The Changeling

The Changeling There s Darkness in the Wilds It has been only one year since sixteen year old Maggie O Shea moved to the Ozark Mountains and was declared Steward of the Weald the most sacred realm of the Fae mythi

There s Darkness in the Wilds It has been only one year since sixteen year old Maggie O Shea moved to the Ozark Mountains and was declared Steward of the Weald, the most sacred realm of the Fae, mythical beings with both enormous and sinister powers, who often take the form of humans Her life has been in extreme peril before, but never so than now Her younger broth There s Darkness in the Wilds It has been only one year since sixteen year old Maggie O Shea moved to the Ozark Mountains and was declared Steward of the Weald, the most sacred realm of the Fae, mythical beings with both enormous and sinister powers, who often take the form of humans Her life has been in extreme peril before, but never so than now Her younger brother, Mitch, has been kidnapped by a rogue band of Fae and the demand is simple leave the Weald and her new life behind or else her brother dies Now Maggie s on a breakneck race to save her brother, her family and friends, and perhaps all of humankind from a threat insidious than anyone can imagine.The Weald Fae Journals continue

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The Changeling

  1. Christopher Shields lives in Northwest Arkansas with his family and three dogs Following what he considers to be his calling, he is a professor of criminal justice at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville He loves working with students during the day, and writing at night Christopher also enjoys spending time with his circle of close friends, playing his sax, and indulging his life long passion for the Arkansas Razorbacks.Founder of the Group Modern Good Reads

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  1. The sequel takes the story to a whole new level.I am really enjoying this series I regret reading it before the third book was published, because I don t like waiting to continue a series this good and those endings are a killer Luckily, The Aetherfae, 3, is coming in a few weeks.The direction of this story is 100% unpredictable Shields writes a masterfully woven tale of god like supernatural villains and heroes, and its often impossible to discern one from the other.The Fae of the Weald are dan [...]

  2. Well, well well I read the first book in this series while indulging in very little sleep I came to the end of book 1 and saw there had to be another book This Author should be declared a danger to the public for turning people into addicts.I started The Changeling or Maggie s story on 10.12.12 an finished on 13.12.12 Sorry my American friends, in the UK we always put it Day,Month,Year so I didn t start reading in October as it looks.Christopher Shields hates me He s determined I won t sleep Thi [...]

  3. The Changeling by Christopher Shields is the second in his wonderful series about the Waeld, a place for the Fae, which has a young woman, Maggie O Shea, as their steward Not usually big on Fantasy and Fairy stories I was taken by surprise by the beauty and strength of the first book that captured me with its sweet magic and loveliness Since said book ended with a cliff hanger of sorts I had to get the second book right away and move it up my tbr pile of books.As the title lets on, in this book [...]

  4. This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.This is the second book in The Weald Fae Journals Series and continues where The Steward left off.I already had great expectations from this book since I loved the first one and I wasn t disappointed.It was equally as good as,if not better than, The Steward.We see some new characters and old ones.I felt a lot of emotions while reading the book including sadness,happiness and sometimes annoyance and this shows what a great book it is.We [...]

  5. Yo, I honestly like this book Its just that the main character Can be unfathomably dense at times I wasnt surprised by the twist at the end I rarely am these days but I did like where the story is going The surprise at the end was actually very predictable, it was eve kind of heavily hinted at before it happened Hopefully I get some answers in the next book because what happened at the end really doesn t make sense Well I have one guess at the motives actions of an character I shall not name, bu [...]

  6. I thought I loved the first book The Steward, but The Changeling has stolen my heart The author does such a wonderful job of putting you inside the life of Maggie O Shea In this second installment of this series, the Fae have personality, and an obvious agenda, although the what and the who are not easily discernible Maggie s brother Mitch is replaced by a Changeling a fae who has changed form to look like Mitch , knowing that the fae have her brother captive, is the motivation behind most of t [...]

