Tear Life as a teenager is never easy But for Natalee Murray things have just gotten way difficult Bored with life she can t wait to graduate high school and get out of town especially considering the f

Life as a teenager is never easy But for Natalee Murray, things have just gotten way difficult Bored with life, she can t wait to graduate high school and get out of town, especially considering the famous band members from AD2 suddenly start attending her school, making her once boring life, absolutely insane.It starts with a pen A single brush of fingers, and sheLife as a teenager is never easy But for Natalee Murray, things have just gotten way difficult Bored with life, she can t wait to graduate high school and get out of town, especially considering the famous band members from AD2 suddenly start attending her school, making her once boring life, absolutely insane.It starts with a pen A single brush of fingers, and she is captivated.But Alec and Demetri have a dark secret, one that could shatter their reputations and Natalee s heart What do you do when one guy paints your life with color while the other infuses your soul with passion How do you choose when your heart is divided This is a New Adult Mature YA Minor swearing and drug usage.

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  1. Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances Hey guys I m rarely on , if you need to reach me feel free to email EMAIL ME rachelvandykenauthor gmailFacebook facebook pages Rachel

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  1. Before starting this review, I will disclaimer that I actually did want to read Tear before picking it up I thought it looked like a fun possibility It was not my intention to read this book and go on a ranting spree Should I have quit sooner Probably But it was like being on a runaway train once I got started and I wanted to know where I was headed If I had a running list of every single thing that I would not want to read in a romance book, I would have been able to check every single item off [...]

  2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum When I finished this book, the first thought that came to my head was Sadly, Tear was about the most vapid waste of time I ve spent in recent memory HOWEVER, with that being said let me tell you this cost zero dollars and is so far the only Rachel Van Dyken I haven t enjoyed Okay, enjoyed might be a bit of an understatement I had dabbled unsuccessfully in NA a bit before stumbling across The Consequence of Loving Colton That book made me ask I ve since r [...]

  3. NOW FREE 4 StarsTear is not a typical book I pick up It has a love triangle between two brothers, oh and there is slight cheating, that pretty much screams a no for me HOWEVER, I ve been in this Rachel Van Dyken high, I just couldn t help myself.Demetri and Alex are not only brothers, but famous rock stars Its Nat s senior year of high school and her world is turned upside when Demetri and Alex walk into her school Demetri is a major man whore, who loves attention and Alex is the broody brother [...]

  4. DNF Okay, I ve never tried nor wanted to write a review but this book just irritated me so much I feel like I must scorn it with all my might.Normally, I d finish a book no matter how dumb or unrealistic What can I say, I m a sucker for YA anything However with this book, I dropped it before I could finish Chapter 3 I ll get to why in a bit, but let s start from the beginning Almost immediately in Chapter 1, plain ol Natalee catches the attention of not one, but TWO, super famous super hot rocks [...]

  5. OkI ve just started my Seaside series marathon after reading Capture so basically I have a week or so to finish al the books in this series.I know but I just had to put it out thereAnywayI just remembered why I don t often read YA The characters are so immature I just what to straggle them and to top it off I broke one of my cardinal rules and went for a novel with a love triangled with brothers non the less Overall I enjoyed the book so I m moving on to the next onehopefully much better

  6. I picked this book up for two reasons First, the cover is amazing Second, how can you go wrong with a story about rockstars Apparently it s very easy I really wanted to love this book Nate and Alec are both well written characters with some serious issues Once the story started getting serious it got better The problems with the story line are what threw me off These boys are described as being really famous In my mind the descriptions of their fame put them on a level that equates with the Robb [...]

  7. I really really liked it I mean, once it got serious, at first I thought it was just the same as all mindless YA without much substance out there But things got sort of heavy somewhere in the middle, and I have to say I was surprised.I can t even lie, I liked both brothers Ok, I m lying I actually liked Demetri even if I hated his name He had so much potential and I liked him with Nat.I liked Alec, too, but not as much on his own as I liked him with Nat.I was heartbroken at their story and the [...]

