Second Chance

Second Chance alternate cover edition of ASIN B UX MCan two drastically different imperfect people be perfect for each other It s been four months since Gray and Dylan have seen each other Dylan s been traveli

alternate cover edition of ASIN B0097UX04MCan two drastically different, imperfect people be perfect for each other It s been four months since Gray and Dylan have seen each other Dylan s been traveling in Europe, while Gray has college, baseball, and a life rooted in one place Gray s determined to forget Dylan, the girl he fell in love with in First Comes Love Besidesalternate cover edition of ASIN B0097UX04MCan two drastically different, imperfect people be perfect for each other It s been four months since Gray and Dylan have seen each other Dylan s been traveling in Europe, while Gray has college, baseball, and a life rooted in one place Gray s determined to forget Dylan, the girl he fell in love with in First Comes Love Besides, how do you make a relationship work with an independent loner Just when he decides he s over her, Dylan makes an unexpected entrance back into his life, hoping their steamy romance can start right where it left off Gray realizes you can tell your mind to do one thing, but you can t always convince your heart to follow Dylan realizes she finally has to make a choice between freedom and her relationship with Gray.Hilarious, intense, inspiring, and emotional, Second Chance shows that love is a journey, and there are never clear road signs or maps to guide you along You can only navigate with your heart.

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Second Chance

  1. I am publishing my latest book in 2017 under the pen name KATIE RAY Be sure to check out my other books First Comes Love, Second Chance, Finally Forever, Awaken, Middle Ground, and Still Point , published under my legal name, KATIE KACVINSKY You can find out about me and my books at my website katieraybooks.wordpress

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  1. Call me hopeless romantic or maybe delusional but I honestly used to believe that love was enough If it was a feeling so strong , it should have been enough to keep two people deeply in love with each other together I m learning and that it isn t and that really pisses me off What if choosing the person you love, the person who may be the one means giving up your dream and who you are This is basically the line of this story It was difficult to read about how the two characters I have come to [...]

  2. Reading this is like reading a dystopian or fantasy series because it s addicting Yes,this book has this effect on me and it s my first time to feel this way in a contemporary NA romance genre So I guess,It s time for me to say that this series THE FIRST COMES LOVE is my favorite love story now But don t get me wrong COLLEEN HOOVER, I still love you and your books,alright As a proof that this series is really amazing,just look at this sequelI ts getting better and better,and I loved it than the [...]

  3. Spoiler alert Woow the only way I can describe what I feel is that s it is exactly what Gray is feeling right now, I m not happy about the ending but perhaps they will meet again, and it s just uuugh a wonderful book.I loved it even than the first one I can t wait for the next one I stare out at the sunny horizon And I m surprised because I m waiting for tears or pain in my chest but, instead, something heavy is lifting It isn t quite closure, but Lenny was right, I do feel better I m relieved [...]

  4. I swear to God I m an emotional wreck writing this review right now, I can t seem to get the right words out and despite how broken I am with the ending it was still a fun read, I had a few laughs and swooned I just binge the entire book and I m anxious what would the final book be like.While the first book of the series talks about Gray and the exhilarating feeling of finding the right person and falling in love, SECOND CHANCE talked about heartaches, in here we are able to know Dylan better [...]

  5. It s been over a year since I last read First Comes Love It left a lasting impression on me I wasn t expecting much Just another contemporary story I ll forget soon enough Boy, I was wrong It was a breath of fresh air among other new adult novels with insufferable characters and stupid, pointless drama Don t you want to read a real story for a change Why bring up obnoxious players with six packs and insecure, beautiful virgins in the picture Read something genuine instead Katie Kacvinsky knows h [...]

  6. Just saying this now SIMPLY AMAZING Gray and Dylan define soulmates and true love.So I bought this Sunday morning and finished well Sunday morning Needless to say I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN Not that I would ve because I love LOVE Gray and Dylan.I had no idea Katie was writing a sequel Not many authors continue contemp stories which I find a shame because sometimes us readers what to know what happens after that HEA not that Dylan and Gray had the average HEA, but they were close especially for th [...]

  7. Omfg just no Omg the ending would have been perfect if for the fact that after that you read that there will be a sequel I was at this point of no return from a full blown cry session and now I m kind of sad because I feel spoiled by the fact that this wasn t the definite ending I think I liked the first one much than this one because we spend so much time seeing Dylan and Gray reconnect with each other and they ve already spent so much time apart I m not saying it isn t right because it s exac [...]

