The Burning World

The Burning World R is recovering from death He s learning how to breathe how to speak how to be human one clumsy step at a time He doesn t remember his old life and he doesn t want to He s building a new one with J

R is recovering from death.He s learning how to breathe, how to speak, how to be human, one clumsy step at a time He doesn t remember his old life and he doesn t want to He s building a new one with Julie.But his old life remembers him The plague has another host far dangerous than the Dead It s coming to return the world to the good old days of stability and contR is recovering from death.He s learning how to breathe, how to speak, how to be human, one clumsy step at a time He doesn t remember his old life and he doesn t want to He s building a new one with Julie.But his old life remembers him The plague has another host far dangerous than the Dead It s coming to return the world to the good old days of stability and control and the strong eating the weak, and stopping it will require a frightening journey into the surreal wastelands of America and the shadowy basement of R s mind.

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The Burning World

  1. THE BURNING WORLD, the first sequel in the Warm Bodie series, is out now Haven t read Warm Bodies yet Jump right in you ll catch up quickly This is a book for NOW Buy directly from my site to get a bonus booklet, the Exed World Almanac isaacmarion theburningworld

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  1. 3.5 stars Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature Some spoilers for the first book in this series, Warm Bodies When we left R, the recovering zombie, and his human love Julie at the end of Warm Bodies, things were looking hopeful But not so fast becoming fully human again after years of zombie hood isn t as quick or easy as R hoped His body is still stiff and clumsy, and his memory of his prior life is still a blank to him in fact, he s not at all sure he wants to remember his prior lif [...]


  3. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I don t know how you re planning to save the world from ten thousand years of human decline, but good luck THIS is why I don t read past the first book in a series I should not make exceptions Ever Why can t I learn this I must be only a Nearly rather than completely human The only excuse I can make for myself is that I adored everything about Warm Bodies and I figured since so much time had passed between the first and second book surely there was a reaso [...]

  4. I really loved Warm Bodies so I tentatively wanted to check out this sequel For those curious, this does follow the same characters from book 1 those who survived plus a few new characters, and it is much less a zombie romance and much of your typical zombie survival story As usual, the dead aren t the biggest threat in this world, it s the groups of other survivors.I opted for the audiobook and the narrator, Jacques Roy, was great His voice and acting really suited the main character, his voic [...]

  5. A sequel YES YES YES This is perhaps the first time in a long time that my prayers have been answered by the Gods of Good Reading Warm Bodies ended on such an ambiguous and unsatisfactory note, that a sequel is not only justified but thoroughly deserved Can t wait 2014 come fast.And this better not be a fake out.

  6. Excited to read this And hoping that there will be no further unnecessary complaints about how the book is marketed.

  7. Question Did you read Warm Bodies If so, do you remember how it ends How about the movie Did you see it Yes No Well, let me spoil it all for you with this little scenario most of the zombies slowly gained back a semblance of their humanity Gone are the instincts to devour human flesh, replaced by a pause that gives them a chance to hold back the monster that hungers for the living So much so that they re able to cohabit with the humans inside the wall The last scene had Julie and R watching as t [...]

  8. I love the first book and it was a little open ended but the book could have stood on its own I love that there is going to be a second one I love R and Julie and all of the other characters I am so excited to read the next book.

  9. I don t really understand why people are torn about a sequel I felt the ending of warm bodies wasn t right There was so much left unanswered I m really happy there s gonna be a second book.

  10. Rating 3.5 4 stars I m waffling, so I rounded up Keep reading if you have any interest in my scattered, vaguely coherent, and confusing thoughts about this book.This is going to be less of a review and my rambling thoughts about because I don t really know what I thought of it I didn t dislike it I actually found it engaging and interesting and I m always a fan of world building but something just felt off to me There were times when I was reading when I would think this is too long, but I also [...]

  11. I only read 20% and I did not hate but I did not love it All I was thinking Warm Bodies ended so good why is there a sequel I might read this book when the last book in the series is out and people saying they enjoy the ending but right now I will DNF this book.

  12. I have been dying to read this book I love The New Hunger and Warm Bodies and I NEEDED to read The Burning World I had some trepidation about reading the sequel in case it was lacking the same greatness of its predecessors Thankfully, I had no reason to worry Isaac Marion dwells into his zombie world without apology He combines desolation, humor, romance and a desire to fight for life all bundled up together in a perfect blend At times, it s gruesome At others, it s beautiful The Burning World f [...]

  13. EDIT 08 02 17Four years Four fucking years after I read Warm Bodies, thinking that was the end of it.I can t wait until I get my hands on this EDIT 23 08 16WE HAVE A COVER AND HOLY SHIT, IT S OVER 500 PAGES I M SO EXCITED OH MY GOD GUYS WE HAVE A TITLE I REPEAT, WE HAVE A TITLE THIS IS NOT A DRILL

  14. 03 06 2013personally i feel that warm bodies by the book itself is a stellar by its amazing in depth of its own Issac is definitely a unique author out there that can put out alot humour and extract a completely beautiful story of course though i cant refuse a freakin sequel love how he says he ll try not to ruin it, at least he s careful not to play us down

  15. OH MY GODDDD YEESSSSSSSSSSS I hope the sequel is better though Because I really loved Warm Bodies and I wouldn t want the sequel to ruin that.

  16. I trust Isaac but I doubt I can trust the people that make the book covers Heh.

  17. I have the fondest memories of Warm Bodies The lovely self contained take on a Romeo and Juliet set in the post apocalyptic zombie world Even the movie adaptation was lovely And yet, seems like few novels achieve success and get left well enough alone Looks like Marion has much to say on the subject, hence this ambitious expansion of his fictional universe If the end of Warm Bodies left you imagining some kind of happily ever after for its characters, this isn t quite it This is along the line [...]

  18. DNF 13%I had been heading towards a slump so that may be part of the reason for my complete intolerance and unwillingness to give this a chance, but this just did not work for me Warm Bodies was an original and slightly disturbing tale of a zombie falling in love with a human, subsequently regaining his humanity in the process It was a moving and touching novel in the unlikeliest of genres The New Hunger was even fantastic, well written, and it made me excited than I had been for The Burning W [...]

  19. I think most people have heard of Warm Bodies by now, right It s a novel that was turned into a movie It s a nice spin on zombies regaining their humanity with a mixture of action, romance, and humor I loved both formats, so I was excited when a sequel was announced Whoa, I wasn t expecting just how freaking good The Burning World would be I don t want to diminish how good Warm Bodies is, but TBW is almost a different beast The writing, the plot, and even the characters are better.Warm Bodies le [...]

  20. This sequel to WARM BODIES was everything I wanted without even knowing it Everything that appealed to me in the first book was brought back, reexamined, and amplified throughout THE BURNING WORLD from R s honest yet funny internal monologue, to Julie s fierce determination and unflagging heart.The best parts of this book ask the big questions, like what makes someone human and how do we rehabilitate those aren t fully human yet do we afford those nearly living the same rights as the true living [...]

  21. I am beyond disappointed with this one Even before I knew there was a sequel coming, I was very happy with the way Warm Bodies ended I was very happy with almost everything about Warm Bodies the heart, the humour, the lovable characters, the story all elements that The Burning World severely lacked I am upset with how the first book really made me love R, zombie warts and all, but this book made me hate him and until by the end of it I was just hoping he d die already I could not stand Julie e [...]

  22. Oh c mon Your book was a huge success, it was turned into a movie and so you what Decide to write a sequel that was never supposed to exist SRL Dammit, hate that.

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