  7. The Changeling by Christopher Shields is the second book in the Weald Fae Journals I loved the first book, The Steward and this one is just as good A book filled with Fae fairies and set in the mountains of Arkansas, it is every fairytale lover s dream Maggie O Shea, the main character is a strong feminine character that will do anything to protect her family and friends from the evil fae As the title states, there is a changeling in book two Maggie desperately tries to save her little brother, [...]

  8. I finished this book yesterday I didn t want it to end The Changeling is actually the first EBook I actually paid for I downloaded part one The Steward when it was advertised for free Normally I read suspense, thrillers, paranormal and horror books I thought I was way to old for Fairy Books, well, maybe I AM to old but that doesn t change the fact how much I enjoyed this book It continued right were it left off and the story got even better if that s at all possible.This story gripped my imagina [...]

  9. What an amazing roller coaster ride I loved the first book in this series, The Steward, but The Changeling was even better The excitement and suspense had my heart thumping in my chest on than one occasion, and the breadth of intense emotions kept my heart in a vice most of the time The characters are very well developed and the storyline keeps you guessing This book had me so entranced that I was almost late for work yesterday as I sat in the parking lot trying to finish it Then when I didn t [...]

  10. As with the previousbook, I found the plot to be meaty and fast, pulling me around hairpins and through mental brambles trying to figure out who the main enemy is I did not expect Ozara s actions.The cast is wide Fae of all areas are represented I was also very excited about the inclusion of the Veil It even has Bigfoot Being from northern California and the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot is a big thing with the family.I said it with the last book, but thesecharacters are written deep I also liked t [...]

  11. After reading the first book in this series, The Steward, I was so delighted to see that the next book The Changeling was already available and it did NOT disappoint Maggie O Shea has now been on the Weald for a year and she s suddenly discovered that her younger brother has been kidnapped How far will she go to get him back Fast paced and exciting, this sequel takes you on a whirlwind adventure that doesn t disappoint I can t wait to read

  12. Oh.My.Gosh WHY HOW OH MY GOSH This was my reaction after finishing the last chapter of this crazy roller coaster of a book I love how much Maggie has grown in this series and really shows with some of the tough decisions made in this book Also I was so happy when Gavin finally appeared, even if it was just two chapters Oh, but that ending It came completely from left field I suspected a part of it but the last page was not something anyone could have anticipated I need book three

  13. After reading the 1st book in the series i cracked straight on to the second and it was not disappointing Thoroughly enjoyed the read, Christopher Shields has an original twist on the fae concept, which is hard considering its a well covered subject Having read a fair amount of books of a similar genre in the last few years it is quite refreshing to get one with a bit substance, so thanks again Negatives The third book isn t out yet

  14. It s been a while since I read the first book so it took a little bit to get into it and remember everything, but once I got into the flow it was great The story was fast paced and kept you reading I really like Maggie, she s a smart, brave female character who doesn t take shit and you can t help feel for her and what she goes through Looking forward to the next book

  15. I read this book after Christopher Shields first book, The Steward, and I couldn t put it down Christopher started The Changeling where The Steward ended, and from there it was a bullet train ride Fast paced, and such amazing and wonderful character development that I fell in love with them or hated them, depending on the character A great book that everyone needs to read, I assure you.

  16. The Changeling is the squeal to The Steward, the first book in Christopher Shields new series and it doesn t disappoint Picking up from where The Steward ended, the action and pace are both great as we follow the continuing saga of the main character, Maggie I highly recommend this book and the series as a whole to all fans of epic fantasy.

  17. It rocks a longer review is forthcoming, but it is a must read, I did not think the Steward could be topped.but it was number two in this series will not disappoint the reader Wow is all I can say

  18. I love the world the author has created, and Maggie is an engaging and interesting character I enjoy the villians as well.

  19. Would have given 4 stars, because of the great story Not in to the teenage angst slash protagonist point of veiw.

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