The Orb of Truth

The Orb of Truth In the hundreds of years since the Holy City disappeared darkness has fallen over the land Human kingdoms have seized control of the realm scattering the other races into hiding Bridazak a skilled

In the hundreds of years since the Holy City disappeared, darkness has fallen over the land Human kingdoms have seized control of the realm, scattering the other races into hiding.Bridazak, a skilled thief, and his friends, a Dwarf and a fellow Ordakian, have dared to remain within the human communities and live relatively quiet lives, until they discover a mysterious, maIn the hundreds of years since the Holy City disappeared, darkness has fallen over the land Human kingdoms have seized control of the realm, scattering the other races into hiding.Bridazak, a skilled thief, and his friends, a Dwarf and a fellow Ordakian, have dared to remain within the human communities and live relatively quiet lives, until they discover a mysterious, magical artifact The three friends are thrust into an adventure that will challenge their faith, their purpose, and their destiny as they chase a forgotten and lost prophecy across the realm of Ruauck El, where they hope to discover the origins of the strange item and their place in its history.An ancient, unknown enemy threatens the completion of their journey at every turn Bridazak is about to face the biggest adventure of his life, one that may change the known realm, and answer the questions he has carried all his life Will they unlock the truth

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The Orb of Truth

  1. Director of Kingdom Writers Associationkingdomwritersassociation Author websitebraewyckoffNEW BOOK RELEASE MARCH 16th, 2018 Demons Thieves Historical Fiction Demons Thieves is a fast paced, riveting tale of demonic powers that bring destruction, of unconditional love that brings restoration, and of man s ultimate choice toward one or the other In this brilliantly crafted historical novel, master storyteller, Brae Wyckoff, weaves together the account of the two thieves on the cross and the Gerasene demoniacs in an action packed, epic adventure that progresses across a span of twenty years against the backdrop of ancient Israel Radio Show Host of Broadcast Museblogtalkradio braewyckoff My books are for the young at heart who long for adventure My style of writing comes from years of gaming, writing short stories and reading fantasy adventure novels My novels are considered Young Adult but all ages enjoy a good adventure The Orb of Truth voted Best Christian Book of 2013 presented by The Writing World Orb of Truth Audiobook audible pd Sci Fi FantAlso available on and iTunesThe Orb of Truth Book 1 of the Horn King Series Voted 1 Best Fantasy Book Under the Radar Voted 1 Best Christian Sci Fi Fantasy Book Voted 1 Best Indie Fantasy Book Voted 1 Best World Building Voted 1 Epic Fantasy Worth Your Time Voted 1 Awesome Action Voted 1 Best Supporting Characters Voted 1 Fantasy Book Everyone Should Read The Dragon God Book 2 of The Horn King Series Voted BEST New Epic Fantasy Rated TOP Fantasy Book for a series With magic rocks and dwarf slaves, this is a cross between Temple of Doom and Lord of the Rings Raven ReviewerThe Vampire King Book 3 of The Horn King Series is now available and getting 5 star reviews.The Unfriendly Dragon is the debut children s book for ages 4 and up Teachers are giving it 5 stars It is now available.Brae Wyckoff is an award winning and internationally acclaimed author, born and raised in San Diego, CA He has been married to his beautiful wife, Jill, for over 20 years, and they have three children He has a beautiful grandson named Avery Brae has been an avid RPG gamer since 1985 His passion for mysterious realms and the supernatural inspired him to write The Orb of Truth, the first in a series of fantasy action adventures.

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  1. First off STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK To say the good reviews here are suspicious is one of the biggest understatements you will hear all year I d highly suggest reading through the other reviews and see if anything odd pops up before you even consider purchasing this book On top of that I d love to know who voted the book all these things and what epic fantasy book barely reaches 200 pages This book is at the very best heavy handed, mediocre and derivative To compare it to Tolkein as so many of th [...]

  2. Paid Reviews and Non DisclosureI don t have a black or white opinion about a review that is paid, per se, but I consider utterly dishonest to hide that.I ve been initially torn about this particular case, of Brae Wyckoff s LRP Book Reviews site Let me come in the open with the facts I know about, here Make up your own mind.SummaryI think it s a good thing that people try new ways to assist indie authors, because there is a need, these years, to create new business models, new ways to tackle the [...]

  3. It s not legal that I review my own book, but I gave it 5 stars none the less Very proud of it Please disregard my review and check out some real readers reviews of The Orb of Truth Time to get back to work on the next book in the seriesThe Dragon God

  4. I read this book after the excellent Blood Song by Anthony Ryan I chose it as it ranked above Blood song and top of the list for fantasy books under the radar Rarely have I been so disappointed in a book Yes I get its high fantasy and perhaps aimed at a young adult audience and the style is different but all the characters were excruciatingly one dimensional There was no world building and no part of me cared a whit for the cliched Interactions I just about finished it hoping that there would be [...]

