Earth Flight

Earth Flight It s time to risk it all The thrilling conclusion to Janet Edward s sensational debut YA sci fi trilogy Jarra never wanted to be a celebrity All she ever wanted was to gain some respect for the people

It s time to risk it all The thrilling conclusion to Janet Edward s sensational debut YA sci fi trilogy.Jarra never wanted to be a celebrity All she ever wanted was to gain some respect for the people left on Earth the unlucky few whose immune system prevents them from portalling to other planets.Except now she s the most famous Earth girl in the universe but not everyIt s time to risk it all The thrilling conclusion to Janet Edward s sensational debut YA sci fi trilogy.Jarra never wanted to be a celebrity All she ever wanted was to gain some respect for the people left on Earth the unlucky few whose immune system prevents them from portalling to other planets.Except now she s the most famous Earth girl in the universe but not everyone in the universe is happy about it, nor the fact that she has found love with a norm Jarra s actions have repercussions that spread further than she ever could have imagined, and political unrest threatens to tear apart the delicate balance of peace between humanity s worlds.On top of everything, the first alien artefact ever discovered appears to be waiting for Jarra to reveal its secrets But to do so, she must somehow find a way to leave Earth or else the alien artefact will be lost forever Is there a way for Jarra to travel to another planet Or is her destiny only to look to the stars but never to reach them

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Earth Flight

  1. Janet is the author of the EARTH GIRL trilogy set in the Portal Future EARTH GIRL, EARTH STAR, EARTH FLIGHT and the extra shorter stories in the series FRONTIER, EARTH AND FIRE, EARTH 2788, and HERA 2781 Her newest books are SCAVENGER ALLIANCE set in an earlier period of the Portal Future, TELEPATH and DEFENDER set in the Hive Future, and REAPER set in the Game Future Please visit Janet s website to get information, and sign up for her newsletter if you d like to be kept informed of future releases.EARTH GIRL Voted an American Library Association YALSA Teens Top Ten title for 2014 A Tayshas 2014 choice Kirkus starred review for a book of exceptional merit A Kirkus best book of 2013 Booklist starred review for being outstanding in its genre Booklist Editors Choice Books for Youth, 2013 An best Young Adult book of 2012 A Kobobooks best Young Adult book of 2012.

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  1. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 09 05 yf you ask me, this trilogy couldn t have ended perfectly Earth Flight is a great example of a feel good conclusion, a bright beacon in the darkness illuminating a path of hope for the disadvantaged and forgotten It may be an imperfect galaxy, but this story still makes me want to celebrate progress and cheer for the future of humanity I m so glad I got to finish this journey, because I ve been in love with this series ever since read [...]

  2. For eighteen standard years, Jarra has yearned for the stars and freedom from her prison of Earth In the far future, humanity no longer is confined to its one home world thanks to the miracle of drop portals and Thaddeus Wallam Crane humans have colonized star systems near and far But alas For Jarra and 0.1% of humanity, the stars are forever out of reach thanks to an immune system disorder that prohibits them from portalling off planet Jarra, in other words, is Handicapped or in the ruder parla [...]

  3. Earth Flight is the third book in this series featuring Jarra, a feisty, junk food loving, slang savvy, far in the future girl who s handicapped by having an immune system that won t allow her to portal off of the home planet, so if you haven t read the first two books, this isn t the place to start, but if you ve enjoyed the others it would be nardle to miss this one because it s a totally zan conclusion At least I think it s the close of a trilogy, but I d love another book and this one ends w [...]

  4. An awesome ending to one of my absolute favourite new series trilogies of the last couple of years.It s funny, because I don t usually care for books with a message One so heavy and obvious it keeps hitting you on the head, over and over again There s no subtlety about the messages in the Earth Girl series, none at all It s not even pretending to.And yet, with this series, I somehow just don t mind Everything clicked for me I loved the plots I loved the characters I didn t mind the unsubtle mess [...]