  8. I m not great at reviews At all So here is an attempt to do to this book justice somehow.Five stars aren t enough for this book Let s say if I could I ll give it 2 thousand stars Because that was AMAZING So Second Chance had officially joined his big brother First Comes Love on My Top 10 Favorite of All Time Books Bookshelf I didn t know there was a second book before yesterday It took me like one nanosecond between the time of my discovery and when I rushed to to order it That s on those days I [...]

  9. Ho finito questo libro con le lacrime agli occhi.La storia di Gray e Dylan ancora pi bella che nel primo libro.Katie Kacvinsky ha creato due personaggi favolosi.Sono felice che ci sar un terzo ed ultimo libro In caso contrario avrei passato il tempo da qui a Natale a piangere.

  10. Four words for this book I can t stop crying Now I m not quite entirely sure whether rereading Second Chance was a good or bad thing, especially since my tear ducts are screaming in pain This book has moved me again I remember when I first read this series way back, and I cried the most during the second installment Well, it s no different this time around Gray and Dylan brought out emotions so raw from me I m not joking when I said my tear ducts are in pain because it really feels like that I v [...]

  11. view spoiler Wow From a five star rating to a pathetic one I can t believe I loved the first book and hated the second with the fiery passion of seven hells You know what, Dylan and Gray you two deserve each other May you both live long miserable livest together hide spoiler That is all Harsh but gah Not even a promise of a third book could appease the pain of reading the first four chaptersd the last five pages of this book Sorry.

  12. If it wasn t for that little note from Ms Katie about having a third book in the end I might have been still in bed bawling my eyes out Review to come.

  13. I think reading this book should come with a warning label CAUTION side effects may include excessive swooning, accompanied by smiling from time to time, constant fool grinning, reminiscing steamy sweet scenes, withdrawal from the real world for awhile sleeping and eating may be forgotten , endless bookmarking quotable quotes from the two awesome characters and deep sighs of contentment.First Comes Love totally blows my hopeful romantic heart away and knowing that Gray and Dylan s story would co [...]

  14. Second Chance is the sequel to First Comes Love I d read First Comes Love a few months back and thought it was a stand alone with a decent ending Though it did leave you wanting for So I was pleasantly surprised to see Second Chance come out I really liked Gray and Dylan so I was quite excited to see where they re stories were leading to.Second Chance starts off a few months after First Comes Love Dylan has been traveling in Europe while Gray is in college trying and not succeeding with getting [...]

  15. actual rating 4.5give me a minute to stop crying goes into a final sob if First Comes Love was awesome this is double awesome This broke my heart in pieces over these two stubborn people This book starts about 6 months after the events in First Comes Love Dylan is again on one of her journeys to find herself Gray starts to get angry over this long period of travel and without keeping contact He starts to move on but unfortunately or is it fortunately Dylan makes and re appearance in his life Gra [...]

  16. I wish the first book was a standalone Or that the series only comprised 2 books I liked this book but I had some issues with it Dylan annoyed me a lot in this second instalment She was stupid to think that Gray would ve waited for her after she upped and left him like that to go back to wandering aimlessly all over the world I couldn t also stand the fact that Lenny defended her to Gray This wasn t the Lenny Gray introduced us to at the beginning of the book.I have mixed feelings about the endi [...]

  17. WOW It s really weird but I m both emotional but pacified by the ending of this book This is a rear reaction for me but I think it s because I really get these two main characters Well at least I feel I do Dylan is Dylan She is unique, talented, artistic, abstract, free thinker and sees the whole world as her playground Holds nothing back and loves life to the fullest Loves everyone Gray He s strong, loyal, athletic, hopeful, loving, understanding and accepting Wants the full package when it com [...]

  18. Second chance l incredibile seguito di First comes love una delle storie d a pi belle che abbia letto in questo 2012 ricco di incredibili novit letterarie che mi hanno letteralmente conquistata Questo libro uno di questi Non fatevi ingannare dalla copertina poco appariscente perch questa una di quelle storie che ti prendono alle spalle, che finch non ci sei dentro con tutte le scarpe non ti colpisce Ma io ne sono rimasta folgorata fin dalle prime righe.Quello che ho apprezzato di pi proprio il f [...]