  8. I live in Oregon, so it was exciting to see a book based in Seaside, a place I have visited every single summer every single year almost my whole life Even though I loved hearing some of the quirks of Seaside, Oregon mentionedI had a tough time staying focused on the story It was like watching a ping pong match watching her struggle between Alec and Demetri and I found both boys to be very cute but I found Nat to be annoying She never seemed happy with her lot in life Seaside wasn t good enough [...]

  9. I liked this one Nat is a great character, funny, sarcastic, self deprecating Dimitri and Alec are hot and tortured, with secrets and issues galore They both love the same girl Nat so all sorts of angst ensues My only beef is that the whole thing felt than a little rushed I cannot believe that Im actually ASKING for a love triangle to be drawn out, but really, it felt like insta love all around, which I really hate When Nat broke out the L word at like week 1.5 I just wanted to smack her I m g [...]

  10. I hate love triangle Especially real love triangle When the girl is kissing one boy but thinks about the other and vice versa She can t decide even if her heart is beating faster for one of them.And they used her He toyed with her for petty revenge And he cheated on her but she took him back I m sorry baby, I was drunk, she had blond hair and I thought it was you lamest excuse ever So if you re drunk, you can do everything you want and not be hold accountable for what you did Open the prisons do [...]

  11. OK, I just finished reading this book It was a very quick read, finished in under 4 hrs I got really sucked in form the beginning The story is quite fun, and the characters are unique I definitely liked the contrast between the brothers Alec and Demetri As I read the book I was pulled into the confusion that Nat carried with her about the boys They definitely had the secrets and odd hints to some sordid past seeping through them However, while reading, I did feel that some of the story line was [...]

  12. Tear definitely almost had me shedding some in the beginning of this book I thought I had made a horrible mistake by getting this book It started off annoyingly with Nat complaining about how boring everything was from her looks, to her hometown, to her parents and just her life in general Soon enough it started picking up and I didn t feel annoyed as much Then later I wasn t annoyed but only tiny bit Nat grew on me a bit and she didn t end up being as annoying as she had first started out Nat l [...]

  13. 2016 Re Read Update Wow, can t believe it s been so long since I ve read this When I opened it on my kindle it was like sitting down with friends you haven t seen for awhile, catching up on everything that s going on I fell in love with the twisted and broken Demetri the first time I read this book in March 2013, and can now see that he was never good for Nat Alec has his faults, and he owned up to them the best he could, but he belonged to Nat from the get go While Nat and Demetri did have an e [...]

  14. i absolutely loved this book, it had such a good storyline and wasn t boring and predictable.Nat was a great character, not annoying at all and really funny and forgiving, i enjoyed her little smartarse comments and the way she didnt take any shit from the boys Alec was a little bipolar but i understood why he was like that, he had so many sides to him all of which i loved he could be cheeky one minute and then so serious and moody the next, but that didnt make me hate him at all, i loved how de [...]

  15. This book and its follow up Pull came highly recommended by a close friend of mine So when I got the chance to read and review them both in exchange for my honest opinion, I jumped on the chance.However, I found it very hard to get into this book at least in the beginning Right off the bat, the brothers reminded me of Damon and Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, something I could easily overlook The problem for me was the way the text messages were formatted I understand that its just th [...]

  16. Um wow No Just no.I m usually one who enjoys love triangles, but this one was just too bizarre for me Long story short, two hot musician brothers of the Greek god variety, in their modelesque, masculine perfection, pine for this one clumsy, plain jane, who radiates beauty even without make up on wow cue eye roll Apparently, this is like the ultimate guilty pleasure fantasy we women love to indulge in Sorry, but no Not for me The multiple Twilight references kind of made me want to pull my hair o [...]

  17. I hated it when he smiled at me like that As if I was his sun, moon, and stars.Alec I m pretty sure my only job from here on out is to show you how much I love you Nat made me smile I liked his brooding attitude even though I knew it was just a sign of his immaturity and lack of personalitydMaybe he found me interesting, like some sort of pet he could watch and spend time with Oh, my gosh Was that what I was A fish She gets excited over taco and ditzy over cute boys But she knows how to deliver [...]

