The Education of Sebastian

The Education of Sebastian A friendship between the lost and lonely Caroline and the unhappy Sebastian leads to an illicit love that threatens them both Caroline Wilson is trapped in a cold and loveless marriage with an older

A friendship between the lost and lonely Caroline, and the unhappy Sebastian, leads to an illicit love that threatens them both.Caroline Wilson is trapped in a cold and loveless marriage with an older man When her husband finally wins a long sought after promotion, Caroline feels she has little choice but to follow him to a new home in San Diego There she meets SebastianA friendship between the lost and lonely Caroline, and the unhappy Sebastian, leads to an illicit love that threatens them both.Caroline Wilson is trapped in a cold and loveless marriage with an older man When her husband finally wins a long sought after promotion, Caroline feels she has little choice but to follow him to a new home in San Diego There she meets Sebastian, a young man of 17 For an all too brief summer, their happiness blooms But external pressures begin to bear down, not least from the overbearing David, and Sebastian s parents begin to suspect that their son has a secret Even Caroline s new friend, Donna, realises that dark passions exist below the serene surface.

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The Education of Sebastian

  1. Writing is my passion and mu obsession I write every day and I love it My head is full of stories and characters I ll never keep up with all my ideas I live in a small village by the ocean and walk my little dog, Pip, every day It s on those beachside walks that I have all my best ideas.Writing has become a way of life and one that I love to share.To keep up to date with new books, special offers and chances to win ARCs, please sign up to my newsletter I won t inundate you, just let you know when something interesting is happening LikeMy first writing collaboration UNDEFEATED, with professional athlete STUART REARDON Out Jan 23.janeharveyberrick newslejaneharveyberrick

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  1. 4 stars Review completed February 19, 2013Sometimes you have to take a chance on love.The Education of Sebastian is about a summer of stolen happiness A summer also filled with love, bliss, hope, fear, and recklessness But it ended badly.Caroline is married to a US Navy medical officer who is a lot older than her She was very young when she met him and he swept her off her feet instantly After a while, however, she realized that she was in for an uninspiring and unkind life The sex was desultory [...]

  2. I love you, Caro I want to make love to you I want to make love to you forever This book made my heart RACE.It was a captivating story of forbidden love.I m still recovering from the huge cliffhanger ending and most definitely planning to go straight on to book 2.I gotta say I was a little hesitant going into this one because of the huge age gap between the hero and heroine For the record, Sebastian is 17 4 months shy of 18 , and Caroline is 30 and unhappily married I kind of wavered back and fo [...]

  3. Two final pages.First reaction Second reaction image error Excuse my small outburstI m sure if you read those pages you will have the exact same reactions.However, in order not to finish this frantic display of negative emotions in such a manner let me conclude with this.Sebastian and Caro Anywhere Nowhere Somewhere I don t care just as long as it s with you When I hear her voice, the world disappearsWhen I hear her voice, I have no fears.She takes away the sadness, she takes away the painShe t [...]

  4. Wow I absolutely completely utterly totally loved this Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.You ll need to excuse me, as I m precariously hanging in limbo right now, after reading an excrutiatingly painful cliffhanger But never fear I have The Education of Caroline patiently waiting for me on my Kindle, to be devoured just as soon as I get through this review so I must be quick.I get given plenty of books to review I love doing it Some are, inevitably, better than ot [...]

  5. You ve brought me to life and you ll never know how much I owe you because of that I know I am going to sound a bit like a broken record as many people have judged this book without reading it and I to had an opinion before reading it As a Mother of a 17 year old son, I thought ugh no way this can work but then I remembered going into On The Island with much hesitation and completely loving the book So I began the story of Caroline and Sebastian a truly enthralling story of forbidden love.Both C [...]

  6. There are already a million reviews out there and about two million gifske that two milliond two of this book So, for the other three people who haven t read this yet and who may be considering it, here are a few of my thoughts on The Education of Sebastian.Married at nineteen to a man eleven years older, a medical officer in the US Navy, Caroline Wilson feels isolated as a military wife She s unsophisticated, uneducated and young At twenty one, she meets and befriends Sebastian Hunter, the eigh [...]

  7. This is the life of CarolineA woman who got married at the age of 19 to get out of her parents house Now 11years later stuck in a lonely loveless marriage Her husband is a US Navy medical officer.A man who basically uses his wife to cook, clean and screw when he feels like it.Never happy with anything she ever does for himWhen they move to San Diego after many years Caroline isn t happy about the move She left behind her job and friendsCaroline goes to the beach and She meets a boy she once knew [...]