  5. This book reads like a Saturday morning cartoon written by a DD Dungeon Master with a thesaurus fixation There is a villain cue evil laugh who says things like I m coming for you, Halfling The evil laugh takes a whole paragraph of adverbs And you just know the villain s going to fail and be left by the side of the road like Dick Dastardly in the Wacky Races, the literary antecedent he most resembles in my mind Certain types of fantasy geeks might groove on the familiar good vs evil DD inspired q [...]

  6. If there s nothing new under the sun as Solomon proclaimed, where does an aspiring author take the fantasy genre We ve met vampires and werewolves, wizards and elves What dank dungeons or misty forests are there left to explore But Brae Wyckoff has done a great job personalizing this question by writing an engaging story centered around Halflings, Humans and the quintessential Dark Lord The Orb of Truth is a high adventure good versus evil tale that blessedly stays away from serious allegory, wh [...]

  7. Sometimes finding the words to best describe a book are difficult, and before you go thinking this is an issue of me not liking the book let me remind you of that little issue about making assumptions.Wyckoff has done something many authors could only dream of accomplishing, he has created a unique story that also encapsulates a myriad of fandoms into one glorious adventure From Tolkien, to Baum, to C.S Lewis, to Lewis Carroll Honestly I was even brought back to this hilarious movie called Time [...]

  8. Readers of Tolkien, Feist, Lewis, Eddings, etc will find this at first familiar, like bumping into an old friend, and then realize quite quickly that it is entertainingly unique The world of The Orb of Truth is full of the themes we love as fantasy readers, but chases after deeper pursuits than first are apparent At times filled with blunt, bold, page turning action, the interludes are filled with solid story telling at a graceful pace that finally embraces core spiritual themes Without spoiling [...]

  9. I received this book from the author for an honest review.As a big fan of middle earth sagas where halflings, dragons and dwarves live, I couldn t wait to get started with this book The story starts out a bit slower as characters are introduced and the story line unfolds By the middle you will be so entranced into this world and lives of the characters you won t want to put it down And the ending is so action packed it is like the movie is playing in your head and you can visualize the scenes as [...]

  10. I received The Orb of Truth as a prize from a contest the author heldI was not obligated to review it, but after reading it I wanted to review it and let other people know what a great book it is.The Orb of Truth is a wonderful fantasy adventure and is appropriate for children and adults The characters are very likeable and endearing I like that the characters that were chosen to hold the Orb of Turth God s voice were a little flawed but genuinely good people.Other reviewers have compared this b [...]

  11. Brae Wyckoff is a fresh voice in the fantasy genre I cannot wait to read the next book in this series Jim Henry

  12. The Orb of Truth is a wild romp of a read, full of epic drama, humor and high adventure It is one part Christian allegory, one part fantasy adventure.One thing that became obvious as I read this book is that author Brae Wyckoff is both a fan of fantasy adventures and a man dedicated to using his writing craft to convey Biblical truth.The story centers on the friendship and adventures of thieving halflings Bridazak and Spilf and their dwarf friend, Dulgin In the grand spirit of most role playing [...]

  13. Arise and return to Me what was never lost, only waiting Those words transform the fates of two Ordakians, Bridazek and Spilf, thieves and fighters With their Dwarf associate , Dulgin, they set off on a quest to find the source of a mysterious box.This box literally lands in Bridazek s lap the culmination of a dream he has had nearly every night of his life This last had a different ending, though the words It is time He wakes to find the box where nothing had been before, and starts a journey t [...]

  14. The Holy City disappeared hundreds of years in the past, and now mankind wallows in greed, corruption, and dissolute behavior Into this venality comes an unlikely trio of heroes, Bridazak, an Ordakian, Dulgin, a Dwarf, and Spilfer Teehle, another Ordakian These three embark upon a difficult journey, knowing little but what they hear from an orb They gather other followers as they journey to the stronghold of King Manasseh to overcome what they believe is the source of what is destroying their wo [...]

  15. I received this book from the author to give an honest review.Where do I start with this book It is magical, fantastic all wrapped into one Fantasy books like this normally take me a while to get into but The Orb of Truth had me pretty much from the first chapter I found myself wanting to stay up a bit later than normal as so I could read about the adventure The Orb of Truth is action packed You will encounter halflings, dwarfs, elfs, wizards, dragons Even talking objects There was humor at tim [...]