  5. So sad to say goodbye to this trilogy, already feel like i should do a re read or maybe Edwards could give us a look at 2nd year, university asgard or just of this world, doesn t have to be jarra, pretty please me of the messages are not so subtle in this series and jarra is the somewhat improbable centre of all the history making events but that was completely fine with me i gobbled up the idea of future archaeologists i would definitely want to be one and i kind of even enjoyed that many of t [...]

  6. This was such an incredible ending to this trilogy I couldn t have pictured it any better if I tried I love how it starts out and the overall purpose of it Jarra is such a unique and amazing individual to see where things go with her and all of her friends in this book is quite spectacular, because she has come such a long way in the past year I feel like Janet Edwards covered everything in this book to complete the story, you get answers, you get resolutions, you get a glimpse of the future wit [...]

  7. This is probably my favourite YA trilogy for now Beautiful final installment.Liked it even than the first book and I am grateful that there is the happy end for Jarra without syrupy happily ever after I was left wondering, how the others will do in a few years Playdon, Dalmora, Raven, Amalie, Drago, Lolette And I am curious, what exactly happened on Persephone On Gymir In other words, I am longing to return to the Jarra s world, if not to Jarra herself Would be eagerly waiting for the next book [...]

  8. 4.5 starsNo summary don t want anything to spoil anything that happens in the first two book although there is one on the book entry on I did fluctuate as to which way I d round this, but opted up There are a couple of plot devices that I don t care for, but overall this is still written at the same level as the others Yes, there is some character growth, but once again, don t expect it for all Also, there are a couple of things that Edwards hints at through the series well, one in the short sto [...]

  9. Expect spoilers for Earth Girl 1 and Earth Star 2.Having loved Earth Girl, I was really apprehensive about the extra terrestrial thing and the military when I started Earth Star But I really liked the second book as well, finally admitting to myself that I actually do have a liking for the military and for the subtle manipulations used all through the book Therefore, when I went into book three, I was less apprehensive, because even though I worried a tiny bit about miracle cures and whatnot, I [...]

  10. This series is so original and amazing I love it Jarra started off pretty annoying with her know it all attitude, but she changed and grew Fian started out pretty white bread, but turned in to an awesome and strong leading man in this book But, I think all of the side characters were also really compelling I love Rono, of course, and wish the band played Raven was a great addition to this book and I wish there was a whole book dedicated to his story.The Adonis Knights More, please I also feel l [...]

  11. I had never heard of this trilogy In fact, I did not know that this was the final book in this trilogy until I went to read it Which does somewhat account for the lack of action in this book Yet, at the same time as I see this book being the final one I would expect action then there was portrayed in this book Nothing really happened until the last half of the story However what did keep me reading was the world and the characters, particularly Jarra and Fian They were evenly matched both as a [...]

  12. This was just tremendous I cried at the end, again and again While riding in a tram And not even giving a fuck It was just so stirring.To all of you who loved the previous books Buy this now and schedule a day off to read it in one go This book does not let you stop reading it, it s just too gripping Too epic Too romantic romance in the sense of being an epic sci fi adventure here as well as a great love story as a by the by You will love it and you won t complain about slow pacing in this one n [...]

  13. Sometimes a book just surprises you I started reading this series because I wanted a bit of entertaining fluff, but ended up discovering a top notch author at the start of her writing career.There were many things that impressed me about the series The most obvious was the way characters are introduced as almost cardboard cutout achetypes, only to have the surface layer stripped away to reveal shocking complexity overtly playing with the reader s expectations This works as a metaphor for the who [...]

  14. Earth Flight was my most anticipated series ender While I did enjoy it a lot, I m also a bit disappointed I m also just sad that it s over, because I want With that ending, there could totally be Not that the ending is open it s not It s just that I want to learn about Jarra s next adventure and her second year as a History student Anyway Things pick up soon after Jarra and Fian activated the alien probe Now all there really is to do is wait for the experts to translate At least until prejudi [...]