  18. I love that coveri think that is what drew me it.d i got to know that the author is same of Savage winterwhich i read few months back and i loved it.But i have to say i loved how she handled a nice new adult contemporary was such a contrast Nat is the normal school girl in a very boring Seaside townuntil two rock star brother s start their school with her and become her close friends,confidants and may be whom she love.But the brother s may be hiding from just than the paparazzi in this small t [...]

  19. I was up until 1 00am reading this book I couldn t put it down if I could have kept my eyes open I would have stayed up to finish it This is definitely a change from all the Regency novels Rachel has written, but she s just as good at contemporary I really enjoyed how she slowly drew out details about Demetri and Alec s lives and personalities throughout the book That suspense, not knowing why the boys were truly in Seaside what was in their past, kept me, as a reader, compelled to keep reading [...]

  20. Great book Kept me interested the whole time Love triangle with lots of angst and secrets I can t wait for book 2 the sneek peak at the end of this book already tells me its going to be better, I can t wait to get in Dimitri s head

  21. After reading Capture, I was curious about the men of AD2 and traffic was crazy and I already had it on my kindle so I figured why not read Tear It s currently free on after all Once again, I don t know if it is all the teen angst but I struggled to get into this one as well plus the general plot had me questioning a few things, like how can a well known teen rock band, go back to high school unscathed That s like Justin Bieber deciding to take a break from music to eat crappy canteen food and s [...]

  22. Ugh Why did this have to happen I kept seeing this cover all over the place and finally decided to purchase it I also haven t read previous Rachel Van Dyken books and I heard great things about her work so I was excited and very eager to see how this 2 boy band brothers and 1 girl would turn out I don t know where to start I do know I will be keeping this review short because firstly I never expected to be posting a low rated book review Usually I just steer clear of anything other than a book t [...]

  23. The author was kind enough to provide me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased reviewOk when I first started this book have to admit it felt a little too young adult for my tastes but it really won me over Actually, it was Nat that won me over She is such a great female main character She is tough enough to be herself and not be too bothered by expected behaviour but vulnerable and real enough to be believable Oh and I laughed out loud frequently at the things she thoug [...]

  24. 5 sweet yet drama induced STARS I never know what I am about to get into when I read a bookinly because I don t read the synopsis But with Tear I kinda knew what was going on right from the startLoved it This first book starts out in a small town with little going on other than the shore and the taffy stores Two rockstars move into town and find themselves picking up after a girl that can t seem to catch her balance when in their presence Nat deals with life on her own and doesn t seem to interf [...]

  25. Gosh I don t know what, it s like freaking TWILIGHT A love triangle which ends up really weird and all I really shouldn t have gone through this Never THIS IS THE SAME REPRESENTATION And guess what The book has amazing twilight references too What could one ask for Natalee Bella part 2 Clumsy, trips all the time and has to make a choice between two guys What s worse THEY RE BROTHERS How cool is that rolls eyes I thought she was rational initially and I reallyreallybelieved that this wouldn t be [...]

  26. I think I have found myself another author to add to my extremely large list of favorites Review originally posted on Lori s Book Blog lorisbookblog 201Tear was a great read I loved it in a way that I normally wouldn t like this kind of story I m not huge on love triangles and I m really not big on boys who say they love you and then go do stupid and I mean really stupid stuff and expect you to forgive them But I couldn t for the life of me put this book down and I think a lot of it had to do wi [...]

  27. Tear is the second book I have devoured this week by Rachel Tear takes place in a small town in Oregon Natalee is in high school experiencing some problems with her parents.ly feeling rejected by her high achieving parents However, she has a great group of friends and an awesome personality Love this girl s sense of humor Little does she know her life will be forever altered with the arrival of teen heartthrobs, Demetri and his brother, Alec They have arrived in her small town to escape the chao [...]

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