  8. Painful, beautiful and heartrending This is a beautifully written love story that grabbed my heart and never let go.I really loved the two characters Sebastian Caroline image error He lifted my chin with his fingers to make me look into his eyes There s nothing to forgive, he said, his voice forceful We fell in love it s not a crime The love story between Sebastian and Caroline was totally believable for me I have a cousin, who at 18 met and fell in love with a lovely, not happily married woman [...]

  9. Intense Passionate Engaging Riveting Romantic I began this book with much skepticism due to the underage hero along with the vast differences between his age and that of the heroine She s thirty, in a loveless marriage and he has a few months before his eighteenth birthday I would never have dreamed how much I would enjoy their journey It s riveting, intense, powerful, passionate and one of my most captivating reads this year There are circumstances that have made Sebastian Hunter mature beyond [...]

  10. 5 Amazing heart shattering stars A beautiful, intense, passionate, devastating, forbidden love story Loved it I will say, when you finish this one, be ready to jump straight into book 2 Caroline is in a loveless marriage At 30 years old, and being married for 11 of those years, she is living a lonely and empty life Being with David is sucking the life out of her David is an officer in the Navy They are living out east, but he gets transferred to California They move back to San diego where there [...]

  11. 4.5 Love Knows No Age Stars This is what I ve been waiting for, a book about cheating with another man but the other man is not a dick and the husband is a dick All of the stories I ve read or watched that had cheating on it would end in a disaster Like this new movie coming out called The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez in it, you could tell that the boy is a bad guy and things go to hell This book was exactly what I ve been in a mood for Caroline has been together with her husband for 11 yea [...]

  12. 4 HEART WRENCHING STARS.I certainly wasn t sure about this book going in to it, but as ever I was tempted by the great reviews and it s popularity on GR.My heart was literally in my mouth the whole way through this book Bittersweet love, heartache, forbidden encounters This is the journey of Caroline and Sebastian, An emotional account of two people, who find each other in the midst of their equally saddening circumstances The book had a way of drawing me in, with it s intrigue and passion i I w [...]

  13. UPDATE Guys, I am MORE than loving BOOK 2 so I really recommend this series to everyone Book 1 was not for me but I am really happy I decided to read book 2 because is BRILLIANT If you want to read a GREAT review about book 1, click here review show SORRY buddies but I am not in love with this story, I am leaving this one for a while and will try to finish it tomorrow but it s too sweet for me Maybe book 2 will work better for me I know all my GR buddies loved it so pls don t hate me, it s just [...]

  14. HOLY FUCK BATMAN STARS No one told me it was going to be like this.No one told me I would feel this way after this book.This book is simply amazing I mean fucking brilliant Sucked me in till the last page I was on the end of my seat the whole time thinking what thehellis going to happen next Sebastian I am happy you have joined the team to be a part of myTOPBoyfriend list I am glad to have you on board I want to add to this review but I am so stuck in the second book right now I can t stop read [...]

  15. Well, that was a bit of a roller coaster Was very wary about starting this I mean I have a son who is nearly 17 did I want to go down that road in this book It had things that I do not like in books, infidelity, underage sex But I saw the great reviews by a lot of friends and I know their taste is good so went for it I really liked it Yes, the age thing did bother me a bit he is 17, she is 30, he is legally under the age of consent I know in America it is different ages in different States But i [...]

  16. 4.5 4.75 Stars Meet Sebastian CarolineHe kissed me with sudden ferocity, covering my face and throat with hard, burning kisses His weight pinned me down as I ran my hands across the taut muscles of his back and shoulders I love you, he growled That s all that matters When I came across this book, I wanted to read it like ASAP The only thing that stopped me was that I knew it ended in a cliffhanger, so I waited for the release of the second book As soon as book two was released, I was all over it [...]

  17. This is NOT my type of romance I do NOT usually read books that involve an age difference like this story That said, a good friend recommended, so I read.I LOVED this story It s than the sexual relationship It s about love and maturity It s about finding that ONE person, despite external forces being NOT in your favor.My advice give it a chance I m glad I did.

  18. Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men Just wow This book completely blew me away and left me so raw I didn t know what to expect from this book but it wasn t this I am floored It gripped me and wouldn t let me go I couldn t put it down Couldn t get away from it.The Education of Sebastian has been on my TBR since its release and I was seeing great things about it Although part of me wanted to read it, I was hesitant because of Sebastian s age The idea of a 30 year old [...]