  15. A fine series comes to a satisfying and genuinely touching conclusion When I found out what the earth flight actually was, I like Jarra, the feisty young MC actually had tears in my eyes This, in a book with lots of action and mysterious twists and turns I would like to know about the aliens, so I certainly wouldn t object to a fourth book, if Ms Edwards wants to write it But, if not, I was pleased with both the action and the character development here One thing that happens toward the end may [...]

  16. omg, omg, omg, omg What an amazing cover I can t wait Simply can t get over the first two books, so utterly zan Can t wait to see what new trouble Jarra can discover .Forget Portals, I m with Jarra, I want a time machine so I can skip forward and grab this book Once again, Janet gives us a YA story that is somehow so different from everything else that s out there and perfectly combines the first two books into one totally zan story There is something so special about this series and out of the [...]

  17. Finished in one travel day Earth Flight is a great conclusion and I love how positive and supportive this series is while still tackling tough issues Earth Flight does have a strangeness with two distinct plots, but still enjoyable Now I need a spinoff series though.

  18. SUCH a good ending to the series I appreciated how Edwards was able to wrap up the main plot line without resorting to cliches or sci fi weirdness I don t, however, approve of this being the final Jarra book I want to know what happens next

  19. Special Snowflake saves underclass from underclass status by being a Special Snowflake With a hot boyfriend.

  20. gonna talk about all three books at once bec i read them back to back fast enough for it to feel like one volume and to be honest their plots were sodistinctive that they can easily be seen as one mess, and not three sidenote star ratings are heard to use here esp with very helpful signifiers that 2 stars it was okay and 3 stars i liked it well did i like it most of the time for books i go from 0 to 20 to 500, aka either i m really indifferent and will have probably forgotten all the characters [...]

  21. For reviews, gifs, Cover Snark and , visit A Reader of Fictions.Another series completed Though I haven t ever found the intense love I had with the novel Earth Girl, I m glad that I read this series, and I ll definitely be keeping it on my shelves, because these UK covers are gorgeous Earth Flight is a good ending to the series, consistent in quality with Earth Star These are great science fiction novels that probably deserve a much larger readership, but I also had some issues with the writin [...]

  22. In Earth Flight the final conclusion to Janet Edwards YA science fiction trilogy, Jarra Tell Morrath has become a celebrity not only to people on earth but those on the planets Not everyone is happy with her new status as a military commander, her twoing contract with a norm or her membership in the Tell clan which jeopardize the existing social order To stop the emerging social revolution Jarra s enemies will do anything to kill her.Just as the political landscape continues to crumble endangeri [...]

  23. First there s a wedding in this book that s pretty much the most over the top dramatic space fantasy thing EVER Jupiter Ascending levels of over the top Secondly, I haven t mentioned it before but I hope Edwards realises her portals are pretty much Stargates And now thirdly, again, it s a thing for me, but Edwards throws loopholes of conflicts and resolutions at Jarra at such a breakneck speed I don t have the time to find myself committing to care about them For one I know as soon as a conflict [...]

  24. I had been postponing reading Earth Flight cause we sometimes do that with final books in series we love, cause we fear the conclusion won t be good enough or we don t want to say goodbye to the characters.And although I feel sad saying goodbye to these characters and would love to read stories about them and what s to come, I can also say that this was a satisfactory book and a great way to end this trilogy.One of the things I ve loved the most about this trilogy is how much fun to read the bo [...]

  25. One week ago I reviewed Earth Star, the previous part in this trilogy, and I praised the characters there My opinion hasn t changed a bit, altough I want to add that Rono and Keren are so utterly lovable, hilarious and adorable that I fell for them even than before The new face, Adonis Knight called Raven, was a perfect addition to the totally zan character cast He was so cool and I loved the perspektive he brough with him and how it affected Jarra and Fian.I don t want to spoil than the synop [...]

  26. Oh my I m still a little out of breath I discovered this series quite by chance when the first book caught my eye in the library a few months ago, and it swiftly sucked me in I enjoyed that first book very much, and its sequel even The conclusion of the trilogy, however, was without a doubt my favourite part Action and emotion, character development and plot were all excellently balanced and expertly executed Over the course of this series I ve become deeply attached to these characters not jus [...]

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