far beneath in the abysmal seaHis ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleepThe Kraken sleepeth Alfred Lord Tennison There are some books that fill your heart with brightness and exploding suns There are some stories that wrap your body in starlight and breathe fresh air into you, protecting you from pain and harm There are simply some tales that you will always come back to, no matter how old you are, just to seek comfort and be in control of realit [...]

  2. Read for Anna s ABCD bookclubThis book picks up shortly after the events of book 1, The Tail of Emily Windsnap Flipping fins, their lives at Allpoints island begins with 12 year old Emily, excited about her new home, still has the same fears she did in her old home of being different and not fitting in Her efforts t to impress brings out the bogey mer of merfolks nightmares and she s the only one who can fix it It lends itself to a touch of insomnia, getting stranded on an island the size of a p [...]

  3. Emily is all set to live happily ever after with her parents, but of course it doesn t work out that way In trying to fit in and make friends, Emily accidentally awakens the Kraken It looks like the Kraken will destroy Allpoints Island unless Emily can find a way to avert disaster Her old enemy, Mandy, shows up to further complicate matters Not quite as good as the first book in the series, but cute.

  4. This is a cute series for young girls but I think I am a little too old for it I like most mid grade books but this series is at the younger end That being said I still want to finish the series I love how Neptune puts on an air that he doesn t care but always does the right thing I m glad that Emily and Mandy made up at the end and I liked how the author showed both sides Over all Emily is a nice girl and I m glad she has her good friend.

  5. This is the sequel to the Tail of Emily Windsnap I enjoyed the first book, despite it s young adult status It was not as descriptive as the first book, but in this book the ocean and undersea life are known to our young mermaid so the wonder is wearing off a bit The insecurity that the heroine felt in the last book is also dealt with in this book One of the main differences in this book is the duel perspective Half the chapters are written from Emily s perspective and half are written from her [...]

  6. First of all I hadn t had the chance to read the original book and didn t know this was a sequel until I had already picked it up As a result I cannot say anything about the series or even place the book itself in a comparable study compared to the others in the series although one friend really likes the third book the best and others say the first was good but that is from others viewpoints To me the book was too flat and emotionless since it was basically the same issue times two with a bunch [...]

  7. This book is about Emily has found her dad and goes to live and allpoints island When she her friend shona and two other girls go to show emily around the school emily an dshona tresspass in neptunes territories and accidentaly wake the kraken witch is one of neptunes most powerful sea cratures Now shona is mad at emily for making her go and the only people who the kraken listens to is the people who wake it But know emily has to get shona to help her How will she for information read the book [...]

  8. It is a terrible misfortune that the popular book series about being a mermaid is told through the perspective of someone who only wants to fit in.

  9. I kept thinking 2 or 3 as I read Was about the same as the first book It was ok At least it had some surprises but I feel as if the writing and characters are still weak Not the worst though I d still read another in the series Better for kids.

  10. This book is a sequel to another book In this book, Emily Windsnap knows shes a mermaid, and got her father back And since she did, she now has to move to an island where her whole family can live That is because her parents love were forbidden, her mother being human and all But when they do move there, she also attends school there She and her friends explore, and eventually wake up a monster They go through a lot of obstacles and destruction calming that monster because it is so strong and po [...]

  11. Emily Windsnap was not a ordinary girl.When Emily took swimming class she found out she has tails Good thing King Neptune s loyal assistant was here to help.Now that Emily knows she need to move to a beautiful island set in a glittering blue sea, sparkling with white sand and palm trees, a secret place where humans and merfolk live together.But during this adventure curious Emily found where Neptune hides his pet Kraken.But by accident she and her friend Shona woken the kraken who was to sleep f [...]

  12. Emily WIndsnap Monster from the Deep In the last book Emily rescued her father from Neptune s prison With Neptune s forgiveness she and her family and friends were able to live on a secret island in peace Until one day, she was dared to go into a cave with Shona Inside the cave there was treasure And if they went any further a tunnel that lead them to Neptune s sea monster that Emily woke by mistake What will happen, would Emily save them all Or will she end up losing it all I think that after t [...]