  19. falling in love with you is like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute It s fun as hell, a rush of adrenaline, until the inevitable crash comes where you leave and my heart splatters all over the ground You know when you try a food for the first time and you get lucky because it so freaking good This is like, the book equivalent of that So, so good

  20. Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.I love this series I found myself rereading the first two books before starting to read an ARC of Finally, Forever not because I forgot anything about the characters and the story, because they re truly unforgettable, but because I wanted to live in their world just a little longer I was hopelessly lost in this book, Dylan and Gray, and all the emotions that came with it I think falling in love should come with a warning label CAUTION side effects may [...]

  21. Gray I think falling in love should come with a warning label CAUTION side effects may include breaking up, accompanied by heartache, severe mood swings, withdrawal from people and life itself, wasted hours obsessing over bitter reflections, a need to destroy something preferably something expensive that shatters , uncontrollable tear ducts, stress, a loss of appetite Cheetos and Dr Pepper exempt , a bleak and narrow outlook on the future, and an overall hatred of everyone and everything especia [...]

  22. Please Note If you haven t read First Comes Love, be forewarned there are probably spoilers Oh, and go pick up a copy It s a fairly strong endorsement for a book that when I finish reading it, and find out there s actually a sequel, I buy it without question With Second Chance, I needed to know what happened with Gray and Dylan, and it was actually hard for me to sit at my desk at work and not dive right into it.We pick up months after their departure at the end of First Comes Love Dylan has tak [...]

  23. I m crying right now.This is justis iswowrfection They re so perfect for each other T_TI ll be waiting for book 3, hopefully Dylan will come back to Gray then they ll live happily eva after I am so in love with their story like srlsly u don t know how in love I am I find it very inspirational, magical and red I love the word red, it can substitute many words like anger, love, hurt, grudge, lust, and other strong emotions I love the thought that Dylan doesn t use cellphones bcuz it s too imperson [...]

  24. Second Chance takes you back into the lives of Dylan and Gray and their struggle to keep their love going.When I first started reading it I was a little worried that it would be one of those back and forth relationships and that it would just drag out until the very end I was wrong and I am so happy with the outcome of things.Gray is tired of waiting for Dylan He decides that he will no longer sit around and be depressed and love a girl who is so out of his reach The book starts with Gray and hi [...]

  25. I started this 2 hours before I left campus to go home And I finished it on the bus on my way to the LRT station, the book was really short, only 113 ebook pages Now.WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDINGI honestly didn t expect that twist at all I just gaped at my phone and people started to get off the bus and I couldn t move because WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT IT DID NOT JUST END LIKE THAT OMGAnd I was immediately consoled by the fact that there is a third book Thank God My heart cannot take that endin [...]

  26. Sometimes you fall in love with the most unconventional person At the most unreasonable timing in your life At the worst point in your life And despite all of that, it was exactly what you needed This is the basic story of the relationship between Gray and Dylan in the first book of this series, First Comes Love And all I can say is, the first book is no comparison to how this book completely shattered me.Second Chance starts of six months after the ending of First Comes Love, and Dylan is trave [...]

  27. I was cringing for the first half of this book But when they work things out, it s back to happy feelings and yay, this is amazing I liked this book because there are the regular teenage mistakes and blunders but the author really lets you understand it all.Dylan and Gray are not on the same page He thinks she s abandoned him and Dylan thinks Gray is happily living his life They both know they re in love but Gray has decided he prefers boring and reliable over spontaneous and flighty I wanted to [...]

  28. Tears Tears Tears I passed up on sleep to finish this in one go.I didn t enjoy Dylan here during the first few chapters I felt like she was being selfish But then I realized Gray had been a tad bit selfish too Anyway, it s confusing to explain right now because I haven t sleep in than 12 hours and after finishing the story, I ve become suddenly so emo.I love how the characters are made They are so alive Like they really exist I rarely feel that when reading a book I mostly just feel like oh the [...]

  29. I don t think I can put into words how much I m hurting right now, I can t remember crying this much since The Wrath and The Dawn This book wrecked me within the last twenty pages or so I knew it was bound to happen, I was starting to get mad at Gray for allowing Dylan to change, if this didn t happen I know I d hate Gray with all my heart so this is bittersweet I m drained right now, this was an emotional rollercoaster, one that it s both smile inducing and heart shattering.I m overly attached [...]

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