  16. Wonderfully written story by Brae The Orb of Truth is an Epic Adventure of three guys trying to find there way to fulfilling a prophecy Through heart ache, loss, battles against evil, sacrifice, new friends and love they prove that nothing worth fighting for is easily attained With lots of action at every turn, I watched as Bridazak and his friends learn many life lessons and even though this is a fantasy similar to the Lord of the Rings I feel many people can learn something from it This isn t [...]

  17. I downloaded this book because I heard that it was similar to The Hobbit Well, it does have Elves and Dwarves, and the main character is a halfling And they go on some kind of quest I guess that s similar But J.R.R Tolkien was a good writer Brae Wyckoff, unfortunately, isn t.I couldn t finish this book It was painful to read It really needs a professional editor The grammar is so wrong I cannot help but wonder if English is Mr Wyckoff s second language If so, it is understandable, but I still ne [...]

  18. I would never have picked this book for myself if not for reccomendations of others I love fantasy and books with adventure and have read many However, I have never read one quite like this Throughout the book i am reminded of The Lord of the Rings and The Dungeons and Dragons game and the book The Oath by Frank Peretti However even with all these infuences it still has it s own unique story line as it weaves in a religious element without being preachy Adventure found me on every page and i fou [...]

  19. Brae has achieved one of the harder things to do in modern literature He has written an epic fantasy that is fast paced, action packed and family friendly The novel unabashedly embraces a Christian ethos without the beating the reader over the head with the message In short, the story comes first, as it always should in a good novel Brae excels at a world building and painted a compelling picture in my mind of a land torn apart by ancient powers of darkness and war Where Brae stumbles a bit is w [...]

  20. This book was funny and adventurous I adored the love the main characters had for each other and loved the storyline I really enjoyed the fact that God was a big part of the story I thought Lester and Ross were a riot Brea was masterful in creating this exciting story He sucked me in like a moth to flame But instead of it devouring me I devoured it And I particular loved the Great Oculus riddle Rigid but born to perfection beautiful All I have left to say is It Is Time, for the Dragon God Can t [...]

  21. The love that Brae Wyckoff has for the world he s created shows through in this first installment of a new fantasy adventure series His plot keeps moving as the characters find themselves gradually learning that they must deal with greater and greater challenges The book shares some of the standard fantasy characters, dwarves, elves, dragons, and But, it also brings in new characters that will set readers imaginations in flight I m confident that readers in this genre will not be disappointed b [...]

  22. I was pleasantly surprised by Brae Wyckoff s Orb of Truth.It was a nice, light read The characters were believable and their adventures reminded me of many a dungeon crawl from back in my gaming days.This book is definitely family friendly with an inspiring, overreaching message, that tweens, teens, young adults and parents will enjoy.

  23. Ok so here is my honest review, this book was a great book it had a great plot and kept you enthralled Now this book wasn t exactly my type of book but it was still beautifully written and kept me wanting to finish it i would recommend this book to everyone to read thank you Brae Wyckoff for sharing your great book with me.

  24. Although I do believe that other reviews I have read have gone overboard with likening the book to others, this is a very good read If you have ever been a DD fan, most of this book comes right out of a dungeon I enjoyed the various doors and locks The pace of the book is excellent I would recommend it for all game aficionados and anyone who likes high fantasy.

  25. Magical Great description Lots of action In his debut novel, the first of a series of promising adventure novels, Brae Wyckoff has created an epic fantasy world that is at once magical and entertaining.

  26. This review was first published on Kurt s Frontier.Synopsis Bridazak is an Ordakian and a skilled thief He and his friends Dulgin the Dwarf and Spilf, a fellow Ordakian, are some of the few nonhumans that dare live openly One hundred years ago, the Holy City disappeared and plunged the world into darkness Human kingdoms have taken control, sending the other races into hiding The three friends live relatively quiet lives until they discover a mysterious artifact This thrusts them into an adventur [...]

  27. I am a huge paranormal fan and don t read a whole lot of sci fi fantasy Having said that, this was a fantastic book I have read the Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia and this stands up to them or perhaps with them Bridazak is a thief who lives in the human realm as his realm was taken over by the humans Most from his realm have fled, but him and some pals have stayed and quietly gone on When a magical artifact is discovered and a prophecy comes to light, Bridazak and his pals go on [...]

  28. I can t say I ve seen a skillful mixing of some of the elements that you would find in epic fantasy by the masters Tolkien and CS Lewis with various Christian beliefs It s a very well written book and I wish it had been out back when I was in high school which is now beginning to be many years ago I would have definitely torn through this book many times This author is quite talented and imaginative.

  29. To all the lovers of the Epic Fantasy genre, this book certainly does not disappoint There are so many great things I could say about this book, but to put it simply this book is amazing I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

  30. I received this as a First Read Thank you Great story, likable characters, fun entertaining read.Look forward to by Mr Wyckoff.

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