  13. I was less than impressed by the first book, I didn t feel the same excitement as I did back when I was 12, but I recognised the appeal However, the second book was much better as we finally got to see some character development on Emily s side There s a clear contrast in how she behaves here when compared to the first book, with acceptance being one of the main themes in this book It s interesting to see how Emily handles being alienated from her friends after she tried so hard to please them, [...]

  14. You know that awkward moment when you only intended to read the first book of a series, so you check it out from Overdrive, only to receive the WHOLE series in one ebookNot that it s a bad series, mind you, but this wasn t a series I wanted to read in one big gulp, and now I kinda feel obligated Emily loves treading ALL over my literary pet peeve, but she usually learns most of her lesson, and the worldbuilding isn t bad If you enjoy mermaid fiction, I d recommend it, but I wouldn t go out of my [...]

  15. This book is a sequel to the first book To understand this book , i highly recommend to read the first book first the tail of emily windsnap This book gave the funny feeling of being scared at a time while still wanting to know what happens next Very engaging but a little bit intense, intense than the first book An enchanting fantasy with a fabulous monster, a cast of engaging, funny characters, plenty of mermaid magic and a page turning story Well written and swiishyyy

  16. Emily who is half mermaid goes to live with her Mom a human and dad a Merman on All Points Island a beautiful place Emily enjoys playing with her best friend Shona and other mermaids, but then on a dare goes where she shouldn t and awakens a horrible monster the Kracken who just happens to be Neptune s pet Things get complicated and dangerous in this hidden island tucked away in the Bermuda Triangle.

  17. I loved the first book of the Emily Windsnap series and this one carried my love for this series I totally recomend this book because they take you with Emily through her adventures The adventures keep you right on the edge of your seat I rate this book 4 stars

  18. i liked this book because it had adventure and because it was about mermaids my favorite part is that when the monster comes and scares everybody and i like when Emily saves the day

  19. It was a terrific book I don t have a favorite part because I loved it ALL I also finished it in 2 days because it was so good On got to go and start book 3.

  20. Um, I m glad everything worked out, that in itself is wonderful But you should really avoid the Bermuda Triangle at all costs It s nothing to joke about, that.

  21. Third Choice Book Honestly I thought that this book was much worse than the first one I wish it was better, because I loved the first book But this book was slow in the beginning and then it just really didn t make much sense I wonder why she even published this book in the first place The story line is 100% predictable, exactly what I would expect for a children s book I m going to be reading the next book to see if it gets better, and I will write a review on that one Unimpressed

  22. So far I am enjoying this middle grade read I checked out what was supposed to be book 1 of 6 from the library on ebook Turns out its all 6 booms in 1 Great way to marathon.This 2nd book, like the first, is around 200 pages, 10 chapters It does have dual point of view chapters that switch between Emily her friend enemy Mandy This adventure has Emily her reunited parents moving to an island where merpeople humans live in harmony That is until the kraken of legend is released from its watery priso [...]

  23. There was a kraken I had to read it Emily and her mermaid friend, Shona, accidentally wake Neptune s pet, the Kraken, eight years early when they are exploring their new home When this monster sets off on a path of destruction, however, Emily must face the creature again because she is the only one that can tame it.

  24. Another sweet tale, this time mostly in the mermaid realm, yet interweaving some humans to add interest This one is almost entirely suspenseful and intense, yet the conflict is resolved with some really profound insightful wisdom that everyone can appreciate.

  25. I read the book to preview it for my granddaughter.I found it appropriate for her age 9 and there was nothing objectionable about the subject matter, characters or their actions.It handles the fears of childhood will I be able to make friends, how do I deal with rejection, facing up to problems very well.My granddaughter loves the books and will probably read the whole series.

  26. monster from the deep was one of those stories that will leave you at the edge of your seat as I was reading it I was always wondering what would happen next

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