Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales from Great Fiction Writers

Better Than Fiction True Travel Tales from Great Fiction Writers An exciting new anthology of travel literature Features international authors including Alexander McCall Smith Joyce Carol Oates and DBC Pierre Brings to life the idea that travel can inspire enter

An exciting new anthology of travel literature Features international authors, including Alexander McCall Smith, Joyce Carol Oates and DBC Pierre Brings to life the idea that travel can inspire, entertain, enlighten and change lives

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Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales from Great Fiction Writers

  1. Don George Lonely Planet Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales from Great Fiction Writers book, this is one of the most wanted Don George Lonely Planet author readers around the world.

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  1. This book is a Lonely Planet collection of short stories all travel related, and all by authors recognised as fiction writers There are thirty two stories, some of the authors are well known to me, others I have never heard of The authors are from varied places, but largely UK, USA, Australia NZ.The stories are set in varied places, and are varied in their complexity and intensity some are about emotion and situation, others are about the adventure, the travel and the experience.Of the thirty o [...]

  2. Reading travel literature is one of my favourite things to do Unfortunately, some authors seem to believe that the subject matter, I.e the location, makes up for poor writing skills Imagine how pleased I was to find this book of true travel stories written by really good authors I loved it and can t recommend it highly enough and it illustrates that the quality of writing is important than a destination Good writers can bring any subject to life.

  3. I liked some of the stories, but felt they were bogged down with emotion than about quirky travel gaffes or interesting encounters A couple made me cry, which is a good sign that the story connected, but not the global romp one might hope to get.

  4. The writing was good, the storiesme good, some not Overall, not a book I would recommend buying Borrow it from the library.

  5. What a great collection.Travel stories by great writers What could you ask for I live vicariously through travel essays and I love them It is fascinating for me to learn about another culture, even if it is second hand, plus I love reading about how that experience changes the writer Most of the time, I m jealous of the person s experience and opportunities, but there are some stories in here that make me think, Have you lost your frickin mind Sudan The Scarface Express by Joe Yogerst I will ca [...]

  6. I picked this up from the new non fiction shelf at my library fully expecting to read a few tales but not ALL of them while I waited for books on hold to arrive Instead, I read them all True, some are better than others but I made note of at least six authors I d like to learn about and I admired the bravery of many This was a vicarious trip around the world.

  7. I just No You guys You made it sound so good And then it wasn t At all There are only a handful of good or decent stories The others are anecdotes that either lack structure or make too much of nothing or self aggrandize the author I am so disappointed.

  8. There were a few thoughtful and compelling stories, but most of it was shallow and full of humble bragging I m reminded again of how often traveling the ability to travel is a status symbol I really liked the story about the sad guy saving a beached shark in the rain.

  9. A great selection of all sorts of non fiction travel stories from fiction writers Many of these will put you right on the streets of Mumbai, an Antarctic base or some other exotic place.

  10. In his introduction to Better Than Fiction True Travel Tales From Great Fiction Writers, Don George says that despite owning a collection of guidebooks, two novels on Greece,.oved to be the best guides of all, immersive, enlightening introductions to the landscape, people, and culture I was discovering.As I have learned over and over in my wanderings, some of the best travel writing is fictional He certainly will get no argument here.The book, Better than Fiction, a collection of 30 travel exper [...]

  11. I ve had this sitting in my Kindle for so long I ve forgotten how I came to have it I probably picked it up on a promotion or as a freebie, because I m not usually a big fan of this kind of travel essay collection Surely I was attracted by the subtitle these were, after all, great fiction writers , so the bar was a little higher In the end, it s still rather a mixed bag, some quite memorable, others less so, and quite a few that don t escape what to me are the central perils of travel writing My [...]

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed this book Maybe all the so as I picked it up as a free book at a popular coffee shop Inspiring and well written.

  13. Very inconsistent but has a few gems Many are not stories so much as anecdotes My favorites were Joyce Carol Oates, DBC Pierre, and Frances Mayes.

  14. The game ended as sunset approached and church bells struck seven I m pretty sure we didn t play for a regulation 90 minutes The thin air at seven thousand feet plus was rough on us boys from the low plains And we lost decisively Mexico City 5 I think , Omaha 2 but we scored, twice, playing their national pastime on their street We were breathless, sweaty, filthy, bloody, bruised and totally, deeply, existentially gratified.I obtained this book as a downloadable freebie from a card I picked up i [...]

  15. Didn t want this one to end Travel stories by great writers several of them so good that I ll be looking up their fiction works.Stories ranging from Antartica to the Artic, and South Africa during the World Cup probably my favourite story to the Solomon Islands.Some are funny, some are thoughtful, many are surprising.What s not to like

  16. Filled with travel stories by a variety of authors, some boring, some heartwarming, others moving A great little book if you enjoy travel writing and don t want to commit to toiling through an entire novel during a busy stage of your life.

  17. I m always a sucker for these travel anthologies, and this one is better than most It introduced me to several new authors, which is always a bonus.

  18. I particularly liked Shooting Pompeii , Among Saudi Sands , Sudan The Scarface Express , and A Visit to San Quentin I ll admit I lost my energy in reading the book about half way through.

  19. A great travel book by a singular author can offer one a great vacation from home But this mixed bag didn t have the same effect on me as would a singular vision in which the author s life might change, the writer s perspective of the world might be illuminated and hopefully for the better Charles Finch, one of the author s represented here among these stories, sums travel up best for me I guess the lesson is you can t go everywhere But you should still go where you can I so that I m always read [...]

  20. Ok in short doses Often the stories were too short though You didn t have any time to get into a story before it was over I had a hard time reading the book straight through.

  21. Travel is a set of impressions, and what writers write of the journeys they made are their personal interpretations of the experience Similarly, the reader too is prejudiced by his need to be seduced into the places that he has probably only dreamed of So it is a mixed bag of stories that this volume hasIJA PARSSINEN s lines, The rituals of departure came easily to me I was an expatriate child prepares us for her Saudi childhood and nostalgia.Frances Mayes, wrties as brilliantly as she does in h [...]

  22. It s always difficult to rate a collection of stories This is a collection of brief travel stories written by fiction writers, some known better than others This collection spans travel experiences from exploring uninhabited areas of Alaska, to avoiding having to pay an exorbitant bride on a train in Sudan, to strife in China, trying to avoid pickpockets in Italy, touring San Quentin Prison in California, and exploration in Antarctica The exciting thing is to live and travel vicariously through [...]

  23. Overall this is a fun read, however like many other reviewers have stated some of the short stories are better than others I wish they would have ended with a stronger story for the collection, the story that was chosen I feel would have seemed better at the beginning I probably would have bumped it to four stars if it had a stronger anchor Some of the recounts deserve 5 stars, while a couple deserve 1 or 2 some people just don t excel with short stories I did appreciate that at the start of eac [...]

  24. This book was enjoyable and had many good stories I loved the idea and many of the stories were written by authors I really like I m happy to say most of these authors did not let me down There were some stories I really loved view spoiler The story about the homeless person sharing his cake the story describing the various people at the World Cup the story about prison the story about pick pockets in Rome hide spoiler However, some stories were so long winded that I lost interest and didn t get [...]

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