  19. Even if this had been the most well written, touching book complete with hidden depths, I think you d be hard pressed to stop your brain from screaming three things at you the entire time you re reading it and that is HE S 17 and SHE S MARRIED and HE S 17 The writing is good it hooked me in right away just from the first few pages where we are introduced to Caroline, a woman who is caught in a loveless, unhappy marriage to a cold and selfish man The author captured Caroline s silent, accepting d [...]

  20. 4.5 STARSOMG What an ending I need to read the second book, Pronto Thank God I have it PHEW Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men There is nothing to forgive, he said, his voice forceful We fell in love It s not a crime Caroline is 30 years old and in a loveless marriage to a US Navy Medical Officer Sebastian is a 17 year old high school graduate, just four months away from 18 They met when Sebastian was just 8 years old and this is when he started to fall in love wit [...]

  21. This is a book in which some could possibly say the storyline is some what taboo s the story of Sebastian and Caroline he s 17 and she s 30e s also married Yea I know sounds bad however the story is absolutely beautiful and you would just have to read the book to understand Sebastian met Caroline when he was only 8 years old and his love for her began at that point However Caroline moved away for 10 years and when she came back little Sebastian wasn t so little any So they met again for the seco [...]

  22. 5 STARS, A MUST READ I ll start off by saying there is no review I can write that will do this book justice This is the love of story Caroline and Sebastian The first they meet is when he is 8 and she s 21 Several years later they meet again when he s four months shy of his 18th birthday and Caroline is 30 When they meet again there is an instant connection that Caroline tries to fight because of their age difference and her marriage.In the end their love was not to be denied and she gave in to [...]

  23. This is for my fellow buddy readers Whoa That ending, this book and these characters just blew me away This book has been lurking in my TBR for quiet sometime and I m so happy that I finally picked it up I wasn t sure if I could get into the age difference between Caroline and Sebastian, but it was a non issue Their story was so well written and fleshed out that I just got lost in it Slowly, I fell for Sebastian right along with Caroline My heart was sad for the marriage she found herself in and [...]

  24. Oh I can not believe they ended it there But I am so glad to see the story will be continuing I was recommended this book by a friend and am so glad she did so The Education Of Sebastian was a brilliant story about self discovery and love Carolina is a 30 year old woman in a very unhappy, loveless marriage with David He is a horrible man who hasn t the time of day for her, unless it is to order her around like a slave And not the sexy kind of slave either One summer they find themselves moving b [...]

  25. This story follows Caroline Wilson thirty years old, married eleven years, and trapped in a cold, loveless marriage When she was seventeen, she was swept off her feet by David, a military surgeon Dazzled by the sophisticated man, and ready to escape her mother s constant scrutiny, she made a rash decision and married David at nineteen He hated the way I dressed, the way I spoke, what I spoke about and the things that interested me to speak about He wasn t always an unkind man we were just fundam [...]

  26. FOUR SOLID A SUMMER OF STOLEN HAPPINESS STARSThis story was really lovely I am in love with this couple, especially Sebastian The only reason I did not give this five stars was the ending and, well, because I didn t like the initial way they met As you know from the blurb, when Caroline and Sebastian embark or their love affair, he is seventeen and she is thirty However, they first meet ten years earlier, when she is twenty and he is just eight Don t get me wrong here, there was no inkling of an [...]

  27. There s nothing to forgive We fell in love it s not a crime FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK I have been completely blown away by this book Holy freaking intensity This is the story of a forbidden love story between a 30 year old married woman and a 17 year old boy It possibly sounds a little gross, but I have to say, even if in my head I knew it was wrong, it didn t feel wrong It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL love story, and I was completely swept away I fell in love with Sebastian right alongside Caroline He is [...]

  28. If you don t have an open mind on the subject of forbidden love with a minor and infedility then this story will not be for you The blurb says it all Don t say you were appalled and that you didn t know what you were getting into There is nothing creepy about this story The way I saw it was as a life and sexual awakening with a thirty year old woman Carlolina who is in a loveless marriage and with a seventeen year old virgin teenager Sebastian who has been emotionally, mentally and physically ab [...]

  29. Rating Clarification 4.5 stars Okay the ending just blew me away I had a feeling it would be heartbreaking but had no idea how much it would effect me It shredded my heart into pieces Be prepared You will want to have the next book on hand so that you can see how the story continues and what happens to this amazing couple.This was a really good story and one I would recommend to readers I know some people are concerned about the age difference however it really didn t bother me It had such a bea